2212 Earth alliance emerges as a major power as Earth Force is becoming great concern to the known galaxy.  At first contact until the middle of the Narn wars, except for some minor exceptions the humans were completely inexperienced. League and Cattatae disdain turned to respect  after the human led coalition forces defeated the Narn, where the humans surprised the Narn with novel technologies and tactics.  The human devotion to understanding and adapting to modern space warfare stunned all the races involved in the control.  For hundreds of years the races of the Known Galaxy had lived behind the secure walls of long-proven technology and tactics.  The League regards the Earth Alliance as a "sleeping giant" as less than 3% of humans volunteer to serve in their military, a lower proportion than most major powers.  While competent, The Earth Force Mobile Infantry are neither in abundance as the Drazi, nor as advanced as the Cattatae. Their strengths lie in fire support, flexibility and speed, they make up for lack of numbers with sophisticated technical support and emphasis on mobility and individual initiative.

Earth's doctrine is not based on absorbing and dishing out heavy shocks like the Narns and Cattatae, rather they bypass enemy strong points and launch deep into their rear, cutting supply lines and destroying headquarters and support units, leaving enemies to "wither on the vine."  On defensive terms the Earth Alliance military is a rapid reaction force that lives by Sun Tzu's maxim, "He who tries to defend everything defends nothing." Garrisons are intended for scouting rather than combat, avoiding engagement to observe and report on invaders and wait for the combined unity of command is imposed by fulility of fighting without the control of orbit, without the Star Navy or Starfury Corp, any armed force on the ground are pointless.  The token Garrisons of human colonies would make it easy for alien powers to secure them, for which the media of Earth and aliens criticizes Earth Force, however the powerful fleets stationed at Sol, Orion and Draco are just a few hours or days from any colony within their sphere of responsibility. In the event of an attack they respond with an overwhelming force.

2212 Regent Turin intisiates a rebirth in Cattatae warship building.

2212 The Brakiri renounce there membership to the League and form closer ties with Earth.

2212 Sinizar is colonized( ARIEL, EOS, JANUS). This is the first move of colonization for the EA since before the Narn War.

2213 The Gaim Intelligence request the Earth Alliance for a Mutual Defense treaty until the Gaim can build there own battle fleet to defend there home world from orbital attacks.

2213 Praised Supreme Commander of the Earth Alliance Coalition runs for the EA Presidency, President Apone.


2213 A planet (ELYSIUM) is colonized in the Barnard’s Star system.

2213 The Earth Alliance has a shift in its settlement politics, beginning to place outposts and facilities even in systems without inhabitable worlds, aimed to establish a "strategic interest area" in a range of about 500 light years from the Earth. Thanks to the lack of inhabited planets and alien settlements or claims in the relatively peripheral space area surrounding the Solar System, this exploitation policy allows the Earth Alliance to quickly build an extended network of outposts and stations, and "set the foot" on a large number of unclaimed systems. This politics, totally different from the settlement politics of other races, has many advantages and some drawbacks: among the advantages is the quick and effective build up of a large space of interest and the possibility to legitimate claim the ownership of an enormous quantity of strategic resources, without stressing the relations with alien powers.  This policy, due to the sheer dimensions of the territory to be controlled and of the space lanes, had a consequence the quick growth of the Earth Alliance Star-Navy, both commercial and military, with rainfall benefits in all the economic areas. In less than half a Century the EA will have under its control a territory (and potential resources) not too much smaller than the Cattatae Confederation. 

President Apone authorises the London Protocols, this allows Earth Star Navy to Have the capability to house and launch nuclear and thermalnuclear weapons during time of war.

The drawback of Earth's settlement policy was that the bulk of the human people was Earth resident, while the off-world population, the colonials, were spread in small settlements in a large number of systems, usually accounting for less than 50 millions inhabitants. The largest colonies, Alpha Centauri III (Terra Alpha), Orion V(Bennay), Draco II(Eurydice) and Ross 128 (Fortuna), had a population between 1.5 to 9 million inhabitants.  This meant that, while the "colonials" had a lot of room space to grow and high personal incomes, and they maintained strong ties with the home planet, was the Earth the top gainer of the economic growth, and the structure of the dominion itself left the mankind highly vulnerable to a strategic attack, being the Earth the clear and only key strategic objective in case of conflict. Less than a century later this vulnerability was well shown in the Interstellar War.

2213 The Brakiri establish a colony on Kara, first out of the Brakiri home system.

SST Mobile Infantry Logo by LeChuck802214 The United Nations Mobile Infantry Resolutionis passed at the U.N, as a reserve force for the Earth Force's Colonial Marines in time of war.  The motion to place all of UN member states armies in a state of war with an alien aggressor and use EA support and give EA support on the ground.

2214 The Earth Alliance establishes a colony on Gallanigher VII(GALATEA), at the border to Talaxian space. The colony quickly becomes one of the key trade centres between the Alliance and the Brakiri Syndicracy.

2214 J’Dur  is acussed of te Genocide of 20 million Drazi on Latig 4, which the Warmaster replied to the alergation by saying " There is a canyon on the southern contintent on Narn but it is not a canyon but a quary 300 miles wide and 5 miles deep, the recorded death toll from the exavation of the area was 6 million Narns but with Cattatae records trying to hide the true brutality of te occupation, the true figure is believed to be 5 times higher, and the reason for the quaries existance was with the minerals that powered the reactors of Drazi colonies (especialy Latig 4) which when the Drazi were a Cattatae protectorate they used Narn slave labor for there power grids and after they were given self rule the requirments went up 300% which put higher stress on the quaries which is 80% responsible for the Narn homeworld's destroyed ecosystem with the amount of dust and chemicals in the atmosphere, this is why i did what i did, Revenge."  J'Dur and his his most horrific Warmasters are finally tried and executed by a court of League members for there crimes against the Known galaxy.

2214 The Dilgar Imperium are now the most powerful League race.

2214 Operational debut of the Typhoon battleships.


All communication with Station Osiris is lost. The fate of the station/crew remained unknown for the next three weeks until the EAS Kilimanjaro discovers a debris field where the station once was with all 35 personnel lost.

The Aenar invade the planet Ariel in the Sinizar system, landing ground troops on the town of Aurora.

Spark of the Aurora Riots on colony of Ariel , which lasted two days, and resulted in 89 deaths, hundreds of injuries, and the lost of four Aenar drop ships.  MACO units are sent to Station Arcture from the EAS Okanawa (orbit around Ariel), defeated the Aenar garrison, and freed 39 human hostages.

A raid of the Aenar Order against the Human colony on Ross 128(Fortuna) is defeated by An E.A. Task Force - first use of the Typhoon class carriers and Aries class Starfury.

The defence of Flynn Colony
An attempt of military occupation of Flynn Colony, actuated by the Aenar Order, is contained by the territorial defence: Earthforce sends an expeditionary force that intercepts the Aenar invasion fleet: Earth Alliance task force defeats swiftly the Alien fleet. It was in this period that some alien powers begin to consider the Earth Alliance as a force not to be reckoned with.

The Aenar retreat to there teritory, The EA taskforces wishing to press on Aenar space are denied there charge with the news of a new Narn offensive. As war was never declared by both sides the combatants remain enemies as both sides will only attack each other if found within each others space and zero ambassadorial or commercial contact and an unofficial peace will exist until 2270.

2215 The Narn capture the Cattatae colony at Raghesh 3. This planet was originally a Narn colony (settled during the occupation) which was then taken by the Cattatae. The Narns captured the colony in an impressive military thrust with all attension on the confusion of the Earth & Aenar war. They were later forced to retreat due to political pressures. It was not a complete loss, since the Regime captured a substantial amount of Cattatae technology.

2215 Gank Sand stormtakes hold of the Marsian surface, travel to the planet becmes increasingly difficult for the first two months then turns utterly impossible and transport is put to a halt, the EF organise high altertude food drops to the planet surface near the three main cities to try and stop a famine on the red planet.

The objectives of the Narn at this time were to sow division between the various races and acquire "forbidden" technology, all the while representing themselves as peace promoters. By keeping the other races busy, no one would notice the Narn military build up and colonization until they were ready for conquest again. The last thing the Narn needed was an alliance to attack them before they were ready.  Four years after formalizing diplomatic relations, the Narn’s attempt to influence member worlds of the League to vote for dissolution of the League.

2216 Denoblea and Kammino sign into Earth's Mutual Defence Treaty with the Gaim. Foundation of the Mutual Defence Initiative. This is a way of getting around the Abbai Treaty of not allowing bases in Neutral space, with having a alien race request to have military protection within there teritory, it was not breaking Interstellar Law.

2216 The Gank Food riots.

 As the Gank Sand storm takes its hold on the Marsian surface in early 2215 no one would of known that it would last nearly 15 months, The food shipments fickle out due to high altertude storms and for 3 weeks there are no more shipments of food, Riots starts up in every city and soon turn to Massacres in Mars Dome One,wich led to a wide-scale rebellion on the colony against Earth Alliance rule and their puppet "provisional government." The President was reluctant to use force to resolve the situation and placed a food ban on the colony in an attempt to cease the rioters, but eventually caved in to intense political pressure after two weeks and deployed the Colonial Marines to great risk to the marines to land on the surface and to crack down the insurgency. The conflict was not limited to the surface domes, several ships were engaged in Mars orbit including one piloted by the notorious Free Mars Movement terrorist(''freedom fighter'') Abel Horn who traveresed the storms and was able to capture one of the food container barges and flew it towards the martian surface but was shot down over Phobos by the EAS Pournelle during the battle.

2217 The Narn Regime continues the expansion of its "protectorates" within the Narn perimeter.

2217 Zeta Reticuli system is colonised( ANTIOPE, AMPHICTYON, HARMONIA) first as a military instalation on Antiope and Amhictyon but soon becomes a major civilian colony.

2218 The Free Mars Movement (Red Faction) starts targeting Mars born Earth Force personel and Military Police stationed on the colony to stop the local population of joining the Earth Alliance ranks.

2217 EFNI investigation office and Earthforce SID (special Intelligence Division) begin to gather information’s and track military activities of the Narn Regime. Information Sharing about the Narn between League and EA is officially authorized and endorsed by both the Earth and League Governments, and carried on a regular basis.

EA/Koulani skirmishes. The Koulani attempt the invasion of Kronos V, but Earthforce easily drove them back.


12TH April the koulani raids the EA outpost orbiting Cygnus III (DEION).

24th April The Koulani invade the Kronos system to counter Earth's Strategic Interest Area programe towards Koulani space, luckily a Earth Taskforce enroute back from the Raider Belt line is dispatch to the Kronos system and the invading Koulani forces are vanquished within an hours.

2nd May EFNI Information Division with the Investigation Office investigates the relations between Koulani and Aenar Order - Discovered a plot to force the E.A. to stop its exploration and outposts establishing program. - Discovery of a slaver base on the Independent Koulani colony of Torfan, the Koulani backed pirates have been using the planet as a base of opperations against human and talaxian colonies for the last decade, the Earth Alliance assaults the colony with the Colonial Marines resulting in heavy losses for the marines but totally anhaliatedtrue enemy, planning of further Anti-E.A. Activities, involving Koulani and Aenar are found in documents found on Torfan.

13thMay Recapturing of Jericho Colony by the Earth Alliance.

24th May An invasion of the UV Ceti colonies (IRIS, INACHOS), attempted by the Koulani, is defeated by the Earth Force Naval Service, with heavy losses for the Invasion Force. The Koulani cease their war plans and settle with the Neelix border treaty on the Talaxian homeworld and the Koulani start retreating from League space.

2221 President Hamato.


The new political line marked a strong deviation from this traditional asset.
The new foreign affair line had the undeclared aim to create an area of political "influence" among the minor powers of the Grid‘s, exploiting the consequences of our participation in the Narn Wars: in the long term, this political influence was illusory: the relations with some powers of the League were cooled down by the new behaviour of the Earth Alliance - Civilizations like the Abbai and the Drazi, with millenary experience in the interstellar arena, were not very happy of some excessive inferences of the Earth Alliance, and, mostly, of the way these were carried on: the "first of class" behaviour of the humans was well capable to offend these ancient and influential peoples, destroying in a few years what was built in decades: and, not bad enough, with no outcomes. Even the Narns and the Cattatae did not appreciate the arrogance of the newcomers, the ones because they had just proudly won their freedom after two century’s of guerrilla warfare, the others because, at the end, expected at least some gratitude and more respect from the people to which they gave the stars.

At internal level, the things went on in a less evident, but more harmful way.
The traditional supporters of the old politics were the entrepreneurs and the colonists, the new political line found its sponsors in certain sectors of the industry, among whose was the IPX, but mostly in other organizations, along a few years, was possible to see a progressive tightening of the ties between political power

The Earth Alliance, thanks to aggressive settlement policies based upon joint government-industrial activities, is capable to organize a large network of colonies and outposts of various types (scientific, industrial, military), with an osculate spreading of the strategic resources and facilities. Orbital Shipyards are put operational in the Draco (MELAS, OINEUS) and Vega systems (ACHERON.PROTEUS).
The colonization sparks an enormous and previously inexperienced economic growth, backed by the extremely effective economic and cultural structure of the Earth civilizations, and by an extremely efficient industrial, manufacturing and financial system.

The Earth Alliance export balance grows quickly, and the exploitation of the resources of more than twenty systems combined with the need to protect these economical interests, allows and pushes a strong military build-up. In the timeframe of thirty years the Earth Alliance becomes a large economic power with trading agreements with the Cattatae Confederation, the Brakiri Sindicracy, the Vree Conglomerate and with other League Worlds and powers, while the Earthforce becomes a strong and effective instrument as the colonies start bulging with a little population explosion.
The main export items are raw materials, modular orbital facilities, industrial nanotechnologies, low cost space freighters, industrial equipments, power production plants, luxury goods and foods. Not negligible part of the export budget is represented by the interstellar transport services of the various EA freighter lines, relatively inexpensive and well protected against the piracy by an effective patrol and security service by Earthforce.

The expansion of the commerce’s was a relevant factor for economical growth not only for the Earth Alliance, but even for League and Cattatae.

Was in this period that the Earth Alliance strengthened its ties with the local powers of the League while maintaining excellent relations with the Cattatae: in the political arena, thanks to a millenary experience in the fields of political talks and diplomacy and the lack of preconcepts or bad legacies from the past, the humans were a well liked and respected community that show to be very capable to act like a bridge between the various alien species, mediating contrasts and building the bases for many peaceful and agreeable solutions of political troubles in the turbulent interstellar community.
The economical ties and the profitable activities shared between various races helped in the smoothing over of interstellar relations.

In the few occasions in which the human interests or safety were military attacked, the response of Earthforce was so quick and devastating (while strictly controlled) that the Earth Alliance, yet in the early 2220’s, was regarded not more as the "new kid on the block", but as a trusty and loyal regional power, well accepted as a commercial and political partner, and very respected as a military power not to be trifled with.

In this age the EFNI evolved from a relatively specialized organization to the main information source regards to the Alien activities, providing a wide and effective information dissemination amongst the Earth Alliance intelligence community, either for the Federals and for the Nationals intelligence and information offices.

During this "age of expansion", a virtuous circle of economical development brought the humanity to settle on more than twenty systems, and our effective economical structure allowed to generate wealth and returns on invested capitals a mere two or three years after the beginning of a new installation, outpost, settlement or colony whatever it was. Obviously this led to an enormous volume of interstellar transport, both in the EA territory and to the alien commercial partners.
The piracy was a major concern: Space is large, the routes and the jump gates well known, the hidden locations were many, and some alien cultures and governments have never had ethical problems to use the force to take what they wanted, instead to build it. The construction of a powerful patrol and escort service, that after a few years was well capable to make safe our freighter lines and to deter attacks, started a self replicating process: the Earth and Colonial Navigation lines became a valuable resource even through the the fact that many alien companies and governments found more cost-effective to rent human transportation services, with their protection system, instead to make large investments to reshape their own structures. The request for transport services pushed the shipyard expansion, and consequently made the human’s shipbuilding more economical and became a relevant source of earnings

The various developments in the political arena, namely the Narn aggressive expansion and the decline of the Cattatae Confederation, our traditional ally, pushed for the expansion of heavy fighting forces: the technology and the money were available, the EA shipyards and industries were running at full steam for the commercial and export needs, the military experience was solid and well exploited, the ideas and doctrines were very clear. So, at the end of 2220’s, the Earthforce Navy was a force of more than 2600 vessels, 1600 of them jump capable and in the first line unit categories of heavy cruisers, carriers, Destroyers and frigates, the rest a powerful asset of excellent escort units. The officers and the crews were well trained, organized and morale high, our fighter corps was experienced and extremely effective, and the ground units, both Army and Marines were doubtless the better trained and equipped and the most effectives of the sector, with a spectrum of capabilities and organization that was something never seen before

2221 Brakiri’ have their own "Rush to the stars" and embark on a rapid expansion on there defences.

2222 This year marks the beginning of Human pirate organizations existing with alien Raiders and Hutts activity in the Raider Belt Line.

2223 The Hurq Lakai sect starts bombing public buildings due to Global Parliments continuos "peacekeeping mission" now seen as an Occupation.

2224 The planet of Fiorina 161 which is hostile to all forms of life and has mined Beresium for the 30 years is disbanded due to the low grade of the element on Fiorina 161 and in its place is reastablished as a Maximum Security Correctional Work prison facility for the most hanus of crinimals human and xenobylogic alike.

2224 The Drazi finaly recover from the war with the Narns.

2225 The New London Space-docks are remodernise with a first joint venture between of the Co-Op Zone of Armstech Industries and Frontier Grp to make plans for a New Generation in warship design and take on the Karmatech LTD monopoly on Earth Force warships and land vehicles.

2225 A group of Human separatists founded a agrarian colony on Regula IV. First human colony outside of EA territory.

2226 First Minister Truro comes to power of the Detapa Council and will remain so until his death in the 2270’s, he will be good friends with Reagent Turin.

2226 The Gaim anouche there membership to the League, Earth Mutual Defence of the Gaim now inactive, as the Gaim are now able to defend thee homeworld from attack.

2227 The need for a small military transport is built with the short range commercial ship named Deimos class.

2227 With interstellar travel commonplace, mining colonies are established as far as the Sinizar on the EA frontier. The transnational corporations hold immense power in the colonies. 

2228 MAWASI CRISIS - 3rd March The Narn build an illegal mining facility in the Mawasi star system and just comes on-line when discovered by an Earth patrol ship EAS Toussaint. The Earth ship shadows the facility for some days and reports it to Earth command. The Earth ship is destroyed by the Narns and later a Earth Taskforce headed by the EAS Saratoga is sent in and destroys the Narn fleet, later the Narn facility is blockaded.

9th Aug Treaty of Zhabos IV. After weeks of fear of another war the Narns are embarrassed out of Mawasi star system due to violating the terms of the Abbai Treaty, just hours later no known to the EA Council, the League Connevant Illapa have a vote 21-7 for non-military action while surprisingly the Gaim, Maakab, Andoria, Balos, Hyach and LLort voted for militaty action, This concerned the Earth Alliance Council as if there is to be a war, the League may not intervene if not attacked by the Narns.

2228 The Son’a build-up their military Arsenal.

9th August 2228 Earth Alliance suffers an financial and ecomonical crash and falls into a harsh Recession.

2229 The 2nd Generation program. E.A.Governement Authorizes the "5000 ships starNavy" program to boost the shatterd ecomonyThe "Deep Red" report, about the Narn activities, is presented by the EFNI to the Defence and Polythical commissions of the Earth Alliance Senate.  The upgrading of the older Earth Alliance units, in the wake of the Mawasi Incident, goes on to commence the building of the Chelone class Battlecruisers and the Omega class Destroyers both capable FTL, The Chelones will be placed into taskforces of two with four Omega destroyers as this formation would be more efective than a taskforce of three Hyperion and three Orestes formation with added maneuvability with the Omega's. The production of equalivant models like the Oracle Destroyer and the Hyperion and Orestes cruisers are ceased.

The new 4 engines of Westinghouse "Vulcan-III Fusion Reactors which can generate a combined 14.1 Terawatts of power for maximum Jump options for the new Omega and Chelone, aswel with 4*Beagle-Bryant BB9-U-EE AND EF types fast feeding plasma engines for fast aceleration but still limited movability and 2* OCP M56-E9 Jump Vortex Generators which can jump 7.0 Lightyears each or combined 14 Lightyears.

2229 The enormous investments in terms of research and development, production facilities and yards made by the Armstech industries are a joint venture that include the industrial colosses like Frontier Grp, Karmatech LTD, Westinghouse, Omni Consumer Products and Wayland Industries will start from the Omega Destroyer and Chelone Battlecruiser but were aimed to develop a whole new family of warships, based upon common modules and a basic hull frame: the modularity and the straight lines of the Omega were studied to allow the use of large part of the same production facilities even for different classes of ships, envisioned before, during or just after the Koulani War: among these were included the Warrior heavy carrier and the Arion Frigate, for which was developed the technology of the UNIBLOCK
TM bearings and Shaft system that allowed to include in a warship design a large hanger section for the starfruys,  the technical problem was to build a bearing system virtually maintenance free for fifty years, capable to work regardless the outer damage of shocks and direct hits of heavy weapons to the hull in the order of keeping control of the suronding space,  the project worked, and the UNIBLOCK was even more sturdy than expected.


The Narn government has a Dramatic change to its political system as the old Caste system of government is reinstalled, the Narn then head into self imposed isolation after the Mawasi Incident and close off their borders to outsiders.  The Caste system is able to regain power due to the weakened state of the Kha’Ri Regime due to recent disastrous events,  the Caste leadership leads to no more expansion of the Narn navy or Colonization outside of the Narn current territory, thus no spotting of a Narn warship for 30 years. Stations are built to take foreign cargo from alien ships onto Narn ships to continue trade in some what secretive manner which only heightens a Narn future invasion.

2229 President Santiargo


2230 Of Earth's Mega-Corporations of Weyland-Yutani is a Conglomerate corporation which specilizes in as the EA's Planetary colonization and teraforming of planets, it once had a lucrative FTL/Jumpgate industry but lost its contract to OCP, it became a slow starter but know a lucative business in Starliner and freight productions , Omni Consumer Products (OCP) is in the business of large mining fascilities and the main supplier of oficial Earth Allaince portible FTL functions and large JumpGate instalation, Frontier Grp is the main freight shipbuilder and space station contractor within the EA with 55% of the commerical market and only the Earth's outside shipbuilding corporation which deals with many alien races and has EarthForce contracts for large and small crafts, Edgar Industries is the fourth largest mega-corporation and It is the largest pharmaceutical producer on Mars and had a sizable chemical and biological weapons program contracted with EarthForce, Armstech Industries is a part Government owned part independent Corporation that deals with 60% of EarthForces warships and small craft and manufacturing responsibility for supplying EarthForce with its military with side-arms, KarmaTech LTD is a corporation that is one of the major contractors of EarthForce military hardware and The largest corporation is the Resources Development Administration, or RDA, is the largest single non-governmental organization in Earth space with the stipulation that they abide by a treaty that prohibits limits on military power in space (Minos) except security of its facilities, the company has the capital and stature to propose the construction of a world-spanning rapid transit system(GMTS Lines) on 21st century Earth that would allow the entire population to conveniently commute hundreds or even thousands of miles to perform work where it was needed, without impinging on the cultural values of host populations. This led to the current global network of maglev trains that require the superconductor Beresuim on Minos and Fiorina 161 for its corparate survival and even the Earth Allainces own survival  as a helpt build planetary unity during the 21st century.

