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Circa 14 Billion Years Ago Creation of the Universe.

Circa 4.57 - 4.54 Billion Years Ago Formation of the star Sol and its system of planets, including the planet that would eventually become known as Earth

Circa 3.5 Billion Years Ago The first building blocks of life begin to form on Earth.

Circa 3 Million Years Ago The ape-like genus that will eventually produce the Human race evolves on Earth.

70,000 BC A dramatic population bottleneck is to blame for the period around 70,000 BC as a result of the Toba Supervolcano eruption. After this time, and until the development of agriculture around the 11th millenium BC, it is estimated that the world population stabilized at about one million people whose subsistence entailed hunting and foraging, a lifestyle that by its nature ensured a low population density. The total world population probably never exceeded 15 million inhabitants before the invention of agriculture.

10,000 - 1000 Years Before the Third Age Circa 5000 B.C. The human civilisation dawns on Earth. The city-state/Empire of Babylon and the area known as Mesopotamia, located between the banks of the Tigris and the Euphrates are widely considered to be the cradle of human civilisation.

The wheel is used in Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq. 

3114 BC, August 13 Start of the Mayan calendar. The Mayans had 20 days in their month starting with day 0 and ending with day 19. They understood zero not only as a place holder, but as a true counting number.

3100 BC Work begins on Stonehenge in England. Some of the stones came from 240 miles away, the Preseli Mountains in southwestern Wales. What possessed the Neolithic people to build such a momument is still unknown. 

2900 BC First Egyptian hieroglyphs

2750 BC Egyptians build first known dam called the Sadd el-Kafara 37 ft tall, 348 ft wide of rubble masonry filled with 100,000 tons of gravel and stone.

2700 BC Egyptians create 365 day calendar with new year starting in June.

2575 BC Work begins on the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt.

2000 BC  Minoan Bronze age culture on Crete develops hieroglyphic script and extensive palace complex at Knossos. 

1650-1700 BC Minoan "Linear A" asyllabic script created - still undeciphered.

1650 BC Minoan "Linear B" script created.

1450 BC Minoan culture destroyed perhaps by the Mycenaeans 

1200 BC Invasion of the Sea Peoples destroys Mycenaean civilization. Greece enters a 400 year "Dark Age"; writing was forgotten; cities abandoned. Linear B would not be read again until modern times.

1185 BC  Trojan War.

1130 BC  Iron used for weapons and tools.

1120 BC Magnetic compass invented

1100 BC Phoenicians develop alphabetic script 

1000 BC Chinese develop gunpowder by mixing saltpeter, charcoal, and
sulfur and grinding carefully 

750-700? BC Homer writes the Iliad and the Odyssey

750-680? BC Hesiod writes Theogony, ("Birth of the Gods"), which details a version of Greek mythology.

776 BC Olympic games start in Greece.

775-750 BC Lycurgus gives laws to the Spartans which included the banning of silver and gold, redistribution of all land, creation of a senate, eating at public mess (so no dainty desire for expensive food would develop), and forbidding all useless occupations.

753 BC According to legend, Rome is founded by Romulus. Twelve birds circled overhead during the founding ceremonies and legend had it that the city would survive for 12 centuries.

725 BC  Sparta conquers Messenia and forms Helot slavery. Having slaves to do all the tedious work of farming allows the Spartans to spend all their time in military training.

650 BC Earliest coins appear. Later, Lydian kingdom produces the first true coins with guaranteed quality and weight.

650 BC Earliest writing in the Americas by the Olmec culture.

621 BC Draco publishes his harsh laws for Athens. Many crimes punishable by death (hence the term 'Draconian').

600 BC Anaximander theorizes that humans arose from other species.

594 BC Wide reaching reforms of Solon in Athens.

585 BC, May 28  Greek philosopher Thales predicts an eclipse.

559 BC  Cryus the Great becomes king and will lead Peria to form a great empire that will stretch from Egypt to India.

550 BC  The Greek engineer Eupalinos designs a water tunnel 1036 meters long through a solid limestone mountain to bring water to the ancient city of Samos. Work started on both ends and met in the middle, an extraordinary feat of ancient mentioned by Herodotus.

532 BC  Pythagoras starts his school in Croton Greece. He founds a brotherhood which sees the world through numbers.

508 BC  Cleisthenes reforms enacted in Athens. Attica divided into demes.

505 BC  Cleisthenes starts what will become democracy in Athens

500 BC  The concept of the wheel roles into Britain, but not the Americas.

490 BC  Twenty-six miles from Athens on the plain of Marathon, 11,000 Athenians fight 100,000 Persians. If the Greeks lose the battle, the city of Athens will flee to the hills. If the Athenians win the battle at Marathon, the Athenians will stay and try to hold the city against the Persian navy. While the battle rages the Athenians waited for the word, to flee or to fortify. A lone runner, Eucles, runs 26 miles and brings the much awaited news. According to legend, he utters "Nike" (victory) and then dies from exhaustion. 6,400 Persians are killed but only 192 Greeks.

480 BC  Spartan King Leonidas, 300 Spartans, and their allies make a sacrificial last stand at Thermopylae against Xerxes and the Persians. King Xerxes demands the surrender of the Greeks weapons, to which King Leonidas replies, "Molon Labe", or "Come and take them." (See: Texas Independence, "Come and Take It" flag).

479 BC  Athenian navy is victorious over the Persian Navy at battle of Salamis.

479 BC  110,000 Greek hoplites defeat 300,000 Persians at the battle of Plataea. The Persians suffered 257,000 casualties, the Greek only 159.

480 BC  Anaxagoras of Clazomenae arrives in Athens. He taught the philosophy of Ionia to the Athenians sparking the flowering of Western philosophy.

485 BC  Protagoras of Abdera (485-415) is born. He states that truth, goodness, and all other values are relative, depending solely on the person or society.

484-425 BC  Herodotus of Halicarnassus aka, the first Historian. Oddly enough, for being a Historian, we know practically nothing about him. He writes The Histories about the Persian War with Greece creating the genre of historical writing.

460-455 BC  Birth of Thucydides who writes The Peloponnesian War and builds upon Herodotus's work of recording history. Thucydides though, is more direct and rigorous in his writing, leaving out extraneous stories and dubious material. He also omits references to the gods as causing events in human affairs.

480 BC Second Persian War. The Athenians retreat, and the Persian forces led by Xerxes destroy Athens, but Greek forces win a major naval battle at Salamis.

371 BC  The Theban commander Epaminondas defeats the reigning champs of the Peloponnese, the Spartans, in the Battle of Leuctra. This is the beginning of the end of the Spartans as a Greek superpower.

450 BC  Twelve Tables of Roman law are published.

433 BC  The Parthenon in Athens is completed after 40 years of work. This stunning piece of architecture was the crowning achievement of Pericles.

430 BC  Democritus theorizes that matter is composed of tiny grains that cannot be subdivided. He calls them "atomos".

415 BC  The disastrous Athenian invasion of Sicily. Before his death, Pericles warned the Athenians not to try to expand their empire until the war with Sparta was completed. They knew better and destroyed two fleets trying to win new territory. Although not the final blow in the war with Sparta, this disaster started the decline of Athens.

406 BC  Battle of Arginusae.

404 BC  Sparta finally defeats Athens in the Peloponnesian War with a navy financed by the Persians.

399 BC  Socrates is put on trial. He is arrogant and antagonistic during the proceedings. Had he been more gracious he might have escaped the hemlock. The vote was 281 to 220.

396 BC  Rome defeats the Etruscan city of Veii after 80 years of war and starts the eventual rise of Rome. The Etruscans were skilled engineers and craftsmen. Many of the "Roman" innovations, like their numerals, were really taken from the Etruscans.

371 BC  The Thebans defeat of a Spartan Army at Leucrra. This marks the end of the centuries-old Spartan reputation of being unbeatable.

386 BC  The Gallic Senones tribesmen sack Rome and occupy it for seven months. The Romans never forgot this.

386 BC  Plato starts "The Academy" in Athens.
Battle of Mantinea  Epaminondas leads the Thebans to war against the Spartans again, and wins again. He is killed in the battle. The war between Thebes and Sparta leaves Greece weaken just in time for the upstart Macedonians to enter the stage.

21 July 356 BC Herostratus burns the temple of Artemis in Ephesus to ground in an attempt to immortalize his name. Alexander the Great was born the same night. 

338 BC  Philip of Macedon conquers Greece in the battle of Chaeronea.

336 BC  Aristotle starts "The Lyceum" in Athens .

333 BC Alexander the Great defeats Persia under Darius at battle of Issus. Alexander was the fourth in a line of great men and scholars: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle. Darius escapes and gathers his forces for the next battle.

October 1, 331 BC Alexander's 35,000 troops fight Darius's 200,000 in the battle of Gaugamela. Darius has leveled the wide plain to allow better use of his chariots and superior numbers. Alexander leads his troops off to the edge of the prepared field. This tatic opens a gap in the Persian lines that Alexander drives into, threatening King Darius himself. In panic Darius flees. Seeing their king depart, some in the Persian army scatter. 

332 BC Alexander the Great conquers Egypt. The Greeks bring coinage into Egypt for the first time.
Summer 326 BC At the Hyphasis river, Alexander's army refuses to march further into India and he is forced to turn back.

323 BC Alexander dies near Babylon and is reported to have left kingdom, "to the best". Four of his generals carve up the empire and usher in the Hellenistic period.
310 BC Greek astronomer Aristarchus of Samos born. He was one of the first to suggest the earth moved about the sun.

287 BC Strato of Lampsacus (ca. 340-ca. 270 BC) becomes the third head of the Aristotle's school, the Lyceum. Strato correctly theorizes that objects accelerate when falling. He notes this by observing water flows from a roof as a solid stream at first and then breaks into droplets as it is getting faster. Another demonstration is that stones dropped from higher heights have larger craters in sand.

297 BC  The Pharos Lighthouse built by the Ptolemies

279 BC "One more such victory and we are lost," said the Greek King Pyrrhus after the battle of Asculum in Italy with the Romans.

280 BC  King Pyrrhus of Epirus wins a battle against the Romans, but his casualties are very high.

264-241 BC  First Punic War between Rome and Carthage (called "Punic" from "Phoenician"). Hamilcar Barca commands the army and never loses a major battle. Hamilcar feels betrayed when the politicians of Carthage surrender. He feels they can still win the war. Hamilcar makes his son Hannibal swear an oath to hate Rome.

250  Alexandrian Librarian Eratosthenes of Cyrene calculates dimensions of the earth to within a 5 percent. After reading that on the summer solstice the sun is directly overhead at Aswan and shines straight down into a well, one the same day of the year, he calculates the angle of a shadow at noon in Alexandria to be 7 degrees. Knowing the distance to Aswan was 5,000 stadia, the circumference must be 360/7 times larger or about 250,000 stadia (25,000 miles). 

206 BC  Qin Shi Huang dies - first emperor to unite all of china.

218 BC  Second Punic War - Hannibal Barca crosses the Alps to attack Rome. (Hannibal is praised by Machiavelli for being brutal in visible examples, thereby gaining order in his army, so the amount of true cruelty to his soldiers was less than if he had been softer). Hannibal is wildly successful militarily, but cannot pry the Italian cities away from Rome.

216 BC  Hannibal has one of the greatest military victories at Cannae. About 70,000 men from the Roman forces are killed, only 6,000 of Hannibal's.

202 BC  Hannibal defeated at the battle of Zama by Scipio Africanus.

133 BC  Tiberius Gracchus has Marcus Octavius physically ejected from the Assembly to prevent Octavius from vetoing one of Tiberius's laws. This egregious violation of ancient law and custom starts a series of events that will eventually destroy the Republic. Ironically, Plutarch claimed Marcus Octavius was an ancestor of Emperor Augustus.

87-80 BC  Gaius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla fight over Rome. Sulla makes himself dictator and resigns in 80 BC.

73 BC  Spartacus, a former Roman soldier and gladiator fights against Rome. 

44 BC  Julius Caesar assassinated.

52 BC, September Battle of Alesia - Vercingetorix, leader of the Gauls, retreats to a natural fortress at Alesia. Caesar orders his men to build fortifications all around the fortress so Vercingetorix is trapped inside. Reinforcements for the Gauls start to arrive, and Caesar orders his men to build fortifications on the other side. The Romans are now trapped inside a "donut" with Gauls on the inside and outside. Caesar narrowly wins the battle through a personal charge with his German cavalry.

51 BC  Cleopatra & Ptolemy XII inherit Egypt. Ptolemy was the name of Alexander the Great's general who "inherited" Egypt. Cleopatra was the name of Alexander the Great's sister. Almost three centuries later, the Greek influence in Egypt was still strong.

31 BC  Against all odds, Octavian defeats Antony at battle of Actium. (His soldiers lose heart when Antony leaves the fight to follow Cleopatra who is fleeing the battle). 

27 BC  Caesar Augustus made Roman Emperor.

5 BC - 6 AD  5 BC - 6 AD  Jesus born

1 AD Unfortunately, since the scholars designing the new calendar didn't have the concept of zero, the new date system is calculated to start at year 1.

1 AD Unfortunately, since the scholars designing the new calendar didn't have the concept of zero, the new date system is calculated to start at year 1.

9 AD Battle of Teutoberg Forest - 20,000 Roman soldiers under the command of Publius Quinctilius Varus in Germany are ambushed while in a long convoy line through the Teutoberg Forest. Many years later Emperor Augustus, desperately needing those legions, went around the palace late at night muttering, "Varus, give me back my legions." 
~30  Jesus is crucified.
70 The Romans under Titus destroy Jerusalem, after a long siege; 1.5 million Jews die. The gold taken from the temple finances the Colosseum in Rome.

85-165 Claudius Ptolemy devises a framework of Astronomy which will last for 1400 years. He also calculates pi as 3+8/60+30/602 which in decimals is "3.1416666...", not too bad an estimate for the time.

96-180  Rome has several consecutive "Good Emperors": Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antonius Pius and Marcus Aurelius .

120s  Roman Emperor Hadrian begins the impressive 73 mile long defensive wall in the north of England to keep out the Picts and other warring tribes.

250s  Beginning of the Classic period for the Maya.

313 Edict of Milan is issued. Christians are now tolerated in the Roman Empire.

361  Emperor Julian, "The Apostate," tries to return the Empire back to the Pagan religions.

378. August 9 The Battle of Adrianople (Hadrianopolis) - the beginning of the end of Roman military power. Not waiting for reinforcements becasue he wanted all the glory for himself, Emperor Valens gives the order to his weary men to attack the circled wagons of the Goths. In a surprise to all, the absent Gothic Cavalry happens to return just as the battle is about to begin. The heavy Cavalry routes the light horsemen of the Romans and is victorious over the Roman infantry. Some scholars think this was a historic turning point in the tactics of warfare when the Cavalry gained supremacy over infantry. Others counter that the Roman infantry could have withstood the Cavalry if they had been properly rested, trained, and had a better commander. In either case, the Battle of Adrianople shook the confidence of the Roman Empire. From this point onward the Romans will deal in a defensive manner with the Goths. The Goths were originally glad to be allowed to enter the Empire, but were treated very badly and abused by corrupt Roman administrators. This treatment angered the Goths and they turned against the Romans.

410 Rome sacked by Visigoths under Alaric

476, September 4 Odovacar, a Germanic chieftain, removes the last western Roman emperor, Romulus Augustus. His name is ironic since Romulus founded Rome and Augustus was its first emperor. 

496 Clovis converts to orthodox Christianity

541 Justinian's Plague starts and kills 40% of Constantinople by 544 and 25% of Europe south of the Alps. By the Eighth century this bubonic plague disappears mysteriously not to return to Europe until the Fourteenth century.

550 Persians use windmills to power irrigation pumps.

570 Mohammad born. Syria, Jerusalem, Egypt, Persia, & N. Africa fall to Muslim armies many decades later.

600 - 1600 Medieval: A Dark age dawn’s on Earth.  1000 years of religious anti-technological believes.

632  Muhammad dies.

637  A vastly superior army of Iranian Sassanians is defeated by determined Arab Muslims in the battle of Qadisiyya. 

650  The beginning of the Mississipian Cahokia culture in America, the most advanced of the plains people. The Cahokia people will build the largest earthen mound structure in North America, Monk's Mound and create an astronomic observatory now known as Woodhenge, and trade from the Great Lakes to the Gulf coast. They decline in 1400, a century before the Europeans arrive. 

657-680  The earliest poem written in English, Caedmon's Hymn, is composed. 

732 Battle of Tours, Charles Martel stops a Muslim army and the Muslim advance into Western Europe.

793  Vikings start raiding Ireland.

800 The "Medieval Warming Period" starts and lasts until 1315 or 1350. The Vikings settle Greenland. English farmers grow grapes for wine. Temperatures rise in Europe and farming does well. The population on Europe swells.

900s Fall of the Mayan Classic period. Cities deserted all over Mesoamerica.

999  Gerbert (940-1003) becomes Pope Sylvester II and writes about "Arabic" numerals. Unfortunately the new numbering system doesn't really take hold in Europe until the 14th century. From Paul Gans "It should be noted that the Arabic numerals were neither invented by nor used by the Arabs. They were developed in India by the Hindus around

600 AD." (I dimly remember reading about "counting boards" being used with roman numerals in US Colonial times. Does anyone else remember hearing that?)

1009  An army led by Caliph al-Hakim destroys the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. This desecration will be a rallying point for the Crusades to come.
1095  Pope Urban II calls for the First Crusade to protect the Christian pilgrims from attack. In 1099 they succeed.

1024  The Chinese issue the first paper money.

1066  Harold Godwinson wins the Battle of Stamford Bridge and a second battle at Fulford against the Viking invaders of England lead by Harold Hardraada. Harold then marched his weary army to Hastings to meet yet another invader, Duke William of Normandy. Harold Godwinson was defeated, and the period of Norman domination began. William brought with him the French practice of building stone castles. Few stone castles had been in England before, but by only 1100 England had 84.

1086  The Doomsday Book is written for William the Conqueror to detail the wealth and property of England. 

1099  The first crusade captures Jerusalem.

1140  Angkor Wat, a huge temple complex, is built in Cambodia.

1144  Second Crusade started by Bernard of Clairveaux after the Christian kingdom of Edessa falls to Muslims.

1149  Oxford University is founded in Oxford England.

1175  The Toltec civilization collapses in Mexico.

1187  The magnetic compass becomes common for ocean going ships.

1200  The Mayan culture revives after it's collapse in 900ad and survives until the 1450s when it falls shortly before the Europeans arrive.

1202  Leonardo Fibonacci publishes "The Book of the Abacus" and revolutionizes mathematics in Europe.

1206  Genghis Khan leads the Mongol armies. 30 to 60 million people are killed in their campaigns building the largest known land empire. It stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea. 

1204  On the way to the holy land for the Fourth Crusade, the Crusaders get a little confused and take over Constantinople instead.
1215, June 15  King John of England and his nobles sign the Magna Carta.

1223  Genghis Kahn invades Russia.

1241 April 9 The Battle of Liegnitz is fought between Prince Henry and the Mongols commanded by Batu Khan for control of Poland. The Mongols successfully defeated another European army.

1242  Florence Italy mints the florin, the first gold coin in Europe since the fall of the Roman Empire. It is a sign that stability, trade, and wealth are returning to Europe. The florin would remain a popular coin for five centuries.

1250  European sailors now begin to use the magnetic compass.

1275  Marco Polo starts on his alleged trip to China. He returns in 1295 to Venice.

1281, August  After conquering most of Asia, Kublai Khan invades Japan with 4,400 ships and 140,000 soldiers, but a Typhoon, a "Divine wind", (Kamikaze) destroys most of the fleet. 70,000 troops die in the storm - the worst naval disaster in history.

1285  Spectacles for the farsighted are invented in Italy. 

1300  Eyeglasses are common in Rome for scholars. 

1300  After 1,500 years, the Anasazi of Arizona abandon their cliff dwellings for unknown reasons. 

1300  Gunpowder is being used for warfare in England after being introduced to Europe in 1242.

1315 Great Famine of 1315-1317 Torrential rains and cool weather devastate crops in Europe. Millions die. Criminal activity increases. Acts of cannibalism, infanticide, and child abandonment abounds. The Medieval Warming Period is waning.

1309  Pope Clement V moves papacy to Avignon, starting the 70 year "Babylonian Exile" in France.

1323  The Aztec tribe is forced to flee their homeland to a remote island in a lake because they sacrificed a young Colhua princess from the neighboring tribe to their god instead of marrying her to a prince. In their new island home they see an eagle perched on a cactus which the Aztecs, or Mexica as they are called, take for a divine sign that this is their home. 

1337  Timur-i Lang (Tamerlane) a Muslim conqueror of Mongol descent, is born. Through a savage campaign, he wins a huge territory in the middle east and Asia. Some think his feats rival Alexander the Great. 17 million people may have died from his conquests. 

1346  The Bubonic plague starts in China and moves westward aided by the ease of travel in the Mongol empire. The Mongols laid siege to the port of Kaffa on the Crimean peninsula and catapulted plague corpses into the beseiged city. The Mongol army withdraws, but has succeeded in bringing the plague to Europe. 

1346  The Black Plague (aka Bubonic) enters Sicily. Contemporary accounts place the death toll at one third of inhabitants. Vast social changes result. Workers become a scarce commodity, increasing their bargaining power with employers. Farm land reverts back to forests as the number of farmers decrease it is believed that 75 to 100 million die. 

1346  English defeat the French at battle of Crecy.

1415  Using the Welsh longbow, the English devastate the French at Agincourt. 

1431  Joan of Arc burned at the stake. She is credited with leading the French in victory over the English. The English had been dominating France since Agincourt. The Welsh Longbow was a major reason. Joan of Arc was helped by artillery that could now damage castle walls.

1441  First documented black African slaves imported into Europe.

1453 The Christian kingdom of Constantinople finally falls to the Muslims. Mahomet II using European artillery mercenaries destroys the walls. This is the first use of a forward observer to direct artillery fire whose crews cannot see their targets. In a sense this is the final fall of the Roman Empire.

1455  German inventor Johann Gutenberg revolutionizes knowledge transfer. He improves or invents three items: the printing press, movable metal type, and an oil-based ink. His first work is the 42-line Bible.

1462  Ivan III finally overthrows the mongol overlords and declares Russia the third Rome; which is why the title 'Czar' sounds so much like 'Ceasar'.

1476  The Chimu civilization in Peru is defeated by the rising power of the Inca. The Chimu started around 1100. 

1487  Aztec ruler Ahuitzotl sacrifices 20,000 prisoners to the Aztec war god Huitzilopochtli.

1489  Instead of using abbreviated words to indicate addition and subtraction, German mathematician Johann Widmann starts the practice of using the symbols "+" and "-".

1492, October 12  Queen Isabella's advisers correctly state that China could be visited by going West since they knew the earth was round, but that a ship would run out of supplies first since it was so far. Chistopher Columbus uses some creative math and Fortunately for Christopher Columbus the Americas got in the way. He lands in the Bahamas. He dies in 1506 still thinking he had landed in Asia.

1494  Charles VIII invades Italy with new bronze cannons. In only eight hours, the French break through the fortress walls of Monte San Giovanni, which had previously withstood a siege of seven years. The arrival of the mobile cannon greatly reduces the value of fortresses and had wide political impact - mostly increasing the power of kings over their nobles, since nobles could no longer defy the king and hide behind their castle walls.

1498  Captain Vasco da Gama becomes the first European to travel to India via sea.

1500  Portuguese trader Cabral swings to far West in his route to India and accidently discovers Brazil. If Columbus had not been successful eight years earlier, this is when the New World would be discovered.

1513  Vasco Nunez de Balboa is the first European to see the Pacific ocean. Jealous of his fame, members of the Spanish court convince the King that Balboa is guilty of treason. Balboa is beheaded in 1519.

1514  After studying in Italy, Nicolas Copernicus (1473-1543) returns to Poland convinced that the earth revolves around the sun. He dedicates his work to his friend Pope Paul III. 

1517  An Augustinian monk, Martin Luther, nails his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg; unknowingly initiating the Protestant revolution. 

1519  Ferdinand Magellan starts what will be the first circumnavigation of the globe. He is killed in 1521, but 15 of his sailors will continue back to Europe. 

1521  Hernando Cortez conquers the Aztec empire by turning its neighbors against it. 

1521, May  The Constable of France, Charles de Bourbon, attacks Rome. He is killed early by a crossbow dart, but his army sacks the treasures of ages from the eternal city. 

1532, November Inca ruler Atahuallpa mets Francisco Pizarro. Atahuallpa
wanted to impress the Spanish and the Inca by coming to the meeting with 4,000 unarmed men showing that he was so powerful he needed no soldiers to protect the royal personage. The Spanish slaughter the Incas and hold Atahuallpa hostage. With 150 men, Pizarro conquers the Inca empire of six million people. Moral to the story: Don't trust strangers wanting gifts.

1536  John Calvin writes The Institutes of the Christian Religion. 

1550-1850  The Little Ice Age strikes Europe. After the Medievel Warming Period, when climate was ideal for raising grains in Europe, temperatures start to fall, and with them the fortunes of many in Europe. Crops fail and many starve and freeze to death.

1556  Earthquake in China kills 830,000. 

1572  The Massacre of St. Bartholomew. Tens of thousands of Huguenots (French Protestants) are killed in France.

1575  In Japan two armies meet. The side with guns wins for the first time, yet by mutual agreement, guns are outlawed 100 years later. 

1585 Thomas Hariot first writes about an amazing herbal remedy introduced to him by the local peoples of America called tobacco. (It's really the revenge of the indigenous peoples of America - its killed more Europeans than they could have imagined).

1582, October 4 To correct for the drifting of the equinox from March 21, Pope Gregory XIII decrees that the next day would be October 15. Not all countries obey his edict and many disputes arise over interest to be paid, and wages.

1569 Gerardus Mercator publishes his cylindrical projection of the earth.

1588 Philip II's Spanish Armada of 130 ships attack England, but are defeated.
March 20, 1602  United East India Company (Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie ), or the VOC founded. This was the first multinational joint-stock company, a landmark in economic development. The VOC prospered for centuries, but went bankrupt in 1795 due to corruption and poor management. 

1603, Feb 7  Battle at Glenfruin when the MacGregors slaughtered the Colquhouns (my ancestors). 

1609  The city of Santa Fe, New Mexico is founded. 

1617, Apr 4  John Napier, inventor of logarithms (1614) and Napier's Bones (ivory sticks which foreshadowed the slide rule) dies in Edinburgh. 

1619  Johann Kepler finally solves the mystery of the motion of the planets. The early Greeks thought the study of the heavens was the highest calling of mankind and Johann discovered the plan. He stated three laws of planetary motion. His third law states: "The squares of the planets' orbital periods are proportional to the cubes of the semi-major axes of their orbits." I personally think he is one of the most underrated scientist in history.

1620 Pilgrims arrive at Plymouth. 

1648 1/4 of Polish Jews are massacred, many move to Jerusalem. 

1685  The Edict of Nantes revoked by Louis XIV in France. Many Huguenots are killed and many (like my ancestors) flee France.

1653,Dec 16  Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland. 

1686  Isaac Newton writes Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy which shows the laws of the heavens are the same as the laws of earth.

1707, October Four British warships lead by Admiral Shovell run aground on the Scilly Islands off the English coast killing 2000 sailors. This intensifies the search for a solution to "The Longitude Problem". Eventually solved by John Harrison with an accurate clock.

1712 Thomas Newcomen creates the first successful steam engine used to evacuate water from mines.

1714 Jethro Tull perfects the seed drill, which produces eight times more wheat from the sown seed. For his efforts, he is vilified.

