2105 FIRST CONTACT DAY 7th April:  The Hutt ship that had attackec the Vree science ship in the Draco system makes its way to the Sol system to raid what ever they could from these primitive humans, the Hutts discover the small human outposts of Mars as easy pickings and launched a raid on 3 of the 19 instalations.  At first the humans at outpost 16 were startled and confused as too see a large unknown shuttle landed near the instalation and then panic consumed them when the aliens started blasting there way into the buildings threw the airlocks.  The Hutts were able to pacify them quickly and then moved onto bigger targets of Camp 05 and then Mining complex 09 in that order and captured 56 humans and killed 27 in the process. Knowing the primitive humans had nothing in the way to take what they pleased to stop there raiding of Mars the Hutts planned to continue to take all remaining 196 humans on Mars and transport them to the nearest slave trading outpost beyond the Raider belt line. 

On Station Pirme imformation started coming out of an attack on Mars by an unknown party, and then silence besieged the red planet for 6 hours, President Sheriden requested a closed meeting of the UN Security Council in New York soon after the blackout to determine the next course of action.  As the UN bickered from who to what is attacking the humans scienctists on the Marsian surface went on into the early hours, President Sheriden decided to take his own course and assembled a task force to Mars to find out the truth.  This massive undertaking didnt go unoticed by the Earth's news media that by know communication from Mars had been muted and know Earth Force is mobilizing for a trip to the red planet, world leaders clashed with the EASA President for making mass isterrier within there countries and demanded Earth Force to stand down.  EASA didnt listen and quickly sent the first recon ships to Mars with black ops teams before the larger forceto leave in 4 days time.

Back on Mars the remaining humans had barricaded themselves in on the remaining 12 stations not raided by the Hutts and had armed themselves with whatever they could put together to make a weapon.  The Hutts were finding it harder to capture the last humans on the planet but there resolve hadnt hindered but more desparation to finish there goals and return home with a profitable yet unknown and exotic cargo.  But by chance, a Cattatae warship tracking the escaped Hutts from Latig 4 stumble upon Quantium 40 emissions heading to the non explored Sol System.  The Cattatae discover the Hutts slaver ship in orbit of the 4 planet from the sun and quicky destroys the Hutt raider ship in its first opening voly,  not realizing that the planet had been besiged by the Hutts to force all the humans into slavery, the Cattatae assume that this is where he rebel Narns must be meeting with the Hutts to get passage into the Raider Belt Line and so decide to land raiding parties on the Marsian surface.  The Cattatae soon discover some Hutts know marooned on the planet surface laying siege to these instalations and soon believed it to be what what was actual happening here, the Cattatae had caught the Hutts in a middle of a pirate raid.  The Cattatae know determined to stop the remaining Hutts and are able to kill the most of the Hutts and took the rest as prisonors, soon after the clean up the Cattatae tried find out who the Hutts were attacking.

The Humans were too scared to make contact with the alien forces outside of the stations and remained there until the Cattatae blasted there own way in to the complexes a day later, the Human sceintists and engineers  had had no idea that the Cattatae were trying to help them and some attacked the Cattatae soidiers but soon the fire fights stoped as the Cattatae backed down as they realized that the Humans were an unknown alien race.  eventually the Cattatae were able to make a dialogue with the human survivors and started some communication and soon started making repairs on the laser comms array and quickly restablished communications with Station Prime. EASA was relieved to hear the news and told Earth Force to stand down on hostile intent as the Hutts had been killed or taken prisoner, President Sheriden told the UNSC of the news but they remained sceptical about the whole number of affairs that had taken place in the last 5 days.  Sheriden offered an open invitation to the crew of the Cattatae saviors to Station Prime in which the Cattatae captain excepted an jumped in to Earth's orbit.  President Sheriden went in a shuttle and proceeded to land within the Cattatae 's ship landing bay where he was greeted by the head of EASA's Mars Epedition Teams which was helpful in communicating between Sheriden and Captain Carfur.

The meeting was a success and opened up further First Contact meetings with the Cattatae Confederation in due course but the Cattatae captain urged the fact that they were in pursuit of another matter and this was just a meeting of chance and ended up saving the remainder of the Human population on Mars from these evil Hutt species.  Captian Carfur sent a message to the Cattatae High Command but was not interested in the new discovery and was mainly concerned with the capture of the rebel Narns and gave it to the Detapa Council to deal with it.  The aftermath was almost catastrophic for the EASA as the UNSC demanded the dismantling of EASA due to its reckless moves but the general public of Earth was non the wiser for weeks until a Cattatae ship jumped into the Sol System 2 weeks later with diplomats to official make First Contact on April 24th 2105 AD.  The Ship docked with Sation Prime as the envoys toured the station and took a great interest in the differences of art in Human culture and the humans Marveled at the advances of the technologies they had on there posession,  The Cattatae wanted to create trade agreements with the Humans and give there massive leaps in technology in exchange for Human culture of the arts. afterwards the envoys left for his ship and returned back to Cattatae Prime for debriefing and the First Contact with the Human Race was breaking news across the Known Galaxy and on Earth.

After these events there were political and cultural ramifications for all of the Earth, Humanity's first contact with an alien race would later create a bad reputation for humans on the interstellar forum as Cattatae pets due to the Cattatae not enslaving them at first glance, and created a climate of xenophobia amongst the Earth public due to the Hutts rais on Mars, This later lead to the emergence of extreme pro-human groups like Terra-Firma that wanted humanity to be domminating galactic affairs.  It also made the leading governments of Earth to work closer as they are know no longer the most powerful force in existence but know have to combine there wealth and military forces to even stand a chance of fending off a alien adversary. 

The Cattatae and Human's First Contact was such a success that will eventually lead to the leasing to the humans time on Cattatae jumpgates, eventualy building one in Earth orbit within the year for as a gift of friendship afterthe Cattatae rescuing the Humnas during the Martian Sieges, the first time the Cattatae have not been hostile or arrogant in first contact proceeding in their interstellar history.   EASA had been showing increasing signs of strain over internal problems with its member states not having the funds to continue the colonization of the sol system.  In later years scholars would agree that this event un-questionabley rescued EASA from the brink of collapse. The Cattatae not being genuine ambassadors exzaderateand make wild claims they are a "huge empire" claiming they ran the entire galaxy, though this is later found to be a gross exaggeration  and they also claim that Earth is a lost Cattatae colony, making humanity distant relatives due to the near-facial appearances. Later when Human scientists finally gain access to Cattatae DNA they find that cosmetic appearances aside, the two species are not even remotely related. The Cattatae would later claim they made a clerical error, mistaking Earth for "Beta 9" when in fact it was beta 12.

EASA had been expanding humanity threw out the Sol System for the last 81 years, establishing numerous colonies and constructing a exploratory, transport and a small military fleet, even though it had yet to encounter another species. Maintaining this expansion policy with the aim of new resources and colonies. But despite this success, EASA was not considered a serious political body, as it was considered to lack the authority of individual nations. Post contact public approval of how EASA handled first contact is received by a surge of popularity, and did not panic at the sudden realality of First Contact which will give EASA the necessary political credibility to establish its own government and speak for humanity as a whole within the year.  After the official First Contact by the Cattatae delegation on May 24th "FIRST CONTACT DAY" which begins friendly alien relationships with the people of Earth, but like the Europa Discovery there is again religious unrest after the Great Panic subsides and the impact sinks in that we are no longer the only intelligent race in the galaxy surrounded by nearly dozens of species is profound in all areas of human culture, but nowhere more so than religion. New beliefs sprang up overnight such as the Interventionary Evolutionists, who zealously proclaimed the discovery as proof that all human history had been directed and controlled by alien forces. Even established religions struggled to explain extraterrestrial life. Some tried to incorporate this new-found knowledge into their dogma, some remained silent, while a few tried to stubbornly deny First Contact as a trick of science to destroy the power of religion. this event will be the dubbed "Second Awakening" by Pope Stephen X in religion since the Europa discovery in the late 2090's, the governments of the world saw a chance to create a stable and friendly relations with each other or would of all probably been killed in the face of a powerful alien race. The news of First Contact dominated the media and raised questions not only about the existence and purpose of humanity, but questions about the aliens themselves. Foremost, is there more aliens out there? While these questions had served to fracture most religions they had a unifying effect in politics. Rather than nations fighting each other over their differences, it was now "Humanity vs. aliens" and the foundations of a united human front are laid.

For what the Cattatae High Command had in mind as of when the Cattatae envoy returned from the Sol System which was in a fairly uninteresting part of the galaxy that the Confederation had never bothered much with that area before came across a planet over-populated by a primitive, pre-interstellar civilization called Humanity. Though they had begun to colonize nearby moons and planets, their system lacked a jumpgate and the High Command saw an opportunity for quick profit. Their civilisation now past it's prime, the increasingly decadent Cattatae became fascinated with the Humans and their abundance of art, trinkets and eccentricity and opened up trade with this new world, which included access to Jump point technology. Initially the Cattatae leased time on their jumpgates before negotiating the sale off the technology for the EASA to build their own gates.  The thinking at the time was that the primitive humans would quickly annihilate themselves once they purchase Cattatae advanced technology. They believed that the humans would move too quickly for their own good and with anticipated internal struggles and wars within the Earth Alliance that was at the time already on the verge of collapse. The plan was for Cattatae Prime to secretly fund both sides and allow them to more or less obliterate each other, after which the Confederation would step in and pick the pieces and incorporate Earth to their territory with little risk to Cattatae interests and nothing but profit. Things however will not go according to plan as the Alliance held together, mostly out of fear of a galaxy full of heretofore unknown and powerful alien threats.

2105 The Narn Rebel ships disapears in to the Hutt communes behind the Raider Belt Line.

2105 30th September.  The Earth Alliance Constitution is signed and ratified on board Aurora Station by the presiding UN Security General, the UEO Chancellor and President Sheridan with the representatives from EASA citizens on Luna, Mars and the deep water confederations. The UN will continue to represent the nations of Earth as it has done since its foundation. The Earth Alliance is merged with United Earth's Oceans to become a nation state reconized by the United Nations and granted a permanent seat as the 6th Security Council member and be the over baring supra national organization to represent humanity on the interstellar stage and in the galactic community, all international waters on Earth itself will be under the new Earth Alliance Oceans (EAO) duristriction. All branches of government will remain as they were when EASA Charter was signed in 2076 as the Legislative and Juridical systems remained at Geneva, the Administrative and Executive Branch are too remain at Aurora Station and Earth Force Headquarters is to remain at Vancouver and the new Earth Alliance Oceans Committee Headquarters at the tropical paradise of Barbados on the edge Caribbean Sea. 

2105 Brazil is appointed as the new seventh Permenant Security Council member of the United Nations

2106 - 2109 After Earth makes First Contact with the Cattatae Confederation, precipitating a giant leap forward in propulsion technologies, the Earth Alliance negotiates access to Quantum Drive Jump Point engines or FTL technology and Jumpgates,  This allows the future of the establishment of a colony on Alpha Centauri III by the end of the decade, the first group of 768 civilian colonists depart Earth for Mars in a Farragut class ship with a Cattatae Quantum Drive piloted by Pierre Mendès, Thanks to the use of Cattatae Jump point drive tech, the journey is instantanious and breaks ground with construction of Mars Dome One, the new colonial capital begins.

The power to initiate a Jump point by the newly built Cattatae jump gate takes 1 Terwatts of from the ships powercore for 1 Light Year and 1 gram of Quantium 40 for every 30 feet of mass to FTL, furtherst distance of any human jumpgate by the end of the 22nd century is 16 light years or 16 Terawatts which coincidently 100 years before was The total power used by humans worldwide (about 16TW in 2006) or 60 Light years if its with a Cattatae Gate.

Jump Point drive or Quantum Flux drive and Jumpgate technology is given to the EA in reconition of the Cattatae's handling of humans first contact, but with this deal came with Cattatae traders wishing to buy priceless paintings of art which would be taken off-world and some will never come back again. But when EASA requests new powercores to send humanity to the same distances as the Cattatae can, the answer to strongly denied by the Cattatae Confederation.  This leads to the Catattae diplomat being questioned while on tour of the new Jumpgate opening ceremony from ambassador Morobuto '' It is like our civilisation is giving away a hot air balloon for just to let us use our camp fires to get it to fly,  why can't you give us one of your more up to date Powercores,'' which the Cattatae diplomat replies '' Your receiving an engine that took the Cattatae 500 years to advanced to the point we are selling to you know, we understand your culture well enougth that war is not far behind where ever you decide to settle in the Known Galaxy and to let you have such advanced technology now would endanger us all and that could harm the interstellar community at large, this engine will give you the ability to reach the stars slowly, what if the civilization you speak of, only had there feet to get around, how much would a balloon never the less if it takes a long time to get it into the air will advance that the development of that civilization''.  He later on said ''the Middle ages which delayed human advancement by 500 years has probably saved the Humans from possible enslavement from the Hutts", (more likely from the Cattatae Regency at its hieghts).

2106 14th June STARGATE DAY. The Cattatae Government opens and mans a Jumpgate, named "Stargate" by the humans, in the Lagrange point between Earth and Moon. The Earth people can travel between the stars faster than light. The Gate in reality is part of a Cattatae plan to take over when the time is right and ''have all the pieces in place'' when ready. The Stargate is not connected to the greater JumpGate network, either the gate can jump a vessel over 30 LY's with another Gate or 16 LY's without one.  The Cattatae plug in the Gap onto a old Hutt gate of the derelict Vartok trade line (which is 150 LY away) until Earth can fill in the pieces in the next 20 years. The only way to reach Earth is by portable FTL .

2106 The First roughly put-togther Intersteller Cattatae engine hybrid FTL ship The EASNS. Odyssey makes it maiden voyage to Mars, then to Proxima Centauri, after the engine burns out from the inadequacy of earth tech and Cattatae,  the Earth Alliance request the Cattatae delegation to rescue the stranded crew from Proxima Centauri which would surely of died from starvation if not the Cattatae had not of intervened.

2106 Humans make First Contact with the Shale, a servitor race that travel Catttatae traders.

2106 Humans make Contact with Drazi traders from the Freehold.

2107 Humans make Contact with the Vree, The Vree having previous contact with the Humans send an Envoy to Earth and tell them that they have been visiting there world for the last 150 years, the striking resemberlence of the Vree to the humans sparks up old stories of abductee victims. Lawsuits pop up all over Earth from claimed abducted people (some of them know in there 80's) and relatives from abducteed victim wanting to know the crew manifest of the Vree ships so they can demand reparations for ill treatment, the Vree simply ignore the claims.

2107 After the development of FTL drive, distant Uranus was the target of a "land rush" to exploit its combination of plentiful Helium-3 fuel and shallow (for a gas giant) gravity well. eventually Uranus is the largest producer of He-3 in Earth Alliance space.

2107 Though Neptune, like Uranus, has plentiful helium, its remoteness made it an unpromising target for mining before the development of FTL drives. With Uranus cheaper to exploit, it will not see extensive development. The EA place human presence is a small research facility on Triton.