2230The Warrior class self-FTL Spacecraft Carrier (SCC) starts full production

2231 The colonies on Cor Caroli (LOACOON, ARGOS) is established.

2231 Earth Force Joint Chiefs make the controversial decision to re-locate the Drydocks in Earth orbit of the Star Navy to a more reasonable site within the Sol System with ready resources available, the news of the decision is taken badly by the planet bound workforce of the drydocks.

2232 The first voices about the Son’a Supremacy and its conquests rumored to Earth Alliance inteligence in 2230, thanks to the information provided by commercial corporations involved in partnerships with some League worlds reports of some unknown race called the Ellora being invaded and made into slaves by the Son‘a. Essentially, what was known of the Son’a, vaguely identified as a exclusionist but technologically on-par race with the Human‘s, and actually they had begun to claim the sovereignty upon some territorial assets of the closest powers.
A prudent investigation was carried on by the diplomatic corps, and the outcomes ringed out alert bell in the most experienced members of the Earth Alliance’s government: in that period, the honour of the limelight was essentially for the Narn regime, that in less than 3 years was able to put to the ropes the Cattatae, exploit one third of their territory, with nine inhabited colonies, build their own "protectorate", attempt (and fail) the occupation of Gaim, attempt piracy activity and fight some Major battles against the Earth Alliance, menace our allies the League and, in a general view, shake a situation well consolidated for more than fifty years, and generate troubles among all their neighbours. The EABI (Earth Alliance Bureau of Investigation, the Civil Government’s Secret Service) brought on an effective activity of investigation, and the Government requested the support of the SID (Special Intelligence Department, the Military information Service) and of the EFNI, that, from the late XXII century was the main intelligence source for Alien Affairs, and mostly, had strong ties and opened channels with the Cattatae Secret Service (CSS) and well honed reconnaissance and operative capability in the deep space missions.

This type of informative activity was the real work of the EFNI, and so was carried on with efficiency, and quickly begun to bring fruits. The actions carried on were essentially based upon the collection of notices among the travellers and merchants operating in the sectors close to the Son‘a, and some explorative, reconnaissance and listening activity close to or inside the Son’a borders.

In the following years, happened something that was almost ignored in terms of the general picture: the Son’a begun to exercise pressures among their closest neighbours like the Drella, while the Earth Alliance, after a first period of internal rumours regards the growth of the military expenses, went on in its programs, quietly, constantly. In 2225 the Nova Starfury was under distribution to the operational units, the new Cherlone Battle cruisers and the enhanced Warrior class Fighter Carriers were in mass production, and the troubles with the Narns were settled when they went into Isolation.

Everything seemed to go on if normal tracks even if the covered EFNI monitoring and intelligence activity indicated that the Son’a were everything but quiet, and that something was preparing, with fleet exercises, landing simulation and enhanced patrol activity.
Earthforce of the late 2230’s was a well honed, powerful war machine. This was due to a series of reasons: the main motivation behind the initial human military build-up, in the last half of the XXII century was simply the need to protect the commercial routes inside and outside the territory of the Earth Alliance, and the defence of our most valuable and recently acquired assets but by the middle of the XXIII its core principle’s were the same but now includes operations as "show the flag," anti raider missions (deliberately searching for Raiders), reconnaissance as well as peace keeping missions between certain alien adversaries.

2232 President Santiargo Assasinated, President Rodrigez starts his term.

2232 The Dilgar Imperium starts bulking up their fleets.

2232 On the Bicentenary of the first Human steps on Mars is mared with the start of Red Faction (FMM) series of bombing on EA and EF instalations  around Mars which will last for 20 years and OCP mining headquaters in Olympus.

2233 Orilium Ore is no longer needed for the components for the new Rosenburg FTL Inter-system drive, the mines of Olympus are rendered to a obsolete and will close within the next 15 years as more ships are built or upgraded with the more efficient  FTL engine.

2233 G.O.D. satellite/ground defence satterlite grid and  surface emplacements that still include the batteries of 2540mm railguns are completed on the Earth surface and orbit.

2233 On Beta Aurigae VII, a human landing party discovers archaeological evidence of the Zalkat Union, including documentation of the four deadly artefacts of Malkus the Mighty which had discovered imformation on the Drakh Horde, which will go unoticed by EA sceintist of the artefacts for the 100 years.

2233 On the Hurq homeworld, the Global Parliment starts an ethnic clensing programme of the Lakai provinces.

2234 The Drella are occupied by the Son’a Supremacy. Protest by the closest League powers.

2234 The League declares the Outer Rim to be a free trade zone.

2234 The League learn of the Hurq Ethnic Clensing and start economic sanctions and trade embargoes.

2235 Launch of the Cotton class Tender and the Eclipse II class commissioned specially for EarthGov representatives.

2235 Earth Alliance Council starts privatizing its JumpGates in certain systems and trade routes as the Earth Alliance also stops building JumpGates and leaves it to corparate organisations of OCP and Weyland-Yutani to continue the Gate network. The Gate wars are recomenced by earths corporations.


The Praylor proclaimed the star system Ry’Nak in the name of their Kingdom 2 months prior to a Leshan colony ship claimed it in their Protectorate, which erupted in a conflict over ownership,
Praylor victory at Lyisik VIII ends the Ry’nak War.

The League and Earth Alliance ushered a peace settlement with a Neutral Zone being in effect between the 2 territories and patrolled and Ry’Nak system is to rest in there uninhabited .

2236 The Earth Alliance now boasts of upto 25 drydocks with an average built rate of 70-95 ships a year with 3 ships a year form each drydock.

2237 DILGAR/HURQ WAR  The Dilgar launch a striking offensive move on the Hurq due to the Clensing of there own civilians, the Dilgar believed they are not able to look after themselves, without the League's permission the Dilgar receive a harrowing from the LIberial Ocompa delegation and declare sanctions while the League remains idle.. The Hurq are battered and surrender within 6 weeks and are dissolved as an autonomous protectorate of the Dilgar Imperium as well the near by powers are also attacked. The other powers in the region take note and now see the Dilgar as a growing power of strength and influence in the area which clashes with the Ocompa on many occasions but never leads to more than simple banter over a table and some trade sanctions.

Signing of the Earth/Brakos commercial spheres agrrement. Which will bring closer economic and political ties to the two new rising powers with close social and commercial ideologies.

2237 Launched the production of the Avalon Assault Cruisers(self FTL).  Launched the full scale production of the Arion (self FTL) and Kronos Class Frigates and Gunship Respectively.


2238 Beginning the Build-up of the Earthforce Navy, in the wake of the "Damocles" report.
EFRAD and EFNI in conjunction launches the "Bright Warrior" project, aimed to obtain and/or develop technologies able to allow the Earthforce Navy to face with an acceptable degree of effectiveness a "Cattatae" Level Menace. The EA presidential Office are kept informed and gives their acceptance to the Earthforce military build-up. The "Bright Warrior" program is the direct heir of the EFNI "Deep Eyes", "Dark Shield", "Bright Shield" and "Bright Talon" projects.

The Jaffa achieve FTL.


Civil War on Ventuki, fought by the Banking Clans against Trade Federation and part of the Workers Union. The military operations of the Trade Federation quickly leads to the substantial defeat of the opponents.
Director daakra formally surrenders to the Trade Federation , led by Shai Alyt and Shai Neroon. During an official ceremony, aimed to formalize the power takeover of the Trade Federation , Daakra defies the Trade Federation in an ancient type of Death Ordeal. He wins the Ordeal, with the Aid of the  Trade Federation General Shai Neroon, that individually chooses to rebel against his own organisation for ethical reasons. Daakra is nearly killed, Neroon dies in an act of sacrifice. Exercises the gained right to form a new governing Council, with the Workers Union holding 5 of the 9 positions. Democratic turn of the Vree Government.

2239 The UN Security Council  calls for the Tokyo Protocols, this  protocol calls for the prohibiting of nuclear weapons on board EarhForce warships, as the EA could hold the UN to ransom if the situation ever evolved, this apparant miss trust to Earth's only defence is seemed to be alarmists to many Earth residents and colonies alike,  This meant that EarthForce has to defeat an obstacle by conventual means or simply by pass it and the enemy not bound by the same restrictions.

2239 Operational debut of the Aurora Starfury.

2239 The Gaim renounce there Mutual Defence treaty with Earth and make closer ties with the League,  Due to the fact that the Gaim are a relatively new in the cosmos with little to no knowledge of space flight, the bulk of the Gaim's fleet consist of a new Bio-matter that can survive in space with an outer shell which hardens like colbolt and can be shaped over a FTL drive, reactor and weopon system to send there ships to other stars. The  Gaim are rapidly advancing however, investing the majority of their planetary resources to create highly advanced warships, orbital ship yards and weapons technology.  Gaim, ground force warrior drones are the fiercest soldiers to be found in the known Galaxy.  Genetically engineered specifically for military combat, these fierce warriors are not to be trifled with, as the Narn can attest to.  To help fund the acquisition and development of new technologies, the Gaim Royal houses have taken to hiring out their ground troops as mercenaries.  At present the Gaim's primary exports are biological matterial, specifically biological computers, advanced drugs and deadly bio-weaponry.  The Gaim are the becoming the undisputed leaders in the biological science and while their mechanical and space sciences are below many races, this gap is quickly being closed.

2240 Cortez class ships start being built for the IPX Corp.

2240 President Luchenko.

2240 The Dilgar Imperium request to abandon the tariff which restricts the size of League members navy's. The Drazi, Abbai and Vree disagree and veto the request. The Dilgar start building new shipyards in secret and against the League's permission.

2240 Marco Polo class Heavy Freighter commissioned.

2240 At the 208th Convernant Session of the League, the Ocompa and Dilgar make ground on the road to closer relations by both anouncing the "One Race/One League Protocol" implying on the whole protection of League worlds if even one member is attacked by non-League race then it is seen as an attack on all League worlds, the protocol is put to a vote in 6 months.

2141 Riffa is born, Qu,zar first son.

2141 The Mars Governor declares that all Mars born EA personel must not be allowed to surve any time on the Red Planet.

2141 The Jaffa request for the membership of the Mutual Defence Pact, Earth agrees.


Battle of Mariposa - Ocompa -Occupied.

Battle of Kiffu & New Tamor - Ocompa - Occupied.

The Dilgar request for an emergency vote for the OR/OL protocol and is rebuffed by the core League worlds. the Dilgar are outraged.

Battle of Komali & Cait, Ocompa homeworld know surrounded the Ocompa military now split and majority of the fleet now cut off from Ocompa with only a token force waits for the invasion of the homeworld itself.

The Son’a Fleet, at the close of their war of  of the Ocompa constructs large, medium, and small armed freighters to aid them in their war effort and eventual Occupation of the Ocompa Republic, despite the known Galaxy ban on armed merchantment. Their 'Q-Ship' idea of warships camouflaged as merchants are despised by everyone. The Abbai treaty is signed by all major known powers in Known Galaxy , banning the practice as well as several other 'suicide' warfare practices and delineating the 'rules of combat' for all signatories

The Son’a's devastating attack on the Ocompa Republic, known as one of the wealthiest and powerful League members in the outer League worlds surrenders in 9 weeks. The League worlds closest to the battle zone plea for League aid and in the mobilization of their forces. The Drazi block all attempts in taking any action on the Son’a and the Dilgar (which would be the biggest winners with the Ocompa now occupied) were outraged with the League most of all but now being the most dominant League member in the area.

Project Greenblitz, A secret study in the wake of the Ocompa/Son’a War in which measured the full potential of the League members if they consolidated to a common military course shows alarming prospects which will predict EA‘s reaction to the following Dilgar led Sedison War, it would take three to five years to build the necessary structure to fend off a military power such as the EA and ten years to become a superpower in its own right with unbound resources to match, they would be a hard nutt to crack only showing weaknesses in the amount of space the League would have to defend.

The League just being a loose alliance of worlds defending there own small territories or being protected by other League members - the idea of a unified militarized Protectorate was of a big concern to the EA and other major powers, The Cattatae made it there foreign policy and as well did the Narn’s to create seclusion and form separate ideas and decent on which the League should be set ( keeping an off balance untrusting effect) but the EA saw the League as the only ally against the Narn and ushered more cooperation between League worlds.
Now saw a massive change in EA policy on the League, the last thing Earth wants is a militarized union of two dozen races so when the Sedison of United Planets was founded the Earth Alliance was more worried than most remaining League worlds at the time.

2242 The Earth Alliance ceases its aggressive expansion policies and stabilizes its territory. The EA border crosses 16 sectors and 9 sectors at its widest, the latitude of the EA is similar to other powers in the known galaxy, in that the depth is relatively small compared to the galactic plain of rougthly 1,000 light years.  The amount of space taken up within EA space of the galactic latitude ranges from 370 to less than a 100 light years, it's rare to find a alien power that circumferences a stellar sector of longitude and latitude of 100x1000  at our potistion in the galaxy thats within the Orion Spur. Known space explored by all known races only extends 7,000 light years to the Nekrit Exspanse and the Raider belt line to the confines of the Orion Spur to relative empty space between the adjacent spiral arms of Carnina Sagitarius Arm and the Perseus Arm of the galaxy. This 

2242 The Atmosphere Generator on planet LH 246 explodes in to a Fusion explosion, the death of 300 colonists and there families are killed, the relatives of the families try to sue Weland-Yutani Corp for misshandling of the Generators but fails.

2242 Haliet the Enlightened of the Hutts starts negotiating with other Hutt communes to create a new Hutt Empire.

2243 The Earth Allaince government  decides for make plans to close the Marsion colony due to the enormous cost of a know obsolete industry around Orelium and the Domes which house the thousands of troubled and terrorised population and keep it as a military and soley sceintific base with minute industrial settelments and close it off to all civilians due to the growing dependency of the populace to Earth and the practical redundancy of the planet, this is due to the lack of funding to the Red Planet because of the fast expansion of the EA into the Cosmos, What was once the Pride of the EA has know became the most disfunctional and degenerated, The populace of Mars start protesting and marches leas to small cntained riots, so Earthgov simply places higher taxes on the Mars citizens which wish to stay on the red planet.


A total number of 19 worlds leaves the League over the Drazi led "no - reaction policies" over the Son’a without Earth’s support. The Dilgar with there fast rising influence over other League worlds formerly secede from the League as well with 5 others and the crisis continued until early 2244.
The 19 League worlds are as follows

1.Dilgar Imperium, 2.Hurq Autocracy, 3.Xindi Assembly, 4.Breen Hegemony, 5.Devore Hierarchy, 6.Baku & 7.Vindrizi Federation, 8.Tak’Tak, 9.Golian Congress, 10.Bynar Coalition ( unwillingly), 11.Vhnori Order, 12.Geonosia, 13.Xon Confederate, 14.Grome, 15.Talos Empire, 16.Vidian Baroness, 17.Kam Jatae Empire, 18.Prytt Regency, 19. Suliban alliance. The Non-aligned worlds that join them in an "alliance of worlds" are 1.Genii Republic, 2.Praylor Kingdom, 3.Pran Directorate.

2244 The Emperor of the Dilgar Imperium secretly requests the growing influential leader of the Hutt Communes to start a series of raids on League colonies & shipping, Haliet is delighted by the Dilgar request as it helps his rise to power, he will help the Dilgar by starting unrestricted piratism of League shipping.





A new Coalition of 22 races made up by ex-Leaguers and neutral worlds either felt threatened by hostile forces around them or threatened into its ranks by the Sedison of United Planets, determined on building up an adequate defence against the Son’a threat, led by imperialistic comquest inmind Dilgar was a dangerous mix that could have disastrous repercussions if not kept in check.

The Dilgar Imperium had conquest in mind for over two century’s before the Sedition but were always fought off by Cattatae reprisals due to Cattatae interests in the area so they remained small and insignificant till the right time showed itself, this came in the Narn Wars.
The Narn were able to put to the ropes the all mighty Cattatae that had endured for a thousand years without a retreat, fell back to a previous slave race. This was there sign but something that they didn’t expect was the ever expanding League members just after the Narn Wars, and with there resolve in there resolve after the Narn invasion, the Dilgar didn’t want to press there luck just yet so they remained in the the League to gain influence with in but always being knocked back by the Ocompa and Drazi camp of followers, so when there was huge unrest over the League inability to act on the Son’a menace and the Ocompa war all the glam and prestige what the League offered after the Narn Wars was evaporated.
There were many League races that felt threatened by Son’a expansion and now that the Dilgar had there perfect opportunity with 1250 ships to forge an alliance with other seceding worlds to hide there true intents on expanding there new Sediton with the Dilgar at the helm

2245 - 2246 SEDITION WAR

The Sediton led by the Dilgar launch their opening moves against the unprepared League and take out some key worlds in Pak’ma’ra space aswell as Llort territory. The praylor not satisfied with the Neutral Zone Agreement join the Sediton to launch an attack against the Leshan which were defiantly Neutral but "in the way" of the Sediton’s plans which in turn forced the EA which was Praylor favourable to a Leshan stanch with there tyrant leadership.

In the 2220's the League began to strengthen the structure of itself and form a comprehensive mutual defence plan. Disputes ranging from the diminishing of sovereign rights to contention between races for a multitude of reasons, to the equality of shared resources delayed any real advances in League policy. By 2244 raider attacks, Seceding of 19 Races due to Ocompa War and the League’s inability to act on the Son’a and rumours that the Sedition were preparing for a major war quickly brought the League races together. In 2245 the Dilgar and it’s Sedition openly assaulted League worlds, forcing the League to hold to its treaty. Despite combining their forces, the League was fighting a losing battle as world after world succumbed to Dilgar conquest and Occupation. The League called upon the major races for assistance in their war with the Dilgar. 

The Dilgar led invasion of the League in moving swiftly, the front lines are long and stretched aswel the League powers are struggling too move their forces to the area’s that need them the most and is taking to much time to organize resources to keep those forces there, there are lightning raids on Vree, Balos and Hyach space, the frontlines are now closing on Earth holdings and protectorates.

2245 30th Aug Battle of Quaji - repelled. The opening battle of the Sedition War is on the Pak'ma'ra systems, the defending forces are able to hold off the Dilgar attack on there home world.

3rd Sept Battle of Vaalos - occupied. The Llort ask for military aid from the League

Raids of Hyach, Bajorian and Llort terittories.

6th Sept Battle of Bolius - undersiege. The Bolians loose the control of orbit of the home world.

11th sept Battle of Arrif - repelled. The Andorians prepare for war.

15th sept Battle of Jeritt - repelled. The Vree demand the League prepare for war.

19th Sept The 219th Covenant of the League is a emergency security meeting for urgent talks on the Sedition and the threat of they hold, the first declaration of war is anouched, the Covenant is placed under Continious conditions until the war ceases.

21st Sept The EA Council allows passage of League warships, military supplies and medical ships threw EA space, the Earth Cargo Service predicts massive loss of pretential profit if the EA taxes the League worlds wishing to use EA jumpgates.

27th Sept. Invasion of Leshan Protectorate by the Praylor. The EA feels betrayed( this is when human public support switches to the Leshan).

28th Sept THE CAIRO INCIDENT - The EAS Cairo in the star system of the Mutual Defence Pact world of
Jaffa was on patrol until it lost the signal from one of the Jaffa’s outer colonies near the edge of the star system, the colony has been destroyed by the Dilgar, The ship then returns to Jaffa to see the world already in the first stages of being occupied by the Dilgar and the ship is later destroyed. A taskforce already on the way to relieve the 20 year old patrol cutter to make the Jaffa system the base of operations on intelligence as the front lines progresses through the Jaffa system is shocked to hear of the EAS Cairo. General Kirov requests Earth Command to activate the vengeance protocol in which a Earth Commander is allowed to fire first in a time of peace in a case where the Earth politicians would have to follow public outcry. The taskforce repelled the Dilgar out of the Jaffa System.

4th Oct Battle of Sunburst Station - destroyed. The Bajorians loose there main military base for there fleet.

9th Oct First Battle of Suurja - repelled. The Pak'ma’ra push off Dilgar forces.

14th Oct Second Battle of Suurja - occupied. The Pak’ma’ra are valiant but looses the star system.

19th Oct Defense of Vaatas: The Sedition launches an attack in the orbit of the Llort home world followed by Separatist assault on the service where Separatist forces under the Genii Republic Magister Passel Argente and the Golian Merai assaulted Vaatas in an attempt to destroy the Llort ship yards and facilities. However, the League learned of their plans and sent a defense fleet to Vaatas. Although the League ships battled bravely above, they could not stop the separtist forces from landing in Tipoca City. The arrival of the Andorian Commandos served to turn the tide, and Merai was forced to launch a desperate strike at the supposed location of the city's Centre, the Sedition is repelled from Vaatas.

23rd Oct Massacre of Taris - repelled. The Praylor launch a raid on Leshan colony but are denied a victory, out of spite the Praylor slaughter the 5 thousand colonists.

29th Oct Battle of Lea - occupied.  The Hyach put up a stiff resistance but loose the colony but are able to limit the advance to the planet and surface and keep the majority control of the star system.

9th Nov Battle of Vanquo - undersiege. The Pak’ma’ra loose the fight over Vanquo but hold on to the surface.

17th Nov Battle of Foerost - repelled. A chance to launch a major blow to League forces gathered around the Balosian colony of Foerost is denied due to the Dilgar stretching its focres to thinly and did not have sufficient forces to eliminate the League fleets.

29th Nov Battle of Shra Nabba - repelled. The Hyach are able to route a Dilgar fleet and the surrender a Sedition army on the Hyach colony.

30th Nov The League stabelize their front lines.

2nd Dec An Abbai delegation representing the League is sent to Earth to show evidence of attrocities committed by the Dilgar, but unbeknown to the Abbai is that the Earth Alliance has been commiting its forces and prepairing for an invasion of Sedition territory for the last two month.

The Earth Alliance answered the call for war and was a major force in defending the League against the Dilgar in the opening months.

The Earth Alliance gets permision from the UN Security Council to declare war on the Sedition, the Dilgar expecting their frontlines to be attacked within the first few days of the declaration are shocked to hear that 6 member worlds are simultaneously attacked by the Humans.

10th Dec Raid on Antoine. The Earth Alliance launches its opening move on the Tak’Tak colony.

10th Dec Raid on Matalas. The Genii Republic's fleet around the Genii home world is attacked by the Earth Alliance.

10th Dec Bombing of Telos IV. The Earth Alliance carpet bombs the Praylor colony.

10th Dec Attack on Volchock Prime. The Kam Jatae homeworld is the next target of Earth Alliance.

10th Dec Attack on Bynar. the Bynari are surprised to see Earth Force ships hitting the home world defeances

11th Dec Battle of Oran Taku - repelled. The Vindrizzi are able to force an early retreat for the Earth units.

11th Dec Raid of Norpin. The Baku are dealt a devastating blow in the orbit of the Baku homeworld.

After the Earth Alliance tactics of the Sedition homeworlds and the attack on Antoine, the EA‘s shocked tactics and distablizing of the Sedition pays off with most of the races just not up to the challenge for facing a major power like Earth allying with the League, most of the sedition looses confidence in the coalition and 16 species start trying to negotiate a separate peace with the League and EA, while the other 5 races of Breen, Devore, Golian, Vhnori and the Hurq(unwillingly)  clumber to the Dilgar for a fight to the end.

17th Dec 2nd Battle of Vaatas- repelled. The Sedition try to launch a second offensive on the League by attacking the Llort homeworld.

2245 2nd Jan Battle of Taris - repelled. The Leshan are able to stop the Praylor advance.