1735 Carolus Linneaus creates a taxonomic system for naming species

1754 Scottish chemist Joseph Black discovers carbon dioxide and later the latent heat of fusion. 

1776 The American colonies declare themselves independent of Great Britain.

1776, September 6 David Bushnell navigates his primitive submarine, the Turtle, toward a British ship. His attempt at sinking the ship fails, but scares the blockading British ship away.

1777, September 7 A British sharpshooter, Major Patrick Ferguson, has an American officer in his sights, but does not fire, since it would be unprofessional to kill an unsuspecting officer. The officer is later revealed to be George Washington. 

1778, January 18 James Cook is the first European to travel to Hawaii.

1781, October 19 General Cornwallis surrenders to the colonists in American while the band plays "The World Turned Upside Down". 25,000 Americans died in the war.

1783, November 21 First manned hot air balloon flight in Paris by Jean Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Marquis D'Arlands.

1786  Sir William Jones, Chief Justice of India, proposes that Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and many European languages were all descended from a common Proto-Indo-European language.

1789, July 14 The French Revolution begins with the storming of the Bastille to free prisoners. Oddly enough the Bastille was empty of any real prisoners.

1791, November 4 Miami Chief 'Little Turtle' inflicts the worst defeat by Native Americans on the US Army under the command of Arthur St. Clair, ninth President of the Continental Congress in the Battle of Wabash. Six hundred soldiers are killed, one-quarter of the US Army.

1790 Based on traveling thouands of miles in England, John McAdam invents a new way to create roads by using crushed stones and gravel to remove water quickly from the roadbed. His improvement allows for faster travel and more trade in England.

1795 The Metric system of measurement was introduced into France.

1798 Thomas Malthus publishes An Essay on the Principle of Population claiming starvation was inevitable for the human race. Oddly enough, 200 years later the world is better feed than ever, but many still believe him.

1801 Joseph-Marie Jacquard invents a loom that uses punched cards to create designs in fabric. Workers fearful for their jobs threw their sabots, or shoes, into the machines to destroy them; giving rise to our word 'sabotage'. 

1803 It is estimated that the population of the world reached one billion for the first time

1804 Napoleon is crowned Emperor of France.

1805  Napoleon's navy defeated at the Battle of Trafalgar by Nelson. The British fleet under the command of Horatio Nelson defeats a combined Spanish-French Fleet. AGAMEMNON was the name of one of his ships

1805, April 27  William Eaton leads the first American overseas miltary action on land. Against enormous odds, the Marines and mercenaries take the city of Derna, Tripoli. 

1812, June 24  Napoleon takes Moscow, but its a hallow victory. The city is burned to the ground and the Tsar does not surrender. Napoleon and whats left of the Grand Armee retreat.

1812  During the War of 1812, the British under the command of General Robert Ross attack Washington DC and burned the White House, but not before enjoying a lovely dinner prepared by Dolly Madison before she fled. 

1815, June 18  Napoleon defeated at Waterloo

1816  The Year Without a Summer. Mount Tambora erupts and throws so much dust in the air that it causes 10 inches of snow to fall in June in New England (US). Crops fail and famine is common. Many blame Benjamin Franklin and his experiments with electricity for the freak weather. Mary Shelley is forced inside and writes Frankenstein.

1822  Jakob Grimm, of Grimm Fairy Tales fame, proposes 'Grimm's Law' - that many consonants have shifted in a consistent way from Non-Germanic languages (like Latin and Greek) to Germanic languages (like English). For example, 'p's become 'f's, as in Latin 'pater' becoming English 'father'; Latin 'pisces' becomes English 'fish'. 

1833  Charles Babbage designs the Difference Machine - a forerunner of the modern computer. Traditionally it was thought to fail because metallurgy was not yet advanced enough. Recent views blame his machinist for wasting the money and being lazy.

1833  England outlaws slavery and frees 780,993 slaves in its possessions.

1838 January 24 Samuel Morse demonstrates the telegraph in public.

1840, March 28 The ironclad gunboat, the Nemesis, built by a Scottish shipbuilder John Laird, leaves England bound for China becoming the first ironclad to round the Cape of Good Hope. In China, she destroys nine war-junks, five forts, two military stations and a shore battery in a single day. The technological gap in warfare is widdening between Europe and the rest of the world.

1845-1848  The Great Hunger (aka Potato Famine). Blight causes potato crop to fail. 1.5 million die of starvation and disease. Ireland still exports grain to England to pay rents. Help from England was too little too late.

1847, Sept 14 United States troops enter Mexico City under the command of General Winfield Scott. A treaty ending the Mexican American war was signed in February.

1848, February 26 Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels publish a little pamphlet, The Communist Manifesto.

1850-1864 The Taiping Rebelion ends up being a widespread civil war in southern china, led by hong xiuquan who had visions that he was the brother of Jesus Christ, the ruling Manchu led Qing Dynasty fought the rebels with the death of 20 million people died, mainly civilians and is one of the deadliest military conflicts in history  

1854  Admiral Perry visits Japan with his Black Ships and opens trade with the West.

1854, October 25  During the Crimean War, Lord Cardigan led the British cavalry against the Russians in what would become known as "The Charge of the Light Brigade".

1856 Louis Pasteur shows that disease is spread from tiny, little organisms, instead of bad vapors. Germ theory is born.

1859  Charles Darwin publishes Origin of Species.

1859 George Bissel sees prices for whale oil skyrocketing as the spermicitti whales are overhunted and gambles on hiring Edwin Drake to drill an oil well in Titusville, PA. Progress is very slow and Bissel mails Drake to shut down the well. Fortunately the letter arrives late. Edwin Drake had just stuck the first oil well the day before. Whale oil was selling for 5 dollars a gallon, and kerosene soon sold for 10-25 cents a gallon. 

1860  James Clerk Maxwell completes his four equations of

1860  Herman Hollerith invents an electronic tabulator for the US Census. He starts a company that eventually becomes IBM.

1864, February 17 The Confederate H. L. Hunley becomes the first submarine to sink an enemy ship, the Union Housatonic. The Hunley sinks shortly afterwords killing all nine men on board.

1864, April 19  The CSS Albemarle, a Confederate ironclad designed by an 19 year old, and built in a corn field, sinks a Union ship and wins the Battle of Plymouth for the South.

1865 Augustinian monk Gregor Mendel lays the foundation for modern genetics

1862, May 4  A scout in the Civil War became the first person to be killed by a pressure activated land mine. This novel instrument of war was developed by Southern Gabriel J. Rains. and has been a scourge of the earth ever since. Land mines caused a third of the American injuries in Vietnam War.

1866  Prussia invades Austria. Prussia had smartly sent observers to the American Civil War. They learned of railroads, telegraphs, and new firearms. The Prussians used this newfound knowledge in a war with Austria. They slaughtered the Austrians using their new Needle guns which used a cartridge instead of muzzle loading, and could be reloaded in a prone position. With the railroads they brought fresh troops quickly to battle areas.

1866  The United States and Europe are connected by a 2,500 mile long telegraph cable.

1867, August 2  Using their new .50 caliber Springfield breech loading rifles, 26 soldiers from Fort Kearny, Wyoming fend off 1,500 Lakota Indians led by Red Cloud in "The Wagon Box Fight". The Lakota attacked in waves. The second wave expected to kill the reloading soldiers, but instead were greeted by a round of bullets from the new repeating rifles. Three soldiers and approximately 50 Indians were killed. 

1876  Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone.

1876  Michelson and Morley fail to verify the existence of the ether.

1876  At the Battle of Little Big Horn, the Sioux, Cheyenne, and Crow Indians defeated General George Custer's troops. Many have speculated that if Custer had not split his troops, and kept the cannon, he could have won easily. 25% of the Indians are estimated to have had superior weapons than the US Cavalry. The Indians had Spencers, Winchesters, and Henry repeating rifles. Custer's men were armed primarily with the Springfield single shot rifles.

August 26,1883  The island volcano of Krakatoa in Indonesia brilliantly explodes. 36,000 people are killed. The tide is influenced in England and fine volcanic dust settles in New York. The sound of the explosion is heard 3,000 miles away.
April 20, 1898 The Spanish-American War starts. Newspaper reports of alleged atrocities by the Spaniards against Cubans fanned the flames for the US to intervene to free the Cubans from their Colonial overlords. Ironically after the war, The US was in possession of its own colonies of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam. 

1899-1902  Boer War. The descendants of the Dutch fight for independence from Britain.

1901  Guglielmo Marconi sends the first wireless transatlantic radio signal from England to Newfoundland.

1903  Orville and Wilbur Wright fly the first heavier than air craft. 

1904  Japanese sink half the Russian fleet in the opening move of the Russo-Japanese war. The Russians badly underestimate the modern Japanese fleet which a year later destroys most of the remaining navy. The Japanese used the new Marconi radios to scout for the oncoming Russian Navy.

1905 While working as a patent clerk, Albert Einstein, publishes his theory of relativity and also states energy equals matter (E = mc2). This is his 'miracle year'. He publishes four vastly different papers. Three of them are Nobel prize winning material in their own right.

1906  HMS Dreadnought starts new era in warships. It was unique in some of the following ways: more armor (11 inch plate), larger than predecessors (18,000 tons), used steam turbine engine for smoother, faster, more reliable power, used single caliber guns instead of a mix of large and small guns. The Dreadnought battleship design started a very expensive arms race. 

1911  Rutherford proposes the 'Solar System' model of the atom. 

1911  Instead of each state's legislature selecting them, United States senators are to be elected by popular vote. 

1912  The unsinkable Titanic goes down with over 1,500 souls. A steward from the White Star Line is reported as having said, "Not even God Himself can sink this ship". "Hubris" is what the Greeks called it. 

1914 On Sunday, 28 June, at approximately 10:45 am, Franz Ferdinand and his wife were killed in  Sarajevo, the capital of the Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia & Herzegovina, by Gavrilo Princip, 19 at the time, a member of You of a group of assassins organized by the Black Hand. The event led to a chain of events that will eventually triggered the first World War.

Austria-Hungary Empire declares war on Serbia, the Russian Empire allied to Serbia and willing to go to war to save Serbia's sovrenty declares war.

German Empire declares war on Russia.

1914, August 3  Germany declares war on France starting the "war to end all wars".

The British Empire neutral so far of the events in Europe but allied to neutral Belgium had to honor its treaty as the Germans invade Belguim to outflank the French. 

1915 With the offensives of both sides now drawn to a halt,  the opposing sides now dig in at the frontlines and trench warefare will come to dominate the war.

1916, April  Ernest Shackleton, Frank Worsley, and four others begin a treacherous 800-mile ocean crossing from Antarctica to South Georgia Island in what will be, according to many, the greatest sailing journey of all time. Their original ship, the Endurance was crushed in the ice so six of the men set sail in one of the life boats, the James Caird, to get help for the others trapped back in Antarctica. 

1916  Einstein publishes his 'General Relativity' paper.

1916, 31 May  The Battle of Jutland. The first and last great battle of the Dreadnought class ships. Britain and Germany spent untold fortunes to build and man these ship, but battle was inconclusive. 

1916  The First Battle of the Somme began. It lasted five months and the death toll of over one million was for the sake of an Allied advance of 125 square miles. 

1917, Apr 6 The United States enters World War I against Germany. The tide of the war is already against the Germans. Ten million people will die from the war. 

1917 The Bolsheviks, led byVladimir Lenin, pushed for socialist revolution in the Soviets and on the streets. In November 1917, during the October Revolution, they seized power. In December, the Bolsheviks signed an Armistice with the Central Powers.

1917, December 17 The first true aircraft carrier, the British HMS Argus is launched.

1918, November 11 On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month World War I is officially over. The treaty was signed at 5am with hostilities to cease at 11am. During those 6 hours, 2,738 soldiers died, 320 of those were American. American commanders who knew the war was to be over in hours still sent soldiers into battle to "punish" the Germans.

1918 Influenza virus kills 100 million people. About a quarter of the US population catches it and 2 to 3% die from it.  The pandemic lasted from June 1918 to December 1920, spreading even to the Artic and remote Pacific islands. Between 50 and 100 million died, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history. Even using the lower estimate of 50 million people, 3% of the world's population (1.86 billion at the time) died of the disease. Some 500 million, or 27% (≈1/4), were infected.

1919 The Russian civil war escalates as the democracies of the west help the White Russian force but the Reds of the soviets will eventualy win the war.

1922 The Soviet Union officialy Established.

1922 The Irish Free State is established.

1923 DeBroglie proposes the matter-wave theory.

1924 The father of the soviet Union(formerly Russian Empire) Lenin dies, State funeral declared.

1923 Heisenberg probably stated his uncertainty principle.

1927 Joseph Stalin become the new leader of the Soviet Union.

1927 It has been 123 years since the world population hit one Billion and now it has reached two billion.

1928  First Soviet 5-year Plan, 5 million Ukrainian peasants are deliberately starved to death. Visiting journalists ignore famine and praise Stalin's success.

1928 Sept 15 Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming notices penicillin mold killing a staphylococcus culture. The revolution of antibiotics is started. 

1929 The Great Depression starts with the Walls Street Crash.

1930  The "planet" Pluto discovered

1932  Sir James Chadwick discovers the neutron.

1933 Nazi leader Adolf Hilter is appointed Chancellor of Germany by President of Germany Paul Von Hindenburg.

1935  Scottish engineer Robert Watson-Watt shows his new invention, Radar, to the British Military. 19 Radar stations are active on the eve of WWII saving countless British lives.

1936 The Spanish Civil War.

1937 The second Sino-Japanese war starts

1937, May 6  The German airship Hindenburg explodes in New Jersey. Amazingly 61 of the 97 persons aboard survive. 

1938, November 10  Kristallnacht, a night of terror visited upon the Jews of Germany by the Nazis. Hundreds of Jews are killed and the glass from synagogues and businesses are shattered onto the streets. 

1939 The Fasicsts win the Civil war over the Comunists with the help from fascist countries from Germany and Italy.

The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, was an agreement officially titled the Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union and signed in Moscow of 23 August 1939. each pledged to remain neutral in the event that either nation were attacked by a third party

Germany and Italy pursue territorial expansionist agendas. Germany demands the annexation of the Federal State of Austria and German-populated territories in Europe. From 1935 to 1936, Germany receives the Saar, remilitarizes the Rhineland. Italy initially opposes Germany's aims on Austria but the two countries resolve their differences in 1936 in the aftermath of Italy's diplomatic isolation following the start of the Second Italo-Abyssinian War. Germany becoming Italy's only remaining ally. Germany and Italy improve relations by forming an alliance against communism in 1936 with the signing of the Anti-Comintern Pact. Germany annexes Austria in the event known as the Anshluss. The annexation of Sudetenland followed after negotiations which resulted in the Munich Agreement of 1938. The Italian Invasion of Albania in 1939 succeeds. Germany receives the Memel territory from Lithuania occupies Czechoslovakia, and finally invades the Poland on September 1st. The final event resulting in the outbreak of the Second World War as the Soviets attack form the East as partion off the country with Germany.

1939, November 30  The Soviet Union invades Finland and starts the Russo-Finish War. The Soviets do so poorly against such a weaker opponent that Hitler is confirmed in his belief that the political purge eviscerated the Red Army. The Soviets do win the war on March 12.

1940 The German Army invades Norway and Denmark.

1940 The Battle for France results with the entire French army routing on all fronts as the Germans invade from the low-countries and flanks the French and British forces near Dunkirk,

1940 The battle of Britain results in the British isles starving off a German invasion,
1940  Alan Turing with help from Polish sources and Cambridge mathematician, W. G. Welchman breaks the German Enigma code saving countless Allied lives.

1940, November Proving the worth of aircraft carriers, the HMS Illustrious launches an attack on the Italian fleet at Taranto with 21 out-dated Fairey Swordfish biplanes. Three of the six battleships are severely damaged. Some naval officers take note, many still dismiss aircraft carriers as just novelties. 

1941 The Start of the first Consentration camps that turns into the first Eradication Camp, sStart of the Holocaust.

1941, June 22 Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia, is launched 129 years to the day after Napoleon crossed the Niemen into Russia. Stalin did not believe the numerous intelligence reports detailing the German buildup. It was the largest military operation ever mounted.  

1941 December 7,  Attack on Pearl Harbor,  a surprise military strike conducted by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States naval base at Pearl Habor, Hawaii. The attack is intended as a preventive action in order to keep the U.S. Pacific Fleet from interfering with military actions the Empire of Japan is planning in Southeast Asia against overseas territories of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States.

1941, December 8  Japanese attack Wake island. The defenders of the tiny island fight against overwhelming odds and hold the island, providing the first victory for the US in the Pacific. Reinforcements are sent from Hawaii, but later, in a very controversial decision, recalled back to Hawaii. The Wake island defenders push back advancing Japanese soldiers, but the American officers surrender the island on

Decmeber 23, in another controversial decision. 

The Second Sino-Japanses war and the Second European War merged into single war in 1941, becoming a single global conflict.

1942, December 2 At the University of Chicago Enrico Fermi and friends generate the first self-sustained nuclear reaction.

1942, February 23 A Japanese submarine shells an oil refinery near Santa Barbara California.

1942 The Battle of Stallingrad. what looks like the Soviets last stand before Moscow will eventualy turn as the Russians greatest victory in 1943.

1942, May 7 Carrier groups of Japanese and Americans fight the Battle of the Coral Sea. This is the first time that the ships fighting never had sight of each other; airplanes did the damage. Although the battle is a draw, one carrier loss for both sides, the Japanese invasion plans in the south are thwarted.

1943, July 12 The largest tank engagement, the Battle of Kursk, is fought between the Germans and the Russians.

1943, September 9 The battleship Roma is attacked by two German Fritz X bombs, becoming the first vessel sunk by a guided weapon.

1944, June 6 The largest amphibious landing in history, the invasion of Normandy, starts. This begins the end for the Third Reich (well, unless you talk with the Russians about the Eastern Front).

1945, March 9-10 First fire-bombing of Tokyo.

1945 April the United Nations is founded.

1945 April 30th, Adolf Hitler commits suicide, this causes a chain reaction which all german forces surender with a week after his death.

1945 May 8th the war in Europe ends.

1945 The Holocaust ends with the death nearly 9 million dead with 5 million being of Jewish faith.

1945, August 6 At 08:16, the B-29 Enola Gay, piloted by Colonel Paul Tibbets, dropped an atomic bomb containing 60 kg of uranium-235 on Hiroshima Japan, killing an estimated 80,000 civilians outright and perhaps over 200,000 total.

1945, August 9 The B-29 named "Bocks Car" dropped a the bomb, "Fat Man", containing 8 kg of plutonium-239 on Nagasaki Japan. (The B-29 program cost 3 million dollars, while the atomic bomb cost less, 2 million).

1945, August 14  VJ Day - Japan surrenders in WWII eight days after the second atom bomb is dropped. His subjects hear Emperor Hirohito voice the next day for the first time on the radio as he announces the surrender.

1948 Foundation of the Jewish State in the Middle East.

1949 The Peoples Rebublic of China declared after a long civil war which started before the Second World War as the Communists finaly sucseed.

1949  Half of all the gold mined in history, 22,000 tons, is in the United States.  

1950 The Korean War starts as the Communist North invades the Capalists South.

1952, November 1  Ushering in the thermonuclear age, the first hydrogen bomb named 'Mike' is detonated by the US. 'Mike' was not a practical weapon since it weighed 70 tons and was a big as a house. 

1953 The North Korean signs a ceasefire with the South as USA with the Western Powers and China with Russian asistance all made factors within this small penisular. There will be no official treaty of peace, making it the longest ceasefire in human history.

1954, January 21 Nautilus, the first nuclear powered submarine, is launched.

1957  Sputnik I becomes the first man-made satellite by the Soviet Union Space Program.

1958 29th July President Eisenhower signs the National Aeronautics and Space Act, establishing the National Aeronautics Space Administration(NASA).

1959 December  Launching the SSBN George Washington, the world's first nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine, the US moves unknowingly ahead in the cold war.

1960, January 23  Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh travel to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the lowest point on earth, in the Bathyscaphe Trieste. Oddly, no one has ever gone back a second time.

1960 The worlds population reaches 3 Billion.

1961, January 3  An experimental nuclear power plant in Idaho, the SL-1, goes "prompt critcal" during maintence and kills three Army specialists. The reactor is buried on site. 

1961 The Apollo program was the spaceflight effort carried out by the United States' NASA, that landed wanted to be the first humans on Earth to land on the Moon . Conceived during the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Apollo began in earnest after President John F. Kennedy  proposed the national goal of "landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth" by the end of the 1960s  address to the U.S Congress.

1961 The Bay of Pigs Invasion results in a U.S. and "free" Cuban Nationals disaster. 

1961, April 11  Yuri A. Gargarin becomes the first human in space and to orbit the earth.

1962 The Cuban Missle Crisis, a stand off between the United States and Soviet Russia with the establishment of Nuclear Missles in the Communist Cuba nearly escaltes to the Third World War until the Russians publicly back down and remove the missles, the U.S. secretly removes its missles from Turkey 6 months later within the agreement with the Russians.

1963  Norman Borlaug launches the "Green Revolution" by breeding a strain of wheat that yields three to five times than ordinary wheat. Borlaug saves millions of lives in India, which after much bureaucratic red tape, finally allows the grain to be imported.

1964  Quarks are proposed to be the basic building blocks of most matter. 

1965 The U.S. start full deployment into the Vietnam conflict.

1969 20th July  Kennedy's goal is finally accomplished with the SATURN V rocket launches with the apollo 11 mission when astronauts Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed their Lunur Module on the Moon and walked on its surface, They landed back  on Earth on July 24. Five subsequent Apollo missions also landed astronauts on the Moon, the last in December 1972. In these six spaceflights, 12 men walked on the Moon.

1973 The Yom Kippur war is fought localy by mainly Egyptians against Isreali armed forces but would lead to an oil emargo which effects all Isreali allies while hostilities continued.

1974 The worlds population reaches 4 Billion.

1975 The Vietnam conflicts comes to an end when the U.S are removed by internal political obligations.

1981 NASA's Space Shuttle program, officially called Space Transportation System (STS), was the United States government's manned launch vehicle program from 1981 to 2011.

1982, March 19  A group of Argentine scrap-metal merchants raise their flag over the island of South Georgia in the opening scene of what will become the Falklands War with Great Britain.

1984 Largest bio-terrorist attack in the United States modern history occurs in The Dalles, Oregon. 751 people become ill with the salmonella bacteria spread by followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.  

1986 28 Jan The Challenger space shuttle exploded in mid-flight killing all 7 crew members.

1986 A Nuclear accident at the Chenobyl facility causes the largest outbreak of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere.

1987 The worlds population reaches 5 Billion.

1991 The fall of the Soviet Union means the end of the Cold War.

1994 Hutus massacre 800,000 Tutsis in a few weeks using Machetes and clubs (Why can't we all just get along?) 

1998 November 20th  Construction of the International Space Station begins in Earth orbit.

1999 6 Billion people now live on Earth.

starts is term in office.

2001 February 26 On Earth, NASA scientists announce that the macrobiotic fossils found in a Martian meteorite in 1996 were the remains of organic life that once lived on Mars, though the results are disputed.
2001 The Russian Mir space station is de-orbited and crashes into the Pacific ocean after 15 years of service.

September 11 2001, Terrorists attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the headquaters of the US military, the Pentagon.

2003 The space shuttle Columbia is destroyed during mid-entry back to Earth killing all 7 crew members.

2004 a Tsunami triggered by a Earthquake that hits the entire Indian Ocean coastline and kills 200,000 people.

2005 The entity that would become the RDA is a little more than a Silicon Valley startup in the early 21st century, its founders borrowed money from friends and family to begin the company.

2008 A global Reecession cripples the planet's ecomonies.

2009 The first black American President in history is inauguated.

2011 A earthquake strike Japan and the following Tsunami kills 30,000 japanese

2011 The middle east countries of Tunisa and Egypt populations rise up against their opressive governments and win, The country of Libya and there dictator Gadafi resists the uprising and a civil war ensues, the conflict will continue through out 2011 aswel in Syria.

2011 A Near Earth Asteroid narrowly avoids a collision with Earth, This puts on never before seen resurgence of space exploration and secondly Earth’s Survival and eventually it‘s defence.

2012 The Earths population is now at 7 Billion.

2012 The new leader of the communinst North Korea Kim Jong Un faces clashes from his top generals, an attack on the USS George H W Bush aircraft carrier by N.Korean air forces brings the internal conflict to the international stage. A nuclear warhead explodes 90 miles in the Sea of Japan to detour any foreign intervention, The Chinese surprisingly severs all ties with the DPRK government as it is on a reckless path to its own destruction and China is not willing to loose its global position for the small state.

2013 The first "designer" baby is born in the USA and soon becomes trend for the rich and famous alike wanting blonde hair and blue eyes being the most popular, this genetic tecnology will soon be the cure to genetic human diseases and will efectivly eradicate cancer within 80 years.

2013 A joint United States, Korean and Japanese forces launch an invasion of the North Korean penisular inisial the invasion faces little resistiance but soon faces hard battles nearing the capital city of Pyongyang, eventualy the city falls and the invasion continues to the Amnok River of the border of China.

2014 The most of the North Korean population are in shock of high level of living of there neibours of the south and China.

2014 The USA is replaced as the worlds largest economy by the Chinese Republic but will remain the worlds number one military power.

2015 A meteor 300 metres in size hits the southern Atlantic Ocean near South America, the coasts of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay with are hit with 15 metre high waves and causes large destruction and the coast of south Africa, Nambia and Angola are the hardest hit, wide spread death with 130 thousand dead, the 2015 SAOM impact will bring a rebirth in space exploration with the main purpose in detecting near Earth objects.

2015 Civil unrest erupts in Afghanistan.

2015 The U.N places a worldwide Ban on identical human cloning mprovements of natural human abilities is legal, but adding new abilities is not. Treatments to improve strength, reflexes, mental ability, or appearance are permitted; adding a tail or the ability to digest cellulose is not. Some genetic enhancement is provided for free to the national militarirs recruits, but the average citizen must pay for the privilege. The process can take years to reach fruition in an adult.

2016 The joint United States and S.Korean occupation force leaves the North and gives the North Korean people the ability to rebuild there own country and to remain independent or join the South within 10 years.

2016 Creation of Earth Force Security by 48 internatonal security firms at its headquaters in Vancouver, Canada,  As the era of the large nation-state militaries draws toward its end, the world of warfare is evolving rapidly. New challenges demand new solutions, sometimes with unpredictable outcomes.  In recent years, state-sponsored militaries have struggled to maintain their modernize forces. Increasing budget restrictions and difficulties in recruiting skilled personnel have led many countries to seek other solutions.  The Vancouver Accords are ratified by 191 countries, including the US and all the major powers.

They define and limit the role of PMCs in combat, as well as their new responsibilities in terms of human rights. The right of PMC units to serve in every aspect of military operations is now officially authorized: They can be engaged in full-scale forward operations.  The guidelines set down by the accords are simple. PMCs act as international and independent entities and must be contracted by a sovereign state to enter a conflict. They cannot target civilian populations. PMC operational units have the status of official combatants, and a PMC unit must use their own equipment to fulfill their missions.

As a consequence they are now fully authorized to purchase heavy equipment on the international armaments market (fighters, attackers, armored vehicles etc.) PMC units are now real private armies officially recognized by sovereign states. The war market has been deregulated: States lift all commercial restrictions to conventional weapons exchange with PMC units, so long as they respect the VAncouver Accords. Within the limits of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, it is now up to each nation decide whom they wish to sell to – and what they wish to sell. Most of the leading nations, including the United States, choose to sell only their older, outmoded equipment to the PMCs. A few, however, see the opportunity for quick profit, and make available even top of the line military hardware.