2107 Humans make Contact with the Andorians.

2107 The new and rare Element or Orulium (a key ingrediant in the manufacture of FTL capable metals) is found in the abundence in the Asteroid belt and pockets on the Marsian surface near Oympus Mons and OCP quickiy establishes a mine and a spaceport with a qiuckly expanding populace to the newly established colony, also elements are found in Jupiters atmosphere and Gas Fields are built to filter out Orulium.

2108 The Relative peace that bestowed Earth just after first contact fades as the UN struggles with the latest energy crisis as the fear of aliens succumbs to some dangerous individuals.

2109 A six megaton nuclear device is detonated in the Indian city of Chandigarh. Kashmir extremists claim responsibility. The weapon is later traced to the Chinese black market. Growing tension with the Factions in the Earth Alliance Senate escallate.

2109 Reagent Sauron dies, his first Son Prince-Reagent Mauroon is proclaimed his successor.

2109 The English Language official becomes the main formal dialect to use in Earth/Alien comunications and is also made the official language of Earth Alliance.


3RD JAN -The Journey of the "Argo"
10 January - Shakedown of the E.A.S.Argo, the first ''true'' jump capable Earth Alliance ship but with Earth's most powerful Fusion generators can create 5.1 Terrawatts of power and can only send the Argo 5 Light years at the maximum and has to wait 8 hours for the generators to recharge again,  The first cruise, after a goodwill tour that reaches Cattatae Prime with the first official ambassador of Earth "Morobuto" for the Regent Mauroon coronation, The newly apointed Regent offers downed size Fusion reactor of 4 Terawatts which could send the Argo if reengineered could place 2 in the same place as the humans reactor and jump the Argo 8 lightyears and a recharge rate of 6 hours  or send the ship 1 light year of the 8 simutainously until all the 8 Terawatts has gone.

  The EAS Argo also visit to the Vree home world of Ventuki to discuss reparations of Human abducted victims,  which the Vree reply that the Humans at the time of the sceintific experiemts the humans had not officialy made contact with any other race so under League law the humans had limited rights and allows scientific reseach of the population till the humans made contact. this came across badly for the Human delegation, Morobuto was furious and this would make the Earth Alliance turn its back on the League and keep the humans under Cattatae influence for the next 100 years. The delegation to Vree was not a total loss as the Vree gave freely a device for gravity nets to be placed on the decking floors to simulate gravity and theThe Vree reveal "TRUE" Cattatae history and their slavery view on the Galaxy, this information is deemed classified by the Earth Senate. the Argo also places an EA outpost in the Alpha Centauri system, an hyperspace beacon and a scientific station on Alpha Centauri III(Terra Alpha).  During the next 12 years are launched many "Argo" FTL capable exploration ships, and begins the construction of the "Pathfinder", the largest starship ever built till the 2220’s by the human race, and the first EA ship both jump capable.

2111Presidnet Kazuki Mauroka is Inaugerated, HIs Term will be dominated with the nations of Earth struggling with domestic problems with riots and whole regions rebeling against there governments, this in turn promotes internaional conflicts with Iran, Iraq and Syria in a war with the rest of the Islamic League, Earth is on the verge of world war.

2111 Slipstream drive is installed on all new Earth ships as standard.

2111 Mauroon places a planed invasion of Earth in the 2120’s due to the Earth political strife in recent months.

2112 Fear of a wide-spread nuclear conflict spur mass migrations from Earth to the largely undeveloped worlds. The colonists are often grouped by corporation, ideology, ethnicity, and religion to Mars and the Moon.

2113 Under Zachary M. Sutcliffe, Ph.D., the Aladdin Program begins in earnest in the given Vree research into a true anti-gravity solution, with the intent of developing a Gravimetric Drive for space exploration but will fail in his attempts.

2114 The Zahl Protectorate exploration is in full swing with its exploratory programs as they have a rush to the stars.

2115 President Popov is elected and starts fundimental changes of the United Nations, the EA crisis eases when President Popov addresses the UN and urges the nation states to put a stop to the fighting, "A new era is at era that as changed the world and the narrow minded scope of internal and external disagreements, Global unity or die. An era that will witness the advent of post-contatct consciousness that will place our world is not alone and is amongst many others. As of this moment mankind must casts off the shackles global turmoil,  a united front of US VS THEM or face alien interference and be denied our own fate". The Security Council is reorganised into continetal unions of the North American Allaince, United South amarican Republics, Russian Consautium, African Bloc, Islamic League, Pan Asian Coalition, Oceania Federation and the European Union all becoming members.  Countries that are not with these unions are still represented within the United Nations but dont get a right to Veto as a member as there regional union would.  The handful of nations outside of these power blocs are Switzerland, Sri Lanka and Palestine.

2115 The EAS Pathfinder is launched. Alpha Centauri III (Terra Alpha) becomes the Earth Alliance's first extra-Solar colony. The EAS Pathfinder lays down the first Earth Alliance jumpgate in the Alpha Centauri system and is completed in the same year, The Cattatae Confederation celebrates this fundamental step of the human race through the stars. EFNI presents officially the "New Sword" Activity, to aid the EFRAD in the development of space combat units able to hold their own in confrontations with the known aliens civilizations

2116 The League of Free Worlds offers membership to the Earth Alliance, the  Cattatae delegation's disapproves of the League invitation. The EA politely declines the League's offer.

2116 Humans make Contact with the Mygeeto.

2116 Following a number of deaths related to restaurants serving alien food to humans and visa versa, the EA Council passes a number of laws regulating the serving and preparation of xenocuisine.

2117 Humans make Contact with the Gorn

2117 Humans make Contact with the Koulani

2117 Humans make Contact with the Aenar

2117 Humans make Contact with the Abbai.

2117 The Earth Alliance now has over 11 Billion people on Earth, The UN Security Council adopts the Population Law and its enacted in several key area's and is implimated by the population control officers.

2117 Humans make Contact with the Nausicans, a Cattatae protectorate.

2118 Humans make Contact with the Ipsha ( through the Abbai)

2118 Humans make Contact with the Bolians.

2118 Humans make First Contact with the Llort, The humans find an previously unknown race, The EA celebrates this unique find.

2118 1st April  Constitution of the Earth Force Naval Intelligence as a separated authority of Earth force. The purpose of the EFNI is to Gather information of military and technological relevance about alien cultures and powers, and "Contribute to the defence of the Freedom, the Safety and the Rights of the Earth Alliance Citizens."  The EFNI is conceived as a branch of the Earthforce Navy dedicated to the intelligence and special missions needs of the fleet related with the new reality of a larger universe full of unknown alien powers.

2116 The Llort achieve interstellar flight.

2119 The Toliman Colony on Terra-Alpha is fully-established in the Alpha Centauri system.

2119 The Cattatae military arm, the High Command becomes an independent part of the Cattatae political system but remains totaly loyal to the Regent and heavily relies on the Detapa councils civilian authority for its logistics.

2119 The EA science team disconnects an old Hutt Jumpgate on the disused Vartok trade line to  be studied.

2119 The first operational use of the Eclipse class transport made by Dyson-Yoyodyne Corporation, the design will remain in service way into the 2230's.

2119 The establishment of a research facility in the Proxima Centauri system

19th June, First hostile confrontation between EA and unknown alien destruction of EXS Discovery. The Hutt Communes launch attacks on Earth shipping lanes but Earth Force intelligence can not find the culprits.

2120’s Weapons systems placed on FTL capable ships for the first time. 

2120 African Bloc emerges as an economic powerhouse.

2120 The Earth Alliance Council approves funding for the first long range special combat warship to be used by EarthForce.

2120 Humans make Contact with the Cravic.

2121 Humans make Contact with the Hyach, The EA helps the Hyach acheive FTL tecnology.

2122 Humans make Contact with the Hutts

2122 Humans make Contact with the Kes.

2122 League and Cattatae relations take a turn as Cattatae start unrestricted inspections near the Hutt controled world of Mos Pitti, a plow to halt League shipping with the colony.

2123 Earth Force Security Corp is founded, Earthforce Security is the paramilitary branch of Earthforce that employs and trains appropriately qualified peace officers from the local population to act as a security force on all Earthforce ground and space stations (starship security will be handled by the Colonial Marine Corps.) Like any police force, Earthforce Security personnel are required to enforce the civil laws of the Earth Alliance and adhere to the rule of due process. 

2124 EFNI Technical Division develops the Energy Web.

2124 Rising tension in Earth Alliance members leads to fear of another world war.

2124 Gateway Station is constructed in orbit around Earth as the station for exports and imports to the Sol System.

2124 The Cattatae and League forces clash in border skirmises near the Drazi, Vree and Balos borders hencing fears of a possible war, this wakes up Earth's councilors to the growing threat of outer alien relations, even thow the Alliance is neutral there is a laps on Earth/League shipping.

2125 Presidnet Perez is Assinated. Vice president Patery is inaugerated.

2125 General elections of the Earth Alliance. A new Council majority emerges.
The New government promulgates laws to ease commerce and travels between colonies and Earth and to promote economical growth. Fiscal pressure ease. Improvement of the commerce with alien worlds and powers. Surge of the Earth Alliance Gross Domestic product.

2125 The Hyach achieve interstellar travel.

2126 Armstech Industries founded by a merger of Lockheed-Mitchell, Kawasaki and Coliseum corporations to build new battle vehicles and development and building of a new small space-born fighter craft. the Starfury Program and will soon be Earth Forces main corporation and one of the major contractors of military hardware that manufactures and military suppliers.

2126 The operational debut of the Vanguard class, a joint development by Dyson-Yoyodyne Corpoartion and Rocket-Star technology, the 1st Earthforce FTL-with assistance from an Jumpgate.  A patrol ship aimed at combat with the need to carry out a security role in the small EA territory for the fledging space companies and colonies with the shipping lanes,  being its main objective and to take on the roll of engaging other alien warships when necasary and the need for a space born fighter came to be with the operational debut of the Nova class Starfury which it would be able to carry a compilment of 5 fighters.

2126 To discourage a rebellion by the Narns, the Cattatae bomb seven of their major cities for six straight days, thirty one hours a day. As a result the Narn (including a young G'Quon) spend their days in underground bomb shelters, praying, sleeping, eating and singing songs together.

2127 The EA establish a colony on Vega II (Vega),  an science outpost in Wolf 359-II (SINOPE) and Terra Nova.

2127 The Golians achieve FTL.

2127  The Earth's population starts to stabilize at 11.6 Billion,  many humans leave for the colonies of Terra Alpha and Vega which has no population restrictions in place.

2128 The Freehaven of Mos Pitti starts becoming a regional economic power with its free trade zone and tax free banking system which is a lucative for many near by League worlds corpoations that want to find tax free zones, The automonus outpost becomes rich very quickly due the large amounts going threw its banks.

2128 EarthForce Colonial Marine Corps is founded, constitute the Earth alliance's primary ground forces, though they are also used in boarding operations and a detachment are used to bolster a starship's security force.

2129 Relations ease with the Cattatae and League powers as there is a shift in Cattatae policies against Mos Pitti.

2129 The Hyach formerly declare war on there former masters and launches attacks on the remaining colonies of the Hutt Communes, the Hyach are beneath the notice of the most powerful Hutt System lords as the Hyach raids some small outposts.

2129 Technology to pin-point Earthquakes within a day are knocked back by a quake on the Rictor scale of 8.3 off the coast of Tokyo Japan which will conclude with the death of 120,000 people and nearly destroys the city, The Cattatae sympathetic to the Human disaster offer the tecnology to predict quakes to mere seconds and on what scale is given freely to excited scientific community, even thow it will take upto 7 to 15 years to place the thousands of devices around the the globe and to sync the technology with the Earth.

2130 Humans make Contact with the Vok-sha.

2130 Titan is the largest moon of the planet Saturn. The Colonial Marine Corp builds a training ground on Titan at Fort Charles Upham, for Hostile Environment Assault Training.

2131Humans make Contact with the Golian.

2131 Frontier Group founded from the merger of Dyson-Yoyodyne Corpoartion, Baltiysky Zavod and Rocket-Star technology in development of future ship designs, Its will soon be a major based independent ship building corporation that will manufacture the commercial Starliners and freighters as well have a lucative dealings with EarthForce as the main supplier of the Vanguard class Patrol ship and the only choice in the buiding of EA and commercial space stations. Among  Frontier Grp's products in the next 30 years will be the Columbia Class Atmospheric Shuttle manufactured at Gagarin SpaceWorks Station at the old Star City complex of the discontinued Russian Space Program which will go through little changes for the next 150 years.

2132 Earth Force One is designed out of an Eclipse Class transport for President Patery for a Goodwill tour of the colonies and a visit to the Cattatae Homeworld.

2132 The Koulani joins the League of Free Worlds.

2132 Since the Earth Alliance Council is based out of Aurora station in Earth orbit, the Legislative branch has it headquarters at Earthdome in Geneva Switzerland, EST is essentially the local timezone for Central Europe (CET or UTC+1.) While the rest of the planet still operates on local timezones, EST is used as a central point of reference by global and interplanetary commerce and all off-world poliical and military outpost, ships and installations are synchronised to EST.

2133 The Hyach attack what they believe is a Hutt slaver colony. The outpost is, instead, from the Balosians, and not previously known to the Hyach. Thus begins the first Balos-Hyach War.

2133 The Hutts-Hyach War ends when several Hyach city States abandon the war to protect their homes from the Balosians. The Hyach are forced to accept an unfavourable settlement.

2133 The Cattatae Confederation claims the planet of Weytahn within the Zahl Protectorate.

2133 The United Nations passes laws to make it illegal to pass on Genetic diseases to there offspring. starting in Europe and North America.

2134 Humans make Contact with the Numeri.

2134 The Maakab host a meeting with the Balosians and Hyach and a steady peace treaty is declared..

2135 The Earth Alliance Air Force launches the X-111 by Armstech, equipped with an inertial dampening field developed by Graviton Dynamics which protects the pilot from the harmful effects of high-G manoeuvres which would lead to the Bagder Starfury.

2135 Preident Goosens starts is term in office.

2136 Crystal City (Toliman colony), on Alpha Centauri III (Terra Alpha), accounts for more than 25 thousand inhabitants. The New London naval orbital production facilities (Terra Alpha orbit) are operational,  There is also a patching of relations with the signing of a commercial agreement between Earth Alliance and Vree representetives.

2136 The commercial balance of the Earth Alliance respect to the Aliens becomes financially active.

2136 Edgar Industries founded on Mars. Founded by William Edgars, it will become the top ten of the largest mega-corporation behind RDA, Weyland-Yutani, OCP and Frontier Grp in the Earth Alliance, it will become te pharmaceutical producer on Mars, and have a sizeable chemical and biological weapons program contracted with EarthForce.

2137 The Cattatae provide humans with advanced terraforming technology. Serious terraforming of Mars begins with the melting of the southern polar ice cap and the pumping of CFCs into the atmosphere to retain heat from the sun.

2137 the Cattatae and Zahl eventualy reach a Territorial compromise over Weytahn, which will take eight years to draw up.