2245 14th Jan On Bellerphon Colony with no more than 100 inhabitants that processes refined Ore looses contact with its parent company OCP, The comany request an EA unit to investigate, The Colonial Marines piggy backing on the EAS Majestic finds that the colony is in the middle of a Hutt raid, The Hutt cruiser is destroyed in orbit and the Marines take out the Hutts pirates and slavers on the ground and rescue the Colonist with only 3 deaths. Hutt awareness increases due to reports of more ambitious Hutt raids in the League worlds.

29th Jan In the aftermath of the battle on Bellerphon, Earth Force General Staff dispersed whats left of the Orion & Wolf 359 fleet to every colonized system in Earth space, believing that the Hutts wouldn't attack Earth space know. This strategy proved to be ineffective when a Dilgar Imperium retribution fleet launched a surprise attack against the Orion. During the attack, the Orion National Guard is able to hold off the main Dilgar fleet as reinforcements jump in to retake Orion.  The Dilgar are vanqiushed and quickly retreat back to Dilgar space.

4t Feb The Brakiri join the War by exstensive pressure from Earth & League supirters in there government, with the aim within there own Economic drived society which saw entering the war as the only way out of economic ruin to potential porfit and remaining neutral any longer will cost more to than a dip in the markets,  the Brakiri join the war with the prospect of profit & influence within the League and the known galaxy and to get there economy and the rest of the League and EA back to normality.

The creation of the "special units" Gamacles Cmuication Craft & Andersone Command & Control class both self FTL capable units out of refitted Chelone classes.

The two Chelone and four Omega formation proves its undecive in the Sedition war due to the shear size of the frontlines of the Sedition, Earthforce decides it needs a ship killer and Frontier Grp won the funding to build te first Earth Alliance Battleship.

The EA, Brakiri and League forces set for a surgical strike on the Dilgar and launch an invasion of the Core Dilgar colonies.

18th Feb Battle of Onderon - repelled. The Praylor retreat back there space. (Leshan)

20th Feb Destruction of Malachor V - occupied. A EA/League fleet smashes a joint Sedition fleet on the defensive of Malachor.

28th Feb Battle of Uba IV - Undersiege. The EA are able to force the Dilgar out of Uba IV's orbit and lay seige to the planet, after a stronger Dilgar force prepares to retake Uba IV but is recalled at the last minute back to Jargos.

5th Mar Battle of Jargos. After the loss of Malachor and Uba, the Dilgar prepare for a major counter offensive to recapture the recently lost colonies.  With days left to prepare, the Dilgar fleet is attacked while majority is stationed in dock in preparations for the major Thrust, as most of the Dilgar fleet slowly prepare for battlestations, the EA fleet smashes threw the lines of fighters put against them and hits the Dilgar capital ships with devastating casualties and loss of irreplaceable warships.

13th Mar Battle of Gomak - repelled. The Dilgar Core worlds now undersiege or occupied by the encroaching EA/League forces and the crushing defeat at Jargos, Earth Force now launches a major raid on the Dligars main military command base, the Warsphere Battle platform in the orbit of Gomak of the Dilgar homeworld and is severely damaged by the EA task force and takes out some major Dilgar Admirals in the process, the Warsphere will not be usable for quite some time.

15th Mar The Emperor of the Dilgar Imperium abdicates the thrown.

16th Mar The Dilgar Imperium Surrenders after the Battle of Jargos and the raid of Gomak, the Dilgar leadership has no choice but to ask for a ceasefire, The Imperium panicked when Gomak was attacked and the fact that the EA/League will soon be in a position to destroy the great cities finally reached the Emperor and his surviving Admirals and the ceasefire terms were excepted by the League.  The rest of the Sedition members Capitulates a week later due to the lack of Dilgar support.

28th Mar The signing of the treaty of Aagonar, victory was bittersweet, several League members had been invaded and their societies decimated with a number of key colonies rendered devastated after the war.  The peace conditions were harsh for the Dilgars: they were left with a symbolic military, all their Admirals had to be handed to the League war crimes tribunals, they had to accomplish to random inspections, The Earth Alliance reparations were different as they requested advanced Dilgar technology such as a Gravimetric drive system for Starships to which the EA have been trying and failed to build or reverse engineer since the capability of interstellar travel was given to them nealy 150 years ago.

Overall the Dilgar people had a destiny much better than the millions that passed under their heel. There military was confined to their home system for ten years, after that time a revision of the peace treaty could allow them the access to their four original colonies, while they had free navigation in their home system, that had two inhabitable and one terraformable planet. The Earth Alliance acted to mitigate the peace conditions, in the hope to smooth the will for revenge of a warlike, ruthless, but proud and intelligent people, and eventually, with the coming generations, allow them a more peaceful participation to the stellar community.

Dilgar territory 2244 and after 2246.

The Earth Allaince lost 139 ships in the Sedition War.

While allied with the humans, the League formalized its structure to better interact with the Earth Alliance. Following the war the League formed a governing council. It met periodically to set League policy. Although it had no force of law with the individual League governments, the council set economic and political policy for interaction between member states. League membership was opened up to any starfaring race that wished to join even ex members that had the sedision. Membership swelled from a mere 20 to 45 alien governments. Unfortunately, no major race, who preferred their own governmental structure, joined the League.

The League of free worlds membership is a loose collection of approximately fifteen to fifty governments whose total size and power are greatly less than the "Big 5" (the Cattatae, Humans, Brakiri, Narns, and Son‘a). Most member races control their homeworld and a few colonies.

2246 10 DAY WAR the Two worlds Federation disbands and falls in to a short lived war.
Vindrizzi forces try and fail in an attempted coup in the Baku government for reunification, 2 days later the Vindrizzi military invades Baku space.

Battle of Gap Nine - destroyed. The destruction of the Vindrizzi outpost by the joint Earth/League forces makes the Vindrizzi retreat out of Baku territory.

The Baku request for League membership and are given emergency protection as the Vindrizzi retreat to there territory before the war escalates.

The founding of the Brakiri’s " Corporate Deterrent Contract - with the Vhnori Order being one of its first customers.

EFNI "Bright Shield" team is able to obtain key information concerning the Son’a Ion Weapons and Twin/multiple array technologies. These information’s will be integrated in the future "Bright Shield " program.

Drydocks of the Apollo missle cruiser and the self FTL Delphi Recon/Scout class come on-line. The EarthForce supply division starts straining over the size of the StarNavy with over 5000 warship, EarthGov steps in and makes plans to decommission the "Old Fleet".

2246 The last ever models of the dubbed "The Old fleet" are built. Their will be no more models designed before 2215 lines. The Star Navy is half way of its task of improved models of warship, where the older ones lacked in some key areas which, if to refit the whole existing "Old fleet" would cost more than to build more effective models based on the human way of tackling an alien threats than to just taking ideas from other races and place them into a human shell and call it a Earth warship. The 10 fleets of the StarNavy are reorganized and restructured into the 8 Fleets, the 1st fleet will reside at Earth at current locations, the 2nd fleet will remain at Wolf 359, the 3rd will join with the 10th at Draco system, the 4th will stay at Ross 128 star system, the 5th fleet will join with the 9th and be based in the Sol system but have a full range into the south western territory, the 6th fleet will remain at Jericho Colony, the 7th will move from Vega to Flinn Colony and the 8th will reside at the Orion Colonies.

Members of the Unionist Party are involved in a series of scandals, a few months before the general elections - The connection, in which surfaces a blackmail activity, supported by members of the Unionist Party, against political opponents and members of the press. - The Karmatech scandal, related to bribery in the Military equipment acquisition along the period 2215-2246, and the "scandal of the services", in which surfaces the incorrect management of the information’s and reports provided by the SID and other information services to the Earth Alliance government during the periods before the Koulani War and at the end of the Dilgar Invasion. Mrs. Luchenko, President of the Earth Alliance, is questioned by a Council inquiry commission and later resigns her presidency.

General elections of the Earth Alliance - the Unionist Party is badly defeated, the Freedom Coalition wins a large majority of the Senate President Henderson starts his term in office..

The new government negotiates with EarthForce to continue the in building of its new fleet of warships and to tackle the size deficiency with the Supply Division to reduce the StarNavy instead came to a compromise to ease all party’s involved is to reorganized the StarNavy into two groups, The active fleet (ships built post 2230) at present is 1728 ships will be allowec to grow to a 3200+ ships, all at Brightwarrior standard and above and the Reserve/Old Fleet that at present is at 2535 ships this will be drasticley reduced by 637 (25.2%) ships in 5 years at 127 a year to 1898 and the rest to be mothballed. This will mean all ship older than 25 years will be decommissioned and cannibalized, certain "out of date models" such as the Typhoon class will be phased out completely, the Old Fleet will have a decommission or a reserved rate of 127 ships per year till phased out of the modern navy completely. The supply division will then be given the time needed to build a more sustainable network for the 5000 ship navy which EarthForce Command intended. In times of war if the Old fleet was ever needed the refit rate of each ship back to battle readiness would be a do-able rate of 50 ships a month. The Reserve Fleet will be split up into 5 "scrap yards" with maintenance crews in undisclosed locations in the Earth Alliance and will remain a secret till the early 2270’s.

4th Dec Haliet the Enlightened becomes leader of the United Hutt Communes, He starts on attacking the minor League powers near the Raider Belt Line and the Kes Cabal

2246 The Free Mars Movement (Red Faction) starts bombings on Earth and other EArth holdings in the Sol system

2246 The Earth alliance and its raw power and strength is not reconised by its massive fleet which most alien species and most humans would believe, even thow the StarNavy is a juggernaught it is actual its armies and inteligence services that steal the show as they are unmatched in the skills of ground warefare and espionage. EarthForce is only the name of the combined military and economic strength of all members state of the Earth Alliance which as a whole defends the Earth, the colonies and there interests, there is a number of branches of EarthForce but the main branches are the StarNavy, Colonial Marines, Mobile Infanrtry and the Naval(seperate) Inteligence Service. 

The Mobile Infantry is a mechanized force incharged with ground assault of a colony or homeworld, even thow such races as the Narns are stronger and can endure harsher conditions on a particular planet than the average human the Mobile Infantry are the best trained soidiers in the known galaxy and have the equipment such as fast carries for the troops and tanks and artilery or even orbital support from the navy and starfury cover and tools avialible to them to succeed in their mission. the difference being with other militaries is that the MI's do not take ocupational control after the fighting is over, it is then given control of the Earth Alliance many armies all over Earth which still have trained armies such as the North american Allaince and European Union or the African bloc, the Islamic League and the russasian consortium, the united South American Republics and the Pan sino/indo and oceanic federation leaving a small force of MI's to continue the fight making the MI's veteran soideirs and the elite of the elite.

The Coloianal Marines are used for pecial missions where ever needed in the Known galaxy.

Earthforce Security and the M.A.C.O's is incharged with the day to day operation of security onboard Earth force instalations and ships.

The Hutts begin to attack Maakab convoys in force, using both "Cartel' privateers and Colonial Plantation Consortium(slavers) Naval Fleet ships. When the EA Diplomatic corps complains, Haliet simply replies that they have 'no control' over the actions of their citizens.

2247 The Battle of Taris, The Leshan rebels gain enougth support with a quater of the fleet to fight off the leshan gov forces. the colonies Matok, Davrax and the fortress of Turok claim independence. the Leshan government asks for outside help from the League and EA.

2247 VHNORI WAR The Vhnori Order attack the Xon and invade Tak’Tak space with Brakiri warships bought from the CDC. Earth as well as the League dispatches warships to engage the Vhnori Order.

Battle of Malrev IV

Battle of Mizra

Battle of Saida.

Battle of Almas

2247 The Vhnori cease there ofencsive and retreat to there border, no treaty is fomalized so the EA and League start heavy patrols of the Vhnori border until 2259 when the patrols fade out due to inactivity and budget requirements, the Brakiri a shamed into reducing there CDC dealings with other worlds.

Haliet the Enlightened ushers Attacks on the Maakab, Hyach and Kolati forces and win most of the attacks. They then go onto push the forces in question out of the area. They then go onto pillaging and sacking of the general area and they also take majority of the population into the slave trade.
Earth is alarmed of the recent Hutt activity and the reunion and consolidation of there forces and send a taskforce to the Raider Belt Line to detour other Hutt Attacks,

2247. First units of the space/atmospheric military shuttle programs finish its official tests. The first modules start coming off the production lines of the Raptor class Combat-Shuttle.

2247 The Brakiri are now seen as a major power.

2247  The Kattan governnment is at the centre of a political stand off with Abbai and Gorn authorities when a joint Abbai/Gorn Patrol Squadron enter Kattan space and contains freight ships and start boarding them with the suspicion of Tech/runniers which the Abbai suspected of Kattan forces allowing in there teritory for saftey of transactions for the Raiders and the Kattans get a free hand on new tech, which the Kattan gov denies and repells the Gorn/Abbai out of there space till 2270.

2247-2249  The Brakiri/Cravic War.  The Brakiri Syndicracy starts curtailing Hutt pirate packs around it teritory and quickly discover the Cravic Order giving safe harbour to these pirates. When the Brakiri government requests the Cravic to put an immediate halt to the safety of these crinimal, but the Cravic Order refuses to be bullied by the rising power and continue the opperations and declares it as a unofficial tax from these "privateers."  The Brakiri prepares its reserve force for a possible open engagement with Cravic forces which defend Hutt ships within Cravic space as the Brakiri prepare for "inspections" on all Hutt shipping within and near Cravic space.  Tensions turn hostile and degrade into full out war within 3 month of the unrestricted inspections within Cravic teritory and is seen by the interstellar community as a Brakiri political failure but the conflict was a success by the Brakiri military as the Cravic forces crumbled under the invasion and each Cravic colony obeyed the new rules set out by The Brakiri of no Hutt privateers within its territory, the conflict came to a close when Ssussha is surrounded and the Order is forced to compromise its stance on helping the Hutts in rebuilding the New Hutt Empire and is humiliated into the complet ban on all Hutt travel within its borders. The Brakiri had won its first sole military campaign and is seen as a leading force in the war against raiders and Hutt pirates near and within the Raider Blet Line.

2248 Shakedown of the Battleship E.A.S. Warlock with the new Gravimetric Drive engines(given by the Dilgar), first Ship of her class, and first ship to utilize the outcomes of the "Bright Shield" project with a new outlook on propulson designs of 2*Westinghouse "Event Horizon" Gravmetric Enhanced Fusion Reactors and with 4 new compatable 4*Westinghouse "Vulcan-VII" Fusion Reactors of a combined 17.5 Terawatts for FTL and G.O.D. weapon, 2 Westinghouse I-79LGE12 gravmetric enhanced plasma engines and 4*Weyland-Yutani I-75GE110 plasma engines and finaly 2* OCP M51e6 Jump engines which can jump the ship upto 15.9 Lightyears.
The gravimetic technology was revolutionary: a ship with a stand-alone gravimetric drive is not necessarily faster or more maneuverable than a warship that uses only newtonian engines like fusion plasma rockets (the Warlock is relatively maneuverable and fast because it uses both of them), but beyond the overall benefits in terms of tactical mobility, there is a field in which a gravimetric drive is unmatched: the extremely low fuel (or better, propellant) consumption, that allows endurance, range and FTL recharge speeds of an order of magnitude higher respect to the ones of a Newtonian engines.

2248  Mos Pitti secseeds itself out of the new Hutt Empire and declares a new Compensation tax on all dealings of 1%. this bring the disgraced colony out of its self infilcted depression and become an economily profitable again with 20 years.


Hutt operations against the E.A. civil traffic and colonies are fought by Earthforce, with some help of Maakab and Hyach forces.

2248 30th Oct  raid the Diomedes asteroid belt colonies of ACHAIOS & EVENOS, killing 3,000 colonists (the Massacre of Halloween). The Hutt major assault on the human system of Diomedes by bands of pirates, slavers and Hutt warlords partly funded by the Hutt Communes. The attack is a Hutt reprisal for Earth Alliance pirate suppression campaign beyond the Raider belt line, the decision to launch the attack on Earth Alliance colonies was by one Hutt, Haliet the Enlightened, he intends to use the prestige of the Massacre of Halloween to cement his position as leader of the Hutt Communes and the greater Raider belt pirate groups

19th Nov The Hutts attempt an attack against the E.A. mining and scientific outposts of Minos. The civilians are able to hold off the pirate gangs until reinforcements arrive from Orion, while the star navy battled overhead with slaver/pirate ships with catastrophic results for the Hutts, colonial marines are dropped in to help the struggling colonists,  The raid is eventually defeated as the remaining Hutts flee in what ever ship are left from the orbital battle, the E.A.task force uses it new weapons as the Operational debut of the Warlock Battleships are used in exceptional style.

The EA Council approves a series of reforms aimed to reshape the relationship between Earth and colonies.

The Defence Committee approves the New York Protocols, whose major outcomes are the reissue to Earthforce of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons for tactical use.

Operational debut of the "Bridgehead" class Troop Lander. which can land on a planets surface  due to its size and into an atmoshere of 2.5 grav Earth norm and hold upto 5,000 Colonial Marines for 30 days of equipment and supleys or 180+ to 210 vehicles of the Mobile Infantry  (Armoured/mecahnized Heavy brigades) of tanks, artilliry or APC's with crew compliments and Infantry supplement of 1,500 troops with full equipment for 15 days of operations and also carries upto 7 starfuries (standard) for close arieal suport.

2249 First offensive operations of the earth Alliance against the new "Hutt Empire." EFNI and with the Help from Brakiri sorces's are able to discover a network of Hutts bases and facilities in the Balos sector,  Mission "Deep green", to grant to the Earth Alliance and to the League information’s about the strategically deployment and the tactical order of the Hutts forces in that sector.

2249 6th Jan Earth Alliance Council retaliates against the Hutt forces. EFNI launches a pre-emptive operation, "Green Knife", aimed to the sabotage of the local defences of the nine main bases of the Hutt’s. The mission is successfully accomplished by the EFNI SOPCOM and by the Eartforce SOC teams.

2 April- Operation "Sudden Nemesis," Earth Force surprise attacks eight of the nine Principal Hutt bases, EFNI Naval service attacks the last of them. The Hutt’s are forced away, with devastating losses, while Earthforce losses are light due to the lack of early warning and local defence of the Hutt’s, obtained by the E.F.N.I. "Green Knife" missions.

The Hutt presence in Balos sector are eradicated and reduced activity in the Cravic and Ocompa sectors, The pirate gangs and Hutt System lords blame  Haliet for the disastrous attacks on earth alliance colonies and eventually defeat of Hutt forces, he looses the position as leader of the Communes by decapitation, The EA council and the Colonies cheers the successful operation.

Warlock Battleships shows themselves vastly superiors to the Hutt units, and devastating in combat, excellent proof is given too by the Omega Destroyers, Apollo missile cruisers, Delphi Scouts, Aurora Starfurys. Earthforce, after the reconstruction following the Hutt attack of 2248, is again a military force to be reckoned with.

May Launched the production of the Echo class Fast Pursuit Light Cruisers by karmatech Industries ( an updated version of the Hyperion class), the second E.A combat unit with full functional gravitic drive.

2249 LESHAN CIVIL WAR- the Leshan political problems well before the Sedison War have finally come to its zenith with fighting on Matok, The Leshan gov forces discover a Praylor ship in the rebel zone and imediatley report there findings to the Earth Alliance

OPERATION SUDDEN DEATH - The Leshan Government sure that the Praylor are behind the funding and success of the rebels, the government request assistance from earth which it concurringly denies on 2 attempts before, this is only a rouse to leave the "rebel planets" off guard while Earth made preparations to launch a surgical strike on the rebel stronghold on Davrax V and Turok with more which leads to more than 3,000 colonial marines dead while the Leshan forces tackle Matok and was it maked the first wartime use of the Bridgehead class drop ships. In turn for endinf the conflict the Leshan government would have to progress to a more democratic societary and to lease the star system of Inwav to Earth to build a base( as it is illegal to ave a base beyond there own teritoral boundaries) to keep a watchful eye on Son’a activity within the wartorn Sectors near Son'a space.

2250 In an attempt by Armstech industries to save the Chelone class, the industry start refiting the engines with the new Gravimetric drive modules, The Delta Line.

2250 The Leshan EA base of Ticondergoa is finaly established, it will base 120 ships of the so called 9th fleet but will never be given that title, Earth Force will send a detatchment from each fleet to conduct show the flag missions and patrols near and around Son'a space.


Battle of Kreia - Vorta - Occupied, The Command base deep inside the Vorta Republic is destroyed in a surpirse attack by the Son'a Supremacy, The Vorta are vanquished as there defenive strategies crumble to the Son'a onslaught, The Vorta Government Capitulates 9 days after the attack on Kreia and becomes a protectorate and surrenders 60% of the territory to the Son'a, The League are powerless due to the Vorta are not a League member so they protest against the move, the EA Presidency wanting to stay get out of another foreign war, demands the removal of Son'a warships and soiders out of Vorta space or face reprisals, the Son'a ignore the threat and calls the EA's bluff.

2251 The Minos Revolt,  The planet of Minos that is a RDA "colonised" planet but still the part of Interplenetary Commerce Administration secseeds from RDA control and declares itself an independant state and willing to perform full production but witout the greedy RDA taking all the profits for the hard conditions of the planet, the neibouring world of Doros is a part of the Earth Alliance, half of the populace of Minos are against the move as it is seen as a monopoly by the Supervisors  to make enormous gains with high amounts of Beresium on the planet,  a minor civil war ensues within days of the surprise secsession.  EA Colional Marines on the urgent request form RDA and Earth gov for its Maglev transit needs are called in to bring Minos back to full productivity and repatrionate the planet back into the RDA/ICA. This event calls for the Articles of Colonization.

2252 The Talaxian colony of Rintax suffers an astromicaly impact where 2.2 million die, Interstellar aid comes from all over the league aswel from the Earth Alliance which contributes the most by saving 1.2 million refugee’s.

2253 EarthForce abandons its Exploration division and sells all 15 Marco Polo class and assets such aswell as the aging all remaining 7 Cortez class to the IPX corporation and other alien goverments. This is a huge turning point for the Earth Alliance as its founding in 2024 as it was originaly for the exploration of space but now only used in the defence of the home world and the colonies.

2253 Three Dilgar Battleships under the command of Warmaster Netra didn’t surrender his ships or men to the EA & League coalition at the end of the Sedison War come out of hiding and are spoted near Maakab space, Earthforce which was aware of Netra and his fleet found their chance and acted with sending seven ships to the area and set up a net to catch the renegade fleet.

2254 President Lui.


2255 The new Venture Station Prime IV is completed in Earth orbit as the new EA capital.

2255 Signing of the Earth/Brakos Terittorial integrity Agreement onboard Venture Station a day after the opening cermony. A guarantee to come to the aid if one of each other is attacked. This comes about with the rising asumption that the Earth Alliance will not tolerate another Son'a invasion.

2255 It has been 150 years since First Contact and the Earth Alliance has perminently placed humanity to the stars, within Sol the people of Earth has had in place strict population laws for over a century, with chronic over crowding many left to the open spaces of the colony worlds and the massive space stations around Earth orbit with over 280,000 people and usualy reserved for the wealthy. Luna has over 2 million inhabitants and Mars has serious over crowding with a population over 4 million but built for less than 250,000, The rest of Sol has only 40,000 stationed around the system. The colonies boast over 100 million, making the Earth Allialarge large nation by Earth standards. The Orion colonies host the largest with a combined population over 40 million, Draco system is in  second with 20 million, Alpha Centauri in a close 3rd with 18 million, Vega has 11 million and the next 7 descending populated colonies has a combined population of over 12 million. 