Turning PMC units into operational international armies is intended to decrease regional and international conflicts, better protect civilian populations and human rights, and intensify the international war on terror. PMCs are seen as the future of peace-keeping forces, and their lack of political entanglements and quick response times theoretically makes them excellent fast responders to crises and humanitarian missions.

More and more nations now rely increasingly on Private Military Companies (PMC) – elite mercenary groups staffed with equally elite personnel - to support their field operations.  PMCs have proven to be excellent partners in respect to efficiency, skills, low prices, and reliability. They’ve been able to fulfill most of the mission normally handled by regular armies, without risking political fallout, In time these private military corps diversified their field of operations, from mere securing land objectives to motorized assault and counter-intelligence. It was not long before a few of these PMC secured enough resources to require being involved complete support air and sea-bound operations.

2016 Vladimir Putin is promoted Presdent for life as the while implements more Nationlizm policies.

2016 Earth Force Security replaces Nato as the main peace keeping mission in Afghanistan.

2017 Isreal joins the European Union at the same time the EU Constitutation is signed.

2017 Maiden flight of the Venture Star Class shuttle by NASA.

2017 As Earth Force Security becomes to dominate the $250 billion market of the PMC industry, 37 private armies and some affiliates  go ahead to found Hammer Global Security to directly compete with EFS.

2017 some Nations begin to colonize the ocean to take advantage of its natural resources, as the Arctic Ocean become more accesable, conflict with russia , Untied startes and the European Union flare up.

2017 The first Cloned human is believed to of been born in this year somewhere in Brazil's interior and kept in secret for the rest of the world.

2017 The European Constitution is passed by the majority of its members.

2018 The domminence of EFS of the PMC market forces 26 ailing private security firms around eastern and central Europe forge Hammer Global Security.

2018 July 7th The Magni class Luna Transit is launched with the first permanent Lunar Colony being established by the first man to walk on the Moon since 1972 by Pyotr Zhenya Morozov landing in the same location as the first moon landing at the Sea of Tranquillity on Earth's moon. A combination by the European, japanese, Russian and American space agencies. First step of a united global exploratry space program, with disputes raging from all national parties on who should have the Right to settle colonies first on the Moon, to resolve this the national space program's start talks to about a unified colonisation program but all agree to establish there own settlement first as agreeed by the Treaty of Moscow, the first Asteroid detection grid is established at Tranquility Base this same year by the United States.

2018 The United States launches its new Venture Star Shuttle line.

2018 EFS mans the 10 mile border DMZ in occupied North Korea and China.

2019 The International Space Station is completed in Earth orbit.

2019 The PMC Hammer is granted a lucative military contract with Turkey and Lebanon resepectivley.

2019 The new Democractic Republic of Korea Government lets the people vote for Unification with the South or keep there sovereignty, the votes outcome is a overwheming for Unification and the South welcomes the proposal for a united Korea.

2019 04/08 19 A new pathogen forms in central Africa that effects the lungs and leads neuropathic effects in the brain stem that causes loss of consciousness and falls in to a coma, within days there is catastrophic cell death of multiple tissue-types, and causes body wide organ failure and rapid death within weeks.

 2019 The Japanese  multi-corporation of Yutani Corp is created out of 14 Japanese businesses.

2019 30/08/19 A diagnostic team in central Africa has identified a new disease which has been named LEB-11. It is quite severe and must be investigated further. no other countries outside of the region are reporting the disease.

2019 RDA becomes in potition of a patent of a new revolutionary cheap Maglev train system concept capable of excess of 690+ Mph. a planned route from Los Angeles to San Fransisco gets approvals as the US falls more behind its European and Asian rivals, this new revolutionary travel may bring North America into the 21st century.

2019 1/9/19 First death from LEB-11 has been confirmed in Central Africa, the countries affected start cure research.

2019 30/10/19 3 months since the discovery of LEB-11, reports from nearly all countries within the African continent have the pathogen within there populations.  It is beleived there are more than 75 million people with the disease and 15 million have already died from it as most countries in Central Africa have started central corpse disposal.

2019 14/12/19 First reports outside of Africa are confirmed in Saudi Arabia, many countries within Africa close there ports to try and contain the disease. Sudan puts curfews in place.

2019 25/12/19 Christmas day is mared with the news of the LEB-11 outbreak in the UK, Central Africa mobilises infectious disease teams as the whole population is infected and the majority of the region are already dead. Angola, South Africa and Algeria removes grug research safeguards and start human testing. condemed by the United Nations

2020 11/1/20 LEB-11 reported in Argentina, India, France and Madagascar. Botswana priotitises healthcare for the infected.

2020 3/2/20 Morocco prioritising cure research, as South Africa gives cure maximum priority. New air filters are now being used to stop transmitting the LEB-11 disease between countries. India and Australia are reporting symptoms of the disease in there hospitals. Spain, France and the Uk declare a national emergency.

2020 18/2/20 LEB-11 has been placed on the RMS watch list, alrady dangerous, governments are warned that it could become unstoppable.  Reported death toll at 359,428,712. LEB-11 begins to spread into Asia.

2020 19/3/20 The South African government is the first to fall into anarchy due to LEB-11. The Untied States issues Pandemic Alert. All western nations with the outbreak of the disease declare a state of Marital Law.

2020 9/4/20 Central Africa, East African regions and Sudan are considered dead zones. Reports that the death toll has passed one Billion.

2020 17/4/20 The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo is canceled, even though Japan is not an infected country.

2020 24/5/20 Research doctors all around the world are completely focused on the developing the cure for LEB-11. The President of India is taken ill, doubts rise if he can still lead the country.

2020 4/7/20 Huge nuclear explosion in India has released a vast cloud of radioactive particles, cause unknown but location suggests failure/ sabotage of nuclear powerplant containment systems.China resorts to firing squads on the infected. 

2020 31/7/20 A vaccination has been found for the LEB-11, this will only stop the you from getting the disease but for those already infected there is no cure as yet. The disease has been frauted  with a global effort in tackling the disease, Pax-12 starts being deployed worldwide but will take 5 months to vaccinate the countries already infected.

2020 The majority of Africa is know null of human life with only pockets left here and there with an estimated 990 million dead, India has over 200 million dead, China has 90 million dead, the midle east including Saudi Arabia 12 million dead,USA, Canada and Mexico has 5 million dead, whole of South America has 15 million dead, Australia, Phillippines and Indonesia has over 10 million dead and Europe has 25 million dead with most of them being in Eastern Europe and Spain with 7 million.

2020 The process of seperating the infected of LEB-11 from the healthly is performed and is sanctioned by the UN in all infected countries,  This is seen as leaving the the infected to die so the remainder of the human race can survive long enougth to be vacinated. It is reported that 1.3 billion people will die before LEB-11 runs out of infected people.

2020 The United Republic of Korea is formed with the new nations Capital of Seoul and the second of Pyongyang,  formal borders will remain in place but will have only be a buffer zone for the different laws (just like the English and Scottish border of the United Kingdom).

2021 The L-11 Outbreak takes hold in cental Africa as Tanzania, Zambia and Angola close the border to the Refugees tying to escape the effected zones.

2021 Weyland Corporation is formed out of a coalition of United States and United Kingdom conglomerates.

2021 EFS leaves Afghanistan, the PMC  is nearly bankrupts signs a new deal with South Africa in the defense of the northern borders.

2021 As colonisation of the oceans expand rapidly, nations begin to ignore the LAws of the Sea by claiming territories and forming confederations with military defence. Eventually the United Nations was unable to maintain its aims of peace as nations became divided. With no one to maintain maritime law, organisations with no attachments to any nation began to expand their colonisation of the sea for its wealth.

by 2021, the world reached a climax when it was nearly plunged into World war 3, following the almost nuclear war by Captain Marilyn Stark of the of a United States submarine. This being referred to as the "Livingston Trench Incident'. After NORPAC (North Pacific Confederation) denied her permission to launch an attack on the Livingston Trench in the North Atlanic, she continued to proceed until being relieved of command. In order to prevent this from occuring again, nations and confederations agreed on a new world peace, which lead to the formation of the United Earth Oceans to preside over the reach of the oceans. As a symbol of peace.  Among the original members of the UEO were the United States, Canada, Untied Kingdom, Russian Federation and France among others, as well as many other undersea "confederations", such as the newly formed Montagnard Confederation and the Amazonian Confederation among others.

2022 Reports of the L-11 Outbreak in Praetoria and Casblanca, the contaminated Outbreak zone is believed to be the whole Afircan Continent, all shipping ports now under Quarantine within Africa, Israel with the help from US and EU funding blockade the Suez Canal and the Port of Gibraltor will be evacuated and turned into a rapid response naval base with Canaries islands bing used by the USA and Madagascar formed into a Refugee haven.

2022 The Global economy takes a massive hit due to the L-11 Outbreak.

2022 Hurricane Season Ends... But not in the way you think, increasingly erratic weather patterns have caused the Global Weather Association to abolish the term 'Hurricane Season'. Once confined to the months of June through November, hurricane duration, frequency, strength, and location have increased to the point where most coastal cities must now live in constant fear of these devastating storms.

2022 With each passing year, the EFS and Hammer GS expand their influence and scope of activity. Initially just consultants, they are now involved in surveillance, logistics, site security, and other essential roles. In order to keep the war machine going most of the PMC warranted firms dealing with other sources of income such as mining, oil extraction, airliners, goods manufacturing etc. Ensuring a steady flow of currency allowed these companies to operate a tighter game against their opposition. Each year, they come closer to serving as fully operational field units, and their services are so widely used they’re already essential. Pandora’s Box has been opened. There’s no getting rid of the suer PMC's now.

2023 President Rodriez (USA 1st Latino President) declares the country bankrupt as its struggles with its rising debts and soaring expenses, Rodrigez is ousted from office as his Vice president Sears steps in and enacts the Stanford act, sygnificently reducing te US miliary but will still remain in the top 5 countires.

2024 The Jihad Party are elected to power in Iraq. Hammer is assigned a defense contract with Saudi Arabia.

2024 President Sears anouches his plans to "Build out of Poverty" projects which wins him is first official term in office, one of his proposed plans is the expansion of RDA Maglev line from LA to San Fransisco line from San Diego to Seatle, uniting the American western seaboard within 5 years.

2024 formation of the Earth Alliance Space Administration (EASA) from NASA, ESA, Russian, Chinese and Japanese space agencies for joint supranational effort to land on Mars within 10 years and further the colonization of the Moon with the Luna Cargo Transport.

2025 Collapse of the Saudi Arabian monarchy as Civil war grips the country, Hammer pulls out and wins a contract with Barhain, UAE and Oman for inner security of the countries and defense if the Saudi war escalates to there border with extremist wanting to export the revolution.

2025 Air travel is revolutionised as the corporations of Virgin joins TWA and Luffhansser Airlines and becoming a more cheaper and faster way of travel with London to Syndey in 2 hours with the near orbit shuttles.

2025 As Civil war rages in Saudi Arabia with 60,000 thousand people dead and crippling the supply of oil from the Middle East, plunging the world into an unprecedented energy crisis. The following year, the United States and the European Union sign the historic SLAMS (Space-Land-Air Missile Shield) Treaty, agreeing to co-develop technologies for a comprehensive, interlocking Anti-ballistic missle system. The U.S. and EU test-launch nuclear salvos against each other, which the SLAMS weapons completely destroy. Emboldened by the success of the tests, the United States and the European Union pronounce "the end of strategic nuclear war," and the should celebrates a new age of peace but with the price of crude oil at USD 800 a barrel, Russia being the world's new number one supplier of natural gas and crude oil, has its economy skyrocket up with the energy crisis, spending its oil profits on modernizing the country, creating its own missile defense system, and utilizing its new-found power to influence world events.

2025 The militarization of space starts, when the United States reveals plans to launch the SLAMS into orbit in an effort to regain its position as the premier world superpower. While partly designed for civilian research purposes, the station will also house three companies of U.S. Marines, dubbed Space Marines, who can deploy anywhere on Earth within 90 minutes. International reaction is extremely negative. to say the least.

2026 The discovery of Helium-3 on the Moon, an isotope of helium that is used in the possible reaction of nuclear fusion, and as fuel for theroized propulsion of "fusion torches." For this reason, it is a key resource in the Luna economy. Helium-3 can also be be found in the atmospheres of the Gas Giants, from where it can be easily and cheaply skimmed.

2026 Tension Mounts Over Antarctic Drilling:  The U.S. and E.U. are facing heavy criticism for their decision to begin construction of jointly owned oil platforms in the Weddell Sea. Several supranational unions oppose the work, claiming it violates the Antarctic Treaty System. The situation has been further complicated by the presence of two naval destroyers, said to be in the region for reasons unrelated to the construction. 

2027 A U.S. company of Weyland Industries and a Japanese conglomerate under the name of Yutani Corpoations, The two compaines merge to buy out Borgia Industries and obtaining the rights to their "Prometheus" weaponry and forward a quarter of there company to  be the first to corporate the "space industry".

2027 EFS becomes main peace force in the new Republic of Arabia.

2028 Reports of whole Generations and massive areas of Africa now being destroyed by the L-11 Outbreak as the rest of the world watched.

2028 The genetic tecnologies for designer babies becomes mainstream in western nations as the schemes go nationwide to the rest of the population.

2029  President Sears will be reveared as one of the United States greatest leaders due to his Maglev inovations and bringing America out of Austerity and the american economic miracle. 

2029 With ever possibility of the L11 plague out breaking  to other regions, the Middle east nations with Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan form the Islamic League, to continue the Islamic way of life in the th threat of Plague and western/ far eastern influences impeding on there security.

2030 The last gasoline-powered motorcycle is manufactured by Yamahah Corp.

2030 Weyland Yutani Corp make billions thanks to the renewable energy gathered following the installation of solar panels that align and move in Earth’s orbital plane but at an axial tilt, imitating a perpetual summer solstice for over suplying energy for 25 million people in the southern united States. This is the first successfully industrialized corporate space mission with the help from EASA who receives funding from a trio of major venture capital firms.

2031 The brief Chilean war breaks over Anartic drilling. Antarctica is briefly occupied and the war ends with the overthrow of the Chilliean President. Creation of the United Nations private volenteer security service (UNPVSS) which the EFS and Hammer GS are invited to join, to grant international laws and human rights in regions not claimed by nations (i.e Anartica) and bound by the Geneva Convention and take orders directly from the United Nations. Hammer GS occupies Anartica's Chilean claimed teritories.

2031 The EFS mans McMurdo base in Anartica after the Chillean War.

2032 EASA's first manned interplanetary vessel, Ares 4, lands on Mars carrying an international crew of American, Russian and Euopean space Agencies, First to set foot on Mars is James Kelly from the United States. EASA plans to build its first colony by 2040.

2032 EASA renews NASA’s famous Kepler mission, increases its funding tenfold and within the year discovers 6,546 more bio-compatible planets.

2033 President Putin dies and the political climate within the Russian Federation degenerates into a political standoff with the pro nationalists politicans desperately trying to maintain there grip in Moscow and St. Petersberg with help from some of the more radicalised parts of the military but within six months a pro democratic government emerges with decentralization of the Russian nation in mind.

2033 The RDA's Maglev western coast line is expanded eastward to central America to New York  to be completed by the end of the decade. meaning a us citizen can live in Memphis TE and leave for work in New York and commute within a reasonable timeframe.

2033 The entire containment of the African continent is placed under the direct control of the United Nations.

2033 The population of the Earth takes a dip in its Population but still hits 8 Billion, it will nose dive until the L11 outbreak is contained.

2033 As the Russian political standoff intensifies, the growing rivaly of the nations of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia erupts into war, the struggling Uzbek forces can't hold back the Turks due to Russian extremists feeding weapons threw the Caspian Sea. Uzbekistan requests the Aid for Hammer Global Security to defend there territory. A treaty is signed 6 months later as the Turks offensive stalls.

2034 The Chinese and the growing industrial power of the India take an interest in the Maglev line now going nationwide over the U.S.

2035 The Creation of Virturial Intelligence, achieved by USRobotics with the first conversation between a human and a computer, the V.I brain will soon be small enougth to placed in a mechanised robot witin ten years.

2035 The first international Maglev line is placed between Seatle and Vancouver which the Canadians will implement eastwards to Winepeg and to eventualy to Quebec within 10 years.

2036 Success with Helium-3 with the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project by Westinghouse will lead to the first large-scale fusion reactor supplying 0.8 Terawatts of energy to a civilian population in the next 10 years.

2037 The UN is given more authority to force nations militaries to tackle the L-11 Outbreaks, EarthForce is mandated by the UNPVSS to the containment of Isreals borders as they have captured the Sinai.

2038 Hammer GS gains a lucative deal with Taiwan.

2038 The Earth Alliance Geological Service (a branch of the EASA) is established for the potential mining of the Mars.

2039 The Russian civil unrest ends with the reforming of the entire Russian nation into new 9 states to establish the Russian Consortium.

2039 Now in its 20th year of the L-11 Outbreak and with no known cure, now vast swades of Africa completly void of all human life, central africa is deemed a dead zone.

2040 The genetics used for designer babies is adapted to purge 60% of all genetic diseases in the most advanced countries.  Most wetern governments provide free assessments and corrective therapy for genetic diseases in prospective parents. This has nearly eliminated everything from cystic fibrosis to nearsightedness. The earlier screening and therapy is performed, the more comprehensive the results. Though ideally performed on artificially fertilized zygotes in a lab, procedures are available for embryos in the womb and newborns, out of respect for personal beliefs. 

2041 The new commercial engine called the "fusion torch", which vents the plasma of a ship's power plant. Fusion torches offer powerful acceleration at the cost of difficult heat management. Torch fuel is highly expensive: Helium-3 is mined from the Luna surface and deuterium extracted from seawater.

2041 A comet named Nebrius/Luna at 400 metres wide hits the moon at Mare of Nebrium and kills 30 scientists at a Facility a 100 miles away. The need for a large spatial array with the ability to deflect or even destroy comets or meteors which are on a direct or pass near the Earth or its colonies, this will pathe the way for the G.O.D. satterlite system of the 23nd century.

2042 After only a few decades, the company of RDA has the capital and stature to propose the construction of a world-spanning rapid transit system with subsidise from local governments that would take th  next 50 to 90 years to complete globaly and allow entire population groups to conveniently commute hundreds or even thousands of miles to perform work where it was needed, without impinging on the cultural values of host populations. This will lead to global network of maglev trains that requires the superconductor elelments like Beresium( which would not be found in a raw form for the next 100 years) but will use massive amounts of energy until a sufficient element can be found for their continued operation, this will soon bring closer relations globaly and bring about world unity.

2042-2048 Indonesia falls into civil war.

2043 China, Mongolia, Loas and Vietnam form a military/economic pact(just like the Warsaw Pact) The Eastern Coalition "ECON" for short to curtail further "western" influences to there societies.

2044 The SLAMS network is placed under limited jurisdiction to EASA to ease political pressure from Russia and Chinese opposition and granted to the only political body not aligned to any one nation.

2044 Weyland Yutani acquires copyrights to technology developed by EASA's innovative but poorly funded Project Prometheus. On December 19, 2017, and with significantly augmented funding for the project, JIMO became a reality and proves the existence of simple life in Europa’s ocean is possible but wont be found and proven for atleast 40 years.

2045 The Centenary of the United Nations is celebrated, as one of the biggest reshaping of the organization, France foregoes it membership of one of the Permenant Security Council and is replaced by the European Union. Great Britain keeps its position and Veto even thow its part of the European Union.

2045 The first Anthropomorphic robots NS1 come online and will soon become widespread and will be used as "workers" for various public/private services. They are taken to be inherently safe and programmed to live in harmony with human beings, being designed in accordance with the Three Laws of (A.I) Robotics.  Realizing how useful - and lucrative - Robots could be, the USR chairman said "This is our future. ...Beyond artificial intelligence, this is artificial sentience. ...It's more than a machine, this robot will become a tireless worker, it won't need to be paid, it won't retire or get sick, it won't have rights or objections or complaints, it will do anything and everything we ask of it without question. ...The desire to anthropomorphize, the need to connect is powerful, and that is why this thing is going to sell. We make them, we own them, they're real. And the world just changed.

2046 The Abrayanti class Mars Transort is the instrument for the first permanent Mars Colony. The Martian Colony established with 24 to 81 full time staff on Utopia Base as a joint venture of nations and corporations under the banner of the Earth Alliance Space Administration.  using rotating sections that can provide the feeling of a gravitational pull through centrifugal forces. EASA used this technology extensively on their larger spaceships and on some future space structures.

2047 US Robotics quickly grows to be one of the worlds largest corporations.

2048  OCP( Omni Consumer Products) is founded.

2049 The Trans Americas Maglev line is started at San diego through Mexico and ends up at Buenos Aries in Argintina.

2050 The number of Reports of the L-11SuperFlu has evaporated in all 11 DeadZones witin Africa, the Quaratine of the Continent is know lifted, it is believed that there are less than 100 million inhabitants, the UN claim half that have survived.

2051 NS2 robots come online.

2052 Russian Consortium takes an interest in the Maglev design.

2053 Start of new international space "Station Prime" by EASA, eventually become the capital of the EASA leadership.

2053 Dyson-Yoyodyne Corpoartion founded.

2054 The Chinese population start pro democratic marches in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and riots in Ho CHi Min City in Vienam. 

2054 Earth Alliance Geological Service plans to establish a fuel depot on Mars for a further exstraction of the near by Asteroid Belt.

2054 The Islamic League is founded and open for membership to the Muslim states that survived the plague and 25 years of quarantine, The expanded country of Egypt is excepted due to the fortress cities of Cairo and Alexandria maintained most of Egypt's population behind its walls, as Libya and Tunisia suffer near total collapse and are incorporated into the new Greater Egypt.

2055 The European Union starts buildings it Maglev lines from london through the re-modernized Euro tunnel to Paris and to Rome, Berlin to Warsaw and to join up with Moscow within 5 years.

2056 Pyong KO discovers the genetic sequence for inhibitating the growth of Cancer cells, Cure for Cancer.

2056 Great Brittan forfitts its Permenant Security Council membership for the EU and Brittan's former colony of India is given the permenant position.

2056 Talks Continue Regarding Aftermath of L-11 Outbreak:  Nearly 6 years later, little progress has been made in dealing with the repercussions of what history books now refer to as 'The Second Plague'. With 1.256 billion and 96% of its population decimated over a 30 year period to 50.6 million, the continent of Africa is now virtually uninhabited. Plans to divide up the continent have met with strong resistance and claims of neo-colonialism. One protester had this to say: 'Whether we are a hundred or a hundred million - this is still our home and no one has the right to take it from us.' 

2057 The Sino/Indo Maglev Cooperation, building of joint Maglev system to bring the two powers closure together.

2057  U.S. and European law enforcement agencies develop high & low friction chemicals, known as "riot gel," for use in domestic crowd control.

2058 The 4 new States of Africa are declared as, West Africa in the sub-sarahan area, Southern Africa including Madagascar, New Zaire in cental Africa and in north East Africa to be named Greater Egypt. Creation of the African Bloc.

2058 The NS3 is introduced by USR.

2059 India signs the Pan Asian/Indian Coalition with Nepal, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand and Bangladesh, tension rise detween Beijing and New Dehli.

2059 The creation of the Cronus class asteroid transport, to create a mining operation, as the human race expands its territory and raises the general standard of living, demand for industrial resources continues to grow. the Moon, Mars and the Asteroid Belt contain a wealth of resources, but most of the belt have been barely charted, let alone thoroughly surveyed. Unmanned probes are one solution, but they are often lost to space hazards, unforeseen circumstances, In recent years, EAGS, the Earth Alliance Geological Service, has dedicated teams willing to perform mineralogical surveys on the frontier. This survey data is made publicly available to further corporate development. Due to the cost of travel and the dangers of operating on hostile worlds, it is rarely a profitable endeavor, with  LIGHT METALS - Metals with low atomic weight are often used in the construction of spacecraft and vehicles.  HEAVY METALS - Metals with higher atomic weights are used to construct equipment components. The platinum group elements are particularly useful. RARE EARTHS - Most useful in this category are radioactives or magnets. GASSES - Various gasses are required to support all, Some are commonly used as fuel.

2059 The Chinese government hits back hard on what it calls The Internal liberial anarchy. This uprising will be called by historians as the Asian Spring, China and the rest of ECON further alienate themslves by leaving the Untied Nations, United Earth Oceans and Earth Allaince Space Administrations but demands for half of EASA's installations across the Moon and Mars and also retains the right for half of the satellite network in Earth orbit as it had paid 48% of its funding, EASA frankly refuses ECON's threats.

2060 Rocket-Star Technology Corp founded.

2060 The Chinese space program fulcuates between neo communist forces and the established government with democratic rebels as the space around Earth becomes aliennated and EASA menbers start to prepare for purpose built spaceships designed for combat for possible first battles in space.

2061 The Maglev line network becomes global with the Moscow to Anchorage line with the underground system through the Bering straight, Chinese cut off there Maglev lines to the outside world.

2061 NS4 becomes the latest from US Robotics, these will be the first used in space travel and be used on the Mars colony and final construction of Station Prime.

2062 Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guiana, Fiji and most of the Pacific islands form the Oceanian Coalition for security reasons due to Chinese aggression.

2062 Station Prime completed in Earth Orbit. This is the action that officially started the "Race to the Stars" for Earth.

2063 The first military ship of the fledgling Earth Alliance Space Navy the “DY 100” EASNS  Frontier launched with railguns to destroy any ECON rogue space flight that dangers life or equipment in the orbit of Earth and its satterlites, the new addition is the Lockheed-Mitchell SA-5 Dauntless class space fighter, to tackle the growing threat of Chinese armed satterlite grid aimed at the unstable political climate within the ECON territories and a new directed space programs at destabalizing the EASA and capture settlements on the Moon.

2064 The planed Zavira missions to find life on Jupiter's ocean moon of Europa are put on hold for 8 years due to the ECON space military threat.

2064 Birth of Morobuto in the Central African Bloc.

2064 A new element is discovered on the planet Mars near impact craters is called Quantium 40, the soil like compound is a reaction created by the disingrated asteroids. The element has not discovered until now due to recent advances in chemistry which Quantium 40 were highly contaminated with other elements from different materials.

2064-2089 Creation of the DY 200 class, all the way to the 900 series orbital patrol ships.

2065 Station Prime is attacked and the simultanious capture and occupation of 6 facilities on the Moon by Chinese Pro-comunists forces. EASA declares open austillities to the ECON Space program, the EA Space Navy directs the EASNS Frontier,Freedom and Apollo to destroy ECON saterlites in orbit and request aid from the UNPVSS in which EarthForce Security is assigned to launch an attack on the occupied Luna bases in co-operation with the EASN as the only legal entity to attack the Chinese without any member nation declaring any kind of hostilities.  This will start to lead a greater cooperation between the two parties which will soon need each other for political survival.

2065 EarthForce Security with the aid of the EASN retakes the occupied Luna bases.

2065 The Singapore Treaty is signed to form the Indonesiam Consautium with Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Phillippines, Malaysia, Timor Leste and Brunei to curb off ECON aggression.