2138 Beta Durani IV mining fascility created.

2138 Acturus Station Prime III is created as the more advanced EA capital, the station is positioned 1000 km from the Stargate or Jump Zero by the Earth Cargo Service, the only safe area for all traffic to establish a Jump via the Jump gate or by FTL without it interfering with Earth and Luna traffic, Earthdome is still in place in Geneva,but recently other ancillary functions has come about, such as xenobiological and weapons research, have significant facilities within Earthdome as well as several major alien embassies which wished to be planet bound.

2138 The Cattatae Ambassador on the Stargate moves the Connfederation Embassy to Acturus Station and relinquishes authoruity of the Stargate to the Earth Alliance.

2138 The planet of Minos in the Dubbed "Minos System" is explored by the EAS Pathfinder and found the element Beresuim. which is a Superconductor and ideal for the use on the ever power consuming Maglev Global Transit system now operating across Earth. RDA launches an expedition, the first mega-corporation that ventures out to colonise in the name of the RDA and not the Earth Alliance.

2139 Tau Ceti III (EURYTE) claimed by the Earth Alliance.

2139  A new element called Beresuim is a highly valuable mineral found on the planet Minos, Humans start preparing to mine the Beresuim to save the Earth from its energy crisis; bluntly put, they need it for their survival. Beresuim is a room-temperature superconductor for energy, which makes it very valuable; it is worth $20 million per kilogram (2.2 lbs) unrefined (worth $40 million per kilogram refined) on Earth. However, it is expensive to mine as the Minos atmosphere is lethal to Humans after 4 hours of exposure, therefore all human personnel are required to wear an exopack, which is very cumbersome. Humans transport Beresuim on trucks called Hell Trucks from the mining sites back to Hell's Gate for refining and eventual transport back to Earth.  Beresuim proved to be the most baffling of scientific discoveries in the area of superconductors as it had an extremely strong magnetic field, reversing prior knowledge that all superconductors repel magnetic fields. Furthermore, unlike the fragile crystals of human-created superconducting compounds, the substance found on Minos was a stable quasi-crystal with its atoms arranged in a never-repeating but orderly pattern with fivefold symmetry. This structure was not only structurally rugged but also has microscopic voids in the quasicrystalline structure that contain the magnetic flux lines. Beresuim has a unique magnetic field and properties of superconductivity, causing it to levitate in magnetic fields under the Meissner Effect.

2140 Humans make Contact with the Dilgar.

2141 Martian Recognition Act in Earth Dome grants the automonous control for the Colony of Mars through the Mars provisional government. Mars was explored via various robotic expeditions for nearly a century before the first manned research stations were placed in the 2030s. The first permanent settlement on Mars was Mars Dome One, founded in 2106 by the newly refomed Earth Alliance, and based in Eos Chasma. Within a decade, both OCP and Weyland-Yutani  had founded permanent settlements as well at Olympus Mons and Utopia Planitia.

2142 Humans make Contact with the Tak Tak.

2142 Mos Pitti is now one of the most powerful economic powers and a growing military power within the Balos Sector. the cattatae Confederation now weining economicly sees the small outpost as a particular problem to there woes and declares the outposts trading empire tax free zone as illegal under Cattatae law and send an detachment of ships to take out the outpost, but the League members most incline for the Mos Pitti free tax zone intervene and are able to broker a deal with the Cattatae nd Mos Pitti with the Mos Pitti Agreement, which states that the Cattatae will still deem the outpost doing illegal trading practices and will not trade with them, nor trade with any League Corpoation that deals with the outpost and place them on the ''Black List'' but still do trade with the member race to not cause trade sanctions. if an corporatiion what was on the Black List wanted to trade with the Cattatae they would have to proove they have no more dealings with them.

2143 Humans make Contact with the Mustafarans.

2143 President Garcia is inaugerated.

2144 The Zahl Protectorate becomes a major power. The Cattatae High Command requests the Regent and Detapa Councel to action over the growing presence and limit there military power.

2144 The Hyach Geronotcracy joins the League.

2144 The exploitation of natural resources on Alpha Centauri III  (Terra Alpha) and the technical progress in space transportation bring to the economical break even point of the first off-world Earth Alliance colony. The colonization shows to be an economic success.

2144 Established outposts on inhabitable planets with exploitable resources: founded the colonies of Tau Ceti V (HELLAN) and Epsilon Indi II & IV (PANDORA, EPIMETHEUS).

2145 This is the beginning of the "Rush To The Stars" of the Human race, with massive activity of commercial corporations and industrial conglomerates, and large investments supported by the intervention of the EA government.

2145 Sahara colony is settled by Earth.

2145 Birth of J'Dur on Narn.

2145 The 44 Day War: Weytahn is the name given by the Zahl to a formerly uninhabitable planetoid, approximately as large as Earth's moon.  Weytahn is located on the frontier between the Cattatae Confederation and the Zahl Protectorate. Both sides know claim it belongs to them, the refusal of the Zahl colonists to let the Cattatae inspect their colony provoked the Cattatae into annexing the planet, and it is renamed Paan Mokar. Weytahn's settlers were forcibly removed and placed in refugee camps. this leads to a short lived war by the two powers on the confines of the planet surface, after some quick diplomatic pressure from the League, the Detapa Council revokes Regents Mauroon's decision to put the High Command in duristictorial control of the situation and the new situation was codified in the Treaty of Paan Mokar. A surveillance satellite is put into orbit to monitor the agreement which will keep the planet unoccupied which later is viewed by the Zahl as the source of aggression.

2146 The Resources Development Administration, or RDA, is the largest single non-governmental organization in Human space. Its power is such that it outmatches most Earth regional governments in wealth except for the combined Earth Alliance political influence and military capability. The RDA has monopoly rights to all products shipped, derived, or developed from the far flung world of Minos, due to the new raw element of Beresuim for the use on its Maglev Global Transit System. These rights were granted to the RDA in perpetuity by the Interplanetary Commerce Administration (ICA), with the stipulation that they abide by a treaty that prohibits weapons of mass destruction and limits military power in space

2146 The Weyland-Yutani Group starts its Planetary Terraforming ventures.

2147  The Cattatae military leadership the High Command is getting ever more thruststated with the Detapa Council.

2147 The Earth Alliance signs the Unified Banking Act, to stop using the multiple continental/national currencies like the Euro, Rubel, Dollar or the Yuan, decides to form a new currency which will abide outside from the Homeworld to exsist witin the the Earth Alliance sphere of fledging colonials like Mars and Alpha Centauri and the most important to be directly used with alien ecomnomic interactions. The date when the new Interstellar Credit come legal tender is 2150.

2248 May 10th Turin future Regent of the Cattatae is born, the only son of the aging Regent Mauroon who is 130 years old. The regent announces a galactic celebration which is not well received by the Narn as a much joyous occasion and some are beaten to death by Cattatae guards because they wernt seen as being happy for their cruel leader but many riot and take to the streets of Narn. In reprisal to the riots the Cattatae bomb small settlements and hamlets outside of the occupation zones on Narn.

2148 First signs of open Resistance of the Narns against their Oppressors.

2149 The Xon achieve FTL.

2150 Earthforce Medical Corps is founded. Though technically separate, the Earthforce Medical Corps, or Medcorps is effective attached to both the Space & Marine Corps and responsible for the medical requirements of all Earthforce personnel. All senior officers must be qualified medical doctors registered through the E.M.A. and as such rarely come from a military background.

2150 The Interstellar Credit (IC) Is introduced to the Earth Allaince Colonies and Alien financial markets as an accounting currency on January 1st 2150 and entered circulation on 1 June 2150.

2150 The 1st successful off-world uprising by the Narns on Omelos

2150 Noted African philosopher Morobuto dies

2151 Earth Explorer ship EAS Pizaro makes contact with the Brakiri civilization.

2151 The colony on Qualor II is established.

2151 The Cattatae Confederation has a fleet of 7378 warships at its disposile.

2151 President Reynolds.

2152 Humans make First Contact with the Xon.

2152 Humans make First Contact with the Pak’ma’ra

2153 KarmaTech Group founded BY Newport News Shipbuilding, BAE Systems and Mazagon Dock Limited. first it carries on with the navies of the nations of Earth and armed vehicles and the main weapons manufacturing corporation responsible for supplying  Earth's military with side-arms, its first space faring ship wont come into being until 2176 with the Elco class, this will boost KarmaTech to one of the major contractors of EarthForce military hardware. , Among KarmaTeach products in the next 30 years will be the Elco Fast Frigate manufactured at Neue Hanse Orbital Shipyard.

2153 Humans make Contact with the Streib

2154 The EAS Pathfinder is decommissioned.

2154 The League of Free Worlds places a fleet tariff on its members, The League restricts its members to 700 ships maximum to ensure that not anyone member has the power to take over all the League, The Drazi Freeold bypases these restrictions by declaring half of its fleet as merchant ship during time of peace, only arming them if the Drazi territory is threatend.

2154 On Earth's Moon, the EA places a quarantine on Tranquility City during outbreak of XMB virus also on Luna One. Tests negative for XMB.

2154 EA Established a commercial minerary facility on Wolf 359 II (SINOPE).

2154-2165 The Zahl-Cattatae War: Weytahn has remained deserted since 2145, when the Zahl lands troops on the planetoid and occupie the settlement in an attempt to forcibly rescind the Compromise. The cattatae attempted to enforce the Treaty of Paan Mokar and managed to regain control of half of the colony before the whole situation degrades into an all out war between the two powers.

2154 The Battle of ShLekkTha; Hoping that the Zahl could prove to the Cattatae they are a power not to be trifled with, Zahl launched a strike against a Cattatae mid-range military base. Zahl intentions were to strike with a fleet of forty warships and destroy the Cattatae base, thus proving to the Cattatae that they were powerful, and force the Cattatae to the bargaining table, this was to be the first major battle of the war.  The Zahl fleet entered the Cattatae star system of ShLekkTha,  Despite being well within range of the Cattatae's weapons, the Cattatae ShLekkTha fleet allowed the Zahl vessels to close into range and fire the first shot. The battle lasted only 1 hour as the Cattatae forces destroyed the Zahl fleet.

2154 The League sanctions both sides of the Zahl/Cattatae conflict, the Earth Allaince remains loyal to Cattatae Prime.

2155 The war is now at full escalation. Although the Zahl technologically inferior to the Cattatae ConFederation, the Zahl compensated by a willingness to fight to the death and the employment of unconventional guerrilla tactics.

2155 Weytahn will pass threw Zahl and Catattae posestion nine times this year until the Cattatae push the Zahl back to a position where it can no longer reoccupie the colony.   While much of the war will be fought in space, numerous campaigns will be fought on the ground. The Zahl are unlike many other races in the sense that they avoid orbital bombardment. Some contemporary races used orbital bombardment as the primary means of eliminating a base or colony like the Cattatae, avoiding a ground campaign altogether. However, the Zahl code of honor  precluded this as cowardly act.

2156 The EA establish the Wolf 359 Military Outpost, and organized the Wolf 359 Military Arsenal.

2156  The cattatae put on more pressure on its servitor races near the Zahl/cattatae frontlines.

2156 EA expands in to the Alpha Centauri system (IDAS, AIACOS).

L2156 The Setlik III Masacre by T-Rogararan Mercanaries. 

2156 T-rogarian mercanaries are used as shock troops on the frontlines against the Zahl.

2156  The Mars terraforming process is well under-way with the polar ice caps being slowly melted, releasing water and CO2 into the rapidly thickening atmosphere and carefully engineered microorganisms bred and metabolized in the deep permafrost layers. Though the planet was still far from hospitable, the increased atmospheric pressure and average temperature meant than a human could survive outside a dome with only a thermaskin parka and a breather and not a full pressure suit as had been necessary in the early days.

2157 Earth Alliance settles in the Pi-3 Orionis system: (BENNAY) foundation of the Orion Colonies.

2157 The Catttae loose ground at the Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt.

2157 The Zahl makes a truce offer, it is rejected with force by the Cattatae.

2158 The EAS Carrizal surveys star systems in the eastern galactic frontier, including the Draco, Zeta Reticuli, and Cheron systems.

2158 Omni Consumer Products (OCP) heads off competion from Weyland-Yutani and Westinghouse Corporation of JumpGate and ship FTL tecnology as the Earth Alliance awards the contract to build its future Jumpgates but has to join work with Weyland-Yutani with continuing development of the Explorer fleet.

2159 Cattatae spies working on Mos Pitti uncover Pirateering being conducted by the Mos Pitti authorites and informs Regent Mauroon which was greatly disapointed by the Mos Pitti Agreement in 2142 and sees his chance to ruin the Outposts monopoly, the Mos Pitti government deny all cliams to piratism and simply put it down to as the old Regent wanting his posible acheivment become an reality, a few League corpoations leave Mos Pitti as do all Earth Alliance holdings but the rumours are fade and trading on the Outpost gets back to normal as many Leaguers return, Earth Force bands all trade with Mos Pitti.  Mauroon is spiritly drained by the whole experience and spends his final days in shame.

2159 Regent Mauroon dies. His only son Prince-Regent Turin is still too young to take the throne, so the Surrik the Head Minister of the High Command takes control of the Regents 49% control untill he is of age. even thow the Cattatae are still at war with the Zahl, the Detapa Concil know trys to make a ceasefire but the High Command thow to continue the late Regents conflict but is loosing ground interaly as growing contempt is now emerging to outright hatered for Cattatae rule near the Catatae/Zahl border and the Narns.

2159 The Zahl-Cattatae war may end with the Regents death as a Ceasefire agreement signed.

2159 Lake Armstrong Dome is created around a large crater on the Luna surface, the dome will have a 500 metre space inside which will house a resivoir for the citizens of the Moon.

2159 Ceti Gamma mineral fascility established.

2159 President Popolov.

2159 A truce is established between the Zahl and Cattatae, but questions remain about the border.

2159 The Earth Alliance Jumpgate building program is in full swing with of 10 Jumpgates a year fiilingmin the gaps between the EA and the rest of the Interstellar comunity. Earth Allaince starts taxing companies and alien organisations on EA goverment jumpgates.

2159 The Zahl acuse the Cattatae of planning to annex Igo Zeta.  During the ceasefire proceedings by the Detapa Council on a disused Breen mining colony( Derogh), a ship which is not afiliated with either parties destroys the conference building from orbit, killing all 22 members of the ceasefire talks. both sides blame the other or rogue factions by there own sides, but the real cuprits were T-Rogarans mercanaries sent secretly by the Cattatae High Command.

2159 The Cattatae attempt to take Minos Korva.

2160 The war flares back up again  as both sides raged in a series of conflicts of various sizes as the two powers struggled to protect their individual interests.

2160 The Detapa Council renounce all support for the war and the High Command is left to fight with resouces it has alone.

2160 In this year the Earth's global wearther patterns seem to restabalize.

2160 The Norkan Campaign;  An offensive launched by forces of the Cattatae Confederation , commanded by Admiral Alidar Jarok, against the Norkan outpost ends with detonation of Norkan Jumpgate after the Cattatae were forced out of the system, the following explosion is like a small nova and kills all 29,000 colonists on the planet as well as 23 Zahl warships. The Zahl Protectorate will remember the attacks as a massacre, while Jarok will be lauded as a victorious hero amongst his people.