2255-2260 The Marsian Revolution, due to the continous defiance of the Marsians inhabitants,  they are given the rights to secseed from the Earth Alliance with the signing of the Articles of Colonisation on Venture Station, even thow Earth is reluctant at first which sparks off marches and some minor rioting (nothing like the Gank Rebellion in 2216), eventually the EA give in and will retires from the red planet within 5 years the new Mars Federation become into being as Earth Force surrenders all FMM prisoners in EA jails in respect that the FMM will surrender all its weapons.

2255 IPX launches the Columbus class Explorer.Old fleet now totally out of service are placed in Reserve or decommissioned.

2256 Weyland-Yutani is now one of the largest conglomerate corporation, playing pivotal roles within the EA and is often referred to as "The Company." It is one of the corporations that runs 46% of human colonies outside the solar system through the Extrasolar Colonization Administration, has a seat in the Interstellar Commerce Commission's Company Review Board and the Interplenetary Commerce Administration, and also has a large presence on Earth. They hold their main offices in Tokyo, San Francisco, Munich Tranquilty City, Selene, Terra Alpha and Euridice.

2256 The Invasion of the Suliban Alliance, Suliba capitulates to the Sona’a as a autonomous state of the Son’a Supremacy.

2257 The Earth Alliance finds a huge resivour of Valulien, a raw component to develop Valulnium, The EA anounche the find to the Abbai which had been depleting its resorces of Valulnium for decades and this find would endure for 300 years at present compumption, The Humans which have no idea how to create Valulnium out of its crude form of Valulien, The EA ask the Abbai to build there own Facility in exchange in the development of the compound, the Abbai un willingly agree knowing that there own resorces will be out striped by demand at current uses in about 50 years.


The Kha’Ri feeds off the Narns worries of a ever growing presence of the Earth Alliance and League domminence near Narn space and the Kha’Ri snatch power once again the with the help of an ex 3rd Circle narn called G’Kar, The Kha’Ri arnt totally successful thow as they do have to share power in most regions with the 1st and 2nd Circles but the Kha’Ri bring the lower Circles to the leaders tables which usual have no say in Narn affairs and brings about the First Narn coalition government.

The Narn under the presure of the Kha’Ri ends their isolation and start sending the new Bin’Taks class Dreadnaught’s to the borders of Narn space and start sending scouting craft to the borders of the League and Earth Alliance.

June 2258 Earth Force's top brass panicked at the sight of the new Bin'Tak class Dreadnoaught of the Narn Regime, Armstech Industries had the solution to solve the issue with the aging Chelone and to tackle the new Narn vessels,  with a massive overall and refit the Chelone class into the EA's new Dreadnought type of vessel to take on the feared Bin'Taks , Refiting starts imediatly on some old Chelone class hulls and Launched the production of the Armageddon Class Heavy Dreadnoughts based on the Chelone BETA and DELTA frames but lacked the Gravimetric Drive for due to techical issues, This will start the most ambitious spending program on the Star Navy since 2230's and this single class of ship will cost more than half of Earth Force budget in the last Century, causing wide spread protest on Military spending and tax increases all across the Earth ALliance..

The Earth Alliance has in its ranks of 28 specific military drydocks scattered across the colonies, there were once 11 Shipyards in the Sol System before 2230's but know only boasts 9,  there were 6 drydocks in Earths orbit by 2230 but as there was limited resorces to build the large ships from the vicinity of Earth, the drydocks were packed up and relocated in areas of the Sol System where there were still available resorces, Mars has 2 functioning drydocks but are near obsolete and will be decommissioned and not replaced of Armstech,  there are 3 in the Jupiter zone of Karmatech around the orbit of Calypso of the Neue Hanse Orbital Shipyard and with the V fleet headquaters at Ganymede these spacedocks are some of the most defended in the system plus the maitinence docks which number in the dozens are the most densed number of drydocks facilities within the EA,  the other 4 of Frontier Grp are at the Saturn satilite system of TITAN,  MIMAS and RHEA and are the base of the Warlocks and all other EarthForce warships built by Frontier Grp.  The next 4 drydocks are settled in the Alpha Centauri system in orbit around Terra-Alpha called the New London drydocks of the Armstech Industries,  The New London shipyards are still defended by 34 ships of the old Vanguard class and the Terra-Alpha National Guard,  The Draco system holds 4 shipyards of KarmaTech LTD which are based around OINEUS and are known as the 4 largest of all the 28 yards with the capacity to build upto 6 ships at once.  The Orion colonies blisters 6 shipyards of Armstech and has the most of any star system outside of the Sol system. The Vega System has 2 shipyards of KarmaTech in the orbit of ACHERON and there the only shipsyards that are not defended by any of the 8 fleets even thow there was a fleet based here, it is now only lightly patrolled by the Earth Fleet and is mainly core defended by the minute Vegan National Guard,  the last 3 Yards are a Co-op between Armstech and Frontier for a development for a new breed of Starfury and Destroyers and Frigates, The New Tokyo shipyards are the most advanced in the Earth Alliance and are based in the Flinn Star system, there was debate about placing new drydock facilities closest to the border with the most hostile races towards Earth but the project went ahead and are now the fastest production lines of all the 28 shipyards and is the base of the maintenance services of 3 fleets at the recieving end of an possible Narn attack.

The Commericial side of space faring vessels could and would come online to military vessels in times of interstellar conflict and the conditions demanded it, the Commerical shipyards are imense but only a small number could churn out an Omega Destroyer or a Warlock Battlship as there is still 3 shipyards in Earth orbit that could handle

G’Kar is summond to represent the Narn at the Interstellar Assembly with much disapointment to G’Kar as he is being forced out of office by the joint Caste/Kha’Ri government that don’t trust him to be given any sort of actual power within the Narn government.

2259 INTERSTELLAR ASSEMBLY FOUNDED on the planet of Interstellar Peace of Coriban

Since any one League member is unable to wield the power of any one of the members of the Advisory Council of Interstellar Assembly (Cattatae, Human, Brakiri, Narn, and Son‘a), the League as a whole is given the power to cast one vote that equals that of one of the Big 5's. The League can deputize one of the members as their spokesperson and vote caster. The League votes can make or break ties. Should the Advisory Council become deadlocked, the League casts the deciding vote. Many League ambassadors are unhappy with this arrangement, yet it was the only workable solution for all participants

The Narn are naturally paranoid. Being enslaved did not help that attitude, which then turned into xenophobia, after the Cattatae occupation. The Narns perceived that any alliance between two or more alien races created the possibility that they would become a target for their combined aggression. Thus, in Interstellar Assembly first year of operation, it was G'Kar's duty to sow as much dissension among the races as possible. Another outcome of this paranoia is the insatiable need for protection through technology. Shady deals with tech-runners and a fair sized military production rate fulfilled that need. However, this paranoid fear goes deeper than that. 

2260 The Son'a Supremacy surprisingly request a Polinification Act of all Fussion based warheads for all members of the Interstellar Assembly. the Act passes in 2262. this is a plow by the Son'a as they reach ever closer to the Thellaron technology.

2261 The EA scientist experimenting with Valulnium discover that the fluid must be at a tempeture above 60 degrees celsius to maintain in liquid form or it solidifies as hard as grannet in seconds in the coldness of space, Earth Force Generals are intriged with the find seeing that the solid Valulnium could be used as a means for planetary bombardment without the use of radioactive materials, meaning that they could baombard a planet and send in ground troops without serious risk of radiation, a means to use this unique find and the way to deploy it in the battlefield would come from a 21th century tecnology known as a magnetic excelorator with a Valulnium condenser to form a granite sphere with the magnetic excelorator and fire the projectile to the targer, i.e a planet from which it woulf be shot from the magnetic excelorator at a speed of 8,000 mph and then use the planets gravity by slingshoting it 75% round te surface befor crashing into the target. The trials will start off shaky but will soon become the EA's prime weopon for planetary bombardment.


The leshan within 2 weeks are put to the ropes by the Praylor ofencive, the Leshan request help from EarthForce which put President Lui in a difficult situation, he orders the Earthforce base of Ticonderga to start targeting Praylor ships outside of the Inwav system and stop the Praylor advance.

EARTH ALLAINCE COME TO THE AID OF LESHAN PROTECTORATE, This war will destroy the prestige and honor of the Earth Alliance as many races will turn to the Narn or Son'a influences including many League worlds before the Praylo war comes to an end.

General William Morgan Clark (a Brigadier general during the Hutts war) is placed incharge of the EA Counter Force.

Battle of Vanquo

Battle of Flashpoint Station

Praylor counter-attack on Ishan(Leshan homeworld).

The Praylor spend there last reserves in the invasion of Ishan and occupie the planet for a week before Earth Force is to overwheming and the Praylor fleet retreats back to there territory after 6 weeks since Earth joined the war.

2264 Operational debut of the Thunderbolt Starfury. a Joint venture of Armstech( the traditional Starfury manufacturer) and frontier Grp that is also atmospheric capabal of 5.0 Gs, it is also the first FTL capable Fighter with limited range of 500,000 kilometres (which is to the Moon and half way back again) but can only be done on full power for 10 minutes and used only as a last resort due to the reactor being totaly drained for the Jump to occur but if the ship was being persued by a craft of equal size it would take the pursuer 2 hours to reach the Thunderbolt, plenty enougth time to call for help.

Earth Force has 5 types of stations, the huge O'Neil class of Frontier Grp are the Command and Control stations of the 8 fleets and there are 2 to 3 stations per fleet average out at 19 in total,  the Sinclair class battle stations of Frontier Grp are numerous and scattered unevenly across the Earth Allaince with about 45 in total,  the Poseiden class of Frontier Grp (even thow it has an engine and FTL drive for mobility) is a mobile station which in the wars Earth has faced over the years it has came to the EA General Staff that there was missing a mobile command station for the far flung distances from Earth to the Frontlines and for years the Three Amigoes class of Weyland-Yutani-Frontier Grp battleports was a quick and cheap solution but they were useless after a conflict and had to be destroyed, so the Poseiden class was launched and today there are more than 30 units. the G.O.D. satterlite system is Armstech Industries creation and is the ultimate in Planetary defence, lacking complete mobility it makes up in pure destructive power in areas where the big ion guns are pointed they number in the hundreds around Earth and the most populated colonies.

2264 President Shaw. After a year of war with the Praylor and no end in sight with the King anouncing that the EA attacks is against the Abbai Treaty and that Earth ships are not permitied to enter Praylor space, the constant border raids by Praylor warships ( which EA command believed that the Praylor could only keep up there attacks on the Leshan and Earth units for 5 months since the retreat back to there border) believing that the Son'a were helping the Praylor continue the war and knowing if Earth pulled out, the weakend leshan forces would not be up to the task of repelling a Praylor attack and with huge political and diplomatic pressure and increasing burden on the EA to pull out of the conflict, President Shaw saw to end the war in one shot with the invasion of the Praylor homeworld.

EARTH INVASION OF PRAYLOR HOMEWORLD, The Praylor homeworld is attacked by 400 EA warships and  45 Leshan units, the Praylor with only 213 ships in its entire fleet were vanquished within hours of the invasion, what remained of the fleet was to safeguard the King to his self imposed exile on Golia, afterwards the EA invasion force demands the surrender but when this is ignored fleet is allowed to use for the first time in war time conditions the use of Mass Drivers on military insallations to help with the land invasion  which worked better than expected as Earthforce lands 100,000 Leshan shocktroops onto the Praylor capital and most populated cities as the war comes to an end as a Protectorate of the Leshan.

It is leaned on the Praylor homeworld that the Son'a were helping the war effort with EA fleet intel and processed ore for fast built ships, and that the King of the Praylor had been meeting with a Son'a ambassador which had proposed a Leshan invasion and that the EA would not get involved, Earthgov no know that they had been played by the most manipulative race known in the galaxy, and that the Son'a were ready to sacrifice whole species to get a desired result, if the Praylor had won the war the Son'a would of been happy that they would of kicked out the forward EA forces out of Leshan space due to the degrading diplomatic situation with the Praylor and Earth since the Sedition War. the Leshan belief tat the Praylor were secretly part of the Supremacy were utterly false as the Praylor only saw an allie as it was surrounded by hostile forces.

The Hurr, Streib, Felucian and Tellerite civilizations start to become more antiquated with the Narn Regime as they expand there influence upon the League worlds - founding steps towards the Union

The Earth Alliance is frequently perceived by most part of the alien governments and public opinions as a monolithic military structure that keeps under its control a relevant volume of space and that has fought some interesting wars in the last 5 decades. Well, the Earth Alliance, in fact, is a totally different realty: it is essentially a market, a commonwealth, opened to the commerce with the Aliens more than any other alien power. The humans, at least, the nations that founded the Earth alliance, had and still have strong cultural traditions as entrepreneurs, merchants, builders, manufacturers, explorers; science, literature and arts are respected and supported.

The success of the Earth Alliance is essentially due to the efficient economical and political system and to the capability to offer to all its citizens at least the freedom to pursue, if not to realize, their individual will and the hope of a better future.

The Earth Alliance is the only major power that has built an "empire" that does not controls or dominates alien races: we have colonized unanimated worlds and exploited resource of whole systems, we have commerce and exchanges with almost all the Alien powers of the Known Galaxy, and we have outposts and settlements even in almost unexplored, extremely far off systems, but we never enslaved or dominated aliens: we have allies and commercial partners, we have protection treaties with many independent cultures, beyond the League worlds and the Mutual Defence Treaty, but none of them is subject to our will or tributes to us; and this must be said to clarify the difference between influence and dominance.

The military Power of Earthforce is in fact the incarnation of the ancestral need to protect what has been built: the actual Earthforce is a military power close or on the same level of the Narn, and that can be confronted even with the Cattatae, but our armies and our fleets are more a consequence than an instrument: in our short history we have been attacked in many minor occasions, but, at the very end, at least 4 major powers have plotted or attempted to physically exterminate the human race: the Cattatae plotted and could of easily done so in the first 50 years of Earths discovery, the Koulani had a oppotunity in the early days, there was the major evil at the moment that manifested itself into the Narn and Son’a as they came closest than any other to wipe out the human race, So, at a interstellar level, the military might of Earthforce is frequently seen as a sword, and a very big and sharp one: technically, it is, but from many others points of view, it is in fact a well needed and justified shield, now as it was when we fought and defeated the Narn Warmasters.

For a series of reasons, the Earth Alliance Army was the only one to maintain heavy armoured forces and specialized vehicles and aircrafts for the ground fighting. The alien armies are usually organized as light infantry, anti guerrilla/peacekeeping forces, the armoured vehicles are at the best something similar to Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles, while the mechanized/armoured war, with heavy tanks, close-air support, field artillery and so on, seems to be something out of the traditions of almost all the Alien Species, and, for example, only the Narn army has a decent artillery. In the League, the Drazi ground forces are excellent in terms of training and organization, and are large in number, but even then lack in terms of heavy equipment and mechanized/combined weapons tactics. Usually, what can be seen in the vast majority of the aliens militaries is light infantry airborne with shuttles, or motorized infantry on light transport vehicles. The Gaim warriors lay outside of this overall picture: they are maybe the deadliest fighters ever seen, but are essentially fierce animals, bio-engineered drones breed and designed to kill, and controlled by a remote intelligence, no less, no more.

Earthforce has always had a tradition of professionally and tactical expertise that, objectively, was never rivalled by any alien military: the warfare is something that has marched side by side to the human race for all its history, before and after our walk to the stars. The war was an hard teacher, but its burden that we carried on the shoulders along the centuries gave to our military structure an attitude to adapt to the new situations, to develop new tactics and weapons, to use historical precedents and parallels, to improve the training and to develop organisation and specialised structures that were something a step beyond the aliens we have met until now. Even the Drazi, the Vree and the Cattatae, let alone the vaunted Narn Warmasters, while having a long military tradition, have not the full spectre of operational capabilities, and the tactical and strategic skill of Earthforce.


2264 The Son'a and Narn governments agree on some influencial line thanks to Ambasador G'Kar on the Tellerite and Ipsha conflict and start having secret talks Coriban.

2265 On the 10th Aniversary of the freedom of the Red Planet, Mars Dome One is renamed to Abel Horn City for the ''so called'' freedom fighter which was killed for trying to supply the starving Martian population  in the time of the Gank food riots.

2265 Acheron colony established.

2266 The history of the Modern Earthforce Starnavy has its roots in the late 21st century. Some border skirmishes, the acknowledgment of the potential menaces, the large extension and the powerful economy of the Earth Alliance during and after the Great Expansion, and, mostly, the menace of the Narn Regime had a large weight in the growth of Earthforce.
The original 1000 ship Navy program was intended to reshape the structure of the Earthforce Navy, Earthforce prior to 2229 JSOC had envisioned a Navy centred upon the Hyperion Heavy Cruiser, to be built in about 300 units, the upgrade of the Destroyer fleet at a level of 400 . In 2211 the Earth Alliance was under the limelight thanks to our victory against the Narn, as a political and as a military power.
The Years from the 2211 to the early 2260's were the years of the building and rebuilding. After the Sedison war, and the decommission of 27% of the original forces, the Earthforce Navy was totally reshaped, shifting from an articulated structure to an organization in which the bulk of the fleets was based upon a few single types of ships, the Omega destroyer being one of them, able to cover most of all the roles required by it for the Navy with great effectiveness.
The Omegas are the better industrialized design that we had for a long period, at least up to the mid 2240‘s, and the building yards for this ship are well distributed between Earth and colonies: the high level of standardization of the components, the linear design, the highly automated and robotized assembly lines allowed to produce more than 1400 Omegas in the period from 2230 to 2272, so an average of 30 ships a year, with peaks of 50 unit’s a year from 28 shipyards. The Omega, in the Epsilon variant, is still in production at a rate of about 15 ships a year.

The Introduction of the Warlock Heavy Destroyers traced the lines of the evolution of Earthforce, while the Sedison War was the forge that pushed the evolution and the strengthening of our military, fully achieved in its actual level through the Brightwarrior Program.

The Earthforce StarNavy has a strength of about 5156 ships, almost all are first class jump-capable combat units the actual line is:
StarNavy’s Active Fleet has 3196 which as follows,

200 Armageddon Dreadnoughts (all at the Delta standard)
290 Warlocks (all at the Epsilon standard)
370 Chelone (all at the Delta standard)
360 Echo (all at the Epsilon standard)
910 Omega Destroyers (all at the Delta standard)
60 Bridgehead landing ships (all at the Epsilon standard)
250 Arion Frigates (all at the Delta standard)
250 kronos Corvette (all at the Beta standard)
100 Avion Assault cruisers (all at the Gamma standard)
150 Delphi (all at the Epsilon standard)
150 Apollo(all at the Epsilon standard)
40 warrior Class Carriers (all at the Delta standard)

126 units of specific mission types classes: 24 Gamacles C&C craft, 25 Andersone Comms Craft, 15 Cotton Fleet Tenders and 43 FTL support craft which are designed to be combat suitable.  There was also the non-combatant classes that were not included into the star Navy's fleet statistics like the Asimov fleet of 20 troop and supply transports, 8 Asimov Medical Ships and the huge Mercy Class Hoppital ships buit on the Chelone frame which numbered with 5 in total , there is the Posieden class Mobile Command Station with 34 units and there was also 11 Marco Polo class heavy transport/tankers, not included were also hundreds of Mercury and Hermes class small transports and the 2 Eclipse II (super Eclipse) class which is used the President of the EA and there Cheif of Staff and none of these special units should never be placed in a combat zone.

The reserve/Old Fleet (1st Generation ) Fleet of 1898 ships of varied classes.
160 Orestes (all at the Nova standard)
230 Hyperion (all at the Nova standard)
860 Oracle (all at the Nova standard)
305 soduma (all at the Nova standard)
156 Elco (all at the Nova standard)
112 Olympus (all at the Nova standard)
75 Europa (all at the Nova standard)

The Backbone of the fleet are the Omega Destroyers, in the Delta evolution, and mostly the Warlock Heavy Destroyers, available in more than 290 units, multi role heavy warships that are more than a match for every known unit of the Younger races, Narn and son’a included, while the bulk of the Escort units are the excellent Arion frigates, that have replaced the Elco and Furman warships in almost all their roles.
Widely distributed in the battle divisions of all the fleets are about 730 Cruisers belonging to the Chelone and Echo classes, while about 200 Armageddon Dreadnoughts are concentrated in the Two Naval assault divisions, Dinassault 15 (First Fleet) and Dinassault 55 (V Fleet). The Dreadnought Brigade of the Earth Fleet.
The Warlock battleships have their only real limit in the fact that they are proportionally the most expensive ships we have, even if, making a balance, they are maybe our only warships that are superiors to the Sharlin and Shargoti Warcruisers in every field.
The strengths of the Earth Alliance Navy, beyond the overall tonnage of the fleet, are actually the ones of ever, so the toughness of the ships, the formidable firepower, particularly at the short distances, the powerful Starfury corps, and the excellent professional and training of the people.
The main limit of the Earthforce Navy is historical: after the Earth Narn War and after the future Interstellar war, two occasions in which the human race stood still on the verge of destruction, all the conceptual efforts of the Earth Alliance have been directed to a fundamental aim: originally, this could be described in a few words: Kill the Sharlins and kill the Nials, and to reach this objective was launched an enormous effort to build Warlock Battleships and Thunderbolt Starfuries at an institute pace and, later, to build Warlocks in numbers proportionally unmatched by any other race. The Praylor war enhanced this concept, and the outcomes were the Echo Heavy Cruisers and an overall revaluation of the Cruiser concept.
This type of shipbuilding gave to EarthForce an institute shipkilling power, but, actually we usually see fleets in which the main battle units are vastly more numerous than the escort ships, so, while the firepower is impressive, the manoeuvre and pursuit capability was limited, and this is a problem in two important tactical situations, the opening moves of a fleet clash, and the exploitation of the success, while strategically it is difficult to force the combat in favourable circumstances, and avoid it in situations presenting unfavourable odds.

These limits have been partially superseded thanks to the progress in the technologies and the introduction of the "pursuit squadrons" inside the Naval Divisions.
Until a few years ago, the Omega Destroyers were distributed in the various Naval Divisions and Battle Divisions of the Navy, to provide direct support the task forces, while actually the structure of the fleets, after the priceless experiences made during the future combined ISA "Chess Master" offensive and "Blue Shield" combined Fleet Operations, has been reorganized upon task forces of destroyers and Echo Cruisers, and faster Pursuit Squadrons that are formations of Delphi cruisers and Arion frigates, aimed to exploit the superior tactical mobility of these ships in actions like flanking attacks, tactical pursuit, interception and breaking of the enemy formations.

The Earthforce Navy organization is based upon Eight Fleets, each one of them has a main base (that is usually in fact a series of docking facilities instead than a single structure) placed in a Star system chosen for its strategic relevance.
Each fleet has a force of about 450 to 600 first line units, and about 150 to 200 transport/support ships. A fleet includes some (5-7) Naval divisions, of about 60-70 ships, each division organized in 5-10 between task forces and pursuit squadrons.
A naval division is under the command of a 2* star General, while a task force is under the command of a 1* star General or a Colonel/Commodore.

There are four main types of Divisions: the Naval Divisions, the Patrol Divisions, the Naval Assault Divisions, and the territorial divisions.