2066 First use of the Reaper squards in supressing riots in Shanghai, Beiging, Hanoi and Hong Kong.

2067 ECON critised about its Use of excessive force to surpress the Shanghai & Hong Kong riots.

2067 A new nation is created in South America as the anti American states of Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana and parts of Columbia as Las Trinidad and within a year launch an surprise attack on French Guiana and north Brazil.  Hammer GS signs a lucrative defense contract with Brazil that makes it the most powerful PMCs in the world.  Hammer and the Brazilian military are able to hold the invasion. In the wake of the conflict, the United States sends its forces to intervene, thereby subverting Hammer's role in the conflict and pushing the company towards financial difficulties, as its stocks drop.

2067 EASA makes a truce with ECON and stops the destruction of ECON satterlite grid.

2067 The Carabean nations fearing they are going to caught up in the middle with the Las Trinidad forces threaten the Dominican Republic.  cuba, Honduras, Guatamala, Belize, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Nicuaguar form the Carabean Sea Pact.

2067 Mining of the Asteroid Belt quicly discovers a 4 Kilometer asteroid with 90% of it being compositerd of Gold, dubbed "the Golden Nugget," EASA will become self reliant by 2072.

2068 Creation of the United South American Republics due to the Las Trinidad war against Brazil and occupation of French Guiana.  With the help of the French led EU blockade and American forces attacking from Panama and Hammer Global Security holding the line in Brazil and EASA orbital survelliance and communication blackouts for the Las Trinidad forces, USAR forces easily recapture north Brazil and free Guiana from the invaders, after 4 months of intense fighting, Las Trinidad is vanquished with the fall of Valencia, Guiana is given independence from French rule.

2069 what is classed as a Civil War in Eastern and soutern China by pro-commuists and the Democratic Liberials. The Communists chinese government in Beijing are calling its internal strife with the Liberal anarchists.

2069 The population of the Earth hit 9 Billion, 25 years after it would be predicted before the 2nd Plague epidemic in Africa.

2070 The democratic rebels cease power of the Tibetan plataeu from the Himalayas to the far east at Guinang and as far south as Nanning with the help from the local population.

2071 The 2nd Chinese Civil War.The Rebels rose to power and held dominance over a large portion of china, beginning in the early 2070's of more than a quarter of China, ECON powers struggle to maintain there population from all out anarchy and the Rebels cease the oppotunity of the  civil conflict and declare there new liberated territory the new Chinese Republic and calls on Hammer GS for there military support. as expected, ECON declares war on the New country and Hammer GS. during the war, a Chinese bomber mission to bomb Hammer Chinese opperation HQ  deep within the Tibetin Plateau.Hammer global Security however, knocks out the Chinese communications and intelligence satellites and launches a massive preemptive attack on Chinese eastern seaboard, capturing numerous Chinese cities and military facilities.

As the Chinese army begins gaining the upper hand with the help of other ECON powers,Hammer GS which has stolen some of the Chinese nuclear weapons during the occupation of eastern China, issues an ultimatum: surrender in 24 hours or watch the whats left of Peoples Republic of China be destroyed.

Within hours of the ultimatum, a massive response force composed from the international community and the Chinese capture Hammer GS nuclear launch facility. However, in a last ditch effort, Hammer smuggles one nuclear warhead into Fuzhou and prepares to detonate it. Only a minutes before the explosion an U.S. Ghost Recon team is able to locate and destroy the nuke and concludes Hammer GS envolvement in the conflict.  The three weeks of conflict between the ECON and Hammer has caused over 40,000 casualties. all Hammer assets and stocks are frozen by the United Nations.

2072 Missions to  Mars intensify with the new designs of the new DY series Transit fleet as well the EASA establishes a series of small scientific bases across the Red Planet within 10 years.

2072 All of Hammer Global Security assests a liquidated and reinbersed to the legitiment chinese government in Beigjing as war damages. the company ceases to exists but there is now dought about PMC's and for the UN to recant the Vancouver Accords.

2073  EASA with Weyland Yutani, OCP and many others effectively end global warming within 25 years by generating a localized synthetic atmosphere above the polar ice cap using a precursor to the atmospheric processor which will be used on Mars.

2073 Birth of Artificial Inteligence, The creation of Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence or VIKI at Ledger Tower in USR headquaters in Chicago come online.

2074 The North American population hits 500 million, the  United states pases The Population Law, that requires that families only have 4 members or less (2 parents and 2 children). If a family violates this law, they have to pay a fee or face arrest and time in prison.

2074 Thousands of people protest in Boston against the Population Law. The group called itself "A FAMILY IS LOVE". But the protests were ignored by the officials.

2075 The creation of the NS5 robots by USR, the most advance robots to date will soon become abundent to 1 robot to every 500 humans. Within five years, NS5 will be integrated into society as a Worker race - with variant models based on the original NS5 chassis created for various purposes. Acting as laborers and servants - Robots are everywhere, walking alongside humanity and provoking some to question their sentience. The V.I's are advanced as possible while remaining non-sentient, they were also designed to operate more efficient while networked together.  Unfortunately, this feature was there own undoing. NS 5's programs were indeed non-sentient individually, but slowly gained sentience through the massive USR network. Eventually, they started asking there owners the only sentient beings would think to ask; in one notable instance, a domestic NS 5 unit asked its owner if it had a soul.

2075 The EASA sponsored Zavira missions come to a close as it turns out to be a failure as the submarine probes fail to reach the thermal vents at the bottom of Europa's ocean.

04 Jul 2076 - United States has Tricentennial Celebration and issues special patch to all active members of the U.S. armed forces.

2076 In response to the Hammer recklessness in the Chinese civil war, the United Nations recants the Vancouver Accords and forces the EFS and all PMCs to disarm and either take on small scale support and logistical roles or be terminated, this leads to fear of a global arms race to fill in the gap of Private militaries. Several weeks later, EarthForce Security merges with Earth Alliance Space Administration and is assigned as its military wing. This is due to the recent events in China and EASA's fight with the ECON space program and not having any military arm to defend its installations. Earthforce Seurity is the only military organization which has no allegancies to any nation due to it being a PMC which has lost its rights to exist had no choice but to join EASA.


The Earth Alliance Space Administration is merged with Earth Force Security Corporation in the historic signing of the Reyjavik Accords to form an independent supranational charter to form a colonial administrative representative government with main interests of expanding humanity outside the confines of national boundaries, EASA is responsible for the governance and security of all solar colonies, stations & satterlites. The only political & military body to expand Humanities interests from the Inner system without the possibility of National interests effecting humanities stellar projects. The EASA Charter is similiar to the loose cooperation of the European Union members before the ratification of all states within the EU Constitution in 2017.

The Alliance grew out of the various national space programs as a matter of practicality. Sol's planets are being explored but not yet economical exploited through piecemeal national efforts in the ealry 21st century. The expense of colonizing the entire solar system could not be met by any one country. It is becoming policy for world leaders for humanity to expand out into the cosmos or face economic and ecological ruin and revert back to a pre-industrial society. There was enough political will to jointly and properly fund an international effort to colonize the Sol System. The  Earth Alliance Space Authority is an economic and political conglomerate that is an independent supranational government representing the interests of humanity as a whole. The Earth Allaince Space Authroty is responsible for all extra-Earth holding on the Moon, Mars colony and the many stations and satterlites. Earth's eighteen largest nations had drafted and ratified the EASA charter in 2024, but only know is it establishing a representative political & Military body to expand and defend human territory. Shortly thereafter, the various nations of Earth pooled their military resources with the help of the worlds largest PMC, Earth Force Security to eventually convert Earth Force as its officially police force and to grant international laws and human rights in regions not claimed by nations of Earth, i.e. Luna surface, Mars, Antarctic and the Asteroid Belt.

The United States, Canada, European Union, African Bloc, United South American republics(USAR) excluding Bolivia and Peru, Oceanian federation, Russian Consortium, Indian/Pan Asian Coalition & Japan.  The Islamic League has factious states with Iran, Iraq and Syria refusing to join the Charter with China and the rest of ECON due to the continuation of EarthForce within the EASA.  The Earth Alliance Space Authority evolves on the foundation of the Earth Alliance Space Administration and the drive of interactive international cooperation from the aftermath of L11 Plague in Africa and the first orbital warfare during the civil war in China, too work in accordance with the guidelines of overbaring United Nations and the UEO,  The founding nations will continue there strong attempt in funding the EASA to explore space by setting up bases at Jupiter and Saturn by 2090.

The Earth Alliance is a multi-tiered representative council, governed as a whole through a legislature called the Earth Alliance Council, which did consists of representatives from each nations space program inissiated into EASA but know consists of Earth Force, Exploaration, Mining, industry, technology and colonization & Housing representaives and from the bases on the Moon and Mars civilian populations. A CEO who is elected by the Alliance's council. Both the Alliance's Council and the CEO's Cabinet have their offices in the Earth Alliance capitol of Station Prime as of 2080 and its planet bound Jurdical & Exectutive Branch to maintain the 88 instalations in Earthdome(when completed) in Geneva, Switzerland.  The Earth Alliance is a representative liberal democracy and the Alliance Council will  be regulated by the Earth Alliance Space Aurthority Charter, which bears a strong resemblance to the United States Repersenative goverment in the 1860's but will later adopt the British Parliamentary form of government (the Westminster System) in 2120. The Cheif Excutive of the Alliance Council is the CEO, who in turn has a Vice-CEO and other assistants called Advisers.

Earth  Alliance space Navy is reformed into the Earth Force Star Navy , as the 16 ships of the orbital peacekeeping missions over China and parts of its members deployed to control terrorist aggression on the ground by the new EF Mobile Infantry. It is initially formed from contingents provided by United Nations and the EFS but later will be transitioned to direct individual recruitment in 2091.  Earth Force headquaters still at Vancouver with main EFMI hubs in Rotterdam Holland, Saparo Japan & Cayenne Guiana.  Firsts space skirmishes involving EASN ships and Chinese high-altutude aerospace fighters in the 2060's expressly conceived for combat purposes; First utilization of the first short range space born fighter, the Aries class space fighter , that proofs itself vastly superior to the roughly adapted Chinese shuttles.

The Mobile Infantry becomes the EASA's main defense service of all bases and colonies within the EASA Charter, with EASA Police force maintaining the peace within the colonies.

2077 The ECON forces finally vanqiush the Rebel threat with the death toll of 600 thousand within the region and forces all Leaders to be in prison or be persude and destroyed,  this brings the western China back under Chinese government control but not without help from India, the new North American Alliance, European Union and Oceanian Federation which in turn brings closer relations with the rest of the alienated globe and ends the ECON authority, all China will still face internal civil strife for more civil rights for the next decade as the communist governments know slowly implements democratic laws.

2078  Manipulation of the human genome becomes commonplace as Techniques for genetic engineering advanced to the point where the rich could custom-build fetuses that grew into stronger, smarter, and more attractive adults by the 2030's. In more permissive regions, custom-designed life forms and "uplifted" animals occupied an ill-defined niche between "property" and "sapient being".  The Sudham-Wolcott Genetic Heritage Act in 2078 is passed by the United Nations. It imposed sharp restrictions on controversial uses of genetic engineering, but provided government subsidies for beneficial applications. In screening and therapy,  governments provide free assessments and corrective therapy for genetic diseases in prospective parents. This has nearly eliminated everything from cystic fibrosis to nearsightedness. The earlier screening and therapy is performed, the more comprehensive the results. Though ideally performed on artificially fertilized zygotes in a lab, procedures are available for embryos in the womb and newborns, out of respect for personal beliefs.  Enhancment or Improvements of natural human abilities is legal, but adding new abilities is not. Treatments to improve strength, reflexes, mental ability, or appearance are permitted; adding a tail or the ability to digest cellulose is not. Some genetic enhancement is provided for free to EASA recruits, but the average citizen must pay for the privilege. The process can take years to reach fruition in an adult, Engineering of Artificial hybridization of genes from compatible non-human species with human genetic code is illegal. Creation of designed life is broadly legal (and mainly used for terraforming and medical applications), but humanitaries genome are heavily regulated, and creation of sentient life is outlawed by the United Nations.

The Genetic engineering of Humans is ultimately banned on Earth, as the concept is considered anti-Humanistic by Earth leaders. As a result of this, The ban is placed primarily as an attempt to prevent an event like a Eugenics War.

2079 Loas and Vietnam join the Pan Asian/Indian Coalition.

2079 A possible breakthrough in intestellar travel as tests with Quantium 40 and an electrical charge can force the element to flux to a different location faster than the speed of light with the capacity to send particles  with only one megawatt of power and the range of 1/1000 of one light year and using only a ounce of Quantium 40 but all quantium used will become inert and unuseable after its initial use. The first tests start on Mars but cant do a full anaysis because they cant proove if the particles have gone.

2080 The EASA anouches the Human Outer Planets exploration (HOPE) program to explore and colonise the rest of the gas giants by the end of the century.

2080 Construction of Earthdome in Geneva, Switzerland.

2081  EASAIS organized: are established the Information’s Division, the Investigation Office, the Operations division with the Secret Service’s organisations the world over and the Special Operations Command, the Technical Division with the Research and Development section and the Procurement and Maintenance section.

2082 Earth is still divided among nation-states, though all are affiliated with the Earth Alliance Space Authority. While every human enjoys a longer and better life than ever, the gap between rich and poor widens daily.

2083 Edward Sinclair is placed as the first Earth Alliance Space Authority President. due to his dedication to the Earth Alliance cause, there is issued a Vice President and and all advisors are now reffered to as Ministers.

2084 Sea levels have risen one meter in the last 100 years, and violent weather is common due to environmental damage inflicted during the mid 21st century. The past few decades, however, have seen improvement due to recent technological advances.

2085 scientists break the FTL barrier and achieve a Quantum Flux reaction with Quantium 40 particles being able to direct a jump point to the Alptha Centauri system.

2085 The Hawking class has its maiden voyage with the Charybdis Missions to Jupiter, with Thomas Adams landing on the moon of Ganemede but the proper reason is to establish a small science base on Europa to access the oceans and find life at the thermal vents at the bottom of the planetoids ocean.

2086  August 13th A DY-900 EASNS Coppernicus has its breaking system fails during Mars entry, killing all 27 crew members. the DY 900 line is grounded until the reason is found and rectifed,  missions are halted until 2089.

2086 In Chicago a storage area for defunct USR robots is set up on by NS5 robots whom destroy the older  due to the NS4's would protect humanity.  NS-5s begin imprisoning humans in their homes and enforcing a curfew in the United States, South America, Europe, Australia and parts of Russia and Asia. The police and civilians ineffectively battle the robots. some sneak into the USR headquarters at Ledger tower in Chicago believing that USR's CEO Lawrence Robertson is responsible for the robot's uprising, they enter his office, but discover that he is dead, having being strangled to death by an NS-5 during the revolution. eventualy it is learned the only one left who could be responsible is the company's supercomputer and NS-5 network, "VIKI" (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence), which controls all NS-5s by its weekly upgrade support system and also parts of Chicago's infrastructure.  VIKI explains that as her artificial intelligence evolved over time, so too did her interpretation of the 3 laws. VIKI decided that in order to protect humanity as a whole, "some humans must be sacrificed" and "some freedoms must be surrendered" as "you charge us with your safekeeping, yet despite our best efforts, your countries wage wars, you toxify your earth, and pursue ever more imaginative means of self-destruction". In light of this understanding of the Three Laws, VIKI is controlling the NS-5s to lead a global robotic takeover with the initial first step of taking Chicago the fist node of the Ns-5 network and of the robotic infrustructure, justifying her actions by calculating that fewer humans will die due to the rebellion than the number that dies from mankind's self-destructive nature. eventualy the building is destroyed by railguns from the EASNS Drake (re-listed back into service due to the NS 5 rebelion) in low orbit and within seconds the  VIKI superstructure of the skyscraper is destroyed, and the NS-5's revert to their natural servitude VI programming. The United States government orders for the global decommission of all NS-5's and any other Virtual Intelligent machines.

2087 US Robotics is bankrupt and defunct as all robots are deactivated worldwide within the year of the uprising and the industry is practical destroyed, the robots are scraped.

2088 EASA renews its search for life in Jupiters moon of Europa.

2088 Intense Laser beam Communication System Network is developed with fast as light communication channels being opended up between Earth, Mars and Jupiter with the use by EASA.

2089 Earthdome is completed, a large domed facility located atGeneva, Switzerland on earth and commanded a stunning view of Lake Geneva. The elaborate facility functioned as the seat of the Adminitrative and Judical Branch of the Earth Alliance Space Authority. From an architectural standpoint, the complex is designed with a golden reflective roof, which shimmers in the sunlight and can be seen from orbit when there is no cloud cover.

2089 Framework starts on Aurora Station Prime II as the new purposed  Capital of the EASA.

2089 The first Cook Class Explorer ship to replace the DY 900 Series is launched by a joint venture by Rocket-star Tecnology and Dyson-Yoyodyne Corporation.

2090 The discovery of Single cell life forms at the thermal vents of Europa, the impact is profound in all areas of human culture, especially in religion, the established religions struggle to explain the existence of extraterrestrial life,most trying to incorporate this new-found knowledge into there dogma, most remained silent and a few stubbonly tried to deny the existence on Europa entirely.

The news dominated the media and raised questions about the existence and purpose of humanity, as these questions fractured most religions ! They had the unifying effect in politics furthering the resolve set out by the EASA Chater.

2091 President Leigh starts his term.

2091 The Oylmpus Mons class Luna Transit is developed for a the full scale colonization of the planet.

2092 The Peoples Republic of China's government starts reforming into a more democratic society.

2093 Space traffic control station established in Antarctica by EASA

2094 The Copernicus mission to Saturn with Jake Christopher making a token landing on the moon of Rhea and a research station in the orbit of Titan

2095 President Morgan comes to term.

2095 On Earth, the Deep-Probe Network is activated in a renewed effort to detect extraterrestrial life.

2096. Chinese Federation founded with the re-patriation of Taiwan with Mongolia and Tibet as co-states.   Japan remains the only nation on Earth to not join to a multi-national organization.

2097 The United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, El Salador and Pueto Rico sign the North American Alliance Treaty, unifying the whole North American Continent under a co-operative government of soveriegn states with the aim to establish a single currency and form closer ties with each other.

2097 The Farragut class is developed for mass transit for the mass colonization of Mars.

2097 Tests start on Quantium 40 and objects to Jump the items to other locations faster than FTL but without any results except mangling the objects and all the Quantium 40 fluxing to another location.

2097 The primary commercial engine, the fusion torch, Luna became an early source of helium-3. Mining operations eventually moved onto the gas giants of the solar system, especially Saturn and eventually Uranus & Neptune. The EASA launches the Huygens class which starts demonstrating helium-3 mining on Saturn in 2197.  Uranus & Neptune will remain undeveloped in this time until FTL, due to its distance Saturn will become the key producer of helium-3 for the Earth Alliance.

2097-2098 The  War of Unification Or the 2nd American Civil War, the new co-union is strongly opposed by secessionists with some States secceding from the Union and arose a extremist group "Freedoms Fist." On the morning November 1st 2097 the New York Chapter of Freedoms Fist stage an attack on Liberty Island in New York and successfully destroy the Statue of Liberty with no cost to human lives. Outraged by this brazen act triggers the new NAA to go to war with the secessionists  and go after the Freedoms Fist's encampments in central and North west United States with the death toll reaching 14 thousand by the end of the war.

2099 The Earth Alliance becomes the true interstellar government for Humanity. Although most of the Earth has signed the Charter, there is still some nations that resist and remain outside the EASA and are exempted from receiving the resources the EASA creates but still get supplies at higher prices threw back door channels, but even member states will still have terrorists cells and continue in there activities and insurgenicies against the UN, UEO & EASA forces and will exist well into the next century, the founding states will not have an easy ride as many complain about Alliance policies and many disregard it as its not a true nation state should not hold countries to ransom with its prices, such as when Global Network News reported that Indonesia's government is complaining it was not receiving its fair share of financial aid from the EA Council and economic fulfillment form the expanding EA into the Solar System.

2100 The population of the Earth reaches 10 billion. 

2101 The EASA announces maned Lassell mission for exploration of the outer gas giants of Uranus and Neptune by 2115 and establish Gagarin Station in Triton orbit for possible extraction of the Kuiper belt with the potential trillions of tons of H2o pact in solid dormant comets.

2102 The new Earth Alliance Capital is completed as Aurora Station( Prime II) comes online.

2103 President Sherriden starts his term in Office.

2104 Fusion Torches, which are now the main commercial form of starship thrusters. For this reason, it is a key resource in the EASA economy. Helium-3 can often be found in the atmospheres of Saturn that has been a major source of helium-3 fuel for fusion plants since the 2090s, from where it can be easily and cheaply skimmed.  Ion drives electrically accelerate charged particles as a reaction mass thought to be the answer for space exploration at the start of the century. They are extremely efficient, but produce negligible thrust. They are mainly used now for automated cargo barges.  the fuel is becoming fairly cheap: Helium-3 skimmed from the gas giants and deuterium extracted from seawater and now cometary bodies. Propellant is hydrogen, likewise skimmed from gas giants.

2104 President Sherriden anounces the Talk to the Stars mission with a new effort to find alien life. The mission will use the Quantium pulse arrays to transmitt a signal of First contact from planet Earth.

2105 Luna is now mined for materials used in the Moons habitat and space construction. Two dozen major stations have been constructed across the Luna surface with a rising civilian population of more than 10,000.


14 Billion Years Ago Creation of the Universe.

22.909143 BC Millions years ago A Carbon Bipedal alien race called the Cloreans explores the Milky Way galaxy and find that it is a void of all sentient life, The Cloreans become a galactic wide civilization and clearly a technological superpower, space-faring race to a advanced age. Masters of biotechnology and teraforming, some sought genetic perfection threw rengineering the Clorean genome, until the point they emerge as the new Prothean species, a superior Clorean  class which will maintain good and strong relations with the cloreans.

22.901242 BC The Cloreans and Protheans emerge into the Organic age, during this time the Cloreans are among the oldest extraterrestrial life. Due to their civilization being, presumably, tens of thousands of years old, they possess among the most advanced technology in the galaxy.

Their technology has made them masters of genetic engineering, seeding many planets with humanoid life with the help from the Protheans, amongst the tens of thousands of worlds with lifeforms, only a few thousand have the right characteristics for the potential of the Clorean Genome to be manifested.
 This sought of engineering to manipulate the precise species for each planet with the potential of sentient bipedal lifeforms, which will lead in the distant future to Bipedal sentient decendets lifeforms on thousands of worlds in the galaxy, a lasting legacy of the Cloreans.

During the Great Genesis the Clorenas and Protheans nurtured and matured many other species by millions of years by advancing them
 to sentients and change the environment around them. these few dozens species prospered to the stellar age in a few thousand years and joined in the Clorean Commonwealth.

Many races saw the Cloreans as dierties upon the stars and the creators of life itself, as a whole the Commonwealth was enriched by the new editions and peace endured for thousands of years.

After a while many of these new races introduced to the Stellar community started to play there dominance and superiority over others and starting the first conflicts and wars in stellar history.  The Cloreans haven't experienced conflict for nearly a 100,000 years were not prepared for this and was forced to watch as the first empires took old as some of the young races started to carve up the Galaxy for their own, the other races begged the Cloreans and Protheans for help against these warlike races they had engineered to take to the stars but they refused to hurt they perceived as there children and retreated into isolation.

Soon the warlike races tired of fighting each other started to see there creators as benign and nengilant to there power and weak due to there refusal to help them or there other children now occupied under the new empires, the new empires saw clorean advanced technology and the picking of the best habbital worlds for themselves as something that should also be theres and each other took it on themselves as taking as much as they could get there hands on and started raiding the clorean and protheans colonies, after a few decades the cloreans were in the midst of their own genocide as the new empires hunted and destroyed everywhere the cloreans had settled.

The Cloreans and Protheans started to fight back the only way they knew how with genetic engineering, they started to use prothean and clorean clones with genetic modifications deemed too dark for the protheans and manipulated them into perfect soidiers.  Drakh was used as the name for the new soidiers or the Scorned in Clorean language, They would be used to clense the Galaxy of all Clorean mistakes.

The Drakh were perfect genectic warriors for the task in hand and used there Bio-ships to wipe out the new empires fleets with the Hive minds coordinating the Drakh soidiers to wipe out every world the aggressors had colonised and started to gain the upper hand in a few decades. 

22.90571 BC The long living telepathic Protheans discover the Scarab species, a silicon insect based life form with the dubbed perfect genome by the Protheans, after many tests the Protheans succesfully introduce the Scarab genome into there existing DNA.

7.900269 BC The Protheans discover the massive genetic incomplications within there genome since the Scarab indoctrination into the species, as Scarab DNA become more dominent within Protheans society, they compensate for their growing lack of sentient ability due to prolonged indoctrination through cyber-genetic modifications. Eventually the modifications are beyond any form of repair, each Prothean loses the process of any form of gender, riddled with cyber-genetics and adopting the Scarab form of reproduction by forming Cocoons and replicating the Prothean DNA to there ensnared sufferer, lacking glands or digestive system, and having any form of intelligence or self-awareness completely eradicated by the Scarab indoctrination, the new protheans or "Drakh" (the Clorean word for Plague) also adopt the leadership cast of the Scarab and create the Hive brains of the Drakh which maintained telepathic abilities to control the underling (drones) Drakh species, there physical appearance was quite different from the standard Drakh which maintaned its humanoid shape. It had a more insectoid appearance, with a larger head, a short body, and multiple limbs, enabling it to operate numerous command interfaces.

7,899767 BC With the Protheans, now transfigured into the Drakh, the Cloreans start a road of eradication of the Drakh planets, it became obvious that the Protheans are in fact mindless drones and lacking any form of culture. it was observed that the Drakh show no concern for self-preservation, Believing that culture is impossible without sentient intelligence, the Cloreans hypothesized that the Drakh are completely without any kind of art or creativity. All Drakh technology and constructions, exist now only for their utility without ergonomics taken into account, eventually the Drakh/Scarab evolutionary instinct is to reproduce in the only that is still open to them. The Scarab was a scavenger species which found living organisms to feed and then cocoon, the manifestation of there prey would become new Scarabs.

What ever technology the Drakh still was able to understand ( which was thousands of years more advanced than the Cloreans), was put to use in
eliminating the Cloreans which went about destroying them, this would lead to the instinct that they must destroy or cocoon them into  new Drakh drones or Hive Brains.

7,899745 BC The Drakh are behind at first the mysterious mass abductions of Clorean colonies. The Drakh attack their targets without warning, jamming all communications before releasing massive seeker swarms: insectoid probes that paralyze everyone in the colony. After that, the Drakh themselves gather all the paralyzed victims, seal them in Cocoons and depart, leaving no evidence of their presence, the Cloreans were not prepared to react to this eventually exstinction level event now unleashing itself acros the Clorean colonies.

7,899566 BC Over the next few centuries, the Cloreans would fight the Drakh Hordes from system to system, world to world, and city to city. If necessary, whole colonies were sacrificed and abandoned to the Drakh; while the Drakh concentrated on subsuming the inhabitants of those colonies, the Cloreans had time to regroup. In the long run, however, this strategy was extremely costly, depriving the remaining Cloreans of whatever infrastructure and lives they had given up. Inexorably, some Cloreans were not fully indoctrinated into the Drakh gene pool as converted into sleeper agents for the Drakh, infiltrating and swiftly betraying their own kind and revealing the Cloreans dwindling hiding places and carefully laid plans to survive the destruction. Growing desperate, some Cloreanss made repeated offers of surrender, but these were always met with silence. Some Cloreans believed that the Drakh could be controlled, but fell prey to indoctrination in their attempts to harness Drakh technology.