2160 The Cattatae Detapa Council and Military High Command are at loggerheads to end the war, the Detapa Council wants to end the war in a dignified way but the High Command wants to militarly defeat the Zahl Protectorate as the Cattatae has never lost a war.

2160 In the last years of the Cattatae Occupation of Narn, J’Dur and his parents live as servants in the household of a Cattatae family living in G'Kamazad, unable to escape through the underground because J’Dur's mother is too ill. With the Resistance striking deep into Cattatae resources, tensions were running high. One day J'Dur's father accidentally spilled a cup of hot Jala on the mistress of the house. She has him hung by his wrists from a Jhawa tree for three days, to die. Disobeying his mother's orders, on the third night J’Dur goes to his father. Before dying, he tells his son that he was proud of him and urged him to go and fight and be all the things he never was, that it was too late for him, but not too late for J'Dur. With his last breath he asks J’Dur to honour his name. The next morning J’Dur runs away and kills his first Cattatae, eventually joining the resistance and fighting in the Narn war of liberation.

2161 The colony of Babel founded.

2162 The Columbia class a multiple use atmospheric shuttle, the design is so useful it is still in use in the 2280’s.

2162 The Battle of Rondac II.

2163 Deep space mining station established by Weyland-Yutani Corporation on the planet Theta Ursa beyond the Inner Core. Space port established in the Solomon Islands and Sahara Desert.

2163 The Zahl-Cattatae Conflict know settle into an effective stalemat.

2163 Utopia Panitia is founded on Mars as a popular tourist resorts by Weyland-Yutani.

2164 MAY 10th The Coronation of Prince-Regent Turin, Turin is crowned as the youngest Regent to take the title but with no chance in entering the Fleet Academy and is own personal freedoms taken away due to his new importance sees himself as a tslave to his own bloodline and sees himself compared to a Narn which he has had sympathy for the species for most of his life. He decided years ago on the day of his Coronation, Narn will be free in 10 years threw a peaceful transition to a pro-Cattatae provisional government.


Independence of the Narns
Narn win their independence from the Cattatae after a long war of attrition. G’Quon leader of resistance was born on Omeles, after their Independence he would never return there due to Cattatae Clenzing of the surounding colonies around Narn. The Narn get access to Cattatae Tech that was left behind and begin to build weapons but do not make the leap into space just yet.

Narn was a peaceful, agrarian world before the Cattatae invaded around 1964. Their planet rich with resources and of strategic value, the Cattatae subjugated the Narn using their superior technology. One of the Cattatae's first acts was to slaughter the members of the Inner Circle to remove any threat of accepted leaders rising against them. Children born into the Inner Circle were hidden, their papers forged to allow the ancient bloodlines to continue. The complex social order was shattered as the Cattatae forced equality upon the Narns through slavery. The Narns received the most brutal treatment of all the Cattatae "protectorates." For - two hundred Earth years the Cattatae occupied Narn, stripping the planet of its resources, and cultivating slave labour. The Cattatae found the sturdy physiology of the Narn to be perfect for manning the strip mines and clear cutting projects -- all for the good of the "superior race." Those not suited for heavy work were given domestic and menial labour that was beneath the Cattatae. Many of their slaves were used to build colonies on other worlds. Troublesome slaves were stranded on planets and left to their own devices (most penal colonies perished, though there were successes).

An underground resistance, known as the Kha'Ri, steadily built a power base without the Cattatae's knowledge. Like the ancient game of Gek'eth, the leaders of the Kha'Ri waited for the right opportunity to strike at their opponent. In 2148, the Kha'Ri began to act. Isolated strikes against low security installation grew into assaults against military outposts. Generally, strikes against the oppressors were crafty traps formed from the Cattatae's own machines. Thousands on both sides died. The culmination of the Kha'Ri's fight to save their world came in 2164 when the Narn stormed the Cattatae Central Occupation Government installation, killing all Cattatae within, including Mauroon‘s brother (Lord trinn) and his entire family. When word of this massacre reached Cattatae Prime the newly crowned Regent Turin ( saw his chance to do in one day which would of taken him 10 years) with the Detapa Council unanimously voted that Narn be abandoned. The Cattatae withdrawal from Narn was a hurried affair, implemented upon the hour the Regent’s declaration arrived, the Cattatae evacuated the star system and detonated an Omega Pulse near the epiture of the Narn Jumpgate, sealing the Narn in there home star system. Following the withdrawal, Kha'Ri Leader G'Quon set the tone for future Narn relations in the galaxy in his famous speech:

No dictator, no invader, can hold an imprisoned population by force of arms forever. There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom. Against that power governments and tyrants and armies cannot stand. The Cattatae have learned their lesson, less not make them forget...

Following their victory, the Narn wanted to spend little time settling their affairs at home but Unfortunately, the fallout from the Cattatae's disruption of Narn society and there imposed isolation becomes far reaching. Cattatae sympathizers, brainwashed, hired, or simply blood traitors plagued the newly freed government. One of the most heated trials was that of the revolutionary General Balashar. Although hailed as a hero of the revolution, he was caught in possession of a considerable cache of biological weapons. Though Balashar's sentence was assured to be guilty and execution was certain, the tribunal demanded to know from whom he acquired biological weapons (which were the most effective on Narn physiology). After days of silence, General Balashar proclaimed it was Du'Rog, a current applicant to the Third Circle. Though there was no real evidence, Du'Rog was ruined and Balashar was executed posthaste. Much later it came to light that Du'Rog was set up by his competitor to the seat in the Third Circle, J‘Dur; who paid a substantial amount of bloodstone to Balashar's family and had them relocated. In truth, Balashar had bought his weapons through a Cattatae supplier.

The Cattatae occupation almost irreversibly destroyed their ecosphere. A damage so extensive that even short-term forecasts showed a severe shortage of basic resources. As a matter of survival, the Narn shifted from a peaceful agrarian world to a military regime. Fortunately, the Cattatae, in their haste, left most of their equipment and resources, and most valuable of all, an orbital shipyard. The initial ships produced by the new Regime were patched together versions of Cattatae survey vessels, but were serviceable enough to defend there planet just incase the Cattatae return,  The Narn revert back to the Caste system and the seven circles that was in place before the Occupation but due to the Cattatae equal treatment of the Narns and the eradication of natual leaders from the 1st and 2nd circles which could lead to a confrontattion with the Cattatae saw the highest circles nearly wiped out by the Cattatae Occupation forces which leads to a problem on Narn with the circles which were usual in charge of hamlets to towns to controlling hundreds of miles of territory which showed signs of strain almost imediately. The Kha-Rhi is reorganised as a secret police service to find traitors and sympervisors of the Cattatae.

2164 The Cattatae defence minister (Mauroon’s second brother Lord Surik) avenges his brother’s death (Lord Trinn) and launches an eradication of the Narn colonies surrounding Narn, when Regent Turin heard of this he retires Surik from Head Minister of the High Command and places it under a shared control with the First Minister of the Detapa Council and ends the independently controled High Command, thus bringing about the beginning of the domination of the Detapa Council of the Armed forces.

The Cattatae Confederation set up a Seculsion Zone around the Narn system, trapping the Narn in there own system, with little public sympathy to the Narn’s on Cattatae Prime. The Seclusion Zone will remain in place until the early 23rd century, Regent Turin starts reducing the Cattatae miliarty budget.

2164 The Gorn Council win the contact to mine the planet Skyilia.

2165 Ceti Alpha military reseach base and a colony on Cestus VI  which used to be an old Hutt colony named Eta Bootis is colonised.

2165 With the loss of Narn, Regent Turin sends an envoy to the Zahl Protectorate to usher a ceasefire.

2165 Turin cancels plans indefinitely for an invasion of Earth in 2170.

2165 Wolf 359-VI (HERACLES) is established as a military minerary facility by Earth Force for the large quantities of Xenon found on the planet. It is an excellent reaction mass for the plasma Fussion Torches of the warships: it is easily liquefied and far more efficient than Helium-3, it has a high specific gravity (3.2, more than three times the water) and this allows to embark an huge load of propellant in relatively small tanks, and it is an inert gas. Wolf 359 will become one of the most defended colonies within the Earth Alliance. Uranus remains the key producer of helium-3 for the commercial industry of the Earth Alliance corporations.

2166 The Brakiri achieve their first FTL flight.

2166 The Pryyt treaty is signed between the Zahl and Cattatae with the OuterRim Line Agreement established deturing Zahl military/economic presence beyond it into the interior worlds, independence for T-rogarans, Pryyt, Wadi and Skreeans by the Cattatae for a buffer zone between the two powers and reduces the Cattatae border back nearly 1000 LY and the return of Weytahn for the Zahl Protectorate.

2167 First Succesful  military operation against aliens, A Hutt slaver ship is tracked to a Hutt trading station which has been home to the Hutt pirateering of Earth shipping for years, as the space marines succesfuly board the station but during the raid the team accidently destroy the life support system and later the Hutts abandon the station. The station was the main trading hub in the general area for the Freehaven of Moz pitti.

The Earth Alliance prooves that Mos Pitti is behind the increasing attacks by Hutt pirates and slavers,  many League Corpoations start to leave Outpost.

2167 President Ferdinand.

2167 Regent Turin gives the Detapa Council 90% control of all Cattatae affairs with the residing regent having the final say on all decissions by the council.

2167 The Karemma achieve Interstellar Flight.

2167  November 15th, 2167  A bomb planted by an Earth isolationist movement called Terra Firma destroys Mars Dome One, killing 4087, the Dome will be rebuilt under the same plans as Lake Armstrong Dome on Luna and the Earth Alliance will provide security for the citizens, making the colony a military governorship under the ordr of EarthForce.  Though Earthforce is assigned to stop any unregistered transports and mining vessels trying to slip past customs inspections, bypassing taxes and tariffs, the number of ships assigned to the task was woefully inadequate to police the sheer volume of traffic. In reality only around a tenth of unauthorised traffic was detected, add to which a surface area greater than the combined land masses of Earth and the result was an almost total lack of effective security.

2168 Jericho Colony is settled by Earth.

2168 The Arsenal of Mos Pitti raids Wolf 359 in the Earth Allaince as a retalitory measure against the humans attack on the Hutt trading station and the declaration of Mos Pitti as the main contributor to Hutt pirateering and kills 400 colonist, the Vanguard classes strike some strong hits but Hutt forces were too strong to repel them before laying waste to a facility on the surface, after the Mos Pitti fleet leave the strucken colony and return to Moss Pitti.

2168 League corporations start a rush on Mos Pitti's banks soon find out theres not nearly enougth for all the customers, soon the Arsenal blockades all ships from coming close the Outpost to stave off financial ruin.

2168 Regent Turin is now faced with a dilema, the pros and cons were stacking up as the Mos Pitti situation now demanded his attension, the pro's for a military action was that the Earth Alliance had found prof of piratism by Mos Pitti and the Agreement is now void, the Detapa and High council have aprooved for an attack on the Outpost, proove to the Admirals and to the known Galaxy that he can is a strong leader due to his position in the military  weining since the Narn Independence fiasko and finnaly they had attacked one of the Cattataes trusted allies.  The Cons is that Turin hated the miltary for it had domminated Cattatae politics and the wellfare of his people and oter sentient beings for the last 1000 years and what will this do to the Cattatae reputation to the Interstllar community.

2168 The aftermath of the attack on Wolf 359-II (SINOPE) and the close proximity to Earth alarms the nations of earth, The UN Security Council forces an amendment to the Earth Alliance Constitution, that the UN must be informed of all military operations in peacetime and have the final decision in Earth Alliance foreign policy and final permission inches of war be declared on behalf of the citizen of Earth and Humanity.

2168 The cattatae/Mos pitti war. with 250 ships now defending Mos Pitti, the Outpost has become one of the largest powers in the Sector but all this ends wen a fleet of 560 warships of the Cattatae Grand Fleet jumps in as the battle is over in 2 hours the Hutts are vanquished.  A treaty which will last for 100 Standard Years to stop the free tax of Mos Pitti banks is put in place but keeps the remaining funds within for Cattatae war reparations and ignores League threats, The Treaty dictates the Outpost to continue in free trade thus ending the Outpost monopoly, with its reputation in taters and no funds or fleet to rebuild, the colony wil have bleak future ahead. this also satifies the cattatae High Command with this military victory.

2168 The Earth-Cattatae Peace Treaty signed on Carriva the Cattatae Capital. The first race outside of the League to recieve this sort of treaty from the Cattatae which will bring closer ties between Earth and Cattatae Prime, this  treaty garantees Earth security and independence from the Cattatae aswell opens up new economic posabilities but also prohibits the arming of Jumpgates.

2169 Weyland-Yutani purchases the Red Star Line and uses it to transport and rotate crews for the corporations. Farside Lunar Mining & Lifting establishes total economic and political control over lunar settlements of Tranquility City, Luna One, Leibnitz and Icarus.

2169 Leonis colony established.

2170  Earth becomes the ‘inner city’ of the solar system, with upper and middle classes moving off-world. Expansion reaches far beyond the Sol system.

2170 Humans make First Contact with Utapau.

2171 A  Earth Frieghter crash-lands on the Spanish peninsula killing 10,000 people with the following small fusion explosion of the surrounding countryside. New laws are passed, all ships larger than 300 metres and havesting an engine of equilivant of 1million tons of TNT is banned from entering a populated area, the Sahara space port is sanctioned with only large shuttles to bring the Frieght too and from Earth, nearly bankrupting the Frieghter line of Weylund Industries.

2171 The Koulani bombard the Gorn mining facility on Skyilia killing 40 miners, later known as the Skylilian Blitz by the humans, the Gorn abandon the installation.  The Koulani response for the attack is based on the close proximity of the Gorn colony.

2172 The Treaty of Andor; Regent Turin in his royal ship orbiting the gas giant Andor signs the treaty with League and neutral delegates to withdraw the cattatae Confederation from Bajor to Bolius and Tak'Tak to Karemma and eliminating the bulge forming a new Cattatae border behind from the Gadagi Rift with 5 years and all races within the bulge join the League.

2173 Humans make first Contact with the Talaxians

2173 Qu’zar is born, first son of Turin.

2173 Gateway Station is decommissioned as its practical use becomes redundant.

2174 Draco II (Eurydice) fomed as a farming colony.

2175 The Son’a achieve FTL flight, The Nae-Onat inhabitants were a peaceful and spiritual people. In the days of the Komerex-Son'a Civilization, the Son'a collected works of art and the population boasted a vast wealth of art and culture; the people were said to have elaborate burial vaults with unimaginable treasures. However, Nae-Onat's lack of natural resources mixed with the many wars with the Seadwellars and the following global civil war caused terrible famine, and the Komerex-Son'a civilization fell into decay in the. Its ruins were plundered by starving Son'a who sought to sell whatever they could to provide for themselves. A military Strotocracy called the Central Command came to power and they will soon start building fleets of warships and invade nearby worlds. Of particular note is the Tarlac  and the Drella which will be occupied for sixty years.