The Naval Division are the bulk of the fleet, and are based upon task forces of Omega Destroyers and Heavy Frigates/Heavy cruisers. These task forces are the standard Earth Force formations, and are structured to cover almost all the roles with a good level of efficiency. Usually, in peace time, the single ships of a task force can be employed in patrol, escort, incursion and "show the Flag" missions, while in combat situation there is the tendency to use complete or almost complete task forces. The Task forces of the Naval divisions are the ones charged of the troop landings and orbital assaults.
The Battle divisions have task forces generally of about 10-16 ships, including, if possible, at least one carrier (Warrior), 5 to 10 Destroyers(Omega), 2 to 4 Dreadnoughts(Armageddon), and, if the Task force includes Battleships (Warlock), generally are not included carriers. A battle division is conceived to develop the maximum firepower in fleet engagements.
The Battle divisions of the Earth fleet have proportionally an higher percentage of Dreadnoughts, and less destroyers, because there is a vast availability of fighter bases in the Solar system, it is not needed the great endurance and the strategic mobility of cruisers and destroyers, while is required the maximum in terms of shipkilling capability and standing power.
The Patrol Divisions as is said by the name, are structured essentially to cover reconnaissance, patrol, escort and exploration duties: they are mostly based upon Delphi cruisers and destroyers, but the bulk of the activities are performed by single ships or small formations instead of task forces.
The Naval Assault Divisions are not subdivided in task forces: a "Dinassault" operates almost always as a complete formation, and is used only in fleet engagements, to develop an enormous local shipkilling capability; from the tactical point of view, a Dinassault is structured to go against a large enemy formation and break it apart, allowing to the rest of the fleet to develop the battle against a weakened and disorganized enemy. The actual Din assaults (Dinassault 11 and Dinassault 55) are both based on a structure of 48 Armageddon Class Dreadnoughts and 24 Warlock Battleships.

The Starfury Corps
Beyond the Fleets, the most powerful asset of our defence forces are a large number of Starfury squadron, of the regular forces or belonging to the Territorial Defence, Navy and Marines Reserve, and National Guard; while regarded by many alien (and human) observers as "folkloristic" structures, the Starfury Squadrons of the various reserves and militias are a powerful military instrument: the pilots and the personnel, all volunteers, are highly motivated, and a large percentage of the crews are former military pilots, that, while passed into the civilian life, maintain strong ties with their former comrades, and train regularly.
Mostly, even if more aged than the average Starfury pilot, many of these "Starfury Militiamen" are people with hundreds, frequently thousands of flight hours and combat experience: if for many misinformed observers a 45 or 50 years old pilot on an upgraded Aurora or on a refurbished Nova seems to be a simple concession to the traditions, or a political expedient outcome of the the wars of the 2240's without a real military value, in fact that mid-aged, gray haired "weekend warrior" can be easily a veteran with four or five victories achieved in the worst moments of the Praylor war, a combat experience forged in the flames of many battles, and, being at one time sure of himself, prudent, and master of its fighter and of the combat tactics, he is literally a tiger in battle.

Earth Fleet (sol system) – The First fleet, or Earth fleet, is totally structured for the defence of the solar system, and is because of this that she is based essentially upon battle divisions, and has one of the two naval assault divisions, the DINASSAULT 11 "Big One".
She includes even the brigade of the G.O.D satellites grids, that actually protects not only Earth, but even the most important settlements in the Solar system like Mars or the Jupiter Moons and an autonomous task force, the 111th Dreadnoughts Brigade, that is formed of the 20 Armageddon class.
The First fleet includes even the various other structures, organizations and facilities based in the Solar system, so the Academies, the fighter training centres, the independent Fighter squadrons and, in case of emergency, operates even that part of the EFNI naval service that is available in the Solar system.
EARTH FLEET (First) Fleet
First Battle naval division ( BDIV 11)
Second Battle naval division ( BDIV 12)
Third Battle naval division (BDIV 16)
Fourth Battle Naval division (BDIV 14)
Fifth naval division (DIN 15)
Space Patrol division
111th Dreadnought Brigade (BB 111)
First Assault Naval division (DINASSAULT 11)
Earth defence grid naval brigade
E.F.N.I. Naval Service
Naval Academy
Fighter training centre (Moon)
Advanced fighter school (Earth)
112 independent Interceptor and Assault Starfury Squadrons
(included the ones of the National Guard and of the Navy and Marines reserve).
Second fleet (wolf 359)

The Second fleet was the first organic formation to be based out of the Solar system; The system of Wolf 359 is not particularly attracting for the human colonization, having only one planet terraformable Wolf-II(SINOPE), with average resources - the Terraforming is going on, but it is still barely inhabitable, while one of the external planets (HERACLES) is maybe the most valuable strategic resource of the Earth Alliance - it is a large world, with an average gravity of 2.2 g's, a thick, poisonous atmosphere of methane and noble gases (mainly argon, Krypton and Xenon), an hostile environment in which the life never went beyond the simplest forms, like bacteria and single cell lifeforms with a biochemistry based upon the sulphur. This planet, Wolf 359-VI, is covered with shallow oceans of hydrocarbons. Both this and the inexhaustible reserve of xenon, used as propellant on our military ships and fighters since the 2170's, make of this harsh planet "the" industrial resource of Earth Force. Due to this situation, Wolf 359 blisters of industrial and mining facilities, ore mineral storage stations and tanker terminals.
The most impressive sights of Wolf 359 are the "sky cranes", the geostationary orbital lifters that allow an economical extraction and orbital transport of the hydrocarbons and liquid xenon extracted and pre-processed on the surface of Wolf-VI, and the enormous Weyland-Yutani, OCP, DuPont, Bayer, Hitachi and 3 mile orbital industrial facilities, spinnerets that produce literally light years of nanotube filaments, and refineries for the production of plastic materials.
Since the opening of the Wolf 359 installations in the early 2170's, Earthforce provided to organize an effective patrol service, that, quickly, evolved in an enormous military base, home of the Second Fleet, and seat of a building and repair arsenal. Actually, the Earthforce Arsenals of Flinn and Wolf 359 are the two main facilities for the production and installation of the nanotechnologycal armours, while the Orbital industrial facilities are the main sources of carbon nanotubes.

The Xenon is an excellent reaction mass for the plasma rockets of the warships: it is easily liquefied, has an high specific gravity (3.2, more than three times the water) and this allows to embark an huge load of propellant in relatively small tanks, and it is an inert gas.

WOLF 359 FLEET Second Fleet
First Battle naval division ( BDIV 21)
Second Battle naval division ( BDIV 22)
Third Battle naval division (BDIV 23)
Fourth naval division (DIN 24)
Fifth naval division (DIN 25)
Sixth naval division (DIN 26)
Third fleet ( Draco)

Draco System is one of the most populace and developed human colonies of EURYDICE, MELAS & OINEUS because of this, with the Human expansion and the military build-up of the early 2200's, became a reference base for a not negligible part of our military forces. All in all, is a well chosen emplacement, because, while allowing a relocation of the forces, allows to the assigned personnel an easy access to the civil world, in the easily reached cities on the planets: in the past this was a source of attrition between the military personnel and the civil population, that suffered the proportionally strong presence of military, but, with an actual population of more than 20 million, respect to a military presence of no more than 100 - 120000 personal, the actual situation is a lot better, and Draco system is a liked assignment for the crews of the Warships and for the other branches of the Military.
The fleet is well supported by the four large orbital shipbuilding facilities of many companies, like Armstech, Frontier, Karmatech and Weyland. All the Warlocks produced by Karmatech shipyard are assembled at Draco.

First Battle naval division ( BDIV 31)
Second Battle naval division ( BDIV 32)
Third Battle naval division (BDIV 33)
Fourth naval division (DIN 34)
Fifth naval division (DIN 35)
Sixth naval division (DIN 36)

Fourth fleet ( Ross 128 )
The Fourth fleet of Ross 128 is tasked of the control and patrol of a large part of the EA territory, and because of this she includes a Patrol division. Ross 128 IV (FORTUNA) is the only inhabitant colony of the system, not highly industrialized, but well known for its tourist resorts, the good climate and its exotic environment. The bases of Earthforce are spread between the orbit of FORTUNA and the external planets of the system of CALYDON.

ROSS 128 FLEET ( Ross 128 )
First Battle naval division ( BDIV 41)
Second Battle naval division ( BDIV 42)
Third naval division (DIN 43)
Fourth naval division (DIN 44)
Fifth naval division (DIN 45)
Sixth Patrol naval division (DIN 46)
Fifth Fleet (Solar System)

The Fifth fleet, based in the Solar system, is traditionally the strategic force for power projection of the Earth Alliance since before the Narn Wars: due to this reason, it is structured as a set of battle divisions, and it has the other Assault division, the Dinassault 55. The EarthForce JSOC usually tends to keep the V fleet loosely united and patrols the south western territory, in cases of exercises, or eventually conflicts, the "Big V" moves as a whole, with all its Divisions and task forces. The logistic organization of this fleet is particularly well cared, to allow good strategic mobility and projection capability.

SOLAR FLEET Fifth fleet
First Battle naval division ( BDIV 51)
Second Battle naval division ( BDIV 52)
Third Battle naval division (BDIV 53)
Fourth Battle naval division ( BDIV 54)
Fifth Assault Naval division (Dinassault 55)
Sixth Battle naval division (BDIV 56)
Seventh naval division (DIN 57)

Sixth fleet (Jericho Colony)

Jericho does not offers much in terms of human colonists settlements, even being rich of valuable mineral resources - included heavy metals and veins of quantium 40 in the twin asteroid belts of the system. It has a large (22) number of planets, only one of them is inhabitable, The economic value of the system and its strategic position respect to the Cravic, Denoblean and especially the Koulani territories pushed the Earth Alliance in making Jericho a deep space stronghold: the Sixth fleet is tasked of the border patrol and territory defence in one of the most significant areas of known space, and was the main strategic aim during the Koulani War, future son’a counteroffensives and a key for the containment of the Dilgar power in the early 2240's. The lack of every possible human contact for the crews and the military forces stationed there means that the assignment to Jericho must be organized on a rotational system, but this fact has not hampered the effectiveness of the "Sixth of Jehicho", whose main base is nicknamed "Fort Apache" by the Earthforce Personal.

First Battle naval division ( BDIV 71)
Second Battle naval division ( BDIV 72)
Third Battle naval division (BDIV 73)
Fourth naval division (DIN 74)
Fifth naval division (DIN 75)
Sixth Patrol naval division (DIN 76)

Seventh Fleet (Flinn/sinizar)

The seventh Fleet is based in the Flinn system, but with a large detachment (two divisions) in the Sinizar system. Both the systems are strategic location, being a natural control position for the sectors facing towards the Aenar, Narn and Cattatae territories, and being two essential communication nodes for the Earth Alliance, even because of this that, of the six divisions of the fleet, four of them are Battle Divisions.

Flinn is was one of the last colonized planets but it grew quickly into a large and well established populated colony, its even an excellent strategic location: Flinn "faces" the Narn territory and the hostile League worlds, and it is the main node in the EA territory for the commercial traffics between Drazi and Gaim Intelligence, Narn Regime and Earth Alliance, and what else. Because of its commercial nature, Flinn is one of the richest human colonies and the Flinn system holds the latest 3 Shipyards and most advanced in robotic asembley lines and commercial facilities that are the base of the maintenance service of the Flinn,Ross 128 and Orion Fleets, while the colonial cities and the network of space bases are notoriously "an interesting place for a walkabout". Flinn was one of the  operational bases during the Narn wars, and the starting point for both our defensive and offensive operations during that war.

FLINN FLEET fleet (Flinn - 61 Cygni)
First Battle naval division ( BDIV 61)
Second Battle naval division ( BDIV 62)
Third naval division (DIN 63)
Fourth naval division (DIN 64)
Fifth Battle naval division (DIN 65)
Sixth Battle naval division (DIN 66)

Eighth fleet (Orion)

The Orion Colonies are one of the most ancient and well established, and the most populated off-world colony of the human people.
Pi3 Orionis is a class F star, one of the most luminous (more than three times the sun) in relative proximity to Earth, 225.75 Light Years. It is recognizable as the brightest star in the gently curving line of stars making up Orion's shield.
Its high content of metals and absence of close, large companions, made of her the target of one of the first exploration expeditions of Earth Alliance, once was available the hyperspace technology.
Around Pi3 Orionis there are nineteen planets and two asteroid belts, both of them rich in exploitable resources, and three inhabitable (or terraformable) planets within a relatively narrow series of orbits: Orion IV(BENNAY), the hottest of them, is extremely rich in terms of mining resources, and the terraformig activity, completed in 2210, gave her a tropical but not too hot climate, with an average humidity. Orion VII(SELENE), with a climate similar to the Earth, an indigenous biosystem limited to algae and primitive vegetal life, has large seas and great resources, and is the main colonial settlement, with more than 30 million of inhabitants, and many cities with more than one million inhabitants, significant industrial settlements, a well developed agriculture, and a complete educational systems, with many universities. Orion VIII(CALYCE), colder and covered of seas (more than 80% of the surface, while the dry lands are fragmented in an enormous quantity of islands) hosted some primitive forms of animal life, and is vastly exploited due to the abundance of sea resources. Besides the main planetary colonies, the two asteroid belts and the external planets and their moons bristle with industrial and mining settlements of the colonists and of the Belt Alliance, while around Selene are placed 6 orbital shipyards.
The Orion system is well defended by the Eighth Fleet, and by the most powerful National Guard forces in all the Earth Alliance.
The Orion National Guard, beyond a powerful ground, sea and endoatmospheric air force, is the only one that assembles and organizes trainings with a whole Naval Division - a Battle division, by the way - , in addition to a powerful starfury corps), and the forces of the Belt Alliance. These forces bring on regular combined fleet exercises since the early 2200's, actually even in cooperation with the VIII Fleet, and has repeatedly shown its effectiveness, competence and high training level during the Narn, Sedison and the future Interstellar War: the Orion National Guard gave a significant contribution to the defeat of the Dilgar Retribution Fleet (see Sedison War) , and In the early and darkest days of the Interstellar War, a Hurr/Streib Fleet that tried to attack the Orion Colonies was literally massacred by the Orion National Guard.
This Volunteer territorial force was instrumental in avoiding the occupation of the Orion Colonies during the Interstellar War .
Actually, all the three Orion planetary colonies are furtherly defended by a G.O.D. satellite grid and by surface emplacements that still include the batteries of 2540mm railguns that were able to keep at bay for months the Narn invasion forces.**

The VIII Fleet is a well liked destination for the Personal of Earthforce Navy, due to the high quality of life that can be experimented in the Orion Colonies, whose population have a good relationship with military personnel.

First Battle naval division ( BDIV 61)
Second Battle naval division ( BDIV 62)
Third Battle naval division (BDIV 63)
Fourth naval division (DIVEX 44)
Fifth naval division (DIVEX 45)
Sixth Patrol naval division (DIVEX 36)
Orion National Guard Navy (BDIV Orion)
Belt alliance naval division
Orion National Guard Defence Grid Brigade
72 Starfury squadrons of the Orion National Guard and of the Belt Alliance

Ninth Fleet(unofficialy) Ticonderoga

The star system of Inwav of the Leshan Protectorate was given freely by the Leshan for payment for EA involvment in ending there Civil War, Inwav is a habitable planet of simple funghi lifeforms and shallow seas of sea weed and is host to the Leshan–Earth Joint Military Facilities of the Earth Alliance Forward Comunications and Control Centre which is home to the 14th EA Listening Post with a Leshan military base which is only there to abide by the law's of the Abbai Treaty, The entire base has a compliment of 55,000 personal and has facilities in orbit for the maintainence of the two EA Star Navy Forward Expeditionary Forces which has a compilment of 95+ warships at all times and has a patrol division which conducts operations in the Balos, Dilgar Sectors and patrols the Son'a border.

The Ticonderoga is a small independent fleet, based in the Inwav system: in case of emergency (attack to the Earth Alliance) the operational command depends from the Commander in Chief of the Earth Alliance, and the units available are organized in task forces roughly equivalents to Naval Divisions, The Ticonderoga have enlisted the following units: 8 Warlock Class Battleships, 14 Chelone Battlecruisers, 35 Omega Destroyers, 15 Arion Frigates 4 Warriors Assault Carriers, 5 Avalon assault ships, 12 Delphi scout ships and  2 Poseiden Mobile Command Stations.   For a total of 95 first line units, that operationally are roughly equivalent to a light naval division, with an high percentage of Destroyers and battle cruisers, a relatively important component of Battleships and just two mobile stations.

Usually, the operations of the "Ninth Fleet" are performed by small task forces of two-six ships, usually two Battlecruisers and two-four Destroyers, or two cruisers and two-four frigates, even if lone ship missions are very common. The operations of the Ninth Naval Fleet are essentially reconnaissance, armed reconnaissance, deep strike and quick strike, special forces "show the Flag" and support. The Ninth uses exclusively ships with autonomous Hyperspace jump capabilities. The structure, that includes a proportionally high rate of medium units (Destroyers) and a strong presence of Battlecruisers is related to the fact that the Naval service generally does not needs long endurance capabilities, but speed and operational flexibility, while, in case of emergency, the firepower of the Battleships, particularly at the short ranges, is essential, given the fact that almost all the potential fightings involving the Ninth are based upon, or derivated from, ambush tactics.

First Naval Expeditionary Force ( FEF 01)
Second Naval Expeditionary divion ( FEF 02)
Sixth Patrol naval division (DIV 36)
Leshan 4th StarProtectors (IV SP)




To much shock to the Interstellar Community the Narn and Son’a empire’s signs a Treaty of “The Union of Defence” against the EA and there allies.
As G’Kar was the acting Narn ambassador in the Interstellar Assembly and to have direct contact with all anti-Earth & League allies, G’Kar single handily help to form the Union between the Narn and Son’a which lead to his rise to power from the wishes of  command of the Son’a Supremacy to grant him the role as Intendent of the Union and to be the spokes person and Union leader to all Union member worlds.

The Union/Drazi Non-Aggression pact. Knowing that Drazi territory would be first hit in case of a war with the Narns, the Drazi negotiate a Non-Aggression Pact with the Union. The Drazi Freehold Secedes from the League by Union request even though Intendent G'Kar knew this would disband the League which the Son'a wanted but he feared this may clumber some of the core Leaguers towards the Earth Alliance, With the Drazi gone this spelled the end for the League of Free Worlds as the many races started to fend for themselves. in the following months  the civilizations of Hurr, Felucia, Streib, Golian, Grome, Praylor(resistance), Vorta, Tellerites and Suliban all joined willingly or pressured by the growing union presence around them, also were the occupied worlds also joined the Union by each of the governing bodies of  Tu’chanq, Drella, Nausica, Vaguun, Ocompa, Enis, Ellora, Tarlac and join the Union as many others ally themselves to their protection.

The Earth Alliance organises and  catorises  the alien powers into five groups, the Minimal Power starts from 50 to 300 vessels which is the most common in the known galaxy, a Minor Power is from 300 to 1000 which relies with most of the powerful and influential League worlds, a Major power is from 1000 to 4000 ships which less than half a dozen are known to have so many,  a Superpower is exclusive to only a few worlds and the last is a Interstellar Power which only one race is known to have as many!

2266 EarthGov authorizes the mobilization of the Reserve/Old Fleet in the wake of recent events.

2266 The Mars Federation is official reconised and allowed a seat within the Interstellar Assembley as a neutral member and not affiliated with the EA.
the foreign affairs Minister of the Mars Federation ex EA ambassador Decklund Monroe is granted an audience with the newly apointed Intendent G'kar before he makes his way back to Narn, Monroe is able to sign a peace treaty with the Union and Mars, hoping that this may build a dialog with the EA and the Union build upon and build the road to peace.

2267 8th April The League is official disbanded in 2268 as Union influences turns whats left of the League races into two groups. As the core ex-League members try to salvage what’s left of a hopeless situation, most founding League members reconvene and join to form a coalition which will one day become the Interstellar Alliance.

2267The Cattatae Confederation signs a Non-Agression Pact with the Union.


The numbers involved in the forthcoming war are immense and the largest war in Interstellar history, the Earth Alliance fleet size and the aliens that will eventfully join their Alliance this year are as follows:

Earth:  5154, Brakiri: 3567, Talax: 234, Abbai: 588, Vree: 455, Andor,: 288,  Maakab: 461, Gaim:213,, Kattan: 44,  Bolius: 114,  Balos: 277,  Hyach: 247,  Leshan: 133, Jaffa: 53, Bajor: 135. =

The Union will have to bear down on the out numbered EA & Brakiri Colalitions are:

Narn: 6250, Son’a: 4567,  Hurr: 245,  Felucia: 144, Streib: 118, Golian: 344, Grome: 144,  Vorta: 188,  Suliban: 178,  Tellerite: 116,  Kashyyk: 67 Pran: 102,  Devore: 134, Geonosia: 45,  Alderaan: 55, Hurq: 144,  Koulani: 457, Aenar: 244, Talos: 134, Xindi: 157, Llort: 122, Vhnori: 245, Bynar: 133, Tak-tak: 167, Genii: 77, Kam jatae: 105,Xon 55.  = 14732.

2267 The Union Leaders including the Intendent G'Kar have there first official meetings since the founding of the there Alliance and discuss how to invade the Known Galaxy in the shortest amount of time, the Narns bring the case that they should attack the ex-League worlds between there terittories and strengthen the whole area, hitting the EA colonies and there followers with contained attacks and in different regions and keeping the possible EA coalition offguard and unable to commit its forces to a single goal without depleting two or more regions and making it ideal for the Union to attack the less defended regions which in time will leave Earth in an desperate situation, but this would take 3 to 4 years before showing signs of success and the Son'a wanted to knock the EA out quickly and permenantly with an all out attack on Earths population areas and main military centre's on the surface which should after a high death toll and Earth's inabilty to commits Ground forces would more persacive to sign a peace treaty with the Union and leave the ex-Leaguers to there demise, after much debate G'Kar decided to go with the Earth Opperation.
The Son'a propose a huge battlefleet to hide behind the tail of the up comming Nekrit Exstract which disrupts sensors from satterlites and ships from discovering the fleet until it was too late. 


The Union forces launch a surprise attack on Earth with 1200 ships (600 Narn, 600 Son’a) strong by flanking EA space with a massive detour out of the galactic plane of the Orion Spur by 800 light years, knowing that hitting the EA directly to reach Earth would be suicidal, they found a way to reduce the distance to hit Earth and this will mislead EA surveillance probes until striking distance to the Sol System itself  and not alert Earth Force until it was only 70 light years away and then make a dash for Earth and draw out the star navy into engaging the Union fleet and draw needed ships away from Earth as the EA would be kept guessing to which was the main objective, but unbeknown to the Narn and Son'a forces that the fleet was discovered 2 weeks before on the 6th June and 9 days of direct distance away from Earth by the E.A.S Seattle in the Seti-sigma system on the frontier of EA space.
The EAS Seattle had by chance recievced orders to rescue a survey ship caught in the gravity well of a super gas giant and was in the radiation interference zone and picked up sensor shadows of over a thousand Jump points sparking up over head as the Union fleet as it recharges its Jump point engines, as soon as the Union fleet jumped away the Seattle reported to the nearest star base, As news Earth Force Command they realized that the Union fleet was taking an indirect route so to go unnoticed by EA sensors nets and assesed that it would be Earth that should be the only strategic target within the Union fleets vector.  Earth Force Command realizing the importance to keep the fleets defending Earth, the top brass propose to President Shore to allow the Union to reach Earth and engage the fleet with overwhelming forces from the combined Star Navy and the G.O.D. satellites. A secret emergency meeting with the UN security Council did not go down well for the President but he affirmed that total secrecy must be maintained for Earth Force to bring enough forces to bare on the invading forces, to react too early would make the defense of Earth less achievable with catastrophic results.