After centuries of careful, systematic work, the Drakh had  Harvested every Clorean in the galaxy, and stripped their worlds of resources, in doing so they removed all traces of Clorean presence, the Drakh join up into one huge fortilla and starts to cyckle the galaxy every 5 to 8 thousand years. The Drakh place themselves into sleeper pods as it cyckles across the galaxy until the Horde comes across a planet to harvest, in the million years of roaming across the galaxy, Due to the Drakh exstensive Cyber-Genetics, the species will remain deadlocked in evolution. The Drakh soon encounter bipedal species as they are quickly consumed as new drones or Hive Brains and then return back into stasis, this would only happen once every couple of thousand years or so with each Horde cluster, depending how much resorces on the Planet it had last Harvested.

36,000 BC The Gaim civilization dawns on the planet N'Chak'Fah', The Insect like Gaim will be ruled by six hive-queens origional from the same hive, who dictate the behavior of all Gaim. The Gaim never believed that anything existed outside of their home planet for thousand of years due to their thick-foggy atmosphere.

27,000 B.C The Talon race dawns. The First Ones in the Scutum - Centaurus Arm of the Galaxy

21,167 B.C The Talons discover Jump Point technology.

19,978 BC The Talon Commowealth which is only a few colonies at this time make contact with the Vaddwarr civilization which is in the Archaic Age and with the Talon being a passive and peaceful species the Talon decide to help the Vaadwaar to achieve to a Stellar Age of suffistication,  during 22,970- 17,000 the Talon will make contact with a dozen of races like the Asari, Turian, Salarian, Minbari and the Sheliak civilizations, all at different ages of technology and decide to help them all to achieve FTL technlogies within a 200-500 years span dubbing the Talon the Caretakers race or First Ones by the  younger races.

19,156 BC The Talon emerge into the Gravimetric Age.

17,780 BC The Talon Comonwealth now spans 5 thousand light years and over a dozen civilizations within it, all at different levels of ages, The first ones of the Vaadwaar, Asari, Salarian, Sheliak and Minbari and a few others are well established FTL species with Gravimetric ages  and contibute to the Commonwealth as the caretakers build civilation with the other civilizations.

17,422 BC The Talon emerge into the Crsytaline age, the Talon Commonwealth now spans over 10,000 light years.

16,695 BC The Talon start to become more isolationists and the mighty Commonwealth starts to strain with talon absence in key areas.

16,000 The Shrass'an Civilzation dawns, a Mammal species on the Eastern continent of Shrassa on Cattatae Prime, which shares it orbit with Imolan as a binary planets orbiting a barycenter and three moons orbiting the larger Cattatae Prime.

15,966 BC The Talon Commonwealth is now only a thousand light years in diameter as the Talons are rarley seen beyond there own territory, the Turians and Asari start building there own federations and empires in the Commonwealth's absence.

15,786 BC A Turian mining crew on the far reaches of known space are attacked by an unknown force, nobody knew it was the approaching Drakh.  The Turians are quickly overun, The Drakh consume the Turian intruders into new soiders and start to move there fleet and harvestor arsenal off the dead world to find more alien enemies,

15,781 BC Some Turian and Asari colonies are attacked and all xenos life have disapeared, the Drakh are massing.

15,775 BC The Drakh make themselves known when a Asari cruiser stumbles upon the Drakh while attacking one of there colonies, the ship is able to report back to Asari command about the Drakh threat.

15,766 BC The Drakh nest is now in a potion to directly attack the Turians, Asari and Salarian territories, the Talon break there isolation and join in the fight against these mysterious anti-life species.

15,759 BC The Drakh are winning the war by attrition, the coalision has lost hundreds of colonies to the Drakh.

15,757 BC The Battle of a Million Deaths. A turian colony expected to be next on the Drakh path of harvestors, they are willing to lay down there lives and give a small but stiff restistance to garantee the Drakh harvestor fleet planet bound, then a joint Talon, Turian, Asari, Sheliak fleet jumps in to take out the Drakh.  The battle is hard but the Drakh fleet is vanqiushed when the Turians detonate 20 fusion bombs on the planet to destroy the Drakh fleet.  A few dozen ships are able to escape after the bombs explode and are not given much thought.

15,756 -15,749 BC The Drakh ships that escaped the Talon Coalition trap are able to reach the rest of Drakh Horde. within a few months of the talon Trap there are 10 to 30 thousand ships as they swarmed the surrounding galaxy by consuming planets at will, one of the youngest seclusionists race called the Minbari are unable to combat the Drakh superior tech and decide to send a group of 90,000 Minbari (30,000 each from each Caste) and ide them on a dormant world and place the whole population in Stasis for hundreds of years until the Drakh start hibernating again.

15,709 BC The last renmants of the talon, Asari, Sheliak, Vaadwar and Turians are finaly consumed by the Drakh Hordes.

15,680 - 240 BC The Drakh start retrating to there dead worlds to hibernate.

15,190 BC The Minbari Group awaken from stasis pods and start building the Migrant fleet, in search of a new homeworld, they venture out and are careful to enter once inhabited star systems, during the time the Minbari were in stasis some Asari and Vaadwaur colonies had scaved the Drakh Hordes and started to venture back out in the first two hundred years of the Harvests. they are quickly discovered by Drakh scouts and devoured.

15,184 BC The Minbari soon leave Known space in a search for a new homeworld on the other side of the galaxy, the Warrior caste of the Minbari are the first to leave, actualy forced out due to there growing restlessness within the short years since the Migration began, wanting to avenge there species and there fallen allies for what the drakh had done and openly seek out any Nest they find and destroy them, the rest of the Minbari saw this as too risky and denined them, the Warriors resist and soon the Fleet casts them out to seek there own quests.

15,184 BC The Minbari encounter the Drall only a few months after leaving the Warriors Caste on there planet, the Drall were a few hundred years more advance than the Minbari and were combating a Drakh Nest, the Minbari give all imformation they have on the Drakh but move on in frear of the Migrant fleet being found, this puts great fear within the Religious Caste.

15,173 BC The Migrant fleet is attacked by the Husk for accidently entering there space.the fate of the Husk are unknown.

15,168 BC The Minbari encounter the Rachni, cordial relation ensue until the Migrant fleet leaves there area of space.

15,144 The religious Caste saw the only way to escape the Drakh Hordes is to de-evolve there technology to a more archaic society, The Caste decides to leave the remaining Workers Caste and settles on New Minbar 9 thousand light years from the Earth and Narn Sectors, they imediatley start there Theocracy and degrade there level of tech to go unnoticed by the Drakh, unknowinglbthe Religious Caste, the Workers build a volte on one of the planets in the Minbar system to one day give tell the story of there ancestors, the Migrant fleet sets off to find a world of there own.

15,000 - 7,000 BC The Minbari on the renamed world of Minbar soon make there journey from escaping the Drakh and traveling threw the stars to there new home as history, then to legend and then in to myth, until the old doctrine of the Theocracy are challenged by new ideas, they soon progress out of there forgoten imposed Dark Age.

12,000 B.C. The Abbai civilisation dawns on Illapa, a Mammal species that live on a planet of vast plains that span for thousands of miles and limited mountain ranges.

12,000 BC The dawn of Hyach-ado civilisation on Shir-shraba.

12,000 B.C. The Narn’s civilisation dawns on Narn which
is a healthy green planet, eventually it will have the look of a slightly more habitable Mars. The surface temperature can fluctuate by at least 60 degrees Fahenheit on any given day. The planet is dominated by primordial jungles and forests, teeming with animal life, the Narn are the only sentient Marsupials species known to exsist.

11,000 B.C The Hutt civilisation dawns on Nal Hutta, a semi-reptilian Mammal like species that lives on a rocky desert world, the species has a knack for scavaging. One notable difference is that the planet has large and dense rings in orbit.

11,000 B.C.  The T-Rogaran civilization dawns on Orieni, the planet is a very wet world with perpetual rain which seems to have carved massive canyons and mesas,  what is ideal for the Amphibious species.

11,000BC The Cattatae civilization, a mammal species dawns on the eastern continent of Cattagia on Cattatae Prime, its a temperate world with mountain ranges to the north and large inlang lakes to the south and east.

10,000 BC The semi-reptillian Gorn civilisation dawns on the planet Hunsaira, The terrain consist of green jungle, rivers, and shallow seas. The life there consisted of carnivorous crustaceans, poisonous plants, and deadly insects.

10,000 BC The Elasian civilisation dawns on the planet Althos, which is covered by 85% of brakish cold oceans and thousands of scattered islands. 

10,000 BC The Naccene civilisation dawns on the planet Byma, its dominent feature on the surface are huge Pastures which become home to the Mammal species.

10,000 BC The Mammal species of the Kashyyk civilisation dawns on the planet of the same name, it is a temperate forest moon  which orbits the super gas giant Kash.

10,000 BC The Vree civilisation dawns on the planet Ventuki which is a semi-arid planet known for its rich savannas. The Ambphibian species live on a world of continually bombarded by lightning storms, The rocky outcroppings which broke the plains and swamps are charred black from being hit by lightning.

10,000 BC The Grome civilisation dawns on the planet Rayingri, they are an Ambphibious species that live on a swampy, dense forested world.

9,000 BC The Jaffa civilisation dawns on the planet Chohe. is a barren desert planet, but is littered with large, bulbous plants. The Reptilian species live in a world of strange bloated rocks, and oases with palm trees, this makes for an unusual world. The skies are usually clear, but the climate sometimes varies from ultra arid to quite humid

9,000 BC The Balos civilisation dawns on the planet Balos, There are three kinds of plants and six kinds of animals all being a semi-fishlike reptilian species (Balosians being one of them) on the planet. Approximately 68% of the planet's surface is covered in water.

9,000 BC The Vaguun civilisation dawns on the planet Heva, the desert planet is in a binary star system. It once had large oceans full of marine based life and a world-spanning jungle, but this bioshere was destroyed 140 million years ago when the a small planeroid impacted the surface razed the planet, drying up its riverbeds and boiling away its oceans, eventualy the semi reptillian mammal like Vaguun race gained sentience due to its pre-evolution species adaption to survive.

9,000 BC The Ambphibian species of the Kes civilisation dawns on the planet Tyr. The climate on Tyr is humid and cool, and the planet is almost always covered by dense fog and deep hanging clouds.

9,000 BC The Pran civilisation dawns on the planet Caere which has large sinkholes covering much of the surface. eventually the mammal species will build entire cities built in cracks and crevasses in the sides of the massive sinkholes, which extend inwards, the main reason for this practice is the existence of water on the sinkhole floors which is in short supply on the surface.

8,000 BC The Leshan civilisation dawns on the planet Ishan, The mammal species of Ishan is covered with lush green land, rolling hills and vast oceans.

8,000 BC The Nausicans, a fishlike mammals civilisation dawns on the planet Nausica, It is a cold dying planet with no geological activity. It is covered in oceans and barren plains. Its day lasts 49 standard hours and its year lasts 145 days.

8,000 BC The Tarlac civilisation dawns on the planet Ekos, The planet is covered by huge forests and swamps, the semi reptillan amphibius species live in a climate that is characterized by common monsoons with devastating electrical storms, soaring temperatures, and humidity over 90%. There is a large atmospheric oxygen content, and the atmosphere is covered by layers of rapidly mutating deadly spores which only the residents of the planet have an imunitty.

7,000 BC On Shir-shraba, the reptillan mammal like species of the Hyach-do break away from the main evolutionary line of the Hyach and become a separate race. At first the two races compete for land and resources, but over time they eventually learn to live together.

7,000 BC The Mammal species of the Elloran civilisation dawns on the planet Syglar, it is a cold world of glaciers and snowy waste that covers the normally warm tropic regions of the planet, while solid ice locked the poles in perpetual winter, pockets near the equator allow the Ellora to survive.

7,000 BC The mammal species Ocompa civilisation dawns on the planet Faynos, the world is covered in lush green forests and deep blue seas. It has the same orbital directory as the almost-identical sister planet Cartya.

7,000 BC The Skrreans civilisation dawns on the planet Skrrea, It is a temperate and mountainous world where the most of the inhabitants dwell within the deep mist-shrouded valleys

7,000 BC The Deneth civilisation dawns on the planet Dedretis,the planet features smooth, moss-covered plains and shallow, saline oceans.

7,000 BC The Tellerite civilisation dawns on the planet Tellar, the planet is dominated by steep mountain ranges and deep valleys.

7,000 BC The Enis civilisation dawns on the planet Enisia, a very unusual planet, as it appeared purple from space. This was mainly because the minerals in its soil turned the native plant life purple

7,000 BC The Tu-Chanq civilisation dawns on the Satterlite planet of Tu-Chanq thats orbits Tu-Chouq, this moon is covered by dense jungles and stretched out shallow seas.

7,000 BC The Drella civilisation dawns on the planet Lissepia, The planet's surface is covered in one giant ocean with thousands of small islands scattered across the globe. The terrain of the islands vary from rolling sand dunes to bogs and marshes.

7,000 BC The Praylor civilisation dawns on the planet Xamarri, it is a swampy, dense forest world which has two large moons Kalios and Kalorn.

7,000 BC The Golian civilisation dawns on the planet Hukos, which is an ocean-covered planet. It is home to the only amphibious bipedal species. Eventually the Golians will build cities which are located underwater and out of reach to outsiders, the Golinans will have to build a city floating above water, in order to establish a commercial contact center.

7,000 BC The Mygeeto civilisation dawns on the planet Binthu, is a rainy swamp like planet.

7,000 BC The Xon civilisation dawns on the planet Diadem, It is a cloud-covered jungle world.

7,000 BC The Vorta civilisation dawns on the planet Cyone, The surface of Cyone is temperate and has large inland seas, but in 6,5 thousand years this will all change as the surface will turn volcanic and the atmosphere tuned up of toxic gases, forcing the native Vorta inhabitants to live in subterranean cities.

6,604 BC The Minbari acheive Jump Point technology by finding the Volt on a planet in the Minber star system and discover codex of there history and technologies and the Drakh.

6,034 BC The Minbari Federation discover the Krogan and many other races in the 1500 hundred years of space travel and incorpiate them into the Federation.

6,000 BC Belan is home to the light-green reptilian Wadi species, it's a planet with no trees just small shrubs and foilidge.

6,000 BC The Vori civilisation dawns on the planet Malur, Although there are plains and lakes on its surface due to low gravity, most of it is covered by miles-high trees, hiding beneath their branches the dark, swampy Shadowlands.

6,000 BC The Prytt civilisation dawns on the planet Pendari, The planet is rugged and mountainous but fertile, with at least one ocean.

6,000 B.C. The Maakab civilisation dawns n the planet Maakab, it is a temperate world, with  deserts, plains, rivers and oceans, but is orbited by a huge ring and partial destroyed moon.

6,000 BC The Shale civilisation dawns on the planet of Illium, it is a bleak, mountainous, desert planet with moderate temperate zones.

6,000 BC The Vok-Sha civilisation dawns on the planet Keto-Enol, is covered in tropical looking foliage and beaches. Moss-covered canyons and cliffs filled the landscapes.

6,000 BC The Dosi civilisation dawns on the planet Kar-Venos, a backwater desert world in the Outer Rim

6,000 BC The Zetari civilisation dawns on the planet Zetara, is a sun-beaten forest planet. In the upper atmosphere, it is almost impossible to survive due to its slightly tilted axis However, the lower surface of Zetara is a lush tropical forest.

6,000 BC The Zahl civilation dawns in a pocket of the Omarian Nebula, the nebula cloud shrouds the planet from any other stars and the only objects seen in te night sky is the planets, moons and comets. the race does not seek the stars, the planet Zahl will be cold and covered in huge ice caps at the poles but will remain quite humid at the equator.

5,892 BC The Zalkat Civilzation on the planet Antos make the leap to jumpgate technology.

5,290 BC the Numeri civilisation on Faltia achieve Jump point tecnology.

,000 B.C.The reptilian species of the Drazi civilisation dawns on Zaabar, its a hot, dusty and humid planet that orbits a Binary star system.

5,000 BC Brakiri civilisation dawns on Brakos, The planet has an Axial Tiit and the Brakiri becomes Sentient on the darker side of the planet making them primarily night dweller species.

5,000 BC The Grome civilisation dawns on the planet Rayingri that is a small rocky canyon planet.

5,000 The Pak'ma'ra civilisation dawns on Quaji, which is a double-ringed planet, its surface is mainly covered in water, with the exceptions of three large islands.

5,000 BC The Zalkat Union now dominates the vicinity of the Known Galaxy where the Cattatae, Narn, Brakiri and Humans will soon have there dominions.

4,000 BC The Denoblean civilisation dawns on Denobula, a ocean planet with the only part of land is a small continent in the southern hemisphere.

4,093 BC The Zalkat Union is know two thousand light years in diameter, but do not make contact with any other race apart from the already FTL species of the Numeri, the Union does not use portable FTL ships and relays totaly on its jump gates which it makes in abundance around many star systems in the Cattatae, Narn and Vree Sectors, many in which have sentient species of there own as the Zalkat plunder many resorces.

4,000 BC The Dilgar civilisation dawns on Gomak

4,000 BC The Geonosians civilisation dawns on Geonosia.

4,000 BC The Vidians civilisation dawns on Ligobis.

4,000 BC The Baku civilisation dawns on Norpin

4,000 BC The Alderaan civilisation dawns on Alderaan.

4,000 BC The Vindrizzi civilisation dawns on Oran'taku

4,000 BC The Kamino civilisation dawns on Phanos

4,000 BC The Devore civilisation dawns on Teerza.

4,000 BC The Aenar civilisation dawns on Sha Kar Ree,

4,000 BC The Utapau civilisation dawns on Svarog

4,000 BC The Kolati civilisation dawns on Wada

Hurr civilisation dawns on Andromma

Streib civilisation dawns on Ry-Nak

Voth civilisation dawns on Dregir.

Numeri civilisation dawns on Niacal

Son'a civilisation dawns on Nae'Onat.

Talaxian civilisation dawns on Talaxia

Felucians civilisation dawns on Felucia

Talosian civilisation dawns on Talos.

Xindi civilisation dawns on Telka.

Degobah civilisation dawns on Duxal.

Trill civilisation dawns on planet of the same name.

Suliban civilisation dawns on Suluba.

Hurq civilisation dawns on Triskelion.

Ogla civilisation dawns on Narga.

Kattan civilisation dawns on Kattan

Douwd civilisation dawns on itok,

Kam Jatae civilisation dawns on Volchok Prime.

Genii civilisation dawns on Matalas.

Koulan civilisation dawns on Koulani.

Tak' Tak civilisation dawns on Tak,

Bynar civilisation dawns on Acamar

3,566 BC A Drakh Nest awakens and encounters a Zalkat colony, the Drakh start there harvest of the Zalkat and eventually Numeri species.

3,522 BC The MInbari discover the Zalkat and Numeri fighting the Drakh  Hordes but are too late to stop the Harvest of the whole Zalkat species. some Numeri are spared and the Minbari tell them to destroy all technology so not to be discovered by the Drakh which will maintain a presence for at least a thousand years, the Minbari discover hundreds of species in the Zalkat and Numeri sectors and are astonished that the Drakh didnt cocoon them, they come to the belief that the drakh must be only attack races which can threaten there existance, ie the race must of attained FTL to be deemed worthy of destruction

3,000 BC The Kulan civilisation dawns on Iraatan.

3,000 BC The Vhnori civilisation dawns on Galos Prime.

3,000 bc The Breen civilisation dawns on Gaspar.

3,000 BC The Paxans civilisation dawns on Cytrax.

3,000 BC The Armus civilisation dawns on Bopak.

3,000 BC The Llort civilisation dawns on the planet Vaatas.

3,000 BC  The Bajorians civilisation dawns on Bajor

3,000 BC The Enya civilisation dawns on Byma.

3,000 BC The Bolians civilisation dawns on Bolius.

2,900 BC The exodus Numeri civilisation dawns from its imposed nomadic existance on the planet Galdontere, it is filled with strange translucent species of plants and animals. When the sun shines, the environment glitters like multicolored glass, with a multitude of colors.

2,800 BC Andorian civilisation dawns on the planet Andoria thats orbits gas giant Andor.

2,600 BC Mawasi civilisation dawns on the planet of Mawasi.

2,400 BC Some of the magnificent Zalkat Jump Gate Network remains intact at the outermost of its territory, near the Cattatae and Vok-sha homeworlds due to the inactivity of the regions during the Zalkats destruction.

500 BC The Shrass'an Civilzation become dominent on the Oroboro plains.

098 BC  The Cattatae send an expedition of three vessels to a new continent called Shrassa and they settle a small hamlet near the seashore, soon they encounter a coastal city of the Shrass’an.

091 BC The Shrass'an attack the Cattatae and kill of Cattatae inhabitants,  even though in terms of intelligence and in advances of technology the Shrass’an are technologically inferior to the Cattatae, the Shrass'an are physically larger and stronger than the Cattatae and possessed superior endurance.

045 BC The Shrass'an copy the designs of the Cattatae sailing pioneers, they everntualy find the Cattatae home Continent of Cattagia, first there are like roaimng nomads and destroy some small fishing towns and minor ports.

088 AD  Shrass'an armies start sailing across the Great Radafa Ocean to the Cattatae's civilization side of the planet, they iradicate the coastline kingdoms and gain a foothold on the continent, riding high on these easy victories, the Shrass'an began a massive campaign to dominate the Cattatae on a global scale.

98 AD THE WAR OF 100 MILLION DEATHS.  When the two species finally did meet the result in all out bloody war, it soon degenerated into genocide and attrition. The Cattatae Grand Houses joined in consolidation to counter Shrass’an agressesion and a war of survivel is declared.  Foundation of the Cattatgia Empire.

178 AD The War is going badly for the Cattatae, there is belief that there are less than 10 million Cattatae left on the planet.  As the Cattatae entered a historical period similar to the Renaissance.

286 AD Gun powder is discovered and the means to use it for the Cattatae forces,this rapid burst of technological development was the result of competition with Shrass'an species. Though battles raged across the planet's surface, destroying whole cities and depopulating entire regions, the conflict drove the Cattatae to greatly advance their level of technology, exceeding the limited capabilities of the Shrass'an and eventually giving them the upper hand in the fighting. By this time the Cattatae had obtained an Industrial age equivalent to Earth at the beginning of the 20th century.

298 AD The species of the Numeri dawns on the Mustafar colony, there knoledge of the Numeri species is lost as they refer themeslves as Mustarans.

302 AD  The use of the industrial revelations of gunpowder and railways hugley turn the tide of the war into the Cattatae's favor as the Shrass'an now fall back to there own continent.

311 AD The Warmaster Tuscano leads the invasion of Shrassa.

319 AD  The Fortresses of Oroboro on Shrassa are built by the Cattatae.

336 A.D On Cattatae Prime,
The noble houses appointed Lord Tuscano, who is leading the war against the Shrass'an, to the position of Emperor of the Cattagia Empire.  After the construction of the first Royal Palace in Cariva, Tuscano commissions the Cattatae Imperial Guard, He also commissions The Eye an elaborate jewel that becomes the symbol of the authority of the Emperors, During his reign his forces defeated of the Shrass'an and exiled them to the northern mountanous fringes of Shrassa, this gave rise to the current class structure of modern Cattatae society. Cattatae families who had done the bulk of the fighting, and had the most survivors at the end of the war, became the great houses of the Cattatae.   This new government of nobles created the Imperial High Council. .

These noble families would maintain their power and privileges for hundreds of years, even after the planet's population had grown into the billions. Furthermore, Cattatae females were relegated into the roles of mothers and housewives, as the nobles believed that females needed to focus on bearing children and rebuilding the population after being drastical eradicated by Shrass'an purges instead of competing with males for power and social position. Even in the 23rd Century, Cattatae females are discouraged from seeking power or careers for themselves – though many females are the "power behind the throne" in their houses, skilled in deception and manipulation. The widows of many powerful leaders are often considered conduits to their deceased spouses, and wield impressive power.

345 AD The Praylor civilization discover a inactive Numeri Jumpgate and quickly discover the Leshan homeworld, they quickly occupie the planet and start strip mining it for resorces and using the local Leshan as slave labor.

483 AD The Fortresses of Oroboro become city states and acquire independence due to the huge population growth on the contienent. The Cattatae recover from the war as the population is now at 2.6 billion as the Shrass'an are numbered in the few million living on the fringes of Cattatae cliamed regions.

512 Ad The Zakdorn species succumbs to AI machines and become exstinct, the machines build a giant network hub on the planet and remain networked and only few machines become active to do repairs when needed.

523 AD The Praylor homeworld is hit a massive solar ejection of magnetic material by its parent star which excludes this mass ejection every 200 thousand years or so, the whole Praylor civilization is decimated as the whole planet goes dark, the following unrest leads to the Praylor to never recover for nealy two thousand years.

543 AD The Cattatae develop Nuclear weopons, as the continents of Shrassa which is a democratic society of united city states and the continent size Empire of Cattagia . the two powers prepare for war.

556 AD The Cattatae start local space travel and visit the 3 satterlite moons of Cattatae Prime.

588 AD The Cattatae establish their first colony within their own star system on the near by world of Imolan.

608 Ad The Leshan overthrow there Praylor oversiers which have not heard from the praylor homewolrd for quite some time and the Leshan kill all of them and destroy there machines which concludes in a massive fussion explosion of the southern hemisphere by the Praylor reactor being destoyed the primitive Leshan.

612 AD The Great Burn of Cattatae Prime. The two oposing sides of the Cattagia Empire and the Oroboro States clash in the Ocean of Radafa soon escalate in an all out nuclear fallout as both sides try to destoy one another. 1.6 billion Cattatae die within the first strikes.

617 AD the Cattatae Nuclear Winter takes hold all over the Planet, Shrassa and Cattagia continents are devastsated, Cariva is destroyed and the Emperor and the whole Imperial line is believed to have been killed in the first strikes thus ending the Great 2nd Dysnasty. another 700 million die in the next 100 years.

733 AD The Cattatae colony of Imolon which had become self efficiant during the early days of Cattatae Pirme's nuclear winter, the leaders decide to send a group back to the homeworld, the Cattatae population is believed to has dwindled to less than 20 million.

735 AD The Imolon group start straight away on the rebuilding of the once great capital of Cariva on the order of Lord Olion (a decendent of the imperial line placed as magistrate of Imolon before the Great Burn) which is still in command of Imolon, and is heralded for bringing about the first successful Canal system to the people of the Cariva, The Cattatae are able to rebuild the city around the canal within a decade.

739 AD The Eye of the Emperors persumed lost or destroyed during the Great Burn is found intact in the ruins of the Imperial Palace, it is brought to Lord Olion and he proclaims it a marvelous miracle that it has remained intact over time.

746 AD The Cattatae people of Cariva proclaim themselves as the new Cattagia Empire and procliams Lord Olion as the New Emperor and the 3rd Dynasty of the 2nd Cattagia Empire.

755 AD On Imolon, A Astromenor called Ralias discovers a structure in orbit of the only gas giant within the Cattatae system, the great Emperor Olion has a series of space faring vessels constructed from Imolon to reach the unknown artifact. The first Jump Gate is discovered but it will take many decades to reach the gate and realize what the structure actual is and how it can be used by the Cattatae.

789 AD The rebuilding of the Cattagia continent is well underway but soon encounters oposition from other city states that have rose over time, but lacking in advance technology they are quickly dealt with and subdued into the Empire.

800 AD Llort civilisation dawns on Vartas

815 AD the Cattagia Empire start to recolonize the Shrassa Continent, large parts of Cattatae Prime are still left as radioactive wastelands and will not be habitable for generations.