2176 Shakedown of the Elco class Frigate, first of her class for duty in an expanded territory of the EA and to classed to be on-par with the Drazi Sunhawk class. This was the first true Earth warship that could go toe to toe with any other alien race out there.

2177 Establishement of the Vega Military Outpost.  Found large veins of Quantium 40 which is needed for the Reactors powersource mixed with Orillium, on the planet IRIS, but due to the hazzardous atmosphere the twin world of INACHOS is colonized for the colonists workers in the UV Ceti system and established a minerary outpost on IRIS and laiddown a jumpgate: the Earth Alliance becomes autonomous in regards to the Quantium 40 ore needs.

2177 President Abdul-Haffez.

2178 Maiden flight of the Badger Starfury.

2178 Established the Wolf 359 Military Outpost, and organization of the Wolf 359 Military Arsenal.

2179 The first leg of the Rimma Trade Route is established by Vree merchants.

2179 Due to the growing concerns of an active Jump gate so close to the Earth and potential use as a beachhead or a potential fusion bomb for aliens threats or terrorists attacks, the decision to deactivate the Cattatae Stargate (jump zero) and build a new gate in the safe proximity of Jupiters gravity well as it hold a natural Barry centre for ship outside the Sol System for navigation, the new Jump Zero coordinates will bethe satterlite of Ganymede and is well perceived by Earth citizens (not for the corporations which saw added fuel tariffs placed on its products), which saw added security and defence as the fifth fleet is stationed there as well from the added distance from Earth and Alliance citizens on Luna and Mars, Acturus Station is repositioned in Earth's orbit and the Cattatae Stargate is taken apart to be studied.

2180  J’Dur becomes Grand Warmaster of the Kha’Ri. He starts forcing the 7 circles of the Narn government to build a "Grand Fleet" for the defence of Narn.

2180’s Age of Exploration

2180 The Narn’s are almost forgotten in the known galaxy as only being a foot note in Cattatae history. The League, Cattatae and the Humans have no interest in there society or development of Narn culture.

2181 Keid colony, Persephone colony, Cyrus colony and Tabot colony are established this year.

2181 President Huang.

2181 Asimov cargo/passenger ship starts full production by Weyland-Yutani.

2182 The Brakiri are offered League membership, even thow the EA disaproves to the motion the Brakiri become the newest member with profit in mind.

2183 The Dilgar request for League membership.

2183 G,Quon dies by poision by unknown parties. state funeral assembled.

2183 The Hurq religious sect of Lakai provisional goverment colapses, Anarchy looms so other religional powers step in as peacekeepers.

2184 First Interstellar flight of the Narn in secret.

2184 The remaining vanguard class ships are decommisioned or placed under the colonial national guard around Aplha-C and Vega.

2185 Birth of the Narn G’kar.

2185 Alarmed by the speed of Human colonization towards Koulani space, a region the Koulani are currently settling, The Koulani request the League Conevant to intervene and declare the region an area of Koulani interest. When the League refuse the proposal, the Koulani closed there embassy on Illapa and severed diplomatic and economic relations, becoming an in-ward looking rogue state.

2186 Founding of Interplanetary Explorations (IPX) 

2187 The Effects of the Omega Pulse that was detonated in the Narn System starts to dissipate in some areas in the Narn system.

2188 The Narns achieve Jump Point travel.

2189 Earth Alliance official declares a border round Earth and its colonies and all ships now have to pay tax to traverse threw Earth space. The Drazi issue a statement to the League Convernent of that the "The Earth Allaince colonial rush is not a natual evolution to which the Cosmos has been acustomed to for the last 1000 years, Any usual species only brances out a few colonies each 100 years and only for aquiring a need for a particullar resorce for which it has ran out in which the Human "Empire" differs as it takes control of planets with no resorces expands its border to circumfrance it with 5 other near by worlds, Humans are growing menace which one day if not left in check may cause massive problems in the future ( hints that the Drazi may lead a trade embargo or even war if the humans continue to expands in there direction).  

  2189 J’Dur starts a Coup and disbands the Caste system with the help of the Kha’Ri and is granted exalted leader of the Narn Regime. He first enacts a massive building project of the Narn military for the "defence of Narn. Birth of the Narn Regime.

2189 soduma class missle ship starts production.

2189 President Kinszllers

2190 Humans make First Contact with the Praylor.

2190 The Drazi goverment this year starts a program of distrust against the Earth Alliance,  even thow the Drazi bennefit from the Humans rapid colonial growth by the ever growing number of Jumpgates between Drazi and Maakab/Hyach regions, which is mainly Earth made.

2191 Flynn Colony Established.

2192 Humans make First Contact with the Leshan.

2192 Shakedown of the Oracle class Destroyer, first of her class. 

2192 Earth Force is organised in to 6 fleets, the 1st and 3rd will reside in the Sol System, the 2nd will be placed in Wolf 359, the 4th will find its home in the Alpha Centauri, the 5th will have its home in the Vega System and the 6th will play a patrol function but will have its headquaters at Jericho Colony.

2193 Kronos Colony and its large satterlite moon of Demonice is founded.

2194 The E.A.S. Atlas, a EA cargo ship operating near the frontier of Alliance space, is attacked and destroyed, though this is not known until the recovery of its marker/recorder buoy containing a complete transcript of the events preceding the "Atlas'" destruction. The "Atlas" was destroyed by a Koulani patrol craft for wandering into Koulani territory. At first the Koulani suspect that EA incursions into their space may be a Cattatae deception. Later, the Imperial Council, remembering the 'Cattatae lesson', decides not to risk negotiation with Earth in the hope that destruction of all intruders will keep Alliance from expanding into Koulani Space.

2195 The Pran Achieve FTL.

2195 Prince Regent Qu,zar is badly injured in an shipping accident, he will face the disability for the remainder of his life.

2196 The Newtonian engine (Vulcun 1) is developed by Earth scientist of Westinghouse Corp and the requirement of Orilium Ore is no longer needed for the new FTL engines, it will finaly fade out in all Earth ship in the next 50 years. The more abundant element of Quantium 40, located mostly at Jericho and Vega Colonies and many other star systems within the earth Alliance.

2197 Boros & Belephon mining colonies founded.

2197 The security advisor of the automonous Drazi colony of Kaltic secretly request a meeting with the non-Leaguers surrounding the Earth Allaince, the requests to put a hold on Earth's expansionism by any means nessacary and in reward the drazi will help to build lucative ecomnomic deals with League worlds.

2197 President Kennedy.

2198 The Aenar Order, a Minor race residing near Earth's territory starts launching raids on Draco and Sahara colony. The 6th fleet is split and is sent to reinforce the Alpha Centauri and Vega in containing the Aenar attacks.


3RD OCT The Koulani invade Jericho Colony, The 6th fleet that is stationed at Jehicho colony was sent to reinforce the 4th and 5th fleets due to recent Aenar raids., The 28 ships of the 6th fleet regroup and masse up at Theta Ursa, as the UN Security Council permits aggressive action to be required, Earth Force prepares for war.

19th OCT  Earth launches a counter-attack but is not guna enter Jehicho with guns blazing, EarthForce knew from UASV's that the Koulani cruisers had control of the EA Jumpgate, with it being a small jumpgate which can only send in one ship at a time,  there were no EA warships with self-FTL capability so the plan to retrofit to 2 Explorer ships and attache 8 squadrons of starfuries and jump in 1,500,000 kilometres from the Jehicho Jumpgate to avoid detection and detache the Starfuryies and jump back out again, the squadrons only had 11 hours of air and only 6 hours of fuel and had to reach the jumpgate in 5 hours ready for the liberation force of 16 ships of the Earth Force StarNavy.

the Starfury squadrons arrived 35 minutes early but went ahead and attacked the 8 Koulani cruisers stationed at the Jumpgate, after 20 minutes of intense fighting between the starfuries and the cruisers the koulani iner-system jumped 3 more cruisers in orbit of Jehicho to the jump gate.                 The Jumpgate  activates and the first EA units start to jump in, they are shot to ribbons one at a time as the Jump portal was only large enougth for one ship a time and the Gate had a recharge rate of only 2 jumps every 5 minutes,  the EA units were able to hold there own against a Koulani cruisers, The EA vessels were more heavly armored and had better defensive and ofensive weapon systems to destroy a Koulani ships with relative ease even thow the enemy were more advanced and had larger warships,  the 4 Oracle destroyers assingned to the mission were able to inflict heavy damgae to 3 cruisers before being disabled themselves due to the overwhelming firepower directed towards them as the koulani targeted all there guns to that one area and towards the centre of the Jumpgate portal, after the last ship jumped in, it was so crouded in the vicinity of the Jehicho jumpgate that the warship simply crashed into other disabled EA units within seconds of entering the system, after 20 minutes of sending in warships through the Jumpgate the Gate was left to recharge and the EA Generals waited to hear if the EA vessels had been succesful in making a Battle shere(Bridghead) around the Jumpgate for the second task force to jump in and  relieve Jehicho colony, there was no signal, so the decission to send in UASV to check out the situation, the sight was a complete disaster and the mission to relieve Jehicho was abandoned moments after, there was some good news as there were only 3 ships lost and the remaining 5 ships were still salvagable after the war.  The reason (and the only reason) why Earth lost the Jehicho War was due to EarthForce not having Self-FTL warships to decide when and where to strike at the enemy.

 29th OCT Cattatae ambassadors organize the release of the human colonists to Earth colonies of Theta Ursa and Kronos and then later back to Earth.  The Drazi are relieved with recent events hoping that the Earth Allaince would now stop to rethink its rapid colonial program. The 6th fleet moves its Headquaters to Cestus system.

2198 The Koulani are rivals in control of the region surrounding Jericho colony, The Koulani severed several treaties with League races to prosecute a colonial conflict with the Earth Alliance, Officialy there is no declaration of war but neither is there no peace.

2199 EarthForce reviews its StarNavy and finds some worrying short comings of its fleet. Other classes of warship start doubling their production lines.

2199 The Earth Alliance Security Act establishes the Colonial Marine Corp, or Space Marines for short.

2199 Furman Corvette class starts its productions.

2200 E.A. Council Authorizes the "1000 ships StarNavy" program, and the Hyperion & Orestes Program in the light of the recent war.

With the Elco class not up to the multiple tasks and operational size to repel even minor alien incursions into EA territory, Soduma class cruiser production lines are duplicated, and new production facilities for Oracle and Furman warships production are opened in the orbit of Alpha Centauri III(Terra). In Earth orbit are opened four assembly lines for the Europa class Transports & Hornet Heavy Troop Landers with the Hermes battle shuttles. The Need for a self-FTL Capital ship for Earth Force was contested in the Earth Senate, but received funding after a long debate, they would come instrumental in the next decade.

2200 Earth, the homeworld and capital of humanity is entering a new golden age. The resource wealth of a dozen settled colonies and a hundred industrial outposts flows back to Earth, fueling great works of industry, commerce, and art. The great cities are greening as arcology skyscrapers and telecommuting allow more efficient use of land.  Earth is still divided among nation-states, though all are affiliated beneath the overarching banner of the Earth Alliance. While every human enjoys a longer and better life than ever, the gap between rich and poor widens daily. Advanced nations have eliminated most genetic disease and pollution. Less fortunate regions have not progressed beyond 21st century technology and are often smog-choked, overpopulated slums, Sea levels have risen two meters in the last 200 years, and violent weather is common due to environmental damage inflicted during the letter half of the 21st century. The past few decades, however, have seen significant improvement due to recent technological advances.

2201 The planet Radu is settled by colonists from the Brakiri system.

2201 EarthForce General Staff reconising that the Star Navy needed a FTL Support Craft PJP (Portable JumpPortal) for its destroyers and frigates and other small craft, the creation of the Cyclopes class went ahead.

2201 Station Armargosa is established near the Qualor system.

2201 Mars once considered a prospect for large terraforming and colonization, the bargaining of Faster Than Light travel turned Mars into a quiet backwater planet due to humanities expansion into the known Galaxy,  the colony itself consist of three large cities,  Mars Dome One was rebuilt for 180,000 colonists but actual holds a overcrowded 220,000 inhabitants, Uptopia Planitia with 80,000 and was ment to hold 55,000 and Olympus Mons with 30,000 and suposed to hold only 12,000 and with two hundred and thirty experiment and mining stations - most of which were privately owned by Marses own Edgar Industries and Eath's OCP, the Martian population will tripple to over 1 million by the 2230's.

2201 Ross 128 colony (FORTUNA) is established and becomes one of the most populated destinations for colonists in the first 10 years of this new century.

2202 The Cortez class Earth Explorer is commissioned.

2202 Military Assault Command Operations is established as a Earth Force military organization, the teams, (commonly abbreviated as MACOare Earth Force's Star Navy's principal special operations force and a part of the Space Corp Naval special Warfare Command and Earth Force Naval Inteligence. The MACO's duty is to conduct small-unit military operations which originate from, and return to a starship capable of extraction. MACOs teams can negotiate past sensor nets due to the primary use of Raptors, where large ships and Colonial marine vessels are limited due to their size.  "MACO" is always capitalized in reference to members of Earths Naval Special Warfare community. The MACO's are trained to operate in all environments space,Sea, Air, and land. MACO's are also prepared to operate in climate extremes of scorching desert, freezing Arctic, and humid jungle.

2203 The Hurr achieve FTL technology

2204 The Argo class explorer fleet is decommissioned.

2204 The Catttatae Confederation has had 40 years of undisputed peace since the Coronation of Regent Turin this brings closer relations to once hostile races to the Cattatae but has brought about the rise of the Dilgar Imperium and the numerical rise of League races as the Confederation declined back to Cattatae Prime but what has truley taken an impact is the Grand Fleet which has'nt been tested in combat for nearly 40 years.

2205 - 2209 The Narn Regime start sending recon/survey ship and warships out of their star system for an eventual invasion

2205 EAS Phoenix conducts a follow-up survey of the Zeta Reticuli system, and finds unidentified alien starships in an area previously known to be unoccupied. 

2205 In the last hundred years since first contact, humanity has exploded out of the confines of the Sol System. In 2105 the Earth Alliance Space Authority was a supranational corporation under the payrol of multi government and corporate consautiums, with 18,000 stationed on the surface of the Moon, 3,000 on mars and 2 thousand scattered between Earth's orbit and all the way to Saturns rings. The EASA employment ranged between heavy armed soldiers to technicians in the space ports scattered throughout the globe with over 2 million employee's. After First Contact and ratification of the EA Constitution, the Earth Alliance became an official interplanetary state with no territorial ties to the surface of Earth and the extra earth populations became part of the EA population. Since 2105, the population of Luna has grown to 243,000 inhabitants, Mars to 330,000 and upto 80,000 in the orbit of Earth and rest of the planets within Sol. Rest of the Earth Alliance territory has the bulk of the population, scattered between 11 star systems with 5 million inhabitants.

2205 President Roslin.

2205 Farside Lunar Mining & Lifting bought out by OCP.

2205 The Kursk Incident. A chance encounter between a EA scouting force and a Narn recon patrol results in the first shots fired in the Narn conflict.