What will be known as the first and one of the Four largest battles of the coming war, Earth is attacked by Union forces but Earth had with them 768 ships and the fully operational G.O.D. system prepared with them. Earth is hit with the Union ships that get through the EA fleet and G.O.D. satterlites at the Tropic of Capriccorn and hit the cities of the southern hemisphere of Perth, Santiago, MonteVideo, Beunos Aries, Mendoza, Canberra, Wellington, Gaborone and Windhoek with Thermal Nuclear bombs and killing upto 14 million people and devastated the suronding area but Earth Force military operational capacity is unhindered by the Unions opening moves, the Union forces a vanquished with only 336 ships making it back to Union lines, the EA forces traced them back and came off better with 768 ships brought in to defend Earth with 422 surviving the battle and the G.O.D system had taken the brunpt of the Union attack with 86% destroyed, Now Earth had no permenant  satellite defence system so the 1st Fleet  had to remain in Sol.

21st June 2266. The Earth Allaince declares War on the Union and thows it will not stop, as long as it takes until Narn and Nae'onat is under Earth control and the Earth alliance starts full wartime production of 100 ships by end of the year from the 28 dry-docks of the 6 ship yards spread across the Earth Alliance. 

Outcry for President Shores resignation due to the the attack on Earth. 

The Union declares war on the Maakab, Hyach and Balos Coalition.
The E.A.S Irwin detects a Narn Battle Group in the unclaimed space between the Earth and Narn powers. Earth Force transfers all available warships from the immediate area for a possible invasion of the Earth Alliance.

24th June 2266 Mars Federation wanting to stay out of any Earth war, reconisers that the attack on Earth is not  just an attack on the EA but on the whole Human race and reclares war on the Union which angers many Free Mars activist which wanted to stay out of the war and abide to the Treay signed months prior to the attack with the Union,

Conquest of  6 Sentry planets within the Earth Alliance by Narn and Hurr forces

The Fall of the Leshan Protectorate. The Son’a launches 600 warships in an invasion of the Leshan interior, within days the Leshan are overwhelmed and as the Son’a surrounds Leshen the government surrenders. Ticondergoa base in the Inwav system rushes its personel out of the ever surrounded base and makes a hasty retreat back to the Earth alliance with only 1127 out of 11,085 EA personel captured.

The Narns are able to penetrate Earth space and raid Sinizar colony. The Brakiri sends Ambassador Thad Vak Kaleen to the Earth capital of New York to discuss a possible Coalition of planets. Some speculated that the successful arrival of Kaleen on Earth is the most significant and far-reaching event of the year or even the war.

Koulani and Aenar ally with the Union and declare on war on the Earth Alliance and their allies.

The Battle of Cartao - Balos

The Earth Alliance is able to bring the 4th and most of the 5th Fleets into action, but raids by Koulani forces  (which will escalate throughout 2267) keep the powerful 6th Fleet tied down. EA counterattacks are local affairs, and their own Operation Hydra (a drive to reach Leshan space and help the Leshans get back into the fight) destroys one Son’a forward battle station before being badly defeated and forced to retreat. Most of the survivors of this expedition retreat to Star base 15 near Omricon Theta.

The Brakiri reconize the developing strategic situation with Earth and the Colalition and the Union overal superiority and knowing that they will be on the losing side join the EA colaltiion and recognize that serious help is needed to fend off the Union and their allies in 3 theatres of operations and take over most of the Koulani and Kolati/Maakab fronts as well as sending a squadron of ships to the EA front.

The Union is allowed passage through Hutt controlled space for rapid engagement against the Maakab/Hyach and Balos Colaition in exchange for unrestricted raids on EA and their allies.

Outer Rim Sieges commence.

Over the next six months, the Union will win the decisive Battles of Archanis, Genmarx both in Maakab space and  Lea, Lyclydun, (Hyach) and Janni IV(Balos). Though somewhat weak in tactical skill, they make up for it in numbers, often outnumbering EA and Coalition defending forces two or three to one.

The Union sweeps through the Minor worlds and raids Bajor, Jaffa, Genii and Bollius.

The Battle Bomis Korri IV - marks the first use of chlortheragen, a Narn manufactured nerve gas on the Gaim colony.

The Narn focus on the Vree Conglomerate.

The 1st Battle of Aargonar  - Vree - repelled

The 1st Battle of Bollius - repelled.

Vree, Andor and Karrema declare war on the Union.

The 1st Battle of Parcellus Minor - Vree - repelled.

Battle of Saleucami - Andor - under siege.

The attack on Convoy Y-162 near the Revonet system rushing supplies to the Vree front is attacked by EA and Vree forces and marks the first significant Union defeat apart from Earth. In this battle, the Union do not have superior numbers of 245 to the EA and Vree 233 warships and it shows what the EA's superior tactical ability can accomplish when the odds are more even.

Battle of Garos - Maakab.

Battle of Khitomer in the Balos Star Empire marks the first major confrontation between ground troops of the opposing forces in the EA & the Coalition against the attacking Union forces with nearly 20 thousand engaged on the planet surface.

Battle of Signet. Earth - repelled.

Battle of Polis Massa - A Tellerite experdition to Ipsha space prompt the Abbai to join the war effort on the growing Humans/Brakiri Coalition of free powers.

The Union suffer their worst defeat after  War was declared, losing 135 ships in the Battle of Jeritt to EA forces in the releif force of Vree space with an EA counter - offencive Engagement. To push back the Union back to Llort space.

Battle of Malax, Talaxia joins the Coalition.

The newly-formed Narn/Hurr Northeast Fleet sends a 2nd drive into the Coalition of the Vree/Bolius Front Lines,  destroying the Andor starbase at Maridun but fails to destroy the Vree starbase at Aagonar. While this operation does succeed in crippling the length of travel between Vree and Bollius capitals, it does not completely sever the Bollian Homeworld and the combat power spent on this new offencive comes from that which had been assembled for a final invasion of the Bolius home world, an attack that wont happen till the end of the year.

Battle of Katran - the Union invades Kattan Patriarchy

Founding of the Interstellar Alliance as a military coalition of free powers against the Union forces and their allies. Signed by the EA, Brakiri, Maakab, Vree, Andor, Gaim, Balos, Hyach, Kattan, Talax, Bajor delegates. The agreed coalition is signed on Earth as te first conference between the waring members against the Union. Denoblea and the Abbai League do not sign the ISA coalition but remainco belligerents.

Over the next two months, the Union continue their inexorable penetration of newly formed ISA territories dealing them heavy losses particularly in the  2nd Battle of Bollius and the Assault of Nozseca VIII - Maakab.

2nd Battle of Bollius - Bollius - Occupied - Bolius Sovrenty Capitulates as the Union strengthen there supply lines between the two superpowers. Now there is no EA ally in a direct path of there supply  route.


The Forces involve after the first year and will join this year of interstellar war are now beginning to take its toll on the fleets of the waring factions as:
Earth: 4663 , Brakiri: 3392, Talax: 222, Abbai: 583, Vree: 422, Andor,: 264,  Maakab: 424, Gaim:198, Trill: 155,Olga: 98, Kattan: 27, Bajor: 125, Balos: 248,  Hyach,: 232, Bajor: 125, Denoblea: 104, Trill: 155, Karrema: 116, Ipsha 103, Kolati: 44, Gorn: 117, Cravic: 134. =

Narn: 5329, Son’a: 3962,  Hurr: 211,  Felucia: 134, Streib: 108, Golian: 336, Grome: 139,  Vorta: 177,  Suliban: 168,  Tellerite: 111,  Kashyyk: 67 Pran: 97,  Devore: 126, Geonosia: 45,  Alderaan: 55, Hurq: 137,  Koulani: 447, Aenar: 229, Talos: 119, Xindi: 143, Llort: 106, Vhnori: 245, Bynar: 125, Tak-tak: 167, Genii: 77, Kam jatae: 105.Xon 49.  = 13702

Battle of Koros Major - The Battle of Koros Major within the Golian autocracy marks the first move of the Pak’ma’ra as they come up an opportunity to hit the Golians a crippling blow which will knock them out of the war and suspend Son’a offencive plans for the next six months aswell sees the first use of Son’a gravimetric mines and the first defensive action by Union forces. The Son’a lose 30,000 highly skilled ground troops, including a crack Elloran Imperial guards battalion in the Koros battle.

Battle of Kirrek - Maakab - repelled
Battle of Primus Goluud - Hyach - under siege.
First Battle of Korriban - Hyach - repelled
Second Battle of Korriban - Hyach - occopied
Battle of Hsskhor - Balos - under siege.

The Union launch a number of raids on the ISA Minor homeworlds but never make a serious attempt to capture any of them. A faction of the Bajorian government attempts to negotiate a separate peace with the Union, and the Warmaster K’Ang" sets out on its most exciting voyage. However, this effort collapses when a "palace coup" by the Patriarch himself eliminates the defeatist faction. This act by the nearly defeated bajorians brings about a change in ISA comunication. from this point on cooperation between the major Allies increases steadily.

The Allies of the Union forms the new Systems Cooperative to better regulate their forces with the Union.

2268 President Shaw resigns and  retiring General and residing Chief of the StarNavy is appointed to President,  Clark is inaugurated and forms an Co-Op government for the duration of the War.

The Interstellar War has now reached virtually complete escalation. The ISA major powers (Earth, Brakiri, Abbai, Talaxia, Vree, Andor, Balos, Maakab, Hyach, Trill, Karrema, Gaim, Ipsha, Kattan, Kolati, Leshan(resistance), Bajor, Gorn) fleets battle Union forces (Narn, Son’a, Vorta, Suliban, Golian, Hurr, Tellerite, Koulani, Aenar, Talos, Pran, Devore, Hurq, Kam Jatae, Tak Tak, Xon, Bynar, Llort, Xindi, Genii and Vhnori of the newly Cooperative Systems Military Warfleets). The Voth, Wadi, Mygeeto, Breen, Dilgar and the Prytt have co-belligerent status with the ISA, but  most are not formaly at war with the Union but will not sid with the Union.

The Union launch their second offencive of the War.

Battle of Balos, - repelled.

Battle of Maakab -  repelled.

2nd  Battle of Quell - Vree. Conquered.

Battle of Phaseera - Vree - repelled.

Battle of Genmarx - Maakab - repelled.

SIEGE OF DENOBLEA, repersentatives of Denoblea on Earth sign the ISA Charter.

Somehow the ISA minor worlds holds off the main Union attacks, although the fleet assembled to relieve Denoblea has to be sent to stop the Son’a of penatrating Maakab space, Denoblea lays under siege and remains under constant assault by the 3rd Son’a Star Legion.

With what's left of the economy on full wartime production, the EA shipyards keep up with quick repairs new ships monthly and the front line is stabilized less than 50 Light years from the Earth Alliance border.

Battle of Maridun within the Andor Freehaven. - repelled.

Battle of Andor - repelled.

The Neutral worlds of Breen, Wadi, Voth, Vindrizzi, Mygeeto and Baku which want to stay out of the escalating War form a new League of Non-aligned worlds and sworn to the Union if any member is invaded that all of the Neutal Zone pact will retalliate as a garantee to remain the worlds out of the conflict..

The second conference of the Interstellar Alliance is based of Brakos due the growing intensity of the conflict.

Battle of Oppo Rancisis - Cravic Order - occupied

Battle of Moz Pity - Hutts Comunes - occupied

The Hutts are forced to rethink the treaty it has with the Union about using their space due to the Union attack on Moz Pitti  in which 5 thousand Hutts are killed, the Union explains that they believed it to be a EA staging area and the colony was in line with the ISA.

The Union changes tactics and  launches raids and an invasion in an unpredictable fashion to wear down the ISA forces and make the ISA off balance as the ISA struggles to spread out its forces to counter the Unions attacks of no more than 10 ships attacking a system,  to a group of 40 ship invading an area of ISA space just to let it go when adequate force came to retake the area  the Union would launch an attack hundreds or even thousands of light years in a different location, this strategy worked  even thow it will prolonge the War, but it worked to ware down the ISA units only able to put up a meager defence to the Union growing numerical suppiority.

Battle of Xagobah - first EA/ISA incursion  into Union space, the Aenar Order loses the colony but EA forces retreat after 5 weeks due to heavy Narn presence and possible invasion of the EA from Felucian space.

Battle of Bajor - the Llort and Bynar proove their worth by launching a raid over Bajor. - Repelled.


ISA forces are as follows asthe start of 2269 and eventual allies.
Earth: 4193 , Brakiri: 3332, Talax: 203, Abbai: 583, Vree: 396, Andor,: 264,  Maakab: 397, Gaim:198, Trill: 155, Olga: 98, Kattan: 27, Bajor: 96, Gorn: 117, Balos: 227,  Hyach,: 221,  Pak’ma’ra: 254, Denoblea: 84, Karrema: 126,  Kolati: 54, Cravic: 134,, Dilgar: 125.

Union and their allies at the start of 2269.
Narn: 4729, Son’a: 3645,  Hurr: 201,  Felucia: 125, Streib: 102, Golian: 289, Grome: 139,  Vorta: 169,  Suliban: 168,  Tellerite: 111,  Kashyyk: 77 Pran: 107,  Devore: 136, Geonosia: 55,  Alderaan: 65, Hurq: 147,  Koulani: 436, Aenar: 196, Talos: 117, Xindi: 151, Llort: 102, Vhnori: 255, Bynar: 112, Tak-tak: 134, Genii: 77, Kam jatae: 102,Xon 55.  =

The Battles of Caldik Prime and Portas V on the southern flank of the Balos and Hyach  repectivley. Repelled.

Coriban colony is destroyed by a Narn/Hurr taskforce, the Interstellar Community ambasadors are told in advance to leave the planet due to it being used for a ISA recuitment purposes. The Interstellar Community is formerly dibanded.

Battle of Hoth  - Maakab - occupied.

Battle of Orto Plutonia - Pak’ma’ra - Occupied.

Battle of Ato Neimodia - Maakab - Repelled.

Battle of Koru - Maakab - Occupied. Maakab territory nearly  split in two.

Battle of Shu Ma - Koulani - Ea & brakiri forces attack the Koulani supply post for attacks on the EA. Koulani EA border conflicts and raids lighten and the 6th fleet is now starts making its presence flet in the Son’a ISA lines. The Koulani will never again make a serious attempt to attack EA space.

Battle of Nelvaan - Vree - deepest penetrasion of Union backed forces into Vree space is Repelled.

Battle of Dromund Kaas - Gaim - Occupied. Gaim cut off from ISA for 9 weeks.

Battle of Malrev IV - Dilgar - First Union attack on ISA allied world. Occupied.

Battle of Kolati - Repelled

Battle of Harpori - Llort - First Vree & Andor counter offencive into Union space. Occupied

Battle of Atbar - Brakiri - First and only Union raid on the Brakiri Syndicracy - Repelled.

Civil war breaks out on Xon - The populace of Xon are not happy with there alliance with the Union even thow there government is willing to remain allies with the Narn and Son’a as they slauter the ISA colonials and ravage the known galaxy. The Xon people rebel over 9 cities across Xon, within a few weeks the rebellion evolves into a planet wide civil war. By 2270 the government is able to sign a peace with the rebels with under conditions that the Xon abandon there allaince with the Union the rebels will cease fire and return to somewhat normality even thow the rulling government will hunt down and kill the rebellion leaders for the next 25 years in secret even still when the Xon get accepted into the ISA

Battle of Ryloth - Karrema - Repelled.

Battle of Balowa - Abbai - Occupied

The Trill Conference with the ISA meets to discuss the proposal of a Ceasefire wit the Union and to build better response times between members within the Interior lines

In the Autumn of this year, the Union offers the ISA "an honourable peace" which would result in "demilitarization" of the ISA’s members (which would then be policed by Union "peacekeeping" patrols). After much debate, ISA Council Chairman Buckner wins a motion to reject the offer.

Battle of Zeltros - Maakab - Repelled.

Battle of Balamak - Balos - Occupied.

Battle of Antar 4 - Hyach - Occupied.


Earth: 3896 , Brakiri: 3166, Talax: 201, Abbai: 588, Vree: 378, Andor,: 254,  Maakab: 343, Gaim:165, Trill: 145,  Degobah: 46, Olga: 78, Kattan: 17, Bajor: 91, Gorn: 114, Balos: 203,  Hyach,: 208, Pak’ma’ra: 248,  Mustafar: 44, Dilgar: 117, Denoblea: 84,  Karrema: 123,  Kolati: 44, Cravic: 154, Ipsha 113, =

Narn: 4125, Son’a: 3344,  Hurr: 197  Felucia: 122, Streib: 91, Golian: 231, Grome: 137,  Vorta: 166,  Suliban: 178,  Tellerite: 113,  Kashyyk: 81 Pran: 113,  Devore: 133, Geonosia: 62,  Alderaan: 64, Hurq: 149,  Koulani: 418, Aenar: 193, Talos: 127, Xindi: 154, Llort: 105, Vhnori: 252, Bynar: 114, Tak-tak: 131, Genii: 79, Kam jatae: 107, =

Battle of Geonosis -  the Geonosians decide to leave the war but remain allied to the Unions cause, the Son’a seeing the same pattern as what happened with the Xon, sends a fleet of 30 ships to persuade the Geonosians to reconsider and rejoin the fight but the answer remains the same, so the Son’a pressed on with the attack, as the Geonosians  forces came up against the highly advance vessels of the Son’a the Geonosians fleet was utterly destroyed. The Son’a left the planet in ruins with 6 million dead. The Geonosians  are now willing to be in league with the ISA.

The Golian Uprising witin the general populace as the Geonosian attack sends shockwaves amongst the independence Union worlds as the Golians civilian and parts of the military start to rebel against the tyrannical Golian leaders, the Uprising is maintained by request of the Golian government and upheld by Son’a and Talos forces.

Battle of Tithonus - Vree - Occupied, the Narns attack the colony which has been a fortress since the beginning of the war and which the Narn avoided and waited to find a weak spot in te Vree defences they launch their attack near the southern frontlnes  as the Vree had only 3 squadrons defending the heavy populated colony and falls almost immediately.

Forms of decent start in the Tarlac military.

Battle of Derl - maakab - Repelled.

The raid on Pengalan IV- Pak’ma’ra - Repelled

OPERATION UNISON, (A major offencive consisting of 2700 Union ships in two frusts, one into EA space, too keep Earth confind in their own territory and the other is to mount an invasion of the Minor ISA worlds and mop up heavy resistance in the Dilgar Sector and contain the EA brakiri fleets in the Balos and Vree sectors)

The Narn persist and launch a series of furious attacks that will last the the remainder of the year. All new Narn production is thrown into Operation UNISON, along with the strategic reserves. The Narns finally pull out of the "firewall" bases on the ISA front, leaving them to the Union minor worlds. The Son’a "temporarily" take over sections of Tak’Tak territory to release Narn fleets for the attack and (for the one and only time) send a full squadron of ships to the Brakiri border. Some Union allied ships return to the Gaim border, but the limited logistical support in the sector makes it difficult to support them, and the ISA. continually raids their tenuous supply line, keeping them from being effective. In a desperate panic, the Kattan allow Gorn and Abbai squadrons to enter their space and participate in the defence against the Narn (and to a lesser extent Hurr) onslaught. This is the first significant deployment of Abbai and Gorn forces outside of their own territory, and the first time outside the range of their own supply lines. It will provide valuable lessons for future operations, such as the upcoming Operation Remus.

Battle of Coriana 6: The Second and largest battle of the War,
Till know the Union had been in small taskforces of less than 30 ships only mobilizing for a large assault at the last minute, The ISA didn’t have the numbers to repel these taskforces across the frontlines and the Star Navy fleets were engulfed in the fire of the conflict, The Narn Regime had learned there lessons from the Narn Wars in which the EA would rather go for the big kill than continue in minor battles. But the Son'a wanted to launch offensive into the Balos and Vree sectors and complete there part of the invasion but new that the Earth's forces will hamper this crucial and most pinicul part of operation Nutcracker, what was needed was to distract the humans by hitting their own colonies, The Narns and Union members massed a fleet of 1136 warships and the Hurr and other Narn loyal members sent 266 craft it launch an operation into the Earth Alliance, the area of the point of invasion was to be the Jump Hub system of Coriana 6 with the Kareema Federation. EA Intel saw the massing of ships and concluded it was for an invasion of the EA threw the Karemma at Coriana, The Union forces were expecting about a few hundred in the defence of the system due the fact its very hard to hide a fleet of 14 hundred ships so near the frontlines, what was there waiting for them were 437 Earthforce units as well as 147 ex-League units, what happened next was the Largest battle in interstellar History, each side wanted a decisive battle but this time the Narns wanted to win. The Narn bring 848 ships for the taking of Coriana with the 266 Union ships,

The ISA forces hit the Narns hard and after 3 hours of fighting the Narns forces have dwindled down to 603 units to the EA of 359 units, the Union forces were down to 133 to the ISA 104, the Narns start recall for the remaining 300 or so ships into Coriana to secure a vital victory but they were 4 jumps away and would up to an hour to reach the system. The battle was now starting to turn in ISA's favour with the Narn units now less than 530 units to the EA 291 warships then the area is filled with Jump points as the Narn reserve fleet came to the rescue, this was the too much for the dwindling ISA forces and the order to retreat was called but this would take about an hour to perform but due to ISA still controlling the Jump Gate and had 4 Cyclopes class ship to help in the retreat, of the 147  units only 12 ex-League ships were jumped out first as the EA covered then jumped out itself with only 212 ships left. The Narns had won the Battle of Coriana but the cost was high as now there remaining forces to attack the EA colonies was now at 774 ship with the Union down to 65 ships, but the next phase went ahead to launch the invasion of the Earth Alliance.

Too decide where the Union was to strike first within the EA was a difficult decision for the EF General Staff as there were 3 large colonies within range of Coriana 6, There was Sahara colony with 3 million inhabitants, Ross 128 with 5 million but the choice of the Orion colonies was too tempting to resist, it was the most valuable assets in the region and the logical choice, so EA decided to make a stand at Orion once more.  Half of Dinassault 15 from Earth Fleet was rushed to help in rhe defence of Orion.

Four days after the Battle of Coriana 6 the Union striked at the heart of the Orion System but Earth had half of the Eigth Fleet stationed there with 336 warships waiting for them and was held off from reaching its first objective of Selene with its bustling shipyards by the Dinassault and held the Narn off for 6 days and destroyed 119 warships and little damge to the Drydocks but the Narns simply bypassed Selene and besieged Benay and landed a token force on Calyce. But 10 days later the EA scouts find 3 more much smaller invasion fleets of 40 to 60 each on there way to the Earth Alliance, supposable to keep the EA off ballance by striking in different systems and keeping Earth Force splited across 5 system instaed of focusing on one target, it seemed that the Narns have learned from their tactics and strategies form the Narn Wars. Earth force pulls out 569 ships from the Son’a front near Balos and Hyach space and redirected back to Earth space.

As the first days of the of the Orion invasion by the Narn's was taking place, The Son'a Supremacy launched it full offensive on the Dilgar, Balos and most of the Vree Sectors, Earth Force units were now dwindled to only 300 ships and the Brakiri forces of 400+ and a diminishing combined fleet of 530 Balos, Hyach, Maakab and other ISA forces  to defend against an invasion force of 2200 Son’a and Union warships.

The Defence of Ilum Main - Karrema - Occupied, Narn force widen the invasion into EA space.

Battle of Tibrin -  Repelled, EA force halt a second Union force of much smaller number from entering Earth Space.