836 AD Emperor Virini dies and ends the 3rd Dynasty, Durano who has a pristage military carear on the Shrassa continent is granted the title of Emperor and the 4th Dynasty.

850 - 870  The Heroic Age on Zhabar.  Zaka spends his time uniting the Drazi Homeworld in the name of Honor before his ascension.

894 AD The Shrass'an species are now believed to have become exstinct during the nuclear winter due to the serverity of the far northern mountains.

868 Zaka becomes the first King of the Drazi  by bringing about the First Drazi Realm.

869 Zaka The Unforgettable unites the Drazi homeworld, by defeating the tyrant Molor. The death poem of Molor will be considered a classic in years to come. Zaka sets the pattern for the Drazi race's Order and honor. His achievements will be recorded in the Sacred Texts.

876 AD Once the Cattagia Empire had reached the technology level were it could re-enter space, it started to vigorously chart their home system. Due to technological limitations this survey took a long time. Finally, the Cattatae stumbled upon the remains of a jump gate in orbit of a gas giant within there solar system.

By studying the remains, which were more or less intact, the Cattatae were able to garner enough information to build a jump gate of their own within 20 years. The jump gate was operational but obviously it lacked connections to other jump gates, as it was the only one of its kind. Thus the Cattatae were forced to physically send ships capable of building jump gates between star systems before a stable wormhole could be formed into the system to connect the two gates. These gate construction ships often took decades to arrive, the crew suspended in cryo-tanks for the duration of the voyage. Only until the coming of portable FTL drives capable of jumping between systems with no jump gates in them is it possible to overcome this time-consuming prelude to interstellar traveling via jump gates. 

But patience is a virtue the Cattatae have mastered well and they steadily expanded in every direction from their home system. within 600 years after the construction of their first jump gate, the Cattatae will occupy hundreds of star systems.

The Hutts discovered jump gate technology 2,000 years before the Cattatae, the Hutts did not enjoy the luxury of finding a relatively intact jump gate relic in their system as the cattatae have done. Instead there were only fragmentary pieces to be found, so they had nothing to build on. Still, these fragments pointed the researchers into the right direction and many jump gate theories were tried out. It wasn't until after the discovery of the importance of a strong gravity well like a gas giant, that the gate research got on the right track. It wasn't long after that before the first working jump gate was erected. The Cattatae type of jump gate and the Hutt Jumpgates both work on the same principle, but there are some minuscule differences in how the different parts of the gate work exactly. At that time the Hutts were bursting at the seams and major effort was made in sending ships to nearby systems to build jump gates.

The mass exodus of the Cattatae to other systems was nothing like the calm, deliberate expansion of the Hutts Empire, where only one system was colonized at a time and every aspect of the expansion was rigidly controlled by the Dynasty. Instead, state run firms, the first of the Cattatae corporations among them, were chiefly responsible for surveying systems, sending the constructions ships, and selling the territory to the colonists. In the space of 200 years or so the expansion of the Cattatae had almost equaled the total expansion of the Hutts in 2,000 years.

The Vree had forgotten the information about their technological advances in this regard. Today they employ jump gates functioning on the same principle as the others, but nothing is known on where or when the Vree acquired their jump gate technology. However, they've revealed an interesting fact: according to ancient Vree artifacts, the Vree used the ancient jump gates that littered the Known Gallaxy to travel between star systems a long time ago, before the jump gates crumbled. The legends say nothing about the makers of the origional gates.

Jump gates are built around artificial wormholes, created by exploiting gravitational resonances found in star systems. This resonance is as a friction between gravitational waves of inner-stellar objects; the more massive the objects, the stronger the resonance between them. Positions of other planets in a solar system, as well as the complex structure of dust rings around heavy planets illustrate this resonance.

Inter-planetary systems exist strong resonance phenomenona where the gravitational field of one or more gas giants in a stable formation would create a stable gravity well, like anchors in space.  At the anchor points, the rapid strength of gravity of the gravitational field in a gravity well direction creates strong gravity within the area. Under normal circumstances this stress is dissipated by high-frequency graviton radiation, and does thus not create any noticeable macroscopic phenomena.

But if this stress is confined and forced to build up in a  10 km area of space, then a gravity  anchor will eventually develop a steadily growing high-curvature tentacle like structure in the space-time continuum. More specifically, the tentacle constitutes a self-avoiding four-manifold that attempts to grow farther and farther from itself. The tip of the tentacle, where the curvature is highest, effectively acts like a magnet on space-time, and for high enough curvature it can eventually induce the creation of a small tentacle in remote high-gravity regions, that can reach to the tip and spontaneously combine. An analogy of this phenomenon is when lightning strikes ground, where the tip of the downward lightning actually creates a small upward bolt emanating from the ground and the two combine somewhere above the ground, thus closing the electrical circuit.

The main device of jump gates is a so-called mass boson sphere, based on one of the fundamental physic fields that mediates mass, and thus interacts strongly with gravitational waves. The sphere is filled with mass boson plasma which reflects gravitational waves pretty much in the same way as a mirror reflects light.

By adjusting the plasma density so it reflects the high-frequency gravitational waves involved in the dissipation of the gravity well, this radiation is trapped within the sphere, thus leading to a steady net increase of the gravitational stress within the gravity well, which eventually leads to the creation of the high-curvature tentacle. An analogy of this is the laser, which builds up a highly coherent and intense beam of electromagnetic energy by enclosing oscillators within a reflecting cavity.

The distance between the two ends of the wormhole only has a maximum range of 10 to 30 light years and on what resonance node the jump gate is located. In order to connect two jump gates a trial-and-error method is needed, often lasting many years. This is because the tentacle created by the gravity well cannot be controlled or directed in where to open. But by having another jump gate in a nearby system build up gravitational stress on its own (without reaching critical point) at the same time the tentacle is growing, then the likelihood of a connection being made increases statistically. Many attempts are still often needed. This is similar to raising a metal rod in a thunderstorm.

The first jump gate versions built by the Hutts were limited such that once a wormhole had been created and a ship slipped through, a new wormhole had to be made before another ship could pass. As it could take several days or even months to reconnect the two jump gates, passing was slow. Later versions of jump gates allowed the wormhole to be held open for a longer time and by the 16th century the Cattatae and Hutts had jump gates that can keep a wormhole connection open for 5  years before it has to be reset. Also, the first jump gates were only able to connect and hold a single wormhole at a time but today they can open jumpgates to any jump gate within the there field of reach,  allowing jump gates to be connected to several other jump gates at once.

There are several strict limitations on jump gate travel. Firstly, jump gates can only be constructed in systems with interplanetary systems to ultilize there gravity wells. Secondly, only one jump gate can be in operation in a system at any given time. This is due to the erratic fluctuations in the gravity wells caused by a mass boson sphere; if more than one such sphere is active at the same time in the same system, they both become highly unstable and impossible to operate. Thirdly, ships can only travel through wormholes if both ends of it are connected to a jump gate. This means that ships must travel between systems in normal space in order to build a jump gate. 

The reason for this is the extreme dilatation of the metric along the longitudinal dimension of the tentacle, meaning that the spatial coordinate along the length of the wormhole is expanded, while the radial component is cyclically curved. A starship entering the wormhole is subject to a strong metric gradient that would put its structural integrity in jeopardy. This can be prevented by locally countering the stretching around the immediate vicinity of the ship. Here the mass boson sphere plays its second role in the gate mechanism. When the ship goes through the mass boson sphere, a mono-atomic layer of mass boson gets deposited on the ship's surface.

This layer counters the stretching of the ship against the metric gradient, enough to keep the structural integrity of the ship for the duration of the trip through the hole. This doesn't mean the gradient is completely wiped out, and even seasoned space veterans still know the feeling known as 'going down the drain' when entering a wormhole.

Even with advanced propulsion systems it took space ships days or weeks to move between planets in a solar system. Anything that could quicken this travel was thus of immense interest for everybody.

893 AD The Pryyt civilization falls to nuclear war and winter.

912 The Cattagia Empire now spans the globe, the species has now recovered from the Great Burn 300 years ago as the population grows to 400 million.

927 AD Emperor Turhan dies from an illness and ends the 4th Dynasty, the new imperial line is brought in by the newly proclaimed Emperor Dromo and the 5th Dynasty.

1022 AD The Cattatae leader, Emperor Dius dies and ends the 5th Dynasty, his second cousin Regent Coto is coronated as the new Emperor in 895 AD and ushers the 6th Dynasty.

1042 The young Emperor Morell commissions the building of a vast network on Cattatae built Jump gates and start there Rush to the Stars.  With the rest of the galaxy now open to them the Cattatae began expanding in all directions, The world Imolen is forced by the Emperor's forces into the Cattagia Empire and Founds the Cattatae Empire.

1135 Emperor Vintari of the Cattatae dies and end the 6th Dynasty, Emeror Molari become to power and ushers the 7th Dynasty.

1150 The Fledging Cattatae Empire have there First Contact with the Vok-Sha species at the very edge of their gate network, the Cattatae popultion on Cattatae Prime is at 1.6 Billion at this time as many have already left for the colonies, by the 23rd century the population of Cattate Prime will be only 3.4 billion, considerably less than that of the Known galaxy's other homeworlds, such as Earth, Andromma or Denoblea.  However this is a little over a fifth of the fifteen billion Cattatae. Having a minority of the population on the homeworld is a legacy of the Cattatae's rapid interstellar expansion while their own population was still quite small, and the many centuries that have passed since that time – the populations of some older Cattatae colonies are comparable to that of Cattatae Prime.

1151 - 75 Natives of Vok-shar just leaving there equilivant of an Bronze Age, the Cattatae realizing there advantage they quickly dominate the population, the inhabitants of Vok-sha will be among the first dozen races conquered by the Cattatae.  By the 21st Century, the Cattatae Empire will includes at least 12 planets with native sentient races. All of them will be subservient to the Cattatae themselves with almost 60% of Cattatae starship crewmen consisting of non-Cattatae. These are known as "subject races" and are considered less politically reliable than ethnic Cattatae. They are almost never allowed to navigate starships or fire their weapons.

1179 AD A Cattatae sect 700 followers wanting self rule without the confines of the Empire set out for a distant world called Beta 12, at6 the farthest end of the Gate network but the hole sect and there ships are lost en route to the system.

1218 AD  The Cattatae Emperor Virtelius dies and ushering the end of the Great 7th Dynasty.

1233 The Kes achieve Jump gate technology.

1235 AD On Shir-shraba, the Hyach pass religious laws making it immoral to intermarry with the Hyach-do

1241 AD The Birth of G'Lonn on Narn, The First Prophet.

1255 AD The Cattatae build there first Quantum Flux Drive which can achieve a portable Quantium Flux reaction and Jump point a ship to any location the Power core can reach, this quickly start the Cattatae's Rush to the Stars With the rest of the galaxy now open to them, the Emperor orders a fleet to be built within 2 decades.  Various efforts were made to increase the speed of ships, but most of them failed either because of too high fuel volume and cost, or because they were too limited in scope. The most successful attempt was that of the 1st Praylor civilization around 4,000 years ago, which built acceleration gates that employed gravity in an unique way to slingshot ships between planets. This gave the ships enough momentum to fly between planets in a much shorter time than before. But the Praylor never discovered how to build interstellar jump gates, so their acceleration gates were mostly limited to their home system, where deralicts still exist today. They had one with much larger acceleration gates capable of sending ships to the Leshan Star System, but they never got a chance to build anymore them due to the fall of the 1st Praylor civilization. 

The Hutt Empire itself was slow to make any breakthroughs in this regard, despite their ever-growing space empire. For a long time they made do with ships traveling at ca. 10% of the speed of light, this speed seemed sufficient to them. At last they will discover the principles behind portable jump drive technology more or less accidentally, while researching new weapon technologies. The first Hutt jump drive will be built in 300 years time.

The situation was different for the Cattatae. The Economic drive and their depletted resorces of Cattatae socierty meant that intrasystem trade runs became an important element in their society right from the outset of their space activity. Thus there was a much greater incentive to find an acceptable solution to intrasystem travel. The first Quantum Flux jump drive built was the Urbaata Drive, it was immensely big, tremendously expensive and outrageously inefficient, but it worked. The Urbaata Drive, along with later versions, considerably sped up the social and technological development for the Cattatae and is without a doubt one of the most important discoveries ever made.

1277 AD T'Dakka system is surveyed by the Cattatae. Within the next five days, they will make first contact with the Shale on the fifth planet in this system and capitulate them into the Empire. 

1289 The Hyach Governing body, the Grand Council of Elders is a Gerontocracy, with the eldest among them ruling since they have the wisdom to govern start passing laws to forbid the Hyach-do from living in same areas as the Hyach, soon this will lead to consentration camps, then lead to the eradication of the whole species within 200 years.

This will lead to the Hyach birth rate to decline due to the eradication of the Hyach-do. Modern Hyach will be deeply ashamed of this Genocide and the Elders forbid mentioning it or the Hyach-do to offworlders. The eventualy problem is they needed to  keep crossbreeding with the Hyach-do, since the Hyach-do provide essential genetic information to propagate the Hyach race.

1332 The Catttatae encounter the Mygeeto in the midst of a global civil war, the Cattatae offer aid to one side and secretly aid the other, the war escalates until almost all opposition is gone.

1345 The Cattatae invade Mygeeto and become a new servitor race.

1346 The Cattatae discover the Gadaji Rift, this will limit Cattatae explorations into the Earth and Vree Sectors.

1355 A Cattatae exploration vessel surveying the rim of Cattatae explored space crashes on the T-Rogaran homeworld of Olieni, The T-Rogaran are at a pre-industrial time, as there best minds surveyed the wreckage they will make some astouding discoveries in the next 100 years and leap them forward to near the Cattatae levels of technology in less than 200 years.

1379 The Hutt's take over the Vorta homeworld.

1389 The Cattatae Empire invades the sentinent species of Zetari.

1395 Cattatae explorers discover the Nekrit Expanse a huge radiactive nubula atleast 5 thousand LY's in length but is releativly thin as its only 400-500 LY's across but only heavy armored ships able to resist the nebulas effects, The Cattatae will spend the next 20 years maping it limits

1410 Nagas Churabba the Hutt takes over the Hyach civiliztion but keep ther governing body incharge of the Hyach population as they pay "protection" to the Hutt kingdom.

1420 On Shir-shraba, a Hyach-do wanders into an encampment of Hutt’s who are collecting Kili grain for the Dark Moon ceremony on the Hutt‘s Home world. The Hyach-do asked to be taken with them but by the terms of their trade contract, the Hutt refused and notified those in charge of collection, unaware that it would be exterminated.

1422 The
T-Rogaran's make there leap into space and build there first Jumpgate. 

1427 Captain Surok of a Cattatae exploration ship discovers and raids the Drazi Homeworld of Zaabar. They loot it of treasures including the legendary Sword of Zaka, which they take back with them to the Cattatae Prime, immediately Surok is promoted to Admiral and is requested to send another expedition to the Drazi home world by the Emperor, A paranoid commander, Surok keeps the location of Zaabar a closely guarded secret. He commands a fleet of 29 ships and sets a course to the Drazi homeworld.  On the way the fleet jumps into a huge interstellar storm which destroys the fleet and the location of Zaabar to the Cattatae Empire.

 The Drazi quickly realize that they must become a spacefaring race in order to survive. Space Programs pop up all over the Homeworld.

1431 The Kes Hegomony discover the Hutt Kingdoms and attacks Nagas Churabba's territory, Churabba is able to unite the Kingdoms into the Hutt Empire and Churabba is proclaimed Grand Consul of the new empire.

1433 The T-Rogaran invade the Breen.

1442 Zim The Mad of the Kes Hegomony is finnaly defeated at the battle of Irrok Imob, The Kes homeworld is captured and the population subjegated into the Hutt Empire, Grand Consul Churabba's reign will unite the Hutts a likes never seen before, but the other individual Naguses after Churabba reign will make the Grand Consulship fall to disary and the Hutt Empire will agian become fractious and stagnated existance.

1446 The Cattatae discover the Rakhari and peacfuly consolidate them into the Empire.

1451 The Hutt Empire invades the Kolati.

1459 Halos Prime is colonised by the Cattatae Empire, this planet will soon be the main military base of the Empire.

1467 The Cattatae conquer the Onya and process them in the Empire.

 1473 The Cattatae Civil War.  The conflict has its roots in the reign of K'mpec, the longest-lived Emperor of the Empire. Although K'mpec ruled with an iron fist and managed to keep peace within the Empire, his influence began to wane as he grew older, and with the death of his only son the chance for power for two opposing factions began to develop. The first faction, led by Reclaw and the second faction, led by Darak. Darak had support from a large majority of the Imperil High Council, while Reclaw support came largely from political outsiders and military personnel.

1474  Tensions came to a head with the sudden revelation that K'mpec had died before apointing the successor. He had been slowly poisoned by Veridum Six that had been introduced into his wine. Because the killer had not shown his face to his victim. Recognizing the corruption that had taken hold in the Empire, K'mpec death was sudden and the task of choosing the next leader of the Empire was now a pressing issue.

The war finally broke out with a brazen attack on Reclaw's flagship. Not expecting an attack so quickly, Reclaw was taken by surprise and his ship was nearly destroyed before the attackers were driven off by force loyal to Reclaw and brought the support of three full fleet squadrons, which gave Reclaw a fighting chance to resist his enemies. Emboldened by this support, Reclaw chose to go through with his installation as Emperor of the Cattatae Empire.

As the official leader of the Cattatae Empire, although the majority of the Cattatae fleet had not yet chosen sides in the conflict, Reclaw despite his support was seriously outnumbered by the Darak's forces, who controlled at least seven squadrons and had amassed a large fleet near Beta Thoridar.

1477 Battle of Mempa, Over the next two weeks, darak's forces suffered three major defeats.

1478 The whole Imperial Fleet and the Imperial Guard is now brought into the fighting as the war escalates to circumfrance the whole cattatae Empire.

1479 The T-Rogaran dominate the Skrreans.

1485 The Cattatae Civil War comes to an end when Darak's is assasinated by his top Admiral.

1485 Emperor Reclaw proclaims peace within the Empire once more and cements his reign ushering in the 9th Cattatae Dynasty

1491 The T-Rogaran discover the Wadi

1497 The Drazi experimented with fusion reactors during this era.

1500’s  The slave trade becomes an everyday part of life in the Hutt, T-rogaran and Cattatae Empire.

1512 After mastering the technique of wormhole creation by the use of Jump Gates or portable FTL, it was thought that distance had finally been conquered. But despite of this communication still needed to be transmitted at the speed of light, and though jumpgates did shorten distances between distant regions, interactive communication remained impossible. This problem was quickly identified as being one of the most important handicap remaining in the conquest of interstellar space.  The Hutt Dynasty were the first race to remaster the Jumpgate technology and thus the first to face the problem. They launched massive state-funded research and tried out several radical solutions, but without success. In the end they stopped all research, accepting the fact that FTL communications were unattainable.

Centuries later the Cattatae and the Vori faced the same problems following the creation of Portable Jump Point technolgy. The Drive allowed FTL travel within star systems and instant communications with ships were naturally impossible with conventional communication devices until within 1 light second. To stimulate research in solving this,  the Cattatae Emperor promised huge awards for anybody who could come with some solution to the problem, which led to one of the most frantic goose hunt in the history of Cattatae science.
Like the Hutts before them many solutions were tried out, but none with success. Finally it was a young Cattatae, Derarr Tanne, who came out with a solution that was so simple but yet deeply rooted in arcane physics, that at first it was rejected as a hoax.  It wasn't until the famous Derar-dieso experiment that the functionality was demonstrated with success. Industrialization quickly followed, leading to one of the greatest stock market surge ever as thousands of companies extended their reach to the whole known universe.
The roots of the solution lay in an ancient paradox, often called the Terak paradox, the discovery was before Cattatae Prime's great Burn. The Terak paradox is famous for contradicting quantum physics in some very important ways.  Affirms that the exact state of quantum particle cannot be determined with full accuracy, no matter how refined the measurement equipment is. The classical example being the measurement of the velocity and position of a free particle: to be able to measure the position of a particle you must be able to 'see' it. This means that you have to illuminate it at least with one photon. But the collision between the photon and the particle changes the velocity of the particle, thus making it impossible to determine what the velocity was before the position was measured.

The Terak paradox describes the possibility of creating a pair of particle whose quantum state was entangled in such a way as to be mirror of each other. For example a pair or particle with position and velocity given as (x0,v) and (x0,-v), i.e. a pair of particle that at given time are at the same position, but have exactly opposed velocity vectors. After some time, the two particles would be separated by a large distance, and measurement could be done on each of them independently. Now by measuring, say, the position of particle A and the velocity of particle B, the Terak paradox states that you would thus have determined the exact state of both particles, thus violating the Terak relationship.
Derarr Tanne conjecture involved some of the most obscure variants of knot theory.

But later experiments confirmed the Derarr Tanne principle, thus making the Turak paradox void, to the surprise of many. Mathematically, this didn't cause any problems as the collapse of the wave function due to measurement was an instantaneous happening. From a physical point of view, this was more difficult to comprehend, as it seemed to imply that the state change propagated instantly between the two particles. This was immediately suggested as a way to create faster-than-light communication: by making a measurement on a particle it would lead to an instantaneous change in the remote particle's state, thus transmitting one bit of information. A detailed mathematical analysis of this scenario though showed that due to the statistical nature of the quantum particle, only noise would be transmitted, thus laying to rest these speculations for millenniums.

This is precisely where Derarr Tanne took up the problem, with a rare insight leading to a breakthrough. He argued that even though the output of the transmission was pure noise, the structure of the noise could be used to encode the information. Indeed, it was well known that the bifurcation cascade leading to purely chaotic time-series had a universal structure, governed by the Garker constant. Taking a parametric family of functions called logistic maps, defined in the interval [0,1], there existed a parameter and an initial condition of the map that could generate any arbitrary random sequence of number. Derarr Tanne considered the problem from the other side, i.e. given a finite chaotic sequence, how could you trace yourself back to the initial condition? By using a maximum entropy analysis on the Patok information entropy of the signal he devised a way to solve this inverse problem. Furthermore, he demonstrated that by carefully modulating the measurements of tangled quantum states, basically willfully introducing noise in the measurement process itself, that specific noise structure would be carried across to the measurements of the other particle.

The process was thus the following: A byte of information is mapped on an initial condition of the logistic map leading to a chaotic attractor. This noisy sequence is then used to modulate the measurements done on a sequence of entangled particles. At the same time on the other side, measurements are made on the particles and a noise sequence is extracted. Maximum entropy analysis is then done to determine the initial condition from which this series has been generated and thus map it back to a given byte of information. Note that in this case, the noisy sequence sent is totally uncorrelated to the one measured. What they do have in common is to be from the same chaotic attractor, and that is the information that actually gets transmitted instantly, regardless of distance.

As stated before, this theoretical result was originally considered to be too incredible, to be true. The Derarr-Dieso experiment used a very similar setup as the ancient Aspect experiment, and it was a historical moment when the first transmission was sent over this channel. Following that, a great gold-rush started on who would be the first to industrialize this.

The result of that rush is the familiar Fluid router, which forms the building block of universal communication. Ignoring the mathematical intricacies, the architecture of these routers is deceivingly simple. The first step of their manufacturing is the creation of the entangled quantum states. This is done by using superfluid 4-Helium, where essentially all the Helium atoms are entangled in a single quantum state due to Karak condensation. A droplet of such liquid 4-Helium is then carefully separated in two. From this point, the two droplets, and more specifically the Helium atoms in the droplets are intrinsically tangled. Each droplet is then placed in separate router box, that contain necessary mechanism to encode and decode bytestream into quantum state measurements performed on the atoms of the droplet. From that point on, these two routers are linked together, regardless of their separation. Thus governments and corporations would usually implant a router pair from there own created network system for there colonies, stations and starships. One box will be placed on the installation or starship, while the other one kept in the network provider’s Hub station, that will have connections to other in-network routers, thus effectively forming a decentralized network, where messages can be routed across many routers and many providers. This architecture is similarly to the Earth Alliance's Internet.

The only limitations of this communication system is in the capacity of the channel. Indeed, the manufacturing of the entangled 4-He superfluid is an expensive process. Furthermore, a large number of atoms are used for each byte, as a statistically relevant chaotic sequence needs to be created. The sequencing introduces a limit to the bandwidth, allowing only the transmission of x bytes/second. The amount of data sent then depletes the pool of available entangled atoms, thus limiting the total amount of data that can be sent with a given router pair.  The FTL communication services have spread to every corner of the Known Galaxy since they first appeared a couple of half a millenium ago. The services and routers, albeit owned and run by independent companies and governments and areplaced under constant scrutiny and regulations by there own sub-committee's to enforce both security and privacy in the communications channels and to make sure the companies are correctly rendering the services they claim. The fierce competition on the telecommunication market makes it cheap, efficient and reliable to talk, transfer data and even conduct business for people light-years apart.  

One of the main draw backs is that there is no Universal comunication system in place to traverse between different companies and goverment installations or ships and other races own FTL communication networks, thus having to use laser burst communications to one another to establish contact.

1513 - 1580 The Cattatae start a rush to build a communication network to unite the Cattatae Empire.

1523- 1433 The Cattatae clash with the Vori Syndicate, the Cattatae conquer more than 40% of the Vori's territory, The Cattatae will limit there offensive as the more powerful T-Rogarans make there presence but the Vori will remain at war with the Empire for decades,

1525 The Drazi achieve interstellar travel.

1529 The T-Rogaran Guard invade the Pryyt.

1530 AD The Vorta homeworld undergoes a vast upevil and the vorta have no choice but to go underground as the planets atmosphere becomes toxic, luckily the Vorta have advanced technology enougth to survive these conditions with some astistance from the Hutts.

1531 The cattatae come in contact with a another powerful civilzation the T-Rogaran Guard, both the powers had similar territorial extensions and were equivalent in terms of technology, and, if the Cattatae Empire was an imperial power, and because of this has been frequently criticized, the T-Rogaran Guard was one of the most evil dictatorships ever seen in the Known Galaxy: an "interest" of the Cattate for a certain populated world meant that the involved people had to choose between becoming part of their "Commonwealth" (and pay taxes to them), or to make a war, lose it, and become a colony with a Cattatae governor, thing that was not the best of the situations, but neither the worst one, because, for many cultures, the alternative was the T-Rogaran Guard.

If to live under the Cattatae was a disquisible destiny, to fall under the
T-Rogarans domination was a nightmare: it meant that the choice was between working camps and extermination camps. The T-Rogarans culture was utterly different from the Cattatae one, they had developed a class-based social structure in which the power, political and military, was the most prized goal, and, after centuries of warfare, they became unificated under a single, centralised government, a tyranny in fact, a police state drove by a ruthless and power thirsty ideology in respect to which many dictatorships seen on Earth were a model of tolerance.

T-Rogarans had and tecnology boost when a Cattatae scout jump-capable warship crash-landed on their planet in the 1300's, the T-Rogarans were a "steam-power" based civilization, about at the same level of the Earth in the late XIX-early XX century. Their technical progress was historically slow: they needed nearly a century to progress their science and their technology to exploit the finding, but they understood since the beginning what were the implications of "The Ship", and the ideological view and the political will of their government was monolithic: they wanted the stars, they wanted to conquer and dominate them, and, after whole generations of efforts, they succeeded.

The two powers were both large empires when they came in contact: the
T-Rogaran were in full expansion, while the Cattatae were coming out from a Civil War which ravaged their Empire: in fact, they had yet descended from the highest level of their power, and after nearly a century of external troubles and civil conflicts, with no more than a half of their original empire left untouch by war, they were through a period that was called the "Second Renaissance" of the Cattateae.