2206 An unidentified alien starship appears in orbit over the Sahara Colony. No contact is established.

2206 The civilian freighter Nakajima Maru, transporting supplies from Qualor II to Draco IV, detects three alien ships shadowing the convoy near the tabot System. No contact is established, and after a week of silent observation, the ships break pursuit.

2207 The EA Joint Chiefs of Staff issue a report on the numerous sightings in recent months, dismissing the claims of alien infiltration as "alarmist" and "inflammatory."

2207 Classified report EASN-31-Q-9 recommends a quiet build up of ships in the Qualor region and attempts to contact this mysterious race.

2207 Ships of the 3rd Task Forces arrive in the Qualor System and begin patrols along the frontier.

2208 The ground-based subspace transmitter/sensor array on Qualor XIV (IAPETOS) goes online.

2208 First FTL(without the need of a JumpGate) Hyperion class Heavy Cruiser enlisted into service. Operational debut of the Hyperion cruisers.

2208 A mineral exstractor is built on Cygnus III

2208 EAS Blackbird detects sensor ghosts following them while on a survey mission in the Krakowski Void

2208 EAS Balboa is sent to investigate reports of an expanding alien race in the eastern galactic frontier. The ship disappears.

2208 The private scout PSS Shoal haven, on a mission to survey the Sinizar System, is confronted by a squadron of alien ships and chased from the system.

2209 Alien star ships appear in the Draco system. They appear to survey the region but ignore all attempts at contact before leaving again.

2209 Officially acknowledging the alien incursions for the first time, the EA announces the deployment of patrol cruisers to the Qualor region to defend against this unknown threat.

2209 The Earth Alliance Intelligence Agency (EAIA) issues a report on the recent incursions. The term "Narn‘s" is first used to refer to the alien threat.

2209 The Talaxian Sovereignty sends a delegation to Earth, requesting an information exchange regarding the alien threat.

2209 Operational debut of the Orestes battlecruisers. First Orestes class Battle Cruiser enlisted in to service.

2209 Production Limits in Home System of the Narns reaches critticul limits and the need to expand the ever growing needs of the Narn civilization due the lack of resources caused by the Cattatae strip mining of Narn result in exhausting what was left on Narn to build a Fleet of 1775 ships to launch a lightning war on the League and Cattatae and keep the emeny away fromt the vicinity of Narn so theatthey can build mineral fascilities to build and feed the expanding regime.




2209 - 2211 THE NARN WARS

Kha'Ri Leader J’Dur set the tone for future Narn relations in the galaxy in his famous speech:

More than two centuries ago, our people were civilized and inriching, jealous barbarians, the Cattatae gave the meaning of stripmined to our world, sending death squads to crush and slaughter us, unable to subdue our will for freedom, sealing us in our own star system they fled like cowards leaving us to die.  Hunger, poverty, decay we would of turned on each other if it wasn't for G'Quon. This is Narn and we are it's prisoners, urge to survive is strong but it hadn't been for the Kha'Ri we would of given up long ago. Now that we are ready, we can break out of the confines of our star system once more, then we can crush the Cattatae and any species that stands between us. Time of Sorrow is over, the time for vengeance is Now.

Answerable to the Kha'Ri, the Narn military is divided into three branches: the Naval Arm, the Air/Space Defence Forces, and the Ground Army. Headed by the Liberation Fleet (itself charged with the defence of the home world system and commanded by the Inner Circle), the Naval Arm is considered the most prestigious branch to serve under. The Naval Arm is used by the Kha'Ri to enforce its policies (within and without Regime borders) and to expand Narn territories. Colony and system defence is relegated to the Air/Space Defence Force. In addition to planetary patrol duties, the Air/Space Defence Force maintains the air forces on all Narn holdings. While vehicles for this branch are almost exclusively limited to fighters, shuttles, and aircraft, some oceanic vessels (mostly patrol boats and carriers) are in use. The Ground Army is generally thought of as the lowest of the branches. Should the Kha'Ri require a planet to be occupied, it falls to the Ground Army to take it. While some ground vehicles are used, sheer manpower is most often applied.


The Narn Regime made its opening move, and it was devastating. In a few days they attacked the territories of the Drazi Freehold, the Abbai League, Talax Sovereignty, Ogla Matriarchate, Naccene Freehaven, Felucia, Hurr, Streib, Elasian Consautium and the Gorn Council, as did Raiding forces stroke the Ipsha Federation, The League was put to fire and sword.

1st Dec Within 10 days of the Narn explosion out of there star system, the planets Ardun, Rinax, Maroth, Promith IV, T'llin, and Ree'kar IX were under Narn control. By acquiring unallied alien home-worlds such as Nausica and the Vaguun homeworld of Heva on the edge of the Narn Quarantine zone, they gained strategic and economic benefits in addition to providing needed resources for Narn. These worlds were too far away and too unimportant for the lazy Cattatae to fight for them and not advanced enough to fight back effectively. Knowing that sheer raw resources and slave races were not enough to secure their borders. The use of diplomatic missions did not curb the Narn use of sheer force. Several more worlds were acquired by the Regime to maintain the safety of Narn and its citizens.

2nd Dec The Warmaster J’Dur led the invasion and conquest of eight colonies, they were conquered in less than ten days, and the Narn conquest was followed by an hallucinating series of atrocities: the Drazi colony of latig-4, with more than 20 million inhabitants, was wiped out with the Kha-Hat plague.

3rd Dec The EA Joint Chiefs announce intentions to establish direct contact with the Narn‘s. A small task force led by the EAS Valiant is sent to the Zeta Reticuli system, a known centre of Narn activity.

The Drazi Freehold with a Navy in the range of 1100 ships is dedicated to the defence of the Freehold, there ships are small and non of which are FTL capable by themselves but the Drazi has some of the largest quantities of Jumpgates in the Known Galaxy with up to 700 Jumpgates in the Freehold meaning the Drazi navy was in easy reach of the Narn attacks, the Narns had more powerful ships and destroyed many Jumpgates (which is Illegal under Interstellar Law) after the Intial use of the gate to attack a star system themselves.

5th Dec Station Babylon is completed near the Babel System

8th Dec Station Salem One is established in the Tarod System as an advance outpost to guard against the Narn incursion

9th Dec The League of Free Worlds is devastated by the invasion of the Narn‘s. J'Dur leads the invasion and conquest of Abbai, Drazi, Aenar & Vree Territories.

11th Dec The Narn conquer Hilak 7 (Drazi) and stretch out to conquere the Gorn moon of Borakai.

12th Dec EAS Persephone destroyed during a reconnaissance mission of the war zone of Zagros IV (Drazi) by Narn forces,

16th Dec The overall situation was serious, but in the minds of the Earth Alliance government there was still room to manoeuvre and to modify the situation. Repeated attempts to communicate were made by the Earth Alliance diplomats, but the attempts were initially ignored, and later rejected; the Narn’s did not want any contact with the Earth Alliance, and was not interested in opening diplomatic relationships.
This was an unwise move, because the possible interpretations could only be; the Narn’s did not want contacts with the Earth Alliance because of pure contempt, or they simply were not interested in a diplomatic relations with a potential adversary or maybe a prey.

19th Dec All exploration and colonization missions cancelled until the end of hostilities.

20th Dec The population of Tuchanq was enslaved and many Drazi were used as experimental Guinea-pigs on Drathun and Fendamir (drazi) and Yonog (Abbai) were under siege.

One of their more genocidal acquisitions was the planet Tuchanq, home to a race of the same name. On 23rd Dec a young Narn Fleet Commander G'Kar dropped a series of Cattatae plasma generators onto the Tuchanq capital city of Lothaliar. Ten million died in a brilliant flash of light. Two days later, G'Kar landed at the edge of a ten-mile wide fused glass plain. As terraforming equipment rolled down the ramps, G'Kar addressed (through a translator) the severely demoralized populace:

"People of Tuchanq, your Capital City -- I believe it was called Lothaliar -- has been destroyed by a plasma device of Cattatae manufacture. You may have heard of the Cattatae. They are a warlike culture whose aim is to enslave and rule. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is G'Kar, I am a representative of the Narn Regime: sworn enemy of the Cattatae, who attacked my planet in the same cowardly way yours has been attacked. Fortunately, we Narn have driven the Cattatae from your skies as we drove them from our own. We are the Narn. We are your friends. We come in peace to help you rebuild your world."

And so will begin generations of misery, slavery, and death. The Narn erected munitions factories all over the planet, using the cheap indigenous labour. The factories devastated the ecology of Tuchanq so much, the Tuchanq were fed their reprocessed dead since agriculture was impossible.

2209 24th Dec J'Dur destroys the planets Tirolus, Comac 4 (Drazi) renamed Dross, and Malax (Talax).

2209 25th Dec Contact is lost with the Sahara Colony. Ships sent to investigate day’s later report that the colony was destroyed, and there were no survivors. Reports suggest that the colony was subjected to a massive orbital bombardment.

29th Dec The E.A.S Bohr reports observing a three-ship Narn task force in unclaimed space between the EA and Talaxian spheres of influence, and is diverted from picket duty. The small task force is a decoy to lure the "Bohr" from its patrol area and to allow a 20-ship force to attack the civilian-manned Zeta Caroli IV Research Outpost. Narn foot sodiers massacre the entire 112 civilians of this base which begins a chain of events that will lead to war for Earth. Having detected two massive Narn battle fleets in the following two months, the EA will Prepare for war, but hostilities do not begin immediately. Meanwhile, all this is a blind to distract the EA. from Flinn Colony, the true target of Narn interest.

2210 1st Jan A Narn fleet attacks and destroys Station Salem One. All personnel are killed in the raid, and nine nearby ships are severly damaged.

3rd Jan - The EA Council and Earth Force General assembly confines with the UN Security Council and declares a state of war to exist between Earth Alliance and the Narn regime.

8th Jan The EA 12th Task Force is sent on a scout and attack mission into Narn space to determine enemy strength.

16th Jan Narn forces launch numerous raids into EA space, targeting commercial transports, patrol vessels, and poorly-defended planetary outposts

18th Jan Governor xing institutes martial law on Qualor II in the face of Narn attacks.

27th Jan A Talaxian convoy carrying 20,000 Talaxians is attacked and destroyed by Narn ships near Qualor II

14th Feb Narn warships attack the Qualor II colony. Several hundred civilians are killed in the attack

22nd Feb An internal EASN report warns of several glaring deficiencies in fleet combat readiness. Among the conclusions is that the EA would be unable to sustain an offensive into Narn space for more than seven months. More alarmingly, the report questions the EA's ability to respond to Narn incursions within a reasonable time period

27th Feb The low tech world of the Vaguun is finally Occupied by Narn.

7th March Narn forces raid Dulisian IV

19th March The Battle of Hell's Gate. EA defence forces of Flynn Colony attack the Narn invasion fleet, bringing the largest EA casualties for a single engagement. The Narns retreat to help the their armies on Nausica taking on heavy resitance from the Nausicans.

21st March Amid calls for retribution in the wake of the Hell's Gate atempted invasion, the EA General Assembly orders the fleet to prepare for an offensive into Narn space.

28th March, The 6 fleets of Earth Force is reorganised in to 10 fleets to counter Narn incursions, the 1st and 3rd will remain at Sol, 2nd at Wolf 359, the 4th will spilt from Alpha Centauri and half will  be sent to reinforce Ross128 System due to the  caught out in the cold and undefended human population, the 5th splits and moves to Tau Ceti, the 6th will remain at Cestus, what remains of the 5th fleet at Vega become the new 7th fleet, the nelwly formed 8th fleet will be sent to the Orion colonies, Flinn colony is now home to the 9th fleet and the 10th fleet is placed at Draco system.

2nd April Nausica resistance finally squashed.

4th April EASN combat readiness assessment concludes that the EA is ill-equipped to conduct effective offensive operations at this time

8th April The EASN Joint Chiefs release their "Three Phase Plan" for an offensive into Narn-held territory

11th April The Narn attack Byma (Naccene) and Narga (Ogla) star systems and start to blockade the star systems but later abandoned on the 8th May.

26th April The Olympus Class corvettes "ship to ship assault craft" is enlisted in to service as well the Olympic class breaching pod. Especially for Colonial Marines,MACO and EFNI Special Opperations Parsec Command (SOPCOM) forces.

27th April  One of the uncharted worlds of the Narn had in mind to exploit was N'chak'fah, a mist shrouded world with promising natural resources and apparently no indigenous civilisation. Shortly after the first scouting party landed they were approach by what appeared to be very large insects. Taking them to be a potentially dangerous pest the Narn opened fire and killed the approaching alien lifeforms. Though they didn't realise it at the time, the Narn had just made first contact with the Gaim. Later when more Narns arrived to begin mining the planet, they were quickly overrun by swarms of Gaim warrior drones. Not expecting such vicious resistance, the Narns eventually retreated with a larger force.

1st May In the middle of 2210, the war was raging, the Abbai, Talaxians and Drazi forces were losing ground, and J'Dur destroyed the planets Tirolus (Abbai), Comac Minor IV (Drazi) and Malax (Talaxian) – the victims were millions.

8th May Narn regime attempts occupation of Gaim home world. The attempted invasion ends in a disaster when the Narn ground troops are slaughtered by the Gaim genetically engineered warriors, in responce to such a loss the Narn halt there expansion in to League space until they can regroup.

10th May EFNI launches the "Have Red" information gathering mission, successfully penetrating Narn controlled space. Two Thorun fighters and a whole Heavy Pulse Bolter turent of a Narn battleship are stolen from a military depot of a Space yard.

As resulted later, all this activity was never discovered neither suspected by the Narn‘s, that while having a powerful military and a ruthless ideology, and a sophisticated technology, have always had a poor management of their intelligence. They spied the potential targets, of course, but they never really considered the possibility to be spied on themselves.

18th May The League unofficialy divides as the outer League worlds refuse to join the war effort in case of expanding  the Narn to there borders, so they just bring medical and economical aid to the beleaguered inner League worlds.

27th May E.A Government Authorizes the commence of the Typhoon Battleship Program.

29th May The League moves its Capital on Ilapa and relocates to Ventuki. The 122nd meeting of the Covenant of the League is now placed under a continious conditions until the crisis is over.

The Narn claim only 81 ships lost in the opening attacks on the League which was just not prepared for the onslaught which the Narn delivered.


4th June The Cattatae Confederation formally joins the war effort. The Cattatae are not prepared for the struggles ahead as many in the Earth Council and League had hoped, the Grand Fleet a phantom of its former self now consists of a mere 4467 warships and teribley ill epuiped to make war, plus the Cattatae had never faced an alien adversary so powerful and so close to Cattatae populated zones (the Hutts were too far away from denced colonies and took on far flung outpost and mining instalations and the Cattatae had simple numbers on their side when they took on the Abbai or dilgar).

15th June The Battle of Vargo. The Cattatae Confed Relief Force 200 warships strong is ambushed by a Narn fleet outside the Paxan System, The Narn cleverly use gravity well of a gas giant to force a Cattataae retreat.