Battle of Axxila - Repelled, EA, Vree and Andorian forces counter the next Union forces to hit the Earth Alliance.

The 3rd Battle of Mon Calamari - Vree - Repelled, The Narns send a token fleet to the Vree border to deter the Vree form further helping the EA countet the invasion

 This 2nd part of operation Unison should of taken 7 weeks with the Maakab, Balos and Hyach territory occupied and with Pak'ma'ra and Jaffa space under complete Union control, Aswell take out the Dilgar, Breen, Baku and Vindrizzi and to take out the last pockets of resistance in the northern Vree Sector. but in the first week of the son'a offensive the ISA members gave stiff resistance to the Union assaults and the Fortresses in these territories were hard for the Son'a to crack, The Narns would of simply by-passed the hard nutts of the ex-Leaguers and go for the stranglehold to overall weaken the ISA but the Son'a were perfectionists and wanted to take out every stronghold before they moved on to the next. The Offensive stalled after 4 weeks but did achieve in taking out 400 ISA(ex-League) units.

The siege lasted 4 months at Selene while Calyce had ridden its Narn insurgence and Bennay was holding out against the Narn continuous attacks, the Narns even requested the Aenar Order to launch there own invasion into EA space at there corresponding border with the EA but Earth Force  repels them and attacks the Aenar colonies,  The Narns had wasted resources to take the strategic system of Orion but still had not taken the system so the decision to leave the system was initiated with only 289 ships left by a month later to make it back to the Narn Regime.

Believing that the Aenar must stop their war now in order to strengthen themselves to fight again another day, Admiral Romex surrenders himself to ISA authorities and informs them of the location of the two major Union supply bases in the Aenar Order.

The War with the Aenar Order ends, with the Treaty of Axanar signed by representatives of the ISA and the Aenar Order on Delta Orcus (Axanar). The Axanar Peace Mission negotiates the establishment of limited diplomatic channels between the two sides and obtains concessions from each to create new EA/Aenar border.

A major force in the treaty negotiations, Admiral Romex refuses the ISA offer of asylum and voluntarily returns to Aenar after the war. He redeems his line's honor by presenting himself formally to the Chancellor for judgment, and is executed in single combat by Kassa, the Imperial Order’s Champion. Komex's claim that he was acting to end a war that was destroying the Aenar Order’s ability to rebuild does hit home with some influential lines, forcing Karhammur to abdicate the throne in favour of his son soon after the war. His son starts a new line of his own, and the new Chancellorial Household begins to rebuild Aenar military might.

In the many months since Operation Unison the Narns have pulled specialist ships (maulers and carriers) off of the EA border for the final attack on the Kattans. By this stage, the siege on Kattan had lasted 8 months and the Kattans have lost virtually everything except their capital city, and has been devastated.

The ISA gains steadily in the overall balance, and the Union gradually loses the ability to control the conduct of the war. The initiative reaches parity when the Brakiri, with a new shipyard fully operational in the Old Colonies, begin launching a series of major assaults on the "Firewall" bases leading to "The Battle of the Line" that exhausts the combatants to a sputtering stalemate. Hostilities flare up whenever one of the combatants can afford the gesture.

The Narn regime launches a raid on the Aenar order and attacks the shipyards within the Axanar system, The Aenar request the ISA to help defend there territory, The Koulani realizing that the Union wont leave them alone after the war with the ISA is over and believing that they will eventually be fighting for there freedom after Earth and the ISA is sent to the past,  decide to sign a seperate peace with the ISA with the Treaty of Tyree.

Forces of the Narn Regime make their deepest penetration into ISA controlled space at the Battle of Orion within the Earth Alliance, but the Narn fleet, led by Warmaster K’Amat is eventually routed by a reinforced ISA fleet. Following the defeat, Warmaster K’Amat attempts a coup to seize the Intendents position, blaming the defeat of Orion on a lack of Union support. Though the coup fails, K’Amat escapes with his remaining loyalists into the Triangle area of Balos, Vree and Bajor.

Battle of Cerea - Vree space relieved

EA and ISA counteroffensive into the Union Gap between the Narn and Son'a terittories that are lightly defended by the Minor ex-League worlds.

Battle of Herdessa - Llort - Undersiege.

Battle of Vaalos - Llort - Repelled

Battle of Bynar III - Bynar - Occupied

Battle of Ulic Qel-Droma- Hurr - Repelled.

The renegade Narn Warmaster K’Amat and his followers establish the Autocratic Narn States in the Frontline area of the Triangle. Declaring itself to be the "rightful" Narn government in exile, the ANS becomes a major source of intelligence against the Union for the rest of the war. Initially, the ANS contains only two planets: K'Linsann (formally Patterson's Place) and Kinarra and sign a separate peace with the ISA in exchange for imformation on the Union.

After the failure of Operation Unison, the Union (particularly the Narns) are at a severe disadvantage in total available forces due to the steadily eroding economic situation. The ISA. is able to push the Narns and the Son’a back to the original borders, where they run into the original network of Union bases that had been steadily upgraded during the 4 years of war. Here the ISA advance stalls. The advent of fast patrol ships turns the war into one of attrition, and the campaign develops into trench warfare.

With the front line stabilized and the ISA economy churning more new ships faster than ever (and the Union economy just beginning to falter), the ISA goes on the strategic offensive. Knowing full well that any offensive would have to be limited in scope and focused on a specific and valuable objective, Earth Force Command decides on a drive towards Golian space to separate the Son’a and the Narn‘s. Such a move would divide the Union (preventing them from moving supplies and ships back and forth), make optimum use of the ISA.'s interior lines, draw ships from both the major Union powers away from the badly damaged ISA Allies, reduce the effectiveness of the Son’a KR class ships by cutting them off from spare parts they could not supply themselves, and ultimately allow the Alliance to force a separate peace on the Son’a Supremacy. The ISA drive, called Operation Wedge, is coordinated with a Cravic/Llort and Brakiri assault on the Firewall bases and with a Maakab, Balos and Earth fleets at the Son’a home borders.

Battle of Eloms - Son'a - Repelled

Battle of Galorndon Core - Son'a - Undersiege

Battle of Sembla - Son'a - Repelled

Battle of Telos - Son'a Repelled

Alderaan Seceed from the Union and become Neutral Union participant

2271 The major ofensives of 2270 takes it toll

Earth: 3006 , Brakiri: 2334, Talax: 191, Abbai: 567, Vree: 321, Andor,: 212,  Maakab: 278, Gaim: 134, Trill: 139,  Degobah: 33, Olga: 59, Kattan: 09, Bajor: 56, Gorn: 107, Balos: 156,  Hyach,: 145, Pak’ma’ra: 173,  Mustafar: 34, Dilgar: 89, Denoblea: 54,  Karrema: 53,  Kolati: 24, Cravic: 124, Ipsha 113, =

Narn: 2933, Son’a: 2567,  Hurr: 116  Felucia: 97, Streib: 51, Golian: 179, Grome: 86,  Vorta: 143,  Suliban: 154,  Tellerite: 95,  Kashyyk: 71 Pran: 76,  Devore: 121, Geonosia: 55,  Alderaan: 59, Hurq: 143,  Koulani: 345, Aenar: 105, Talos: 102, Xindi: 131, Llort: 75, Vhnori: 201, Bynar: 89, Tak-tak: 101, Genii: 63, Kam jatae: 94, =

DESTRUCTION OF ALDERAAN  A Metreon Device detonates over Alderaan with a blinding light with the use of a Metreon reactor  that vaporizies organic matter and engulfed the entire planet of Alderaan then the Metreon isotopes will then blanket the atmosphere with a Metreon cloud, leaving a wrecked ecosystem and resulting in an endless Metreon winter, the  Metreon Cascade, a superweapon that killed over 2 billion people on Alderaan and making the civilization exstinct except some prisoners of war and a few colonist here and there basicly doomed the race by a single Son'a warship with the capacity to fire the weopon in a safe manner, This new Union superweopon is beleived by the Son'a to win the war for the Union and make the ISA surrender before there own homeworlds come to the same fate, G'kar knew of the breakthrough's in metreon technologly  by the Son'a but didnt know that the Son'a had mastered the bomb and then tested it on the recently nuetral world of Alderaan makes G'Kar furious and demand the Son'a stop immidietly in targeting new worlds, the Son'a argue and continue in using the Metreon Cascade.

six colonies will be hit with the Metreon Cascade, three within  Pak'ma'ra space of which Orto Plutonia with 200,000 lives lost and a combined 5,000 lives on Suls and Gabut, Lea in the Hyach Syndicate is hit with the lives of 130,000 Llort lives lost and two in Dilgar space of Malachor V with 400,000 people and Fahad III with 29,000 dead. The bombing of Alderaan and the ISA colonies has the oposite result and binds the ISA worlds closer than ever before in there resolve to find and destroy the Metreon facility at all cost, public opinion in the Known galaxy turns to ISA support in winning the war.

the Metreon Reactor facility at Ll'zyyr'aa colony is destroyed by a Metreon explosion after an EA/ISA infiltration force orbital bombards the facility, it took 93 warships from Eloms and only 11 ships made it back from the Metreon explosion.

Battle of Vassek's third moon - Son'a Occupied.

Battle of Haruun Ka - Son'a - Occupeid. (The Drella drive).

The Abbai sign the ISA Charter and prepare for offensive operations.

Battle of Hypori - Son'a - Undersiege

Battle of Rodia -Son'a - Repelled

Mission to capture Drella - Son'a, Opperation Wedge cancled and Offensive into the son'a interior pulls back to the Son'a border.

Infiltration of Vishoi and M'kemnas - Repelled.

Battle of Bothawui - Son'a - Repelled, The mission to cut off the Son'a from the Ocompa and Vorta teritories fails.

Operation Splinter Cell. A rehink in the Strategy of the offensive at the Son'a and Narn fronts, now plans to make gians in the Union Gap where EA and Vree forces had succeeded the year previously after Opperation Unison and attacks the Grome Stewardship and Golian Autocracy which ceases there ofensivse and effectivley cracks the Union Gap Frontlines and strengthening of the Hyach - Pak'ma'ra lines which eventualy creates a Pocket around Leshan and Praylor areas aswel as disruptes the routes of Union controled planets in that area and relieves Pak'ma'ra pressure around Surja and Vanquo, The dilgar launch there ofensive of the war and halt the route from Golian to the Genii and Bynar regions, which makes the Son'a Routes to the Narn Regime nearly impossible and meets up with Pak'ma'ra lines and the EA Fronts.

Vree and Balos attacks on the lines near Bajor and meet up with the Dilgar which Splinters the Union into 2 theatres instead of one huge cresent front.

Mission to Capture Rugosa - Pak'ma'ra - releived

With the links between them severed, the Union begins a series of attacks on the ISA to regain the territory  lost and reopen the trade routes. When these fail, the Union (perhaps in frustration) looks toward Vindrizzi and Baku territories as a possible new route but the Voth, Mygeeto and Wadi governments proclaim these worlds as nuetral zones aswell as there own. This is yet another strategic mistake that will change the course of the Interstellar War and the nature of the alliances.

The Narn, based on the success of a local attack by a fighter swarm that destroyed a Voth battle station to deter any counter reprizals, reason that the Vindrizi and Baku can be easily conquered and that the ISA is too overextended to provide them with any significant aid and the Nuetral Zone worlds would brake up under pressure. The Voth occupy what had once been Cattatae territory--and the Narn want it back for themselves eventualy anyways. The Vhnori argue against the drive, saying it would simply add hundreds of ships to the Alliance forces. The Son’a argue against it because their Stealth drives ships are vulnerable to Mygeeto Web detectors.

This attack on the Vindrizzi and Baku bring the entire Neutral Zone worlds into the war as the Voth with 259 warships and the Wadi with 155, Mygeeto: 250, Pryyt: 170, Breen: 180, Vindrizzi: 120 and Baku with 85 ships on the ISA side as co-belingerants

The capture of Brentaal IV - Son'a (Ellora) - undersiege, Ellora homeworld threatend.

Battle of Teth - Son'a - Occupied

Battle of Felucia - surrenders.

Tarlac Rebellion.  Parts of the Tarlac military command are not happy. While they had hoped that the war would strengthen their power, they felt that the Union were no longer winning of the war, and Tarlac troops were being sacrificed seemingly meaninglessly without the Tarlac Governing body not being notified. Shortly after the Metreon Cascade of Alderaan and the ISA colonies which should of guaranteed the Union's victory the rebelion organized a revolt and settled started hhiting Son'a and Union targets.The revolt started out as just a small legion of troops headed by a Tarlac commander,

The Son’a launched the last raid on the ISA home worlds, devastating Kolati. Their fleet loses in the attack brought an end to strategic penetration attacks by the Union. Thereafter, the Son’a make only token attacks but do tie down some Alliance forces

Battle of Itotech - Son'a - Occupied

The Drazi Freehold renounce there Non-Aggression Pact and attack ex- Drazi holdings in Narn space.

Ground Battle Asajj - Narn forward military base. Destroyed the Narns forward centre for the Drazi border.

Battle of Tirious - Narn - Occupied

Battle to retake Comac (Dross) and Latig 4. Occupied & Undersige.

The Narn fleets at the Drazi border are over stretched and underskilled and many crews fall victim to the new Drazi tactics, the loses for the Narns are high so the Narns commit to a fighting retreat back to Nuq-Tal and O-Gat colonies.

Capture of G’Kar. Operation Red Stalker. Intendent G'Kar makes his way to the Son'a  with a force of three warships for talks on how the Union should handle the ISA offensive into there terittories and the n, unbeknown to the Intendent that a task force of 7 ships with a ship to ship assault craft were already on there tail after they had left Bollius, the fleet tasked with capturing G'Kar is succesful in taking the Narn alive and is rushed back to Earth for interigation.

One of the most spectacular Brakiri failures takes place at this time when a Brakiri taskforce of 22 ships, trapped with its back to a gas giant, is cut to ribbons by Son’a forces.

On the ISA frontier, the 3rd and 5th Son’a Star Legions of conduct minor operations against ISA patrols. The lower pressure, however, allows the ISA to build new battle stations in the Devastated Zone, and assemble a battle fleet to take the offensive.

Battle of Telos IV - Son'a - Occupied

The Panzerfrust offensive reaches Zamyan - Son'a(Ocompa) -Surrenders.
Retakes the planet from the Ocompa Garrison which surenders without a fight and destroys a newly-built Son’a base. ISA ships operate in Pak’ma’ra space in support of the offensive against the Golians & Talosians. The Son’a will eventually recapture the Golian colonies of Sembla and Vessek this year, forcing the ISA to retreat to the Pak'ma'ra border, effectively accepting a tactical retreat. Admiral Kumerian (head of a training ship) arranges to trap and destroy a Pak’ma’ra bombardment cruiser. This brings him to the attention of the Viceroy, who will later decide to give that officer a field command that will prove rather unfortunate at the battle of Tal Adun.

Battle of Kiffu Son'a(Ocompa) - Surrenders without a fight by the Ocompan Supreme Guard

The Narns will continue a fighting retreat through 2271, consisting mostly of small patrol actions involving attrition units, as their change in leadership has left them shaky. The Narn commander on this front knowing that he will not receive new ships, unlike the ISA and eventually will lose the fight and retreat to the original unbreachable border defences. Before this final retreat, however, the commander extracts every credit-worth of resources from what little territory still held. The Interstellar Alliance conduct their most extended operation to date, sending a raiding force all the way to the Son’a border

Battle of Tal Adun - Son'a - Occupied.

Splitting of the Union of the Son'a and Narns,  Since the failed Baku offensive and the fact they haven’t had contact with each other in months decide to desolve the Union but remain co-belligerents and continue the war with there allies to the bitter end.

Battle of Tassa Drun - Son'a - Occupied.

Aside from their introduction of fast patrol ships, the last of the Golian reserves were already lost in a dozen small indecisive battles on the Hyach and Balos fronts. The Vree finally manage to destroy the Golian firewall bases in a major offensive. The strategic initiative passes firmly into Alliance hands. This episode enhances the cooperation of the Alliance (by the deployment of fleets outside of their home theatres) and adds a new, if minor, power: the Voth, with their ships and resources, to the Alliance as the Son’a had warned. The links between the Narn and the Son’a are weakened (they blame each other for the failure) and effectively ends their alliance, reducing them to mere co-belligerents.

Battle of Kashyyyk , results in the Kashyyk surrender.

OPERATION  REMUS - To take out Hurr, Streib and remains of the Feliucian fleet in Hurr space for the preparatiion for a Narn invasion.

Battle of Ry-Nak(Strieb) - Undersiege.

Battle of Zhu-Qel-Droma - Hurr(Narn forward military base) Occupied, The Hurr surrenders to stop an invasion of Andromma, nothing stands in the way of the ISA and the Narn Regime.

The ISA urges its allies to launch a renewed offensive against the Narns, reasoning that with only a handful of dreadnoughts on the front line, two-thirds of the Narn regime literally burned to the ground, and the fleet in tatters, actual conquest (or subjugation) of the Narns is possible. This would solve a long-term problem that had faced the ISA members for more than half a century. However, the problem is that no such offensive is possible without drawing one ISA fleet from the Son‘a-Golian theatre. Two ISA fleets can't be transferred, as the Brakiri would have had to divert parts of their fleet to defend Earth territory. The Abbai flatly refuse and present good arguments in favour of their position. While the subjugation of the Narn Regime would solve ISA problems, it would do nothing for the Abbai (at least not immediately). The Abbai also consider the key victory of the Operation Remus campaign (that of their own expeditionary fleet) to have been a matter of sheer luck that could not be counted on again. Moreover, the Narns, even left to themselves, will not become a threat to the ISA for at least a decade

The Interstellar Alliance then turns its attention to the Son‘a. Considering that the fleets that would have been required as garrisons would have been no smaller than those left on combat patrol, there is little validity in claims that the war will turn out any more favourably for the Alliance. Low-level attrition battles will continue through 2271, but there will be no major operations in the Son’a theatre that will affect the course of the war. The Son’a and the Golians devote more and more of their forces to the IOC frontier. Meanwhile, the Narn/Hurr and Earth - Gaim front remains stable since it returned to the original border circa 2271. Occasional operations punctuate what is otherwise an attrition battle without major changes in ownership of terrain, while the ISA had taken over the Aenar shipyard in the Xagobah system last year. The Narns use their last operational reserves for an unsuccessful attack on the ISA frontline that .

During a assault on a Son'a military base, the Tarlac Rebelion manage to get an open revolt started on Tarlac itself. In response to Tarlac citizens engaging in acts of sabotage, the Union punished the Tarlac by destroying Lakarian City by killing millions in the process of reducing it to ashes. As a result, three-quaters of the Tarlac armed forces switched sides during the final stages of the war and assisted the ISA, opening a hole in the Union lines and forcing the Son'a and the Ellorians to establish a new defense perimeter around the Supremacy core systems.

The Tarlac cost due to the Interstellar War will be one of the highest of all the races. The homeworld was severely damaged by the Union, whose the Son'a ordered a "scorched earth" approach to the Tarlac' homeworld for their betrayal during the final days of the war. The long term effect on the ecology of the planet remains to be seen. Over 800 million Tarlac's died on Tarlac alone. The pre-war population at around seven billion, and with the established Tarlac emphasis on the family unit, the race is safe from extinction.

Battle of New Tamor - Son'a (Ocompa) - Surrenders, The Son'a leave Ocompa homeworld to the Supremacy's core systems to defend against a possible new offensive.

Ocompa rejoices as being a new free world but not without the Son'a bombing 6 of there largest cities and including the capital to ashes for there troops surrendering to the ISA.

The Abbai conference conveines for ISA members to discuss the reently unexpected colapse of the Son'a Supremacy, the issue with the Son'a fleet and how to deal with the species and territory witin the Supremacy, The Balosian War Minister TNook Zek proposes a Plan to partision Son'a space into the 6 sections, all origional Ocompan terittory restored, Vorta and Suliban space reastiblished and the Son'a, Ellora, Tarlac and the Drella having the rest with of the Supremacy.  The rising Tarlac rebelion would allow them more oppotunities than the Son'a and Ellorans as in having a larger portion of the Son'a fleet than any other of the 3 races that consited of the Son'a hierarchy, the fleet will be allowcated into six portions with the Ocompan and Tarlac having the largest of the six, the Son'a will recieve the least and the Ellorans there after (unless there is an Elloran rebellion before then).

The Vorta Stewardship know isolated and not under the threat of Son'a repirsals offer to surrender to the ISA force which just liberated Ocompa

After the success of Operation Remus, the liberation of Ocompa (facing an economy just starting to be exhausted) sends its major units to the Narns front and the Gorns deploy a fleet to that theater. The Interstellar Alliance Command decides on an operation to destroy the key Central Narn starbase. The theory being that the destruction of this base will collapse the Central Narn sector. In one of the preparatory operations to pave the way for this Operation Cavalry, the Narn 77th Gunboat Division is lured into a trap and destroyed. The combined Cavalry fleets drive into Narn space, but the Gorn admiral-in-command allows his forces to be dispersed to engage several minor Narn forces.

Battle of Sotarek - Narn - Occupied. Narn shipyards captured.

Battle of Shu - Narn - Occupied.

2272 The ISA and Union forces will exhaust there invantry  of ships to quickly end the war at this critical stage.

Earth: 2778 , Brakiri: 1957, Talax: 143, Abbai: 476, Vree: 208, Andor,: 134,  Maakab: 175, Gaim: 93, Trill: 112,  Degobah: 18, Olga: 63, Kattan: 10, Bajor: 49, Gorn: 95, Balos: 136,  Hyach,: 131, Pak’ma’ra: 135,  Mustafar: 26, Dilgar: 62, Denoblea: 24,  Karrema: 45,  Kolati: 24, Cravic: 118, Ipsha 87, Voth: 131, Wadi: 112, Mygeeto: 176, Pryyt: 134, Breen: 132, Vindrizzi: 57, Baku: 24, Leshan: 09, Drazi:(indepenent) 877 =

Narn: 2152, Son’a: 989,  Hurr: 75  Felucia: 34, Streib: 24, Golian: 49, Grome: 47,  Vorta: 73,  Suliban: 147,  Tellerite: 68,  Kashyyk: 51 Pran: 56,  Devore: 85, Hurq: 102, Koulani: 365, Talos: 102, Xindi: 78, Llort: 65, Vhnori: 155, Bynar: 89, Tak-tak: 101, Genii: 43, Kam jatae: 74, =

Battle of Q'tami - front lines now near Nae'onat.

The ISA Council dictates that it will only except Unconditional Surrender from the Union major powers.


Battle of Ardun - Narn - Occupied

Battle of Dras - Narn - Occupied, Narn shipyards destroyed.

Battle of Zok - Narn - Occupied

Battle of Zhe - Narn - Occupied

Battle of Rura-Penthe - Narn  - Occupied, destruction of the Narn Northern Command Base.

Battle of Shu - Narn - Occupied

Battle of Antar 4 - Son'a - Occupied

Victory on Praesitlyn - Occupied, The ISA in striking distance of Nae'Onat.

The deminishing pocket of the Union Gap races of Bynar, Vhnori, Tak'TAk, Kam Jatae and Genii are offered the Treaty of Bajor which allows the ex-Leaguers to pull out of the war but must still pay war reparations and face ecomonic sanctions, All races sign the treaty before 3 weeks of the purposal except for the Vhnori which hold on and still have Bollius under there occupation and will remain at war with the ISA until 2273.