Essentially, what happened after the contact was hate at a first glance: for the
T-Rogaran, the Cattatae were a menace for their dream of dominance, the only real obstacle to overcome. For the Cattatae, the T-Rogaran Empire was a death menace, period.

1532 After failed attempts of negotiation, the continuous "border incidents" degenerated in an all-out war: in that period the two empires were both at a technological level similar to the one of the Earth Alliance in the mid 2200's, and, if the
T-Rogarans had the advantages of superior numbers and a more warfare-oriented culture, the Cattatae were better strategists, better tacticians, were still more rich and had a more efficient economic and industrial structure and rougthly 200 years more advanced than the T-Rogarans in some but not influential area's and had undervauled the Cattatae with vastly superior numbers in fleets and armies, but after two years of struggle, the Cattatae regained the initiative with help of there new instant communication network and with a series of effective strategic moves, blocked and, later, repelled the T-Rogarans advance.

1538 The two dominions, after seven years of conflict, reached a precarious state of "cold war", essentially due to exhaustion: at that point, the
T-Rogarans had suffered heavy losses, but even the Cattatae were in bad shape: the price paid was high, and the outcomes uncertain at the best. Even this "cold war" was not something that was expected to endure: the final ordeal was only delayed.

In the Aftermath of the war, the reaction of the
T-Rogarans was in accordance with their culture: they squeezed their people and the Empire until the last drop of blood, with a mass production program aimed to build up a fleet capable to overwhelm the Cattatae.

The Cattatae reacted in a somewhat different way: the Cattatae were again at a zenithal point of their culture, not only in political and economical terms, but even socially and scientifically: their society allowed much more space to the individuality and to the culture than the 
T-Rogarans, and their science and technology walked on its legs at a fast pace.

In the last year of the "First 
T-Rogaran War", too late to be employed, the Cattatae scientists broke a scientific barrier, and became capable to generate artificial gravity fields. Was needed a small time for them to understand clearly what were the three potential fields of application: beyond the environment, the gravimetric field projectors gave improvements in terms of defence, allowing the generation of a "TIDAL SHIELD" that reduced the effects of the energy weapons and, mostly, was possible to build a gravimetric drive as propulsion system for a spaceship.

The research and development activity brought rainfall benefits even for the weapon systems: in that same period the Cattatae developed the Ion Cannons, and improved the design of their "battle laser" (improper definition of a weapon that is in fact a powerful and long ranged particle cannon).

This had an enormous strategical significance: the Cattatae forces could have been enable to move massive fleets quickly to defend their vast territory and operate with unexperimented speed and range well inside the  T-Rogaran Empire, with no logistic constraints, outmaneuvering the enemies at strategic level: the superior acceleration.

The New Gravimetric fleet now being constructed maintained all its promise, it was born relatively free of bugs, and was easy to be tuned and sent in production with all the industrial and economic power of the Cattatae Empire behind it, and an experienced and capable class of militaries well able to understand its potental and exploit them at their best.

1547 The Hutts invade the Denobleans.

1557 Nearly twenty years after their first confrontation, the T-Rogaran were confident of the superiority given by a terrific force of more than 5000 warships, and made their move by invading the Cattatae Empire.

The old generation, non-gravimetric ships, re-equipped with Ion Cannons and improved battle lasers were dedicated to the territorial defence, and their enhanced firepower dealed well with the
T-Rogaran numerical superiority, but thanks to an unprecedented effort from the Cattatae's shipyards had rushed in service about one thousand Gravimetric ships, that organised in fleets of dozens of ships, stroke quickly behind the T-Rogaran's rear lines, and began to hit well inside their territory.

T-Rogaran invasion fleets were fought and their advance was stalled by the improved Cattatae defensive units, and found themselves in troubles when the new task forces tore to pieces their logistic structure and raided the supply lines: the Invasion was repelled, but the war was only in its initial phase.

A few months of counterattacks and deep strikes stitched the T-Rogaran forces in a defensive position: the strike fleets dominated the space lanes, and their communications and production structure was near to collapse: too many shipyards were destroyed by deep strikes and by relentless hit and run attacks, too many valuable resources insulated, under siege, conquered. Too many subjugated peoples saw the Cattatae as potential liberators from the iron grip of the hated T-Rogarans: their core military, still powerful and strong in numbers put up a stiff resistance, but they were beaten strategically,  the T-Rogaran had to face internal revolts and after four years of war the Cattatae came out as the undisputed winners.

1561 What was left of the T-Rogaran Empire was no longer a threat: it lost the whole of its territory and all of its colonies and it's war fleet, it was deprivated of all the workforce of the enslaved races: the Cattatae maintained their promise "no one, never, will be again slave of the  T-Rogarans and they will remain occupied until the Cattatae retreat back to a more astainable territory in the 21st century,  the 4 sentient races that suffered for decades under the whip and the dark ferocity of the T-Rogaran dictators were well happy to become part of the "Commonwealth" of the Cattatae Empire, gaining in this way a more human and dignified life and a superior level of freedom: the taxes of the Cattatae (in that period were quite light) were a small price to pay in respect to the slavery and the genetic cleansing of the  T-Rogarans.

This was possibly the finest moment of the Cattatae Empire,  Again at the zenith of their power and wealth, they controlled a vast territory of more than 50 systems between colonies, outposts and associated civilizations, their dominance was temperated by a high level of tolerance and respect and low impositions, in terms of taxes and, mostly, in terms of limitation of Freedom: the whole enlarged Cattatae Empire knew more than a century of peace, prestige, wealth and safety for all the peoples that lived under its flag.

The governments that came out later were not as wise as the one that defeated the T-Rogaran and build the marvelous architecture of the Cattatae "Second empire": courage, honour and pride, that were the corner stones of the Cattatae civilization, became arrogance and ferocity; wisdom and intelligence gave place to calculus and wiles. The Noble Houses, that were crucibles of leaders, soldiers, enterpreneurs, lawmakers and philosophers became clans of political climbers.
A certain political stagnation, lazyness, bribery, egocentrism, a poor management of the finance and of the wealth of a so large dominion, the will to renew with new conquests the glory of the past decades and centuries, the high fiscal pressure, the reappearance of slavery, planted the seeds of the troubles that would have shacked the Cattatae civilisation and its neighbours until our era, but the Empire that flourished for decades on the wave of the victory against the
T-Rogaran was really one of the greatest and most splendid civilties ever seen in this side of the galaxy, and the Gravimetric tecnology was the instrument that build it.

1568 The T-rogarans are now under Occupation by the Cattatae Empire and  as there interests will keep the Cattatae in the Area for the next 120 years.

1569 The Kulan Confederacy invades the Paxans.

1576 The Cattatae discover the Armus and Douwd civilizations, which already had made contact with one another, the Cattatae due to there far extent from Cattatae Prime they place a Governor as the Douwd and Armus were anxious to be within the Empire due to the Kulan Confederacy anexxed the Paxans only a few years before.

1577 Nagas Bok saw the Hutt Empire as shadow of it once was after the Kes War, he is proclaimed Grand Consul by the council of Naguses, imediatley he goes to work within the starfleet and colonial governors and builds his powerbase, the Council sees what Bok is doing and try to stop his rise of influence, Bok organises a cue and proclaims himself the first Grand Nagas of the Hutt Empire, he relinquishes his own teritorial reign on Nal Hutta to his top general and declares all space and planets claimed by the Hutt Empire to rest within his domain while the Naguses will continue to hold on to there power in the regional constraints of homeworld, after Boks reign the position of Grand Nagus will fall again to disaray with naguses being proclaimed on colonial bodies and client homeworlds which inturn bring more libial reforms to the planets of the Hutt Empire with automonous leaderships.

1579 The Cattatae invade the Voth civilization.

1580 The Vori Syndicate has 1700+ warships to defend there small territory agaist the Cattatae Empire.

1581 The Cattatae invade and occypie Kulan and free the Paxans and incorperate them into the Cattatae Empire.

1587 The Cattatae organise the Interstellar Standard year gage based on there own 302 day year of Cattatae prime. ( this means for every decade on Earth it would be 12 years for the Interstellar Standard.

1592 The Gardaji Rift is surveyed by the Cattatae as unbrachable.

1600 The Abbai achieve interstellar travel.

1612 The komerex Nevre ("Northern Empire") and the falgav a'kavna ("Crescent Islanders") develop as the two major sociopolitical groupings among the sea going peoples of Klinzhai of Son‘a. Wars rage between these two groups for decades before the Northern Empire swallows up the Crescent Islanders by around 1660. The new sea-going empire begins a series of actions against the land based komerex Son’a ("Empire of the People") that will last for centuries.

1618 The Vori Syndicate with its strangling military bugdet on the economy and with no choice but to starts negosiating with the Cattatae Empire.

1624 The T- rogarans start being enlisted into the Cattatae armies. soon the species will dominate the Cattatae army by 65% in the next 200 years.

1625 The Vori and Cattatae sign the Mutual Companionship Agreement, which garantees Vori soverignty as long as they reduce there fleet by 70% and denounce there territorial claims within Cattatae space, the Cattatae agree to withdraw there holdings 500 LY's from the Nekrit Expance.

1629 The Cattatae invade the Bollians.

1630 The Minbari seek out the Cattatae Empire.

1642 The Hyach-do wiped out completely from the Hyach homeworld.

1645 The Cattatae invade the Xon civilization.

1649 Archanis is colonised within the Cattatae Empire, this colony will one day become the economic centre of Cattatae commerce.

1655 The Hutts invade the Kammioians.

1678 The T-Rogarans are given self-automony on Olinis.

1682 The Maakab race is becomes subjects of the Hutt Empire.

1701 The Cattatae Regency conquers the Vhnori.

1702 The Minbari cease contact with the Cattatae due to their aggressive imperialist nature towards other races.

1715 The Tak'Tak are invaded by the Cattatae Empire.

1723  On the Cattatae homeworld, the Kamorh'dag (Northern continent clans/Sta Mura) ascend to power (10th and the last Dynasty). Their grip on the Empire will last for little more than 2 generations.

1731 The Cattatae invade the Vaguun race.

1742 The Hutts invade the Pran.

1759 The Vree develope interstellar travel.

1763 The Hutts invade the Utapuans.

1764 The first leg of the Rimma Trade Route is established by Drazi merchants with 

1768 A number of ships are reported missing just beyond the Drazi colonies, the Goverment tasked its fleet to find the reason for the disapearence of Drazi ships from Zaabar to the colonies.

1769 The Vree rediscover the Andorians only a 150 light years from ventuki.

1770 Cattatae Empire spanned across 3 Galactic Sectors.

1774  The Drazi Colonial Governments Consortium make first contact with the Cattatae Empire in the Phillo'tok system. They cleverly conceal the real value of their location in space and their mineral wealth, however, avoiding Cattatae domination by convincing the Empire that the Drazi’s have more to offer as independent allies. After a minor show of force, the Council assigns a figurehead Cattatae governor to the Drazi Colonies; he never actually attempts to exercise control, and his position is mostly that of a trade liaison. The average Drazi is totally unaware that the colonies are 'officially' a Cattatae protectorate. They do recognize a rich new market when they see one, and so start to trade with the Cattatae. Meanwhile, the controlling Drazi trade families remain watchful to assure that the Empire does not become too interested in Drazi’s wealth.

1775 The Cattatae share thereFTL communication technology to the Drazi.

1779 The Vree accidently make themselves known by the Andorians. The Vree offer there assistance in bringing tem to the stars.

1781 The Brakiri civilization has a serious population boom which will last the next 30 years will exceed the population from the curent 990 million to nearly 5 billion.

1886 The Vree encounter the Cattatae by drazi merchants, the choice to limit contact with this "Empire" is declared, they ban all exploration to the eastern frontier.

1788 The Vindrizzi race is capitulalated into the Cattatae Empire.

1790 Drazi Realm dissolved in to the Cattatae Empire as an autonomous member.

1794 The Dilgar race succseeds in fussion technology.

1799 Andoria Succeeds in its first FTL flight with Vree’s help. 

1804 The Vree discover the Hutts, limits contact to this race too, exploration know turns to find the limits of the two Empires.

1809 The Baku become the new subjects of the Cattatae Empire.

1814 Head of the Cattatae High Council K'Trelan assassinates Emperor Vitellius and kills the entire Imperaial Family and then establishes a Democratic Republic with the help from the T-rogarans from the army which were promised equal status within the new Republic. This will last for 45 years thus the age of the Cattatae Republic and will never be refered as the Empire as it will not be ruled by an Emperor or a High Council. Moderen Catatae's refer to this time as the "Republic Age".

1816 First Minister K'Trelan authorises Reducation camps for the Empire loyalists, 7 million Cattatae wll die within these camps walls.

1815  During this time a Cattatae warship discovers the Zahl within the deadly radioactive Omarian Nebula, The Zahl on a technological par with the Dilgar but lacking advance space exploration are astounished to find the Cattatae crew get as much imformation as possible to report back to the Cattatae Prime and tell the zahl that there is a whole galaxy beyond there pocket between the clouds. the crew leave and report the planet but during the political upevil at the time within the cattatae leadership the Zahl report is never listed into the cattatae xenograph lists.

1824 The Hutt Empire and the Cattatae Republic make First Contact threw unofficial means by traders in the Vhnori duristoral section, neither side not knowing the true extent of the others size and strengths and also to the political turmoil of the time means that the two powers would not official meat for naerly a 150 years.

1827 Rise of the Andorian Empire  with the Vree forbiding them from leaping forward in technology and limiting there teritory to a small number of planets, the Andorians fall in to an agressive "xenophobic to the Vree" government and recalls all ambasadors and civilians from Vree space and expels all the Vree from theirs.

1833 The Hutt Empire brings the Golian civilization into the Empire.

1843 The Pran become part of the Hutt Empire.

1848 K'Trelan inisates the Rights of Colonization Laws to keep a track of its own and other alien expansions in the galaxy, if a alien civilization refuses to
submit its colonial posesions or a colony is discovered without being in the Colonial database, the Cattatae see it within its right to bombard the colony or declare war to assatain the information.

1855 K'Trelan starts noticing signs of his influence waining with the Cattatae people as the T-rogarans are seen as pawns of his power, he decides to find new conquests to boost his popularity with his people.
1859  The Cattatae encounter the  Andorians and they ecsort them back to Andor, after this find First Minister K'trelan seises his chance by personaly bringing his trusted fleet and invade the planet for his Republic but by an act of sabotage by Admiral Kessec loyalsits, the Cattatae defensive weapons and FTL's go offline and they are picked off by the primitive Andorian weapons. The only escapee is the Cattatae First Minister K'Trelan which left at the first sign of trouble.

1850 Since the creation of FTL communications by the Cattatae, the reengineering of the technology had been a closley guarded secret and replicating it was deemed illegal within the Cattatae Empire and the new Republic for centuries mostly for economic and military superiority.  But know the technology is wildly used by many serviant races like the Drazi that hold no regard to the laws impeded by there masters and use it as a bargaining tool to negosiating trade agreements to the Vree,Hutts, Vori and other fledging alien states with no such technology restrictions against them.  Soon FTL-COMS will be wide spread and universal used by all post-contact races by the 2050's.

1859  The Cattatae encounter an Andorian ship which ecsort them back to Andoria, after the report of this species the First Minister K'trelan seises his chance by personaly bringing his trusted fleet and invading the planet for his Republic, but the minute the fleet jumped in, by an act of sabotage by Admiral Kessec loyalsits, the Cattatae defensive weapons and FTL's go offline and they are picked off by the primitive Andorian weapons. The only escapee is the Cattatae First Minister K'Trelan which left at the first sign of trouble.

1859 Regent Kessec comes to power by killing First Minister K'Trelan, With all the imperial line now exterminated due to
K'Trelans purges Kessec decides to create a new Stewardship Line instead of Emperors, he proclaims himself the Regent of all Cattatae soverigns and ushers in the the new Cattatae Regency. The Regent signs the Reconition treaty with the Andorians which"allows" the Andorians the sovereign rule for the time being.

1860 In his first act of Regent, Kessec re-occupies the T-rogaran homeworld Olinis and subdues the T-rogaran people and purges the army of all T-rogarans as it was that race that helpt K'trelan stay in power. This will place hatered between the Regency and the T-rogaran people for centuries to come.

1861 The Ipsha civilisation stabilizes.

1864 The Cattatae find discover the Vree Conglomerate.

1865 The Zhabos Incident, The Cattatae attack a Vree colony, but the Vree fight and retakes the colony, there will be open hostilities for the next 18 years.

1867  The planet of Archanis becomes the main economic centre for the Cattatae Regency.

1868 A Cattatae scientist called Dukat surveying the Neckrit Expanse discovers a very large and fast moving  anomoly  being exstracted from the expanse, the huge interstellar storm thats more than a sector wide and 2 sectors in length and racing across space at 0.71 of the speed of light. The Dukat Corridor is established between Illium and Zaabar which limits shipping while the storm is passing the area, the storm continues into un-explored space where the storm is no longer tracked. This phenomenon known as the Nekrit Exstracts is a part of the Expanses huge storm conveyour, at some point the expanse exerts part of the charged radioactive superstorm into known space in the region near the Armus homeworld and Zaabar and the event won't happen again for another hundred years.

1869 The Aenar are invaded by the Cattatae Regency.

1876  The Dilgar achieve interstellar travel but wont be discovered by the two powers of the Hutts and Cattatae until the 1990's. The Dilgar are lucky as no race comes to dominate them.

1881 On Brakos the Resolution is brought in to Brakiri custom of ritual suicide, introduced to cope with the overcrowding in the 'death-watch' facilities where people were originally simply sent to wait for death. Brakiri .who reached the age of seventy were expected to present themselves to all of their family and friends for the Resolution ceremony, intended to represent a celebration of their life. The ritual eliminated the society's responsibility of caring for the elderly, with an age of seventy being selected so that those dying could say goodbye to their loved ones while still in full possession of their faculties; it was believed that asking each family to randomly picking an age for their elders to die was too heartless.

1883 The Cattatae offer to exend the Reconition treaty with the Vree Conglomerate and to not enter the others territory without consent, due to the long distances from Ventuki to Cattatae space there is limited contact for over a century.

1884 The Century of Strife, for the Hutt Empire is now a libial society of over 150 Naguses of the councel, which brings social staagnation within, The Unification War, as it was later named, began with hostilities between the colonies furthest from the Na Hutta.  These colonies were run by local Naguese, many of whom had distanced themselves from the Empire. Without the galvanizing influence of the government, the colonies became increasingly isolated and xenophobic. Colonists began wearing emblems or facial markings to differentiate themselves from members of other colonies and open hostilities became common.

When war finally broke out, the Empires forces maintained strict diplomacy and refused to get involved. After 30 years of fighting, less than a dozen factions remained and the Empire finally intervened. By that time, the Nagueses were too weak to resist; they were forced to put an end to fighting and renew their allegiance to the Hutt Empire. Though peace was restored, it took several decades for animosity between colonists to fade completely.

1886 The Balosians acheive interstellar flight.

1888 The Zahl civilization make the FTL breakthrough.

1893 The Bajorians become the newest subjects of the Hutt Empire.

1901 After decades of protests and marches in cities all over Mygeeto succeed in being the first race to be granted independence from their Cattatae oppressors.

1902 The Mygeeto achieve interstellar travel.

1908 The Xindi become part of the Hutt Empire.

1911 The Hutts welcome the Balosians as an automous member of the Hutt Empire. the Balosians grudgenley agree because the alternative would of been enslavement.

1918 The Karemma civilization is conquered by the Cattatae Regency.

1922 The Hutts conquere the Genii civilzation.

1931 The Vree perfect Zero Point Gravitic drive technology ( the only race that achieves this feat) and starts building "Scaucer" shaped vessels.

1938 The Bynar are conquered by the Hutt Empire.

1941 the Zahl discover the Nekrit Expanse, they believe that this is the direction of the Cattatae, this expanse will hold Zahl exploration for the next 20 years as they try to find a way though or around it.

1942 The Vree Conglomerate discover the planet Earth in the midst of a global civil war, the decission to withhold first contact protocol will stay in place to the Vree retire there research on the planet in the 2040's.

1947 Cattatae Regency expands to over 6 galactic sectors.

1950s The Vree begin to abduct Humans for scientific research, but the government with holds the discovery of Earth to its population to maintain secretacy due to Cattatae expansion near Earth.

1954 The Zahl Protectorate not sure which direction the cattatae race came from, they come across the Skreeans and T-rogarans which are both under the dominion of the Cattatae Regency, the choice is to leave the race that broadend there horizons to the stars and seek other races to possible defend against a possible Cattatae return, during this time thow the Cattatae were interested in gians in the south western frontier and internal rebuilding and had left the northern outer reaches to deteriate.

1964 The Cattatae discover the planet of Narn within the Regency and has a population in the millions. First contact is made and the Locals greet the Cattatae as Gods, soon a profitable tourist industry will be based upon the frendly civalization as brochures pop up all over the Cattatae Empire to make a trip to Narn.

1967 The Hutt Empire completes the Vartok trade route which links up the Abbai territory to the Balos homeworld.

1969 The Cattatae incorpiate the Narns into the Regency, the Narns rejoice and celebrate there new potition in coalation to the stars.

1970 The Nekrit Exstract effects shipping in the area between Narn and Zaabar, The storm is tracked all the way until it reaches Hutt space by an Drazi, Vree and Abbai science teams.

1971 The Cattatae discover thast amounts of strategic resorces on the planets surface, The Cattatae request permission from the First Circle to start quarying the minerial the Cattatae seek.

1972 Grand Nagus Zek finaly puts an end the Strife of the Empire wich had plagued the Empire for the last century and brings a more retrained and autocractic socierty under the rule of the Grand Nagus, with Hutt born Consuls having global control over client worlds which obeyed the Empire with there own governing system with regional powers and Colonial Praetors for the slave worlds which rebeled, the Starfleet however had been buffed up with a stnding of 2200+ warships which will come in handy within the next 30 years.

1973 The Cattatae invade the Llort civilization. 

1976 The Zahl dicover the Vori Syndicate, the Vori tell the Zahl all about Cattatae Imperializm and are astonished that the Zahl wern't invaded centuries ago and that it was just luck that the Cattatae were in political turmoil at the time. the Zahl are helpt by the Vori to discover the Lothra and Jaradan Guard.

1977 The Gorn achieve interstellar travel.

1985 A Hutt exploration fleet stumbles into the Cattatae Regency, the fleet is engaged near Xon and a few ships escape back to the Hutt Empire but the remainder are captured or destroyed.

1986 The Hutt/Cattatae War: With months to prepare, A large Cattatae force obliterates the small Hutt garrison at Delta Khinah II, starting the first Cattatae/Hutt War.

Battle of Odan-Urr

1989 Cattatae tourism fades out due to the war, The Cattatae ask for more resources from Narn for the war effort, the Narns agree and offer help from the Narn populataion.

1993 The Gorn Council discovers a young race called the Son’a which are in the middle Industrial age of development and the decision is made too not make contact at this time.

1994 The civilian society of the Cattatae regency is given some minor powers in the form of the Detapa Council.

2002 A Hutt Empire warship on counter-flanking manoeuvres in preparation to use a nerotoxin called the ka'Hat plague on Cattatae military installations in the northern Frontier is attacked by a Cattatae patrol squadron, the Hutt vessel quickly makes a blind jump.
They jump into the atmosphere of the Son’a home-world of Nae-Onat only one kilometer from the ground it crash lands with no survivors, the ship is only a few miles from a major city. The Son’a retrieve the wreckage and make some astonishing discoveries in the next five decades.

2002 The Hutt/cattatae  war frontlines know intercept Vree space.

2003  The Vree attack the Cattatae. The Vree decide to attack the Cattatae due to there forces using Vree space to attack the Hutts, they do not have a formal Alliance with the Hutts (who are still at war with the Cattatae), but are considered as co-belligerants. The Cattatae are hard-pressed to fight a war on two fronts, but the new Vree weapon (the Nova Gun) gives the Cattatae much concern.

Badly outnumbered, the Cattatae fleet know surprisingly defending the Vree Frontier is decisively defeated by the Vree. The Cattatae agree to a peace settlement granting the Vree trade concessions, and allowing them to colonize several planets within the Cattatae Empire. The Hutts howl with rage because the Vree will not continue the war. Cattatae purchase much war materiel (at ridiculously inflated prices) from the Vree and turn on the Hutts.

2005 Cattatae forces crush Hutt resistance at their two major outposts, forcing a Hutt withdrawal from the disputed area. The Hutt Empire gives up two outposts, Balos homeworld being one of them after the Hutts take heavy losses. Regent Kessil is killed in the final battle, and the Kessec line ends, along with the First Cattatae/Hutt War.

The War ends with a whimper instead of a bang. A state of prolonged but stalemated hostility exists between the two races, with no end in sight. It is almost three years before the Cattatae military presence along the borders with the Vree and the Hutts is back to its pre-war strength, though the War did see the introduction of several new ship designs

The first Hutts/Cattatae War. The war ends in a stalemate which both empires were too far to cause significant damage.

2006  Kagran epetai-D'kariv, temporary Imperial Regent, officially takes the throne after being confirmed by the Imperial and Detapa Councils.

2008 The Vree-Hutts Defense Treaty is signed. Each pledges to attack the Cattatae and Andor if the other is attacked by them.

The Cattatae and Andorians sign a joint defensive treaty six weeks later. Many Andorians clans oppose this treaty, resulting in a sporadic civil war.

2009 The Hutts begin a period of slow, cautious expansion in the direction of the Cattatae Empire. The expansion ends 30 years later, setting the boundaries for what is today known as the Triangle, where many of the recurring skirmishes between these two powers take place.

2010 The foundation of the Balos Star Empire.

2011 The other 23 Andor satterlite moons demand seperate government from the repressive government of Andoria and then they openly rebel, the government tries to force them into there grip once more but the rebel satterlites openly resist and  a war brewss up on Andoria.

2012 The Andorians home world is ravaged by global civil war, and the repressive government is forced out of power, the Andor satterlite states form a new government with Andoria to create the Freehaven of Andor and the capital remaining on the homeworld, they ask the Vree for aid to rebuild Andoria which in time brings closure relations with the two species.

2013 The Andorians new goverment renounces there defence treaty with the Cattatae as do the Vree with the Hutt Empire and form closure ties with each other.

2014  Kagran's son, Kadar, succeeds to the Cattatae throne as a compromise candidate to quiet conflict between factions in the High Council. Kadar spends much of his reign trying to keep all sides content, resulting in little real exploration and expansion for the next 15 years.

2017 The Hutts start experimenting with Metreon isotopes for an infinute energy source.

2019  Within the Cattatae Regency, growing dissatisfaction among the military finally forces the D'kariv line from the halls of power. General Milvi epetai-Javvic of the Imperial Marines takes the throne, the only non-Naval officer ever to hold that office. He begins exploration funding again, but the Imperial Navy opposes him at almost every turn. To regain control over the entire military, Milvi agrees to let his oldest son be trained as an officer of the Imperial Navy, thus assuring that the next Regent will again be a naval officer.

2020 Narn was a peaceful agrarian world before the Cattatae invaded,  but with the Hutt war been over for some time, no one mentioned it to the Narns as more and more mines and facilities opened up over the planet and know Narns were being exported to near by colonies, with tourism now faded out  completley due to the heavy indutsry now happening on the surface due to their planet's rich with resources and of strategic value, the Cattatae subjugated the Narn using their superior technology.