18th June Kaatan colony within the Kaatan system is occupied.

20th June The Son’a Supremacy invade and occupy the pre-contact Tarlac with most of the League preoccupied with the Narn, the conquest of the Tarlac with them being in the mid Industrial Age takes little effort and the race is quickly subjugated into a worker class for the Son’a.  first acnoledgment of the Son'a Supremacy by the League of Free Worlds.

The Ocompa Alliance make a formal complaint and a matter of immediate great concern to the League about the Son’a but the Drazi and other leading League worlds refuse to place any fiscal pressure on the Son’a due to recent League loses to the Narn’s.

28th June Battle of GC-114, The Cattatae fall back 150 Light Years, forcing millions of Cattatae colonists into refugees.

1st July Launch of Project Milk Run by Earthforce, an attempt to establish a fast and reliable supply network inside EA-controlled space.

6th July The EA Command approves Operation Sidestep, an advance into the south-western galactic frontier in an attempt to outflank the Narn lines.

11th July Dozens of Jumpgates start opening across the Earth Alliance, at first Earth Force Command thought it is a Narn attack of Ea territory, after ships a dispatched to the sectors, it is  confirmed that it's a huge convoy of Cattate ships fleeing the collapse of the Confederation of the front lines.

16th July EFNI completes the "Red Dagger" operation. A Narn cruiser is boarded and captured by EFNI Naval SOCOM . Recovered Narn’s encryption systems. But Earth Force R & D are stumped trying to cyzpher the codes.

20th July Cattatae refugees fleeing the colonies in the Cattatae frontlines flock the space lanes.

3rd Aug EAS Krechet reports the discovery of a Narn invasion fleet on course for Draco System. EarthForce Command scrambles to pull together enough ships for the defence of Draco.

7th Aug Battle of Krakowski Void. Narn fleet of 34 ships is ambushed within the Krakowski Void by EA forces of 47 warships en-route to the Draco System,  First Victory of the Earth Alliance against an alien force.

13th Aug The Narn start attacking Cattatae refugee convoys which places heavy pressure on Reagent Turin to end the war quickly as thousands die in the attacks and millions in danger on occupied and besieged colonies.

23rd Aug, The Koulani attack the colony of Rintax but do not occupie the system, it is ment as a warning for further Talaxian expansion towards Koulani space.

4th Sept Narn forces attack Relva VII.

8th Sept the planet of Enis is occupied with millions know living under the Narn opression.

10th Sept The Cattatae barter a ceasefire with the Narn Regime due to te stagering refugee crisis.

The Narn losses hit 537 ships destroyed to the 767 of the Cattatae loses.

12th Nov Operational debut of the Tiger Starfurys.

26th Nov The Narn launch attacks on Vree, Andorian, Karemma and as far as Denoblean territories.

10th Sept - 17th Dec  Narn regime agrees to the Armistice,  due to the Cattatae’s escalating civilian refugee crisis, the Narns win a large part of Cattatae territory in response but has to retrack from the Kaona bulge to secure a managable border. eventhow this is seen as a Cattatae loss, this war will pave the way for the Earth/League victory. the recently renamed Cattatae world know Narn colony of Ty'Gokor( place where 48,000 Narns were liquidated) is conveined by both parties and the Armistice is signed.

The first informal contact with the CSS brought quickly to an unexpected evolution: instead of some information’s, the CSS put in the hands of the EFNI representatives a strong alert, and a formal request of collaboration of the Cattatae government which gives imformation on Narn ship losses and the calculated number of the entire Narn fleet which was near 2000 ships before the war and that the Narn supplys must be seriously depleeted at this point. The diplomatic corps of both EA and Cattatae agreed to a stronger collaboration, and the works brought to the EFNI officers an unexpected, someway sinister picture of the War.
First of all, one of the reasons that pushed the Cattatae to give up to the Narn situation, beyond the internal, miliatry and economical problems, was the fact that the conflict was weighting so much on the Cattatae military, that in the long term this could begin to lose the power to keep the aliens under confederation control. The simple fact that the Cattatae Confederation considered the Narn a menace powerful enough to not be quickly crushed in the eventuality of a future conflict was surprising and very bitter news. The first time this preoccupation of the Cattatae was related to wrong perception, or eventually to the fact that the Cattatae military was much more weakened than was thought before, but further information’s and crossed investigations allowed to understand better the truth.

25th Dec Narn war codes cracked with the help of the CSS (Cattatae Secret Service) , Narn Manoeuvres can now be anticipated and repelled with necessary forces.

In 2208 hyperion was placed through production lines origionaly ment for toe to toe with koulani cruisers, Earthforce had 55 cruisers by end of 2209 and it needed full production from 2209-2211 from all 15 drydocks of the hyperion & orestes classes due to the narn wars and the creation of the dinaassault, lack of human involvment in the war till 2211 was for when earth was ready for combat in formation as Earth generals intended.


2211 14th Jan EA/Narn Regime skirmishes. The Narn attempt the invasion of Qualor II, but Earthforce easily drove them back.

1st Feb At the beginning of 2211 the League situation was degenerating: the Abbai Navy was decimated, the Talaxian military (or what was called a military, in fact being just more than a coast guard and security service) was near collapse, the Drazi had half its territory occupied and were still losing ground and bleeding resources, the Narn’s forces had just invaded Koulani territory.

3rd Feb EFNI conducts the "Red Screen" information gathering mission.

On the 15th Feb 2211, the Talaxian fleet was losing a battle against the Narn’s in the Tyree system, when the surrounding space was enlightened by dozens of jump points opening in front of the Narns fleet: it was EA Task Force 17, led by the General Hamato, a fleet of 34 warships, that opened fire against the enemy, while the starfuries swarmed their ships. .

The EA force, strong of more than 30 ships, clashes against more than 50 Narn ships, but, even if numerically and technologically inferior, the EA ships show to be more effectively armed, and enormously more durable than the Narn units. The Tiger Starfuries gain the space superiority. The battle is hard, and the EA forces had to sweath, but the Narn’s are vanquished and pursued.
This is the first Major defeat of the Narn‘s. Until that moment the Narn’s seemed nearly unbeatable, with an overwhelming superiority in terms of number, firepower, fighters and organisation, a speed high enough to choose the moment of the fight and a ruthlessness able to shake their opponents to the bones. But Know all these advantages but one were lost against our Navy.  First of all the Thorun fighters were superior (but no so decisively) in respect to the Tiger Starfury from many points of view, except the weapons and the manoeuvrability, where the Earth light interceptors had an edge. Mostly, the Thorun was really not up to the task against the Tiger Starfury: in less than thirty minutes the Narn’s fighter force was put against the ropes, and the few Thoruns that made their way through the Starfuries and closed the distance with the heavy EA units were wiped out by the escort of Elco frigates and by the fire of the interceptors.
The firepower of the Narn’s ships was based upon particle accelerators and bolters, a particular type of plasma weapon capable of an impressive rate of fire. Until that moment, the relatively light League warships were highly vulnerable to these weapons and to the swarms of Narn fighters, but the EA Heavy Cruisers, destroyers, carriers, frigates and corvettes had three new strengths that the Narn’s were unaware of: a thick and well designed armour, the E-Web, that reduced the effectiveness of the particle beams, and, mostly the interceptor grid, capable to make the plasma bolts to explode well away from their target. Initially the Narn’s ships tried to close the distance against the EA warships, but this brought them in the range of the Plasma cannons of the Orestes’s and in their first fight the Earth Battle cruisers showed to respond totally to one of their requirements: annihilate an enemy battleship with a single salvo. Narn forces begun to suffer heavy losses, and tried to withdraw, but their speed was not high enough to escape the pursuit of the Starfuries and of the Elco frigates: when they came in range of the frigates’ railguns, the battle was decided. Task Force 17 lost 8 units (three of them cruisers) either destroyed and crippled, but more than 15 Narn ships, less than a quarter was able to initiate there FTL‘s, It was the first defeat of the Narn with the them having numerical superiority, and a strong signal for the other powers of the Galactic Sectors, we were back in the game, and we won this round. 

The news of the First victory against the Narn shocked all the forces involved, but at this point was absolutely needed an unprecedented effort of strategic coordination: simply, the League forces called for help in every sector of the front, but the Earth Alliance had not the numbers to be everywhere at every moment, and, mostly, the use of the forces as local support to the battered League militaries meant that the EA fleets would have to split in small formations, whose destiny would have been to be slowly consumed in the furnaces of the conflict.
What was really needed was to gain the initiative, and to overwhelm the enemy with a superior force planet after planet, system after system; such a strategy was not easy to accept for the League worlds, but the Earth Alliance JSOC was clear: the war had to be fought at our conditions, and in accordance with our tactics, elsewhere the defeat was likely, and there would not have been a second chance.

A remarkable fact is that overall the League forces had different technological levels, some of them, like the Vree and the Abbai, very advanced, but for a series of reasons their average tactical level was relatively poor: the Abbai, for example, were technologically close to the Cattatae from many points of view, but their military effectiveness never went beyond the concept of "sending some ships and fire against the enemy". The Vree were better tacticians, but they lacked in strategic terms. The first task of Earthforce was to organize a strategic plan, and then to identify the key objectives.
In those days, The EFNI captured a Narn Cruiser on patrol, in the wake of the "Have Red" activities, and the "Red Dagger" mission, the capturing of the enemy cruiser, gave us the Narn Encryption codes and their communication scrambling system. From that moment, we knew what the Narn’s were going to do, every move, every step. We gained the key for victory.

16th Feb The Narn’s reaction was two sided: the following days, there were no further Earthforce missions, so the Narn command staff considered the battle of Tyree an attempt of the Earth Alliance to intimidate them, the warning signal from another terrorized minor power.
From another point of view, the combat performances of the human fleet was origin of some worries in the Grand Freedom Fleet: overall, a strong and experienced fleet was literally cut in ribbons by an enemy numerically and technologically inferior. At that time, the Narn still considered the Earth Alliance as little trouble, but the real strength of the human armies was roughly underestimated, both in terms of numbers and real effectiveness.
The reaction was straightforward: unleash a retribution against a human colony, while keeping under pressure the League worlds, politics that had shown to work well against the Cattatae less than 2 months before. The potential targets were Flynn Colony and the Orion colonies; Flynn was closer, but of low strategic relevance, while the Orion colonies had a population of more than 2 million and large industrial installations.
Logic behaviour would have been a surprise strike on Flynn Colony and other minor settlements and installations in different systems, to put the whole EA under pressure, but what the Narn’s had in terms of ruthlessness, they lacked in terms of prudence; more, the defeat of Tyree was related by them to the surprise effect and to a lucky strike, instead that to the true facts: the Humans were better, more trained and organized combatants, and the human ships, while overall less advanced, had some decisive areas of superiority: the E-Web and the interceptor grid gave an enormous tactical advantage, and the heavy armour and the sturdy design fatherly enhanced the standing power of EA ships, while there was not a single Narn ship that was able to survive the punishment of the fire of an Orestes Battle cruiser, or, mostly, of an Hyperion Heavy cruiser.

The choice of the Narn’s was well known: an assault task force moved against the Orion Colonies, with a strength of more than 180 heavy ships, and the task to reduce Orion V (BENNAY) and its population in ashes. What the Narn were unaware of was that their communications were intercepted and descrambled, and that the human power was numbered not in the few dozen‘s, but in the hundred’s of ships.
When they jumps in, instead of a small garrison, they faced against the V and the VII fleets, more than 300 ships and thousands of Starfuries of the squadrons of the Navy and of the Orion National Guard.

23rd Feb The Battle Of Orion is today part of the history books, and is still debated what was its true relevance: in fact it was the 6th time in which the Narn faced the Earth Alliance lined in battle order, and against the overwhelming numbers and the raw power of our Fleets they had the only choice of a quick retreat, but not before losing 51 ships and 360 fighters. The Alliance losses were contained in seven ships destroyed, ten damaged, and 64 starfuries destroyed, while the price in terms of crews and pilots was further contained thanks to the fact that our forces maintained the control of the surrounding space, and so many escaped crews and pilots were recovered in the aftermath of the battle.

The next battles as well known were harder, because we never had again the numerical superiority of Orion VIII, and the loss rate against the Narn was less favourable in the central part of the war, but this time the outcomes ringed alert bells amongst the Narn‘s: the Earth Alliance was not another League minor dominion, or a bunch of arrogant merchants: they had to face something at least as powerful as the Drazi, with consistent numbers and with a military effectiveness and a professionalism never experienced before.

The first part of 2211 was decisive: the first strikes of the Narn’s against the Earth Alliance were halted by our reaction, but at this point was essential to gain the initiative advantage, to act instead of react: the War had to be fought in terms of counteroffensive, and the lowering of the Narn pressure on the League was at this point imperative, for military reasons and to stop the massacre of the populations of the occupied worlds.

The Drazi, even with their operational limits, were among the wealthiest and relatively powerful dominions of the League, and one of the major commercial partners of the Earth Alliance; they had suffered the loss of Comac Minor IV, and Comac Major II was under siege but could still hold their ground, in the meantime there was needed a strong signal, and in that moment the Brakiri system was the focal point of the operations.

27th Feb - 1st March The Gorn security Force’s had tried to break the siege around home world and their moon of Borakai was by now in a year  of occupation and is used as a base of operations in the region, but every attempt was repelled. There were desperately needed the evacuation of civilians on the moon base Borakai and some reinforcements to hold the line against the Narn‘s, that were ready to attempt a landing on Hunsaira. The concentration of Narn forces around Hunsaira was an exceptional opportunity: a powerful menace for the Gorn, but a perfect target for a sledgehammer blow, if the instrument was available. The third fleet was the chosen hammer and was quickly reinforced with two divisions of the VI fleet. The mission was accomplished in two thrusts: in first the VI fleet task force Jumped in, engaging the Narn fleet in the delicate moment of the troop landing in orbit of Hunsaira, and once obtained the lining up of the enemy units in battle formation, the EA units begun to oppose a containment resistance. When the Narn counterattack was in full development, the whole III EA fleet, supported by the Gorn armed Security Guard jumped out, engaging the Narn’s.

Battle of Hunsaira. The III EA/League fleet breaks the blockade of the Gorn Home world, but is quickly attacked by a powerful Narn fleet: this is one of the largest battle of the Narn war up to this moment, and is won by the EA and League forces, with extremely heavy casualties for the Narn.
The battle enraged for two hours, the fleets hammering each other while the Narn’s were sending reinforcements of their tactical reserve, but at the end the superior standing power of the EA units gained the victory. The Narn’s retreated. The Siege of Hunsaira was broken. There were involved 120 EA ships, more than 250 Narn units and 26 Gorn warships: at the end of the battle 34 of our ships were out of combat, as 17 Gorn ships, but the Narn had lost 96 units, and mostly, had left behind about 22,000 ground troops stranded on the Gorn surfaces.