Bombing of Nae-Onat by Tarlac Rebellion Free Fleet, As the periodic destruction of there civilization was under way by the Son'a and Elloran troops on Tarlac they now were in there resolve to finaly free themselves from the Son'a, the Son'a move critical reserves from the Nae'onat to fend off an ISA fleet on Breth Qella but left it open for a small force of the free Tarlac fleet to bomb the Son'a capital world by reducing 6 cities and the main military starbases of Tal Dralis and Tal Tyln before being forced to retreat but there tacital attack ment that Nae'onat could not carry on the war any longer and started to talk to the aproaching ISA forces.

Son’a Supremacy surrenders to the ISA. Devore, Golian and Talos Empires surrender to the ISA upon the hour of hearing of the Son'a Surrender.

As part of the surrender terms, the Son'a are forced to agree to let ISA warships blockade the Son'a jump-gate, thus trapping the Son'a in their home system,   The Son'a fleet will not be permitted to leave there home system for 10 years and an ISA occupation fleet, this caused a problem as the Narns still poses a huge threat and had to be tackled next so the occupation force would be only comprising of a few hundred ships from ISA ranks  will monitor the rest of Son'a controlled space and there after the treaty "might" be changed to allow them to step out to there other colonies. As of the rest of the Supremacy, it will now be governed and patroled by the now defunct Imperial fleet by its subordiates as the Tarlac, Drella and Ellora are given large sections of whats left,  but as of the millions of Son'a people which now reside in the newly partisioned space will have the the option to leave for Son'a space or face Ocupation on the planet by ISA forces and be placed under Martial Law until the responsible government can intergrate them. The 139 thousand Ocompas spread out across the Supremacy make there way back to the Ocompa teritory aswell do the millions of Drella and Tarlac make there way back in the next 5 years but not all the Tarlac do so, Most of the Son'a and Ellora stay where they are except for the reformed Vorta, Suliban and Ocompa terittories which expel all Son'a Ellora and Tarlac within 5 years.

The ISA destroyed a Narn listening post in Chi Dan, Narn ships arrived on the scene to find Earth battleships waiting. This pushed the Narn to desperation. The following two months brought the Narn few victories. Forced to retreat time and again, all the while proclaiming they were holding their own against the onslaught of the ISA and Drazi forces. In 3 months the Narn holdings were reduced to that of 50 years before. Narn military leaders under the direction of Warmaster G'Sten decide to change tactics.

Battle of Nausica - Narn - Relelled.

Battle of Omelos - Narn - Repelled.

Battle of Ty-Gokor - Narn - Undersiege. Narn shipyards captured.

Battle of Sotarek - Narn - The Third and second largest battle of the war had the Narn's plan to channel the majority of their forces into an attack on the ISA supply depot in the Sotarak system. Unfortunately for the Narns, one of their coded transmissions from Strategic Command to one of their flagships was intercepted by the ISA. Following the loss of their colonies Zhe, Dras, Dross and Zok, the Narns put their plan into effect by sending 889 ships, Leaving a pathetic defence force guarding the Narn home world and the Drazi front, the Narn fleet arrived in the Sotarak system to find 1089 warships waiting in battle formation. The engagement annihilated the majority of the Narn fleet. With the Narn forces nearly destroyed,

 K'Amat (the Narn regime advisor to the ISA Invasion force) suggests to the ISA Generals to try and convince the Narn Command that the ISA is going to make a move of Chin'toka which would make the Narn Homeworld virtulaly surrounded and the ISA can move on too the Narn home world at their leisure, Knowing that it would take from 3 to 6 months to finaly set be ready to attack the Narn homeworld, ISA command decides to go with K'Amat's plan so the EFNI sends a EA lifepod with a dead human and dress him ina Commodore  uniform a launch him in a Malanche lifepod which was destroyed near the front a week earlier with the battle plans to take the Chin'toka system, the pod was ejected on a Narn mining colony near Dras and is picked up by Narn command, 9 days later believing it is a genuine battleplan for the ISA the Narn fleet around Narn not wanting to be surrounded send 612 warships to Chin'Toka and leave 495 ships to defend the Homeworld, on the word that the Narn warfleet was on the move so the ISA fleet of 1034 ships make a corse to Narn.

17th April 2272 The ISA send a fleet to the Narn system of 1034 warships and an army of 250,000 soidiers, The Narns had 495 ships and 1200 fighters on stationed on the surface to guard homeworld as the ISA fleet jumpt in,  What is know the fourth and last largest battle of the war and with the ISA only having a 16 hour window until the Narn fleet sent to Chin'Toka returns, the Narns were vanquished and the fleet went on to desperation with suicide runs and exploding there power cores to destroy much of the ISA fleet as possible but after 3 hours the battle was easily decided as the ISA warships know positioned themselves over Narn.

 Wanting to avoid a bloody ground war which would have the ISA soidiers neck deep in blood demanded the Narn’s to surrender before the troops are deployed and a deadline was set for 2 hours or face the same fate as earth did at the beginning of the war but 100 times more devastating, the ISA ships positioned themselves over the cities for an orbital baombardment and gave time for the Narn government to decide.  Minutes before the deadline the Narn Regime surrenders as the ISA ships were ready to launch a full bombardment from orbit.

With what was left the ISA powers after 5 years of total war are as follows

Earth: 2262, Brakiri: 1786, Talax: 91, Abbai: 428, Vree: 143, Andor,: 79,  Maakab: 139, Gaim: 69, Trill: 95,  Degobah: 09, Olga: 58, Kattan: 11, Bajor: 43, Gorn: 80, Balos: 125,  Hyach,: 95, Pak’ma’ra: 46,  Mustafar: 14, Dilgar: 32, Denoblea: 00,  Karrema: 33,  Kolati: 21, Cravic: 110, Ipsha: 66, Voth: 112, Wadi: 104, Mygeeto: 176, Pryyt: 122, Breen: 124, Vindrizzi: 53, Baku: 22, Leshan: 11, Drazi:(indepenent) 834.   =

Narn: 925, Son’a: 407,  Hurr: 14  Felucia: 3, Streib: 00, Golian: 21, Grome: 17,  Vorta: 26,  Suliban: 122,  Tellerite: 61,  Kashyyk: 31 Pran: 44,  Devore: 56, Geonosia: 62(left 2270),  Alderaan: 02(exstinct), Hurq: 92,  Koulani: 377, Aenar: 158(left2270), Talos: 49, Xindi: 67, Llort: 39, Vhnori: 136, Bynar: 63, Tak-tak: 45, Genii: 28, Kam jatae: 46, =

All Union members and allies have to accept the terms deemed by the ISA that all races must openly be prepared for inspections of ISA and governments that were supressive must be more democratic and they will have to pay war reparrations to the ISA, they aswel as which restrict all Union members to never have more than 200 warships at any given time and the son'a and Narns have to surender there occupied homeworlds and colonies to there rightfull species and there teritory reduced to no bigger than the Vree Conglomerate, the Union allies have to pay war reparrations to the ISA and must improve on relations towards the ISA members.

The Occupied races of the Union are given there Independence but many will find it hard to transition to self proclaimed rule as the tuchannq which were not a space-faring race before the Occupation are now faced with a galaxy full of potential threats and not having the ability to even sustain there own species on the there homeworld and the head of the resistance during the Occupation Yholf-tamae is proclaimed ruler of the Tuchannq, he knew there were others of his kind on other colonies were not reachable, these worlds would be up tools and left by the Narns and the Tuchannq aswell as the other races ar left to there own demise but othes will prosper and this will lead to future tensions in this region in about 100 years and will nearly split the ISA.

2272 K'Amat is approach by the ISA Command staff for the likley choice of the new Narn government, he later refused argueing that he will not be seen as a puppet to the ISA and offers the 2nd in command of the NArn Liberation Fleet Warmaster G'Fraw as the succsessor.

2272 Cooperative government dismantled, President Clark remains in power.

2272 The Praylor are given automony after the war with much disagreement to the Leshan, the Praylor king returns from Golia.

2273 The Vhnori Order is attacked by the EA, Vree and Andorian fleets at Bolius and Amas, The Vhnori except the Bajor treaty and relinquish Bollius. the Interstellar War official ends.

2273 K'Amat and his exiled followers return with his fleet of 78 ships to take the Narn leadership, G'Fraw which has been unpopular with his Warmaster Core and the people see this as a huge threat as the Narns saw K'Amat as there true and free leader and to liberate them ISA military and economic "shackles," as K'Amat forces came in contact the Narn Soverign State a brief civil war out near Zok and Drass as ISA forces step in too late to alter the outcomes, KAmat forces storm the government palace in G'kamazad and kill G'Fraw and his loyal forces, K'Amat proclaims himself New Leader of Narn and sends an envoy to General Mckinley (the Interstellar War's Supreme Commander of ISA forces) wich he had grown a freinfship with during his time of exile, the meeting took place 5 days after the change in power and the two decided on agreement which would give way to the most damaging restrictions and allows K'Amats rule to be elgitermet as K'Amat siad to Mcinley that if he loses power then a more ruthless Leader may come to power and this war mignt start all over again,

2273 The problem with the Son'a Supremacy was in all sense and purposes an imperial and interspecies colonial empire and that all races subject to the Son'a were well intergrated all over the Supremacy, as there were slave races and even races intergrated into the Son'a labouring socierty, this is now causeing problems as one of the first acts of the growing xenophoblic Tarlac Porvisional government anouches the expel of all Son'a residents from its allowcated zone of control, as the ISA is in duristiction of all Son'a residents outside of Son'a Controled Space the ISA ignores the threats.

2273-2275  The Tarlac Civil war over the provisional government being to weak against the Son'a and wanting action the other wanting unity and peace with its neibours and the rest blaming the ex-rebel leaders of the now provis government on the countless millions of Tarlac dead during the war.

2273 2283 PROXY WARS As of before the Interstellar War there was the Narn Regime and the Son'a Supremacy and allies locked in a cold war with the Earth Alliance and League of Free Woorlds and to a lesser extenct the Brakiri Syndicracy and it brought with it an unstable but perment peace with all species eepecialy witin the ex-Leaguers as now many races are now taking advantage of the power vaccum of the Son'a and Narns and the weak Earth Allaince and no League to keep the minor powers inline, First minor sirmishes over teritory and and contol over space lanes will soon grow into border wars and forced relocations of hundreds of thousands people.  As the war is over all ISA treaties which banded the allies together were now discontinued in unclaomed space except within the Occupation zones which the treaties and agreements still held merrit the rest of the Known Galaxy wil tere itself apart in many minor wars and conflicts.

2273 The Talax/Koulani war.

2273 The Earth/Koulani reprisals

2274 The Utapau/ Denoblea disagreement.

2274 The Praylor/Leshan Border war

2274-2283 The Isolation of Kattan.

2275 The newly Free Tarlac Congress demands all Tarlacs to make there way back to the Tarlac space as soon as possible.

2275-2277 The Pran/Talos war

2276 The Dilgar uprising. The Dilgar seeing a optuninity to gian ground attack the Hurq, Xindi and Kam jatae empires, The Earth Alliance and Brakiri step in with reprisals on Dilgar military holding and warned the Dilgar that the League might ne gone but Earth and Brakos still signed te treaty.

2276 The vindrizzi/Tak Tak war

2276 The Ipsha/Pryyt bloody encounter

2276 The general elections of the Earth Alliance are lost by the Freedom Coalition, after 35 years of government. The new majority brings to the power the Unionist party under President Hauser.  The military budget is reduced, the new government endorses a centralist fiscal policy that, in the long term, penalises the economy of the colonies.
 In 2272 the Earth Alliance was under the limelight thanks to our victory against the Union, at foreing politics level, we were on top: just after the war, the Earth Alliance was virtually the focal point of the interstellar diplomacy of the Known galaxy, not only as in-part with the Brakiri defenders and savers of the Ex-league worlds, but even because we were in the same time was the only power to keep good relations with both the Cattatae and the League. In 2276, at internal level, the things changed a lot, and for a series of reasons.
First of all, the 2276 was a year of general elections - The consequent poletics, rumours and suspects, undermined the image of the Government: part of the Earth alliance press leveraged even the economical consequences of the military expenses of the 2230's: the 5000 ships navy program (that anyway was 2nd Generation of 3200 ships program) and the Warlock project were paid with the taxes of the EA contributors, and, while the whole military star ship building activity had positive outcomes for the advancement of the EA shipyards and heavy space industry, a certain shifting of the investments in the Earth Alliance public budget was strongly wanted by the EA public opinion.

2277 The Ocompa/ Vorta skirmishes.

2277 All over the Son'a ocupation zones within Tarlac space start spoting ships landing hundreds of Kilometres from Son'a settlements days later ISA force find bands of Ellora refugees, the Tarlac government startsfrce relocating the 17.6 million Ellorans from its homeworld and colonies and abandoned tem on ISA occupied worlds of Son'a settlements. The ISA helpless to stop it.

2278 The Bajorian/Llort engagement.

2278 Th Gaim/Hurr war.

2279 The Nausican/Narn conflict.

2279 The First Babel Conference.

2280 The Pak'ma'ra/Hyach War. This is the first time that allied factions during the Interstellar war. this war will bring about the formation of a true Interstllar Allaince aimed at keeping the peace.

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2281 AD Dawn of the Third Age.

The Ruling council of the alliance is composed of ambassadors of the major powers of the alliance, and as such originally was composed of the ambassadors of the victorious powers of the Interstellar War. The council is now composed of the President, Brakiri’s representative, the Founding 6 of the Ex-League representative, and Earths representative. The council acts as a cabinet to the president advising him on events. There other main role is nominating a new candidate for President when the current one decides to leave office.

2282 President Hauser dies in office due to a Stroke, President Ivy is placed in.

The consequences were significant, in political, economical and military terms.

One of the first actions of the new Government was a strong reduction of the Earthforce budget, both for the new ship buildings and for the current expenses. The consequences were extremely heavy, both in the short and in the long term.

The original 5000 Ships Navy program was intended to reshape the structure of the Earthforce Navy: the Earthforce JSOC had envisioned a Navy centred upon the Cherlone Battle cruisers, to be built in more than 800 units, the upgrade of the Destroyer fleet at a level of 1400 Omega‘s, all at the same standard, with the decommissioning of the older batches, and a new breed of heavy frigates, the Arion Class jump capable and aimed at the replacement of the outdated Olympus corvettes and Elco frigates, with performances similar to the Son’a Vorchan attack cruisers.

The price of victory for Earth Force was 3089 ships destroyed or damaged beyond repair and was left with just over 2065 ships left out of 5154 in 2267 which remained ships = 110 Armageddon Dreadnoughts, 250 Warlocks, 275 Chelone, 237 Echo’s, 660 Omega  Destroyers, 40 Bridgehead landing ships, 251 Arion Frigates and 182 kronos Corvettes and less than 60 units of varius types,  the dwindled fleet of the reserve/mothballed (Old Fleet) had been virtually destroyed with less than 200 units or so left (not enough to restore order in a power vacuumed Galaxy), But the good proof of the Warlocks class, saved in a certain measure the Battleships, even if without the improvements allowed by the new technologies acquired during the Sedition War, that would have materialised in the Warlock Evolution Advanced Battleships. The other programs were literally cancelled with a trait of pen: the "excellent corpses" were the Cherlone Battle Cruisers, the Armageddon Dreadnoughts, considered too much expensive and not needed, the Aurora Starfury, that, while accepted into service but in a simplified version, had not the missile capability of the Thunderbolt starfury, (one of the limits of the Thunderbolt during the war was the lack of missiles, due to delays in the development of the guidance and tracking systems, that led to the cancellation of the whole project) - The Warrior carrier fleet was mothballed, as were mothballed or sold for scrapped the powerful Apollo Missile Cruisers and Avalon assault ships.

In the new scenario, took place a cannibalistic duel between the various shipbuilders: the Armstech Shipbuilding Venture which was the main Capital shipbuilder of the 2230-60's of the Omega and of the Chelone, and proponents in association with the  Frontier Grp of the Warlock class Battleship’s were the losers of the political game for the few funds left, while the Karmatech shipyards, builders of the breed of the Echo in the various evolutions, were the winners, thanks to their strong ties with the new political majority: this allowed the paradox of the inception in service of a significant flow of Echo cruisers, in replacement of the older variants of the 3 different classes, while the more performing Warlock’s were literally struggling to survive.

Ten years later Even though immediately after the War, EarthForce was promised a 4000 Standard Fleet Project, the Navy in the next 5 years will have in service 2400 ship and this would be the largest it would be allowed during peace time, 250 Warlock’s (125 Reserved 15 decommissioned), 500 Echo (150 in reserve), 700 Omega Destroyers with a decomimson rate of 20 ships per year till phased out of service by the new Hawk class in 2285, 280 Delphi, no carriers (The warriors were all decommissioned, and left only 10 of the Bridgehead troop carrier‘s), no specialised Assault or missile ships and a shrinking light force of less than 400 Arion frigates which will be replaced by the Vigilante class in 2288 and about 200 Kronos which the actual class of ship five years before the IA War will remain in Star Navy service, all Kronos 10 years before IA War will be sold to the new ISA Starfleet and the rest will be eventualy be giving to the dubbed "MarsForce" ( Mars Custom, security & patrol Service)but the remaining 90 will be re-modernised to take on more rolls and boosted back up to 200 units. even thow it isnt equiped with an FTL drive, the class of ship will be placed on in-system duties and shiping lanes uterlising the Jumpgates.

Another shift, that later was clearly a tragic mistake, was essentially political.

The Earthforce ships have always had a significant arsenal of medium and long range antiship missiles, equipped with thermonuclear warheads: while the evanishment of the missile based weapon systems, as the disappearance of the Railguns, was claimed as a technical choice related to the logistic strain of the ordnance based weapons during the long range offensive operations, the truth was that the new government did not trust the military class: the nuclear tipped missiles were identified essentially as planetary bombardment or strategic deterrent weapons, and this perceived "political power", the supposed capability of the military to menace the civil government with "nuclear blackmail", led quickly to the elimination of the missiles and of their powerful fusion warheads from Earthforce arsenals, and, later to the demolition of the technical know-how and industrial capability to develop and produce space borne antiship missiles.

One of the most deleterious effects of the budget shrinking was the loss of professional officers and trained crews and specialists, due to the reduced career expectations and lack of economical bonuses, while the expensive fleet exercises were reduced in number and duration.
A starfury pilot in the late 2260's - early 2270's had its Initial Operational Clearance at 400 hours of flight, and was considered combat ready at 750 hours and two fleet exercises, and flew an average of 40 hours/month- in the early 2280s a pilot was lucky if he flew 25 hours/month, and was considered Combat Ready at 250 hours of flight.

In 2282, Earthforce Navy was the phantom of the potent force that fought and won the Interstellar war, regardless the claims of the Government and of the more "politically wise" members of the command ranks.

2282 The Hawk class advance destroyer is inlisted into service.

The old government politics in the interstellar arena was centred upon a "low profile" diplomatic approach: since the late 2100's the borders and the commercial lanes of the Earth Alliance were secured by an effective navy, and we carried on good relations with almost all the more relevant powers in the Area: we had intense commercial relations with the Brakiri, the Maakabs and the Vree, and, mostly, with the Cattatae Confederation, that was favourable to support a growing Earth Alliance to counterbalance the growing power of the Narns, and to act as a counterweight respect to the divided, but troublemaking, League.
The EA victory against the Dilgars and the Union solved a problem significant even for the Cattatae, and so, just after the Interstellar War, we found ourselves in an enviable position: good commercial and political relations within the ISA, cooler but equilibrated ones with the Narns (and even with them we had a good commercial flow, that seemed to be the best insurance against strange surprises).
2283 The Second Babel Conference meets to address a number of issues, The most famous is the ISA Starfleet & ISA Marines Act. Another included the volatile issues raised by the Earth-prime Isolationist Group. After lengthy speeches, the vote to dissolve the Interstellar Alliance fails, leaving the ISA intact. Immediately after the Conference, the Earth-Prime Group disbands, and its political influence ceases. Following the collapse of Earth-Prime, the Independent Systems Movement Party is formed.

2284 The Tuchanq leader Yholf-tamae asked the ISA for help with the rebulding of there homeworld's Ecosphere which will need heavy Teraforming techniques to bring back to some sort of prosperity, the Tuchanq go with the ISA agreed plan but not without strong empherise on the Cattatae propolzle.

2284 The new Vigilante class frigate is commisioned this year.

2285 Earth Alliance gives 25 aging kronos and 8 Omega Destroyers to defend the Mars Federation from black market and trade runners from crossing Martian space, but Earth Force still keeps its presents there, The idea of Drazi inspired Semi-automony is introduced on the Orion colonies and at Alpha Centauri (Terra-Alpha).

2289 The Brakiri Merchant Defence Fleet is at 3100 ships as Earth's Star Navy is at 2800 in service, the only time the Brakiri will be the most dominent power after the Cattatae, the Brakiri start leasing and selling off there fleet to reduce cost due to the lack of potential enemies out there to a force of 2500 ships.

2290 President Gomez is Inaugerated

2291 The Drazi freehold join the ISA.

2294 Reagent Turin dies from old age, his son Qu,zar is not well enougth to take the Regency so his son Riffa recieves the title.

2297 A pryimid from the Talons is discovered on the Planet Acheron by IPX Personel.

2302 President Brook.

2306 The Interspecies Medical Exchange founded by the Denobleans and Humans and is signed by nearly all members except the Gaim which beleive that such knowledge of Gaim genetics could lead to a biological weopon against them.

2309 The IME discover the Humanoid or the Dubbed "Umanoid" Gene is identical in all races. leading reseachers to believe that there were an old exstinct alien race planted the genes on thousands of worlds as there legacy. The Gaim which do not have the Genome see this research as a common fluck of nature in which every species would of had to develope this genome to to exsist as a Umanoid and the Gaim d;/ismisses the reseach.

2314 Attempts to save the Son’a species with genetic resyncusing the race with human DNA to alter the effect of the Son’a are suffering from.

2314 President Vango.

2316 The Drazi homeworld "Zhaabar" which has shared power with its automonously free colonies for centeries try to change the voting system in which the Drazi Freehold council is run, Each Drazi world has one vote and out of the 36 worlds of the voting council, most usual stands with the ruling most populace and economical prospurous colonial worlds and not with Zhaabar which was poor and over populated which was by most the populated of all the colonies put together but had different agendas, which infuriated Homeworld as there beleif was that they were in for the best interest of the Drazi species and the rich colonies are only out for personal gains and profit which was seen the the Narn Wars which it was a Kaltic colonial politician which implemated the Narn/League ceasefire with Abbai bussineses to gain from Kaltic exports by the League and as well not to come to the aid the Ocompa when they were invaded by the Son'a which Zhaabar wished to give sanctions and get involved with a military responce what they passiontly believed and was Geo-political stagnating the Freehold and giving the whole race a bad reptutation when it came to diplomatic issues.

2323 The Drazi political crisis fires up when the Colonial planets loyal to Kaltic secceed from the Freehold council and declare their independence, Zhaabar consolidates its military force to take back the colonies by force leads to the entire drazi fleet turning sides, most go to side with Zhaabar Central Realm but a quater go to Kaltic Free states.

2326 President Olliman.

2330 The Colony of Kaltic Capitulates to Zhaabar and the rest of the Free States front calapses in three weeks, the Drazi Civil War is over with over 7 million dead.

2334 The Cattatae War.

2338 The creation of the Peackeepers.

2378 The Drakh War.

2778 The Milky Way Galaxy is finaly explored by the Interstellar Alliance.

2836 THE FALL OF EARTH,  The Super Volcano of Yellowstone erupts and spilling  causing a Volcanic ash to spil out of the atmosphere.







CoLD SToRAGE - Opus Beta.mp3

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