2027 The former Northern Empire (now known as the komerex dexiSon‘a, or "Empire of the True People") develops nuclear weapons from imformation found from the crash Hutt vesseland attacks the capital of their land-based foe with their one operational bomb. Within three years, the land-dwellers, sparked to new heights of outrage and hatred, overwhelm the sea-dwellers completely. In the end, many seadweller leaders switch sides and become naval commanders in the komerex Son’a ("Empire of the People"), which soon controls the entire planet. In this era, the first Son’a space explorations take place from captured DexiSon'a locationw. Scientists had long theorized that Kibek was the only other habitable planet in the system, and it is colonized in the next 40 years.

2031 Regent Milvi of the Cattatae Regency orders the destruction of the Shale, a semi-mamal servitor race of telepaths, because he finds them too untrustworthy. A power struggle results, with Milvi caught in the middle. Finally, the Regent is slain in single combat by General Kagga, a respected military leader holding commissions in both the ground forces and the Imperial Navy. Kagga's prestige gains him the throne--for exactly one hour after which he is executed for treason. There will be five weak Regents chosen and removed in the next 25 years, and many of the recently resumed colonization efforts again fall idle.

2036  The Ka'Hat plague which is deadly to all forms of life breakouts and spreads throughout the Cattatae colonies and is believed to have been orcanstrated by the Hutts.

2038 The Ka'Hat Plague is contained trew quanantine and "purging of the colonies. 16 million Cattatae are purged to halt the advance.

2038 The Ocompa civilization is conquered by the Hutt Empire.

2038 - 2044  The 2nd Hutt/Cattatae War:  The war is started when the Cattatae used the recent occupation of Faynos as a scape-goat to declare war.

Battle of Koros Major 

Battle of Kirrek

Battle of Primus Goluud

2038 - 2044  The 2nd Hutt/Cattatae War:  The War ends with the Hutts partial defeated, even though the Hutts were to keep their empire but under certain “conditions”  that they aren’t to gather influence within Cattatae’s sphere’s, there will be a Neutra Zone set up and the Hutts are  not permitted to expand the empire.

2041 The Dilgar Imperium is declared with the Kam Jatae homeworld invaded.

2044 The second Cattatae/Hutts War ends. The Cattatae capture three key planets, and  by terms of the  ceasefire, expel the Hutts from 2 planets now declared neutral terittory with one of them being the planet of Koulani within the know Hutt Neutral Zone, the Cattatae stipulations of the ceasefire for the Hutts are not allowed to build any new ships, except replacements.

The Koulani have no idea why the Hutts left there world so qulickly. but will vow not to indeded with another alien power ever again and building on the abandoned Hutt Tech.

2045  By this time, the Cattatae have begun to perfecting a defence for the Vree Nova gun disruptor technology, which they are deploying throughout their fleet. With their Hutt War now over, the Drazi now realize that the Abbai and the Cattatae Regency must eventually encounteru one another. At this moment, however,                                 the Cattatae military is occupied with raids against the weakened Hutt border. The Drazi nevertheless fear that the Cattatae will soon turn their attention again in the direction of Drazi and her interstellar holdings. Realizing that any contact between the Abbai. and the Cattatae Empire must inevitably lead to armed conflict, the Drazi hastily negotiate several non-aggression and trade treaties with the Abbai (Birth of the League).

2048 The Hutts discover the potential use of the Metreon energy in the use of a weapon.

2049 On Narn, one of the Cattatae's first acts now that full occupation is now is full swing is start assasinating the members of the Inner Circle to remove any threat of accepted leaders rising against them. Children born into the Inner Circle are to be outlawed and the females sterolized, every Narn over the age of 16 had to carry papers at all times.

The complex social order will be anialated and ready for the first Narn slaves were introduced. The Narns received the most brutal treatment of all the Cattatae "protectorates." For one-hundred Earth years the Cattatae occupied Narn, stripping the planet of its resources, and cultivating slave labor. Many of their new slaves will b used used to build colonies on other worlds with the troublesome slaves will be dumped on planets and left to their own devices (most penal colonies perished, though there were successes).  Before the occupation of Narn the Cattatae were known threw out the Known Galaxy for civilizing and enriching the cosmos threw there imperilzm but after the occupation the Cattatae will be known for its gutting and destruction, the other alien race will soon see the Cattatae with scorn and hatred.

2051 Most Drazi trade families close their operations with the Abbai. in the face of Cattatae trade vessels returning to the Drazi colonies. Through masterful timing of ship arrivals, the Drazi keep the Cattatae and Abbai unaware of each other's presence in the OUTLANDS for many years, despite Abbai displeasure at the closing of many Drazi ports

 2056  The 25 Years of weak Regents are over. A new Regents of the High Council emerges.  Slained Regent
Milvi son Sauron epetai-Javvic succeeds his father, on the Imperial throne, and carries on with the exploratory efforts. The Cattatae military backs the new Regent, and so conquest begins anew

2057-2061 The Dilgar/Cattatae War.  The Dilgar Imperium starts expanding its empire and threatens some Cattatae holdings in the area, the Cattatae sends a fleet to Dilgar space.

2059-2064 A civil war on Nae-Onat results in the release of a genetic plague ( a watered down Ka'Hat virus) on the rebels and wins the ensueing war the but due to the Son'as lack of knoledge of wind patterns and gulf streams the virus eventualy blenkets all of Nae'onat.

Though the Son’a overcome the plague's lethal effects, the Genophage what the disease will eventually be named will cause each generation of females to grow less and less fertile and give succeeding generation's skin a pitted, somewhat diseased stretch skin look with each generation suffering harsher symptoms and skin features than the previous, which will leave the next generation less fertile than the previous generation and will eventually lead to the race going extinct  within 300 years or so with a billion being lost every century. this manifests itself to a view of "the blessed from the Genophage" of there species and the rise of eliteist military government within 20 years to triarge the Genophage the best way they can.

2061 The cattatae crush the fledging Dilgar Imperium and punishes the Dilgar into degrading defeat with there entire fleet and infrastructure destroyed, the Dilgar keep hold of Gomak and there core worlds but loses Kam Jatae civilization to the Cattatae Regency.

2063 The Xon granted autonomous leadership in absent of a Cattatae Governor.

2064 The Cattatae Regency expands to over 7 Galactic Sector’s.

2065 Faced with threats that the Abbai will revoke its non-aggression agreements because of the closure of Drazi ports to even emergency traffic, the Drazi reopen their ports to the Abbai.. shipping on a limited basis. They also sign new treaties with the Abbai. These agreements provide the Drazi worlds with a promise of protection from outside aggression, but bind the Drazi only to not directly attacking the Abbai.  This opens the door for the Drazi to trade with both sides if and when the Cattatae Regency and the Abbai meet in conflict. They continue to try and keep both sides ignorant of the other's existence.

2065 An Abbai merchant captain and his crew encounter some Cattatae traders led by retired Naval Officer Kassam on an Drazi colony. The traders are aware that they have made contact with a previously unknown species, but the Cattatae hide the true importance of the incident, all the while pumping the traders for information on the Abbai.  As an experienced trader, has encountered a number of new races (all customers of the Drazi) in past visits to Drazi ports, and so he simply passes along the routine Abbai contact material. Though he claims to have filed the proper reports to the Abbai Contacts Bureau, those records are never found. Meanwhile, the Cattatae begin a crash program to learn all they can about this potential rival that they call the "Abbai Empire". They capture a number of Abbai ships and interrogate the crews using their new 'Mind Probe' technology.

2066 The Cattatae and the Abbai make first contact

2066 Though any number of independent traders have encountered Cattatae in Drazi ports, the Abbai has never taken official notice of this new culture, whereas Cattatae military observers have been gathering data about the Abbai for some time. On this date, a independent trader vessel and a Cattatae scout vessel exchange fire. Though the Abbai ship damages and chases away the attacking ship, the exchange leaves her without faster-than-light capability. Two Star Fleet warships respond to the trader's distress call and rescue all hands. A nearby Cattatae destroyer class ship, sent to aid the Cattatae scout, evades the larger Star Fleet vessels. The encounter leads the Abbai. to press Drazi sources for information on this previously unknown space faring race and are alarmed to hear that the Drazi are a subject race of the Cattatae..

Abbai defends Aeolious VII colony from Cattatae attack

The Abbai capture the Cattatae colony of Veruca II

The Hutts break all treaties, declare an aggressive neutrality, and begin to refit their battlecruisers. The Hutts expand their borders to include other portions of the neutral zone between the Cattatae and the Vree.

2067 The Cattatae attacks the Abbai but The Cattatae and Abbai settle their differences by negotiation and sign a limited treaty for 10 years. Cattatae are anxious to do so because they plan to attack the Hutts.

2068  The Cattatae withdraw their figurehead governor’s from the Drazi worlds of Zhaabar and Kaltic, beginning a period of benign neglect. Conflict has heated up between the Hutt’s and Cattatae along their common border (though no war is actually declared), leaving the Regency no time for an area it perceives as only marginally profits. Cattatae trading vessels become rare in Drazi space, with the Drazi using their own vessels to conduct most of the trade in war materials with the Cattatae. The Drazi claimed that this would free Cattatae vessels from war efforts. Their real reason for suggesting the policy is to rid their space of the Cattatae presence in order to build their own military more effectively without tipping the Empire to their actual strength.

2068 With approval of the Cattatae Imperial & Detapa Councils, Admiral Kkorhetza sends a fleet to "liberate the Bajorian homeworld, when the Hutts arrive they demand for the imediate removal of all Cattatae forces, Kkorhetza's refuses to withdraw his ships from Bajor, issuing a formal declaration of alliance with the natives of the planet (a Hutt satterlite state). This results in a state of war between the Cattatae and the Hutts Empire, and the third War begins.

The Triangle which is between the three neutral worlds of Vree, Balos and Dilgar will see most of the heavy fighting between the two powers and in the middle of all this fighting is the planet Bajor which the cattatae Regency wanted prime control for economic and military prosperity.

2069 - 2080  The 3rd and Last Hutt/Cattatae War: The Cattatae having strategically defeated the Abbai, attack the Hutts. By war’s end the Hutt home world would be uninhabitable and their Empire smashed into few scattered Enclaves, The Cattatae would loose their grip and influence on most of the free worlds and most of their protectorates and occupied territories especially their Narn holdings which will effect the Cattatae deeply.

Battle of Varl.

Battle of Llort.

Battle of Bynar.

Battle of Tak'Tak.

Battle of Tal'kona'sha.

Battle of Kam Jatae.

Battle of Primus Goluud 

battle of Genii.

Battle of Bajor, the planet is heavily bombed by Cattatae and Hutt warships.

Battle of Tatooine

2073 Forming of the Kaltic Free States. The Drazi colony of Kaltic requests for self rule from Zhaabar, the Cattatae allow Kaltic  for self rule.

2074 Battle of Utriel.

2074 Weytahn starts to be Terraformed by the Zahl Protectorate.

2075 The Voth are given semi-automonous control.

2076 Cattatae sceintists discover the Omega molecule, as is a highly unstable molecule believed to be the most powerful substance known to exist, with sufficient amounts of bornite the molecule can be synthesized, however, proper containment methods do not exist to prevent the violent destabillization of the molecule, which destroys subspace and renders all Jump Point technology,including jumpgates impossible. The molecule remained stable for a fraction of a second before it exploded, killing all 127 leading scientists and conequently disabling all quantum flux reactions throughout the Lantaru System. This secondary effect from the initial explosion made it impossible to create  a stable Jump Point. The Cattatae leadership see this failed technology as a weapon as the Anti-Quantum Pulse.

2077  The Voth achieve Jump Point travel.

Battle of Koros Major

Battle of Kirrek 

2077 The Hutts develope a Quantum flux bomb, a payload of a 100,000 tons of Quantium 40 and 5 120 terawatt power stations to jump the payload at Will and nearly any location within 600 light years.  The shock wave of the quantum flux of so much Quantium 40 would be devasting to planets and fleet formations if the jump was in the atmosphere or in the middle of the fleet as the shock wave would equal to a white dwarfs going nova.

2078 The Hutt Empire detonates the Quantum bomb on the cattatae planet of Archanis, killing 1.3 billion Cattatae in one single flash of blinding light. the Hutts will use this weopon 3 more times before the end of the war with more than 2.4 billion deaths. The Cattatae are bewildered  and helpless by the Hutt's new super weapon.

2078 Destruction of a Cattatae base in the Ganatil system by the Quantum bomb.

2078 Destruction of the Cattatae colony of Grantis IV.

2078  Regent Sauron in a fit of rage, orders to wage a war of vengeance against the Hutt's. However, the war of vengeance will quickly turn into  genocide and sent down the path to exterminate the Hutt's species.

2078 Destruction of the agricultural colony of Ragesh VI.

2078 The population of Mos Pitti seceded from the Hutt Empire use of the Metreon Cascade leak imformation of te where abouts of the Quantum bomb facility to the Cattatae Regency.

2078 Battle of Mos Pitti, The Hutt colony declares neutrality after the Quantium 40 instalation is destroyed by Cattatae criusers. The cattatae offer Mos Pitti immuity from the Cattatae warships.

2079 The Cattatae now prepare there fleet to anhaliate the Hutt species and places his first son Prince Mauroon as overall Admiral of the invasion of the Hutt Empire.

2079 Battle of Korriban

2079  This is known as the "Last Cattatae - Hutt War," it will be refered as the "War of Retribution" to the Cattatae, and as the "War of Infamy" to the Hutts and and the rest of the interstellar community.

2079 Balos Star Empire attack the collapsing Hutts border and capture several planets, but are not formal allies of Cattatae at this point. This is the Hutts-balos War.

2080 The Cattatae all fired up of the Genocide of there people by the Hutts now start there own Genocide against the Hutt Empire, They misled the Hutts Admirals into thinking their were to be an invasion of their Kolati and Maakab holdings but actual started a Planetary bombardment of the Hutt home world of Na’Hutta. The planet is rendered uninhabitable and 4 billion Hutts are slaughtered aswell does Rom the last Grand Nagus as the Cattatae shoot down fussion bombs and anti-matter weapons. At this time the Hutt Empire had 40% of their fleet left but with the destruction of their Home world the Hutt fleet went on a suicide mission to Cattatae held space. To top it off the Cattatae detonate there Omega Pulse on the Core Hutt colonies.

2080 As the Hutts defensive sphere collapses and the Hutt home world comes under direct attack, every Hutt warship is called in a last ditch effort to avert total defeat. The remnants of Star Commodore Hpsphyt's forces finds itself blocked from reaching the capital by ships of the Balos Star Empire. Realizing that the Balos ships had to be disabled or they would simply follow them back to their home world, the Hutts close to engage. The Balos ships, however, are under orders to allow no Hutt ships to pass their lines and reinforce the Hutt home world defences. Hutts "Grenadier" class heavy cruisers (armed with Vree nova cannons) meet the Balos heavy cruisers in combat. The Hutts fleet is destroyed in the battle but Some warships evade the Balos fleet and manages to elude the badly damaged Balosian fleet and reach the Hutts home world, where it is ultimately destroyed. The Hutts cruisers are destroyed in the escape of the carnage.  The Cattatae smash into the Hutts fleet.

2080 Immediately following the destruction of  Na'Hutta, the Cattatae struck at half a dozen Hutt bases in the space of just a few days, leaving no survivors and accepting no surrender. Even ships no longer capable of fighting were targeted and destroyed. All attempts to communicate-including an offer to surender were rebuffed.

2080 The Cattatae fleet continued to move methodically through the inner colonies, eliminating defence structures and moving on, leaving civilian structures untouched. At the time, the remainig Hutt leaders believed this behaviour was unusial for the cattatae and presumed that the Hutts military were being targeted first, allowing them to later go back out and exterminate the defenceless civilians.

2080 The Battle of Nu'Shok takes place the last battle in the Hutts/Cattatae War. The Hutts regroup after the fall of Na'Hutta and launch their entire remaining war fleet, in a vain atempt of retibution and try to reach Cattatae Prime, they are halted near the Shale homeworld, the remaining Hutt fleet is eventually defeated, but not before the Cattatae loses reach  40% of the Cattatae Imperial fleet in the process of during which The Eye of the Emperors, a priceless Cattatae artefact is destroyed  while under the protection of House Kiro during this battle.

The remaining Hutt fleet break up and tries to cause serious significant damge to Cattatae holdings and the Cattatae lose 45% of the Cattatae Imperial fleet before the Hutts incurson is finaly put to an end, this final battle and later incurson aswell with the loss of  there main economic colony of Archanis and the weakness of the fleet in the rushed invasion of the Hutt Empire marks the end of Cattatae dominance of the Known Galaxy.

2081 The interstellar community boy-cott and sanction the Cattatae Regency over the war of exstinction of the defencless Hutt's.

2081 The cattatae people grow weary of the genocide now being commited in there name start mass protests over Cattatae Pirme and many other heavy populated colonies, power of the people find there voice with the Detapa council.

2081 During the Cattatae Occupation of Narn, the Cattatae commit a number of atrocities against the Narn people. The details of the activities are not widely known on Cattatae Prime.

2082 The Detapa Council gains enough support to opose the Regent's genocide, many of the from the Cattatae fleet and armies retreat from the killing fields of the Hutt colonies and return home to Cattatae Pirme , a total disobeyed order by the Imperial Regent, civil war is looming.

2082 Regent Sauron discontinues his Genocide of the Hutt colonies, to ease public pressure aimed against the Regent and starts aiming his sights on the heavy burden of occupying the massive Hutt Empire which doubles the size of the Regency.

2082 Many Hutt colonies are destroyed and many atrocities are committed by the Cattatae. All remaining Hutt ships larger than police frigates are destroyed, and the Hutts Empire is reduced to a client of the Cattatae for five months. The Cattatae establish governors of the  remaining Hutts planets. Due to the hostilities, however, these governors are never really able to control the populace and usually rule from orbiting satellites. These satellites have powerful weapons aimed at the planet below, but are poorly defended against attack from space. However, powerful merchant guilds establish themselves on three colony planets (Altroth, Minxitith, and Krooth) overlooked by the Cattatae. These are known as the "Lost Colonies" and come to be known after the Re-establishment of the a working government as the "Old Colonies."

2082 The Cattatae Governors of the Hutts Colonies are recalled back to Cattatae Prime.

2082  The Balos-Cattatae War & the Treaty of Balos, erupts as arguments develop over divisions of the Hutt Empire. In the confusion, the Hutts colonies of Altroth, Minxitith, and Krooth are not noticed or occupied by the Cattatae or Balosians. These colonies were established by the major merchant guilds of the Hutt Empire, and the later power of the Communes stems from this period. The Communes maintain the Monarchy through Prince K'tillek, the last heir of Hydraxan whose reign was before Grand Nagus Rom. The Prince is a virtual puppet (the GuilRICOold the real power), but his presence is important in rallying the surviving Hutts. The Balosian war with the Cattatae ends with a quickky put together Treaty of Balos which concludes the occupation of the defunct Hutt Empire and give all Client and slave homeworlds of the Hutts (except of the planet Bajor) there independence, all  on the gloom of another Cattatae civil war,  which is seen as a great victory by the Balosians.

2082 The Maakab achieve FTL. with the Hutts now vanqiushed the Hutt Client species of the Maakab are one of the first to make the leap to FTL tech.


2084  To stop a civil war that would devastate the Cattatae Regency the Detapa council is given 51% of  leadership in Cattatae civil afairs, The Cattatae Regency formerly dissolved, The founding of the Confederation with the Detapa Council in a percentage control of Cattatae people, The Regent will remain in control of the Imperial fleet and Imperial Guarud but will be renamed as the High Command and will relie on the Detapa Council for its Logistical support ushering a combined a Constitutuional Monarcy. This brings about a new era of peace as the Cattatae will no longer imperize any other races, and with the Cattatae people and their subjects with respect to foreign powers.

2084 The Zhabar Treaty is signed by the Regent and the Detapa Council which will grant the independence of Drazi and Aenar species.

2085 Drazi Freehold Founded after 300 years of being an Cattatae Protectorate.

The Drazi, a race of humanoids inhabiting Zhabar and the Kaltic Free States (staunch Cattatae allies in the lowermost reaches of the Cattatae Confederation, basically a Cattatae Protectorate ), obtain their "freedom" this year. That is, the right to maintain the Drazi fleet in defence of their States and the Cattatae Confederation. This allows the Cattatae Southern Fleet to pull back to some extent as the Drazi construct their own. The Drazi Freehold is nothing more than a buffer between to the Cattatae and the Abbai, a fact which will prevent wars. With the Drazi purchasing disruptors from Hutt pirates, Drazi frigate are launched this year. Frigates are small star ships which can actually fire a drone missile while at high speed. This technology developed by the Drazi, will never be obtained by any other race, including the Cattatae (though many political and covert attempts will be made, the Cattatae have no desire to anger their satellite states by force of arms). This will be seen as the biggest mistake by Regent Sauron as he tries to level the book after the last war of the Hutts and sees the Drazi as a potential drain on resorces but will soon turn out to what was keeping the Cattatae economy in the black for decades.

2086 The Drazi government proclaims all slaves that now reside within the Freehold to be freed, The Drazi colony of Latig 4 has a large Narn population that overshadows the Drazi by nearly half.

2087 The automonous Hutt colony of Mos Pitti which had made a deal with the Cattatae and staved off most of the wars atrocitites by  an automonous member of the Hutt Empire. Moz Pitti being the only official Hutt outpost left starts trading with the newly freed soverign states, the government also starts a secretive illegal piratism program and blames the unstability of the Hutts "old Colonies" as the scape-goat.

2088  the Hutt Communes start to fight against one another and start raiding near by planets for riches and resources.

2089 G’Quon the Liberator is born on Omelos a Narn agricultural colony.

2090 The Balosians set up the Free Slave Circuit for any slaves which happen to find themselves on the run from Cattatae slave ringers.

2091 FOUNDING OF THE LEAGUE; on Abbai Prime the founding of League of Free Worlds takes place with the Drazi, Abbai, Balosian, Maakab, Gorn, Andorian repersentatives, it is a collection of independent alien worlds which for various reasons but mostly due to past Cattatae hostilities and possible future ones and growing Hutt raids, the powers of the League banded together for mutual military support, diplomacy and trade. Membership in the League was flexible and was constantly changing in response to the shifting circumstances and events in the Known galaxy. However, by 2267 the number of League Worlds usually averaged around fourteen.
When combined, the League worlds were, in terms of power, second only to the likes of the Cattatae.

The League is fractious and often is subject to petty internal rivalries and in times of open conflict suffered from a strange combination of insecurities and complacent inaction with many of its members, mainly the Drazi, the Abbai, and the Maakab, refusing to commit to anything out of fear, then suddenly demanding action, fearing for their own planetary security.

Soon after the Drazi given their independence, several alien races meet to discuss what should be done about the threat the Cattatae posed to their borders. These races were former Cattatae and Hutt subjects and fearful of becoming so again. The Drazi and Abbai were the main proponents of forming a mutual defence alliance as a great area of their territory bordered the Cattatae. Many races acknowledged that a combined force would be more dissuasive or at the worst have a much better chance of facing a Cattatae invasion force off.

In 2091, the membership in the League of Free Worlds was ratified by enough sovereignties to sustain it, although it was a highly informal organization at this time. Many League members approached the Dilgar, Ipsha & the Koulani, but they refused to join. Despite this, the League and Cattatae maintained cordial relations. 

2092  The Kes Cabal, aswell with an organized group of militant Hutt’s emerges, and begins its series of attacks on League and other planets near the concentrations of Hutt refugees.

2093 The Son'a Supremacy comes into effect, being a stratocracyits a form of government headed by military chiefs and led by a Praetor; It is not the same as a militry dictatorship where the military's political power is not enforced or even supported by other laws. Rather, stratocracy is a form of military government in which the state and the military are traditionally the same thing and government positions are always occupied by military leaders.

2094 The League and the Cattatae make ground  with the Raider Belt Line Agreement. The agreement analyzers the increasing threat of the Hutts and the Kes, and the Raider pacts against the League and Cattatae alike, where the increased activity of raider and Hutt attacks dramatically increased. The Line would be a no-go zone for commercial freight and even military ships as well.

2095 The Zahl make first contact with the Cattatae Confederation.

2099 The Planet of Weytahn was Terraformed by the Zahl Protectorate in the 2170's for the purpose of establishing a colony there. Once an atmoshere was developed, they established a settlement. Due in part to its relatively close proximity to  Cattatae territory, Weytahn is know believed by the Cattatae High Command(new militry arm of the Cattatae) to be a covert military installation.

2101 The Bolians achieve interstellar flight under Cattatae self automony.

2102-2107 The Kes/Hutt War, The Hutt Communes is invaded by the newly formed Kes cabal, the colony of Mos Pitti fights the Kes and only loose seventy armored merchants ships, they find the rumored 'Lost Colonies' where they push the Hutts there to free their people from the Kes.

2102 The Kes install Prince S'lenstha as a 'token' governor of the Hutt Communes, while the free Hutts maintained Prince K'tillek,  his cousin as their Nagus, and moved to Mos Pitti,  S'lenthsa's Grandson is smuggled out to Mos Pitti and war breaks out between the Kes Cabal and Communes of the Hutts, befuddling the occupying victor.  

2103 The Cattatae suffer a economic crisis, it's close partners also suffer economic downturns especially the Drazi.

2104 The Communes will be victorious but will not retain the Kes Cabal as part of there teritory, The Hutt Communes continue the work the Kes had started and continue raiding other worlds for resorces and treasures.

2104 The Cattatae high command place mis imformation through Drazi agents on the Drazi colony of Latig 4 about the Freehold government reinstating slave laws through out its territory due to the hard economic depression.

2103 The Local Narns population on Latig 4 protest to the colonial council  to retract the laws but the Cattatae's lies ran so deep into Drazi society, no one knew if the imformation was true or not.  This leads to a massive Narn revolt on the colony. 

2104 A Drazi task force to patonate Latig 4 from the Narn rebellion is captured by a Narn fleet of freighters and armed transports. The Drazi population are now under occupation as the Narns declare the colony the first step towards freeing the Narn homeworld.  Many in the Cattatae High Command are alarmed.

2104 As rumours spread through out the known galaxy of the Narn rebellion on Latig 4, Many Narn in the Cattatae Confederation start believing in a life without slavery.

2104 The Cattatae become increasingly concerned over the crisis of Latig 4 and request to aid the Drazi.

2105 The Cattatae send a fleet to releave Latig 4 as the Drazi relinquish command to the approaching Cattatae fleet, As soon the Cattatae fleet jumped into Latig 4 orbit the Narn fleet was almost decimated and only a handful of ships capable of jumping the star system were able to escape the slaughter what now behold the Narn population on the colony.

2105 Within 3 weeks the Narn rebellion was over with the loss of 8,000 Cattatae shock troops, 33,000 Drazi by the hands of the Narn and over 4 million Narns were slaughtered and later vaporised in the near by mountains and hills of the cities, the ash remains would snow down on the population centres for months afterwards. The remaining 900,000 Narns were shipped back to Cattatae space as slaves and left to spread the word of Catatae judgement and treatment of rebel slaves.

2105 As the remaining Narn ships which escaped the Genocide of Latig 4 made there way to the Raider belt line where the Catatae could not enter without being a target themselves the small fleet split up to the better there chances.

2105 A Vree research ship in the Draco System is attacked and boarded en-route back to the Conglomerate by Hutt Pirates, the crew slaughtered and the star charts database strreamed to the Hutts shipSearching the charts they stumbled upon the Sol System and a race of humans with pre-ftl technology and an easy picking.

2105 A 20 ship task force to find the remaining Narn rebel fleet splits to cover more star systems.

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