The tactical problem of the ground forces of the Narn’s was swiftly resolved by an assault landing of two Marines divisions and an armoured heavy brigade of the Mobile Infantry that showed to the astonished League observers what could a mechanized and armoured expeditionary unit, with heavy artillery, specialized in atmospheric close air support and heavy tanks, to an occupational army equipped only with terror weapons and light equipment. Mostly, the Earth Alliance fought side by side with the Gorn, and was supported by them in leveraging this important victory on Hunsaira and Borakai, to obtain a role of strategic coordination of the military operations: until then the League forces of the single dominions fought essentially on their own, the reciprocal support being slightly more than declaration of solidarity and symbolic expeditions.

Clearly the Earth Alliance had the numbers, the organization and the power to turn the tide of the war, but the unity of command was a compelling request, and the advantages of an unitary command and the tactical and strategic coordination showed by the humans promised enormous advantages. Mostly, the EA JSOC had the information’s needed to anticipate the moves of the Narn‘s, even if this detail was kept under secrecy. The Brakiri, the Talaxians, Ipsha, Gorn, Vree, Maakab, Balosians and the Abbai accepted readily the agreement, while the Drazi and the Andorians initially refused to put their forces under the command of an alien, barely known species.

3rd March The next strategic step was to save what was possible of the most endangered alien powers; this type of intervention was not very liked by the Earth Alliance, that looked for a decisive strike at the heart of the Narn Regime, but there were populations that were dying by the millions, and this war, for the humans, for the EA soldiers especially, had in the depth of their souls a deeper significance than the defence of a possession or a support to endangered allies and commercial partners. In the human history, during the 20th and 21st centuries, the concept of "killing fields" was something that was well understood, and deeply imprinted in to human history. The Killing Fields of the Narn’s were applied on a scale never seen before, and in the roots of the Earth Alliance culture, was carved the oath "never again". If there was a price to pay, the Alliance would have paid it.

The most endangered species were the Kaatan, Hurr, Felucians, Elasians, Talaxians, Strieb, Abbai and the Drazi, Fendimir and Shra bal had fallen (Drazi), the Hurr Home world was under siege, and Talaxian territories as well as Felucia was the closest to the main vector of the EA forces, the bulk of Narn forces were about 45 light years from Comac Major, but the Drazi Navy, even if reduced to the phantom of itself, was still able to hold the line for some time. But the Talaxians and Abbai were at desperation, very likely they had only a few weeks left before a total collapse of there defences.

The choice of the Earth Alliance was reckless: one third of the EA forces were left to protect the EA territory, the bulk of the Navy, the II,IV,V, VII and VII fleets, more than 600 ships, were organized in two main operational forces, "Starblade" (II and IV fleets) led by 2 star General Hamato and "Archangel" (V, VII and VII fleet) which was led by 3 star General Apone. What was made available by the allies, so about 110 Vree light cruisers (Xorr saucers) and 40 Maakab Cruisers were used to reinforce the formations, the Vree being particularly well accepted by the EA thanks to the speed and heavy armaments of their ships. The use of the light cavalry (or of its space equivalent) for the tactical and strategic pursuit of an enemy was well clear for the humans tacticians, and the Vree could give the mobility edge the EA forces lacked.

11th March The Narns invade Duxal, the Degobahans homeworld.

17th March Battle of Rinax, Talax territory relieved.

21st March Earth Alliance Colonial Marine Corps and Mobile Infantry Liberates Duxal (Degobahans) a deep space flanking base.

26th March Battles of Kaatan and the Narn pull out just before being encircled.

The need for starbases inbetween Earth space and the front lines for logistics and a base of operations and not wanting expensive permanent bases comes up with the idea of sending three asimovs class transports with and interjoin them into one structure, this named the Three Amigoes class Battleport.

On April 2, the Starblade and Archangel assault forces unleashed their power against the Narn fleets surrounding Althos and Illapa. In these battles, the power of the human fleets was overwhelming, and the victories were clear and swift; the numerically small but tactically relevant presence of the Vree allowed to close the grips around the Narn forces, and in the battle of Illapa the Archangel Force deployed operationally for the first time a Din assault, the 55 of the V Fleet, with performances beyond the better expectations. The Narn fleets were vanquished. Abbai homeworld liberated.

5th April The Narn still in Abbai territory are now encircled in two pockets around Elitria and Utriel.

10th April Battle of Althos, The Liberation of the Elasian Consortium.

At this point, the war was at its zenith: the Narn forces were overextended, and had yet suffered casualties in the order of 700 ships, more than 40% of their forces, but they were still powerful enough to win with majority of the Narn fleet still at the Cattatae border convinced that the Cattatae will take advantage and attack the Narns. But the League and Earth forces had some relevant advantages: first of all, the Earth Alliance was tactically superior, the Narn’s had almost nothing capable to hold the line against the Orestes & Hyperion‘s, available in more than 80 units each in the two EA expeditionary forces, and if the EA was able to land its ground forces, the destiny of the Narn garrisons was signed. With a standing Mobile Infantry of more than 4 million soldiers, 350,000 Marines and superior equipment, the ground warfare was a potentially quick affair. The liberation of Illapa and Andromma meant the salvation for more than twelve billion people, and boosted the morale of the battered League worlds.

14th April the Vindrizzi and Baku form an Alliance called the Two worlds Federation.

19th April The Battle of Myma, Naccene homeworld relieved.

The following four months were a frantic series of strikes and blockade running’s with major missions spearheaded by Earthforce to break the sieges of Elitria(Abbai) on the 22nd of April and Utriel(Abbai) on the 29th and Abbai territory is relieved.

25th April The Abbai League declare neutrality in the war with the Narn Regime, the reason for the move is due to the way of the Abbai culture, in not degrading one stature to there's, with 95% of the Abbai Navy decimated in the defence of there homeworld and colonies, the loss of the Abbai in the war effort is no hinderence to the united coalition.

2nd May The next task is to route the Narn from Hurr and Strieb systems and the Narn fortesses within Felucian space and the liberation of Drazi space, with the Battle of Yonog and Yolu within the Felucian star system on the 2nd and 3rd May led to the quick assault and liberation of Shra Bal and Fendamir both by Archangel Battlegroup both within Drazi space(without the help from the Drazi with them being to occupied with the defence of Kaltic and Zhaabar). Earthforce suffered losses, but the victory score was at least around 4 to 1 in our favour, and was progressively improving. At the end of May, the Narn Forces were virtually repelled from the Earth, Vree, Talaxian, Abbai and Kaatan territories, while the Drazi Freehold and the Hurr were not more under desperate circumstances. A Landing on Zagros IV was the first joint mission with the Drazi, and gained to the united forces the support of what remained of the Drazi fleet.

In this period, the EFNI exercised its "second work": while the monitoring and the ELINT missions in the occupied and Narn homeland territories went on regularly and effectively, the small EFNI forces dedicated themselves to the special operations. None of them was spectacular as the Have Red or Red Bodkin missions, but there was none of the logistic and support facilities of the enemy safe from our SOPCOM strikes. An entire depot or a repair yard was blown to pieces by a thermonuclear bomb placed by our Incursion Commandos, while the harder targets, frequently protected by sensor chains and minefield, had their defences deactivated by EFNI saboteurs, such to became an unaware prey for the surprise gunning of the EFNI naval service, that in that period was based upon Elco frigates and Olympus Corvettes, but had assigned even eight Sodoma missle cruisers.

14th May Battle of Comac Major II, the Drazi attack the over stretched Narns and win a decisive battle.

15th May The Narn relinquish most of there forces from the cattatae border to reinforce the frontlines.

25th May The Vree, Andorians and a detachment of the Maakab navy attack's Rura-Penthe, to relieve the Strieb by hitting the rear lines the League saw there chance, the conquer of the Narn colony is a shocking defeat which knocks out the maakab out of the rest of the war.

19th June The Battle of Felucia results in a Narn defeat.

23rd July The Battle for Andromma over the Hurr homeworld results in the Narns last siege of a sentient species homeworld under the League's banner.

29th Aug The Narn withdrawl from Hurr space and prepare a stiff defence of Nausica and the occupied Drazi colonies.

27th & 31st Aug A series of operations, led by Earth Alliance military might, breaks the military structure of the Narn Regime. Battles of Alaca and Tirolus.

During the month of September, Earthforce began to raid deeply into Narn territories: the Narn’s were decisively in decline, but at that point what Earthforce needed was a decisive strike, to crush the bulk of the Narn forces. Tirolus and Alaca, two of the main bases of the Narn in the occupied territories were conquered by Earthforce, and a disinformation activity of the EFNI induced the Narn’s to consider Dross the next target for an Earth Alliance landing. Even the Narn’s were holding out for a decisive engagement, aimed to inflict massive Earthforce casualties to make the EA to stop there offensive and to reorganize and replenish the losses.

The Narn’s tried to set against us the same tactic we used at Hansaira, so to attack a fleet in the critical moment of a troop landing, and the EFNI kept accurately alive this hope among the enemy. The Starblade force lined up around Dross, waiting for the moment of truth. On Sept 8th a fleet of 500 Narn ships attacked Earthforce around Dross. Minutes later the Archangel Force, with forces of the League jumped into the battle, and the Din-assault 55 looked like a sword pushed in the heart of the enemy. The battle of Dross was the greatest space battle ever fought in the registered history until The Battle of the Line above Earth in 2267.  More than 800 ships were involved. At the end of the Day, the very best of the Narn forces was vanquished. With this battle the tide of the War turns clearly on the EA and League side of the conflict. A task force of 100 Orestes battle cruisers, jumps in the middle of the battle, on the flank of the Narn fleet and the losses suffered by the Narn’s are so heavy that their operational capacity is virtually destroyed. J'Dur escapes after the destruction of his ship by the E.A.S Tillman, Many says that it was our finest hour, Our Marines occupied Dross, discovering an unnamed horror: two billion Drazi had been used as laboratory specimens, or simply exterminated.

11th Sept EA Task Force 15 destroys the Narn subspace transmitter/sensor array in the Dross System, The Narn command can not communicate with there front lines Warmasters.

12th Sept EA Task Force 11 launches a raid against the Narn colony of Sotarek

15th Sept Earth Alliance Colonial Marine Corps and Mobile Infantry conquers Ardun.

19th Sept The Battle of Gamma Hydra II

1st Oct The Battle of Ry-Nak (streib).

3rd Oct EA Task Force 15 destroys the Narn subspace transmitter/sensor array in the Shu System

6th Oct The Battle of Gamma Hydra II.

9th Oct the Narns break through the Drazi forces defending Comac 4 (Dross) and land shock troops. J'Dur launches a last ditch counter offensive.

10th Oct EA Task Force 15 breaks through Narn lines and drives towards the Narn’s core systems.

16th Oct Battle of Omelos - The last attempt of halting the EA offensive, set up by the Narns at Omelos, at least to treat the conditions for a truce, was crushed at the middle of October. The Kha'Ri forces J'Dur out of leading the war, the belief that it was the utter disaster of J'Durs strategic planning that forced the minor power of the Earth Alliance to gain the initiative and forge a successful offensive with what remained of the League forces, the problem was the supply and resupply of the Narn forces thousands of light years from Narn with only limited scope on the development of facilities of war matterials to continue the war pass 2 years. The argument was the Narn Regime should of concentrated on the Cattatae or Drazi colonies and not set out to conquest an empire reviling the Cattatae at there greatest extent within 5 years and create dozens of enemies in the process and if the enemy reach Narn, they will have there vengeance on our planet and leave us to die.

22nd Oct Unbenown to the EA & League forces, A Drazi sect organizes a secret mission with Narn representatives - the two groups broker a peace treaty on the terms which benefit the Narn’s (most of all) in the continued Occupation of Drazi territories in exchange of handing over the tens of millions of Drazi occupied still in Narn Territotory, a border of nearly a thousand light year "Boundary" will be placed for Narn area of interests policy (dooming 4 sentient Civilization in the process) on the borders of the current front lines (excluding those still held by Narn forces on the ground of the planets in question) and would not be permited to leaves the "Boundary" for at least 10 years. The Narn were hesitant to surrender its Warmaster‘s accused of war crimes (J’Dur) but this was the only condition the Drazi digitories would not tolerate if the Narn refused.

This noble act of the Drazi was not all due to save the millions of colonists trapped behind occupied territory, its main reasons is to save themselves from another potential enemy, the Earth Alliance and save their dwindling political, economic and its most important military Monopoly over the League, which it predicted the Freehold losing upto 70% of its pre-war fleet number’s by wars end, by this time the Earth Alliance had already surpassed the Drazi as the next medium power in the near by Sectors, as the War was heading deep into Narn territory it was now paramount for a "deal" with the Narn’s as well as loosing political strength in exchange for the EA’s as the War progressed with Aliens that were in the Drazi’s pocket for decades now found themselves in new ties with Earth.

The agreement for the Narn’s was a major relief for the Kha- Ri, by now the war of vengeance had turned into a war for freedom, a way out of the conflict was now paramount, the war had turned into a non winnable situation. Even though the Narn had just under thousand ships in its Fleet, the ability to organise them into an offensive on Earth & League forces was now unreachable, so when the Drazi came with a deals hitch would save Narn pride and end the War came to great rejoice to the Narn except for its Warmasters which the Kha'Ri had extradited.

The cover story would fall into place with Narn offering the Drazi a chance to save there colonists in exchange of ending the war at present front lines, the treaty will be signed on the nuetra world of Illapa, homewould of the Abbai.

27th Oct 2211 On Illapa, The Illapa Treaty signed to the disbelief of Earth Alliance & League armies, the forces were adermant in ending the war above the Narn home world, but without the Drazi’s territory for bases for the offensive the Coalition could not make head way so the Treaty was seen as bitter sweet for the EA and League forces even though it was a Victory, a grim one none the less which was celebrated on both sides which would shroud a vale of Interstellar War on to the Known galaxy for the next 60 years. The treaty would also write into interstellar law to all powers that sighned that it is prohibitad from establishing military facilities/outposts or stations outside of 25 light years of its own territorial bounder or undeclired or neutral space, this was to stop Narn & Earth from building bases on the border of each other and League worlds(The Brakiri never sign the treaty allowing them to in te 2250's to build 3 outposts on the Hutt Non-Trade zone to halt Raider attacks), the treay also includes the agreement on the zero involvement of non - FTL alien races which have not been contacted, nor to help in the development and advancement of races already in contact with and too not exploit the resources of the alien races home star system with out consent or being compensated and an all out ban on of building FTL missles.

In 2200 250 ships in ea fleet, + 54 ships average a year till 2209 = 484 knock it up to =610 before war. 60 ships a year 2210- 2211 knock it up to 730 but war losses added up to 155 = 575 by wars end in EA fleet.

1775 narn ships before the narn wars, production limits in home system meant the narn would have to launch a lightning invasion
of the league and the Cattatae and set up mineral instalations quickly before the enemy could mobalize and counter attack, the narn lost 81 ships in the opening attacks on the league,  lost 537 fighting the cattatae leaving 1344 ships after the earth led counter offensive which destroyed 485 ships, so the narn tally is 672 ship remaining with dwindling resources and not enougth time to build new facilities to carry on the war effort.

2212 Earth alliance emerges as a major power.